APMP Foundation Study Group Session 5 - Proposal Management


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Delivering a successful proposal meeting the quality, schedule and cost needs immaculate planning and execution. In this webinar we will discuss the different proposal management best practices from APMP and followed by successful proposal managers.

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APMP Foundation Study Group Session 5 - Proposal Management

  1. 1. Foundation Certification Study Group Session 5 - Proposal Management!
  2. 2. Subject Areas! •  Kickoff Meeting Management! •  Review Management! Proposal Management! •  Production Management! •  Storyboard Review Management ! •  Risk Mitigation Management! •  Lessons Learnt Analysis! •  Team Selection & Management !
  3. 3. Team Selection & Management! Proposal Management is Project Management on steroids.! Reward Good Performance! ! Identify backup for key roles! ! ! ! Differentiate the process and content responsibilities! ! Manage the proposal like all other corporate strategic projects! ! Scope all the tasks based on a clear vision of the document to be delivered and realistic timelines! Establish a management structure with defined roles and responsibilities! ! Select the right types of people for each role! ! Document your approach in the Proposal Management Plan! ! Tailor your approach for each proposal by adjusting the role assignments! !
  4. 4. Storyboard Review Management! 4   Make the Storyboard a key management tool ! 3   §  Set organisational values when making decisions! §  Lead multiple teams balancing conflicts and interests! §  Initiate wide ranging action to achieve business objectives! §  Communicate clearly to a wide and diverse audience ! 2   §  Coach senior managers on the aims, objectives and purpose of the storyboard review! §  Promote the active use of storyboarding! §  Use the Storyboarding process adaptively ! 1   §  Plan, schedule and manage Storyboard Reviews, their outcomes and the process.! §  Provide the Draft Executive Summary for the Storyboard Review! §  Chair the Storyboard Review meeting !
  5. 5. Kickoff Meeting Management! Agenda! Plan! Prepare! Review! Establish! •  Allocate minimum 15% preparation time to the core team! •  Invite the right people! •  Keep the proposal sponsor informed! •  A complete but concise agenda! •  A comprehensive kickoff package! •  Proposal Management Plan! •  Tasks assigned and timelines! •  Writing tasks and page allocations ! •  Proposal graphics! •  Ground rules for review meeting! •  Lines of authority! •  Tasks assigned! Kickoff meeting is a critical milestone that requires core team planning followed by a professional execution. !
  6. 6. Review Management! §  Validate thoroughness of the Win Strategy! §  Test strategy against prospect needs and requirements! §  Validate that the strategy provides advantages over the competition. ! Pursuit   Colour   Teams  §  How do you shape the game?! §  What are the competitors likely strategies?! §  What are the competitors strengths and weaknesses?! §  How do you unseat the incumbent?! §  How do you remain the incumbent?! ! §  Review the proposal package! §  Organize the review team, delivering responsibilities for each team member! §  Display the proposal section material in the sequence that matches the flow of the proposal! §  Document all comments and recommendations! §  Plan the red team review thoroughly! §  Select the red team members early and have them in the kickoff meeting! §  Organize the Red Team to mirror the customer evaluation structure, guidelines and operations! §  Use both quantitative and qualitative scoring! ! §  Critically assess the “robustness” of the proposed technical solution! §  Verify that the cost/price conforms to the price-to-win strategy! §  Assure the viability of the program management concept and approach! §  Test the final articulation of proposal discriminators! Reviews done correctly, are the most cost-effective way to improve a proposal!
  7. 7. Risk Management! Identify all aspects of Risk! •  Programme, Technical, Schedule, Costs ...! •  Probability of failure! •  Consequence of failure! Create a risk matrix! ! •  Prepare a matrix of top two or three areas of risks and their management approach! •  Provide evidence of managing similar risks! •  Be credible and real! Develop strategy to manage! ! •  Prioritize the risk based on their probability! •  Prepare a mitigation strategy for each risk! •  Be honest, but don’t alarm! S Discuss risks in sections! •  Text! ! •  Include top-level discussions of risks in each section! •  Describe the causes of the risk and possible impact if not cured! •  Explain how the risk will be managed ! Logo! Create a dragon, slay the dragon and ghost your competitors!
  8. 8. Production Management! Production is the step that converts all your hard work into a product! S! O! P! O! R! P! A! L! 1! Identify and assign the production management role and include in core team! 2! Set clear ground rules in a production management plan! 3! Determine precisely what will be produced! 4! Test all systems prior to production! 5! Maintain backups and have an alternate facility ready! 6! Enforce version control on a section-by-section basis! 7! Increase quality checks and time if proposal production is remote!
  9. 9. Lessons Learnt Analysis! How did you fare versus the competition; what helped or what hindered the team ?! •  Capture vital customer and competitor information! •  Improve the products & services you offer! •  Improve your proposal capabilities and the overall bidding process! •  Honor the good work that took place! •  Win future bids!
  10. 10. Stay connected with us on Linkedin Study Group for details of the next webinar on Proposal Content & Graphics Development.! Thank You.! Abhijit Majumdar CP.APMP! Associate Vice President! Zensar Technologies Ltd. Pune. India.!