Sanjay – Air Mission Planner                                                  Abhijeet Goel1           Dhirubhai Ambani In...
save time and money by reducing path (planes can        and project requirements at the beginning of thefly on optimized p...
Simulator system - The second part of the project       knowledge from GIS, 3D graphics, game enginesis done using a exist...
X. PROJECT SCREENSHOTS                          2.     Combat Simulator1.    Flights visualizer                           ...
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Sanjay project report


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Project Details:
1) Visualize & Plan Air Attack for Defence using 3D Technology.(Unity3d)
2) Track all the planes currently flying in a certain area & visualize them realtime.

Source Code of Project: (Only Second Module)

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Sanjay project report

  1. 1. Sanjay – Air Mission Planner Abhijeet Goel1 Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology, Gandhinagar 1 Supervisor Professor Sethuraman (DA-IICT) Ronak Raval (KHEL ONLINE), Ahmedabad, India Traditional simulators are usually too costly andAbstract – Project Sanjay is a virtual eye to the require specialized hardware for deployment. Onbattlefield strategy and planning. It has two the other hand using computer games technologymajor components: can help create these simulations really quickly. Also such simulations can run from low end1. Graphically Visualize all flights computers, DVD’s or a web browser making the (commercial/military) currently flying hardware cost negligible. above Indian subcontinent in real time with detailed information about the flights. BAE systems, a British aerospace contractor2. A air battle simulator which can be used company has calculated that a $500 NVIDIA a) As a tool for collaborative battle field graphics card can replace the $30,000 worth of planning by simulating operations in a other computing equipment used for engineering certain area. simulations. [1] b) For training purposes. Also U.S army has linked up 2,200 PS3 consoles toIndex Terms – Computer Graphics, Airplanes, build a supercomputer for research use and fordefence, 3d , games , simulator development of high definition imaging system for radar. It has cost one-tenth of a conventional I. INTRODUCTION supercomputer.“A game is an activity with rules where two or Flight Tracking - Flight tracking information ismore independent decision makers try to achieve used for air traffic control and co-ordination ofsome objective.” flights with each other and with the base station. Flights tracking can only be done if we receiveThe advanced technological abilities of computer radar data. Each radar has only a certain range ex:games to provide realistic settings have led to use 150km2. Hence there is a need for radars at regularof games as a useful tool in many fields for intervals. Aircrafts take path information to theirpurposes other than entertainment. Those next destination from the base station. Hence theapplications are known as “serious games”. routes of the commercial airlines are already fixed.Serious games are primarily designed for use of For any military operation the air force planes flygame technology in fields other than entertainment on a separate altitude and do not cross the flighti.e. to solve a problem. They are mostly used in zones of the commercial planes. Hence there is nodefence, education, city planning, scientific need for flight tracking in the current scenario forexploration. The main purpose of these games is to air traffic management. It is only required for anytrain , simulate , investigate. Military officers have military operation planning if any.been using war games to train strategic skills for a In near future the radars are going to be replaced bylong time. U.S army has been using games for GPS based air traffic system. Indian government istraining from a long time nearly from 2004 after working on developing a satellite based navigationrelease of games like American Army which system named Project Gagan[2]. U.S governmenthelped U.S. military reduce their training time and has already implemented the satellite based systembudget and now is an integral part of military under name NextGen [3].These systems will maketraining in U.S. less dependency on human personnel and will help
  2. 2. save time and money by reducing path (planes can and project requirements at the beginning of thefly on optimized paths instead of paths following project i.e. December and feedback near the end ofradar base stations.) System would be able to make the project i.e. April.optimal use of air corridor and parallel routes canbe followed. Also the system would be helpful in IV. PROJECT SCOPEbad weather conditions. The flight tracking system Project investigates use of game technology forwill be really helpful in this scenario. defence purposes. There are two parts of the II. PROBLEM STATEMENT project. Both parts of the project have tremendous scope individually.1) If defence forces want to do some air operationin a certain area, they need to know the status of 1) Flights positioning system can be used bycurrently flying commercial / government and a) Defence especially air force forprivate planes/helicopters in that area for purpose planning out their operations.of safety constraints. b) Air traffic Controllers for info while managing air traffic.They receive the status (longitude/latitude/altitude) c) Airports for knowing traffic details.of the vehicles from radars. But radars give data in 2) The simulator system can be used byanalog format i.e. the data is in a tabular format defence forwhich makes it difficult to visualize the exact a) Training new personnel.location of the flights. b) Simulating a battle scenario c) Testing new strategies without human The Project Sanjay builds a system which can loss.interactively visualize the status of air bornevehicles in a particular area. Such solutions are prevalently in use by forces across the world especially U.S army. This project2) Utilizing computer game technology we can tries to focus needs of Indian Air force increate simulations which can be used for training particular.purposes i.e. training new personnel about aircraftdetails or training about mission planning in a V. IMPLEMENTATIONgroup. Also it can be used for the purpose ofsimulating the exact battle scenario before trying it The Flights Visualization – This part of thein battle field and making strategies based on the project is implemented as a web based applicationsimulation results. using The terrain information is taken into the project from Google earth using google earthSuch simulators do exist in place but they are API. Project uses a client-server model. Serverhardware based hence pretty expensive and take Side coding is done in C#. Javascript is used tolong time for development. As such updates to access the google earth API on the client side. Datathem are not so frequent. Today the average is accessed from MySQL database using SQLgraphics cards and the technology games provide queries. Currently we don’t have real radar datacan achieve a better quality simulation for much hence we have simulated the data by putting someless cost and with better results. Also the proxy data in the database which can be laterapplications can be modified quite readily. This replaced by linking database with real radar data.would both save time and money. The amount ofdetail and complexity of the application can also be The main features of project are:increased tremendously because of the  Login & New Registration systemcomputational power games technology provides.  Displaying all flights visually which keep III. INTERVIEWS on updating in real time  Searching for a specific flightDuring the progress of the project I was in constant  Navigating to a place and viewing alltouch with Air Force Wing Commander Mr. flights in that areaSudeep Malhotra. I met him personally forinformation collection, technological discussion
  3. 3. Simulator system - The second part of the project knowledge from GIS, 3D graphics, game enginesis done using a existing flight simulator “Free and hardware aspect too.Falcon 4.0”. Free Falcon is a project which isunder development since 1983 and went open Also very little open source stuff is available forsource in 2004 after its source code leaked. Falcon reference. Most of the related projects aresimulates aircrafts in a nearly realistic manner. And sponsored projects done by companies for U.Sit contains a battle scenario between South Korea defence and their information is not available freeand North Korea. Here we are considering the to the public.probability for customizing it for Indian scenario Combat simulator requires a mandatory graphicsand adding India-china or India-Pakistan flight card and fails to run without it. Hence the reach ofcombat campaign to the project. The project system becomes limited as it won’t be able to runprovides a mission planner which is used to create on low end computers.custom missions. The source of the project hasbeen modified to fit the project needs. The 3D “Falcon 4.0” Source Code is available to generalmodels of aircrafts, tanks, terrain used are in fbx public while current version is 5.5. Hence someformat which is an open source format. Custom additional features available in 5.5 are missing.missions are created using C++. The mainrendering technology behind the simulation is VIII. FUTURE SCOPEOpengl. Project currently addresses the needs of the air VI. OWN CONTRIBUTION force only. The system can be extended to include the ground forces and naval forces as well. AddingThe project was extremely new and I had no prior these two will require additional simulation ofknowledge in this field. Hence a lot of time hasbeen spent on reading about stuff and discussing  Tankstopics on various technology forums. I contacted  Human personnelthe free falcon development team for project  Human Crowdsfeasibility and information. [6]  Artillery  VehiclesThe flight visualizer application is created  Naval Shipscompletely by me. Although the terrain informationis taken from Google earth. The other Combat Also the flights visualization system can besimulator application is a extension of the open extended to include the landing and takeoff safetysource project free falcon. I have created the India measures at an airport. Aspects such as minimumvs. China campaign in the game along with trying separation time between the flights, distanceto simulate the airplanes with each side. between any two flights and tracking aircrafts safely away from runway can be included in the VII. CHALLENGES AND ISSUES project.The biggest challenge is the non-availability of the Also both the projects currently depend on Googleinformation due to high security constraints. for terrain information which can be problematicPrecise information schema of the radars is still not considering the defence requirements. There areavailable. many open source terrain information solutions available which can be used for the system.The defence departments all over the world havebeen known for passing on technology to the IX. USER FEEDBACKcommon people while these days defence isadopting the technology from computer games. The feedback I received for the first part of theHence a radical shift from the norm. Therefore it project i.e. flights visualization from Mr. Malhotrawould take time to be accepted. ”This solves the purpose.”The defence area is completely new andunexplored to me hence a lot of research work and The next part of the project is still to be shown toreading. Also the area is very huge requiring him.
  4. 4. X. PROJECT SCREENSHOTS 2. Combat Simulator1. Flights visualizer Fig. 5 Screenshot from free Falcon – Take Off[5] Fig. 4 Login System Fig. 6 Screenshot from free Falcon – Combat[5] AKNOWLEDGEMENT Fig. 1 Top View of Flights in a region. I would like to thank Prof. Sethuraman for constant brainstorming discussions and guidance which helped shaped the project and keep on right track. Also I would thank Mr. Ronak Raval for his support for the project and for providing directions to look into for the project needs. Also I would thank Mr. Sudeep Malhotra for giving me time and information. REFERENCES [1] [2] [3] likely-to-be-completed-in-2013/4607/1/10.html Fig. 2 Flight showing depth and path [4] _System [5] FreeFalcon-5.5-Screen-Shots [6] Free-Falcon-Development