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  • Aberdeen – “B2B Social Media Marketing: Are we there yet?” - 3/1/2012
  • FY12 final snapshot
  • Gain insights that can impact your business and help shape your social strategyUncover potential threats, legal issues, negative conversations or press
  • We recognize that we must actively listento the discussions and opinions of our customers and competitors.We want to know what they say about Cisco, our competitors and the industry.With what we learn, we can then engagein meaningful conversations with them to inform and strengthen our relationships with them.
  • Was able to turn a negative post around into positive…
  • Talk here about sales opportunities as well…
  • 1. Integration (CDC & social examples)2. Content (brand infographic examples)3. Conversations (Twitter example)4. Engagement triggers (Social Rewards, Collab example with “next steps” rolling thunder)
  • Objective: use the viral impact of a Cisco YouTube video to initiate 2-way engagements with potential customers in a unique way and thereafter drive purchase for the ASR 9000Video is highly effective asset in breaking away from traditional marketing processes to increase 2-way dynamic between Cisco and customersHere, social media was used to drive sales metric vs. just being an awareness platformChallenges, games, and contests are innovative and fun ways to engage customersAwards:Winner Best Use of Viral Video  – B2B Magazine, 2011Winner People's Choice Award – B2B Magazine, 2011Process: offer users a live demo to experience the functionality of the ASR 9000 themselves by creating a teaser video that would drive users to arrange for an interactive demo experience with the Cisco account teamTeaser video was used as a marketing effort that challenged users to use a remote controlled arm (“Robot Arm”) to pull out the route switch processor card from the ASR 9000 and try to disrupt the streaming video Interested users sent to website to sign up and then be contacted by Cisco team member who gave users the demo (designed so that ASR 9000 would always beat the “Robot Arm” being controlled by the users) Result: this demo served as a catalyst to begin in-depth technical conversations that eventually influenced over $80M in ASR 9000 sales (as of July 2011)Video wasn’t viral in terms of getting many views, but it had “viral impact” by hitting specific target audience of SPs to increase purchasesVideo won “Best Use of Viral Video” and “People’s Choice Award” in B2B MagazineResources:“Cisco ASR 9000 Test Drive (Robot Arm) Deep Dive” PPT:“Cisco ASR 9000 ‘Robot Arm’ Test Drive and iPv6” PPT:“Mini Case on Lead and Revenue Generation in Social Media” PPT:“Cisco ASR 9000 ‘Robot Arm’ and iPv6” presentation WebEx Replay Link: (56min) “Cisco ASR 9000” blog post:“Cisco Viral Video Campaign Drums Up $80M in Sales Opportunities” blog post:
  • Cisco Presentation

    1. 1. B2B BRANDING Presented By Abhijat Dhawal Abhishek Gupta Aniket Vaidya Anirud Prasad Kawal
    2. 2. B2B Marketing For B2B Marketers, organization biggest obstacles are usually complexity and fear of failure. Company need to be willing to fail, and the cultures of most organizations don’t authentically support failure as part of risk-taking.!contact/c1d94
    3. 3. The digital marketing world with social media, big data and mobile has created a more complex environment for marketers and their approach in attracting, engaging and converting prospects to customers. What are some of the B2B marketing strategies you’ve had the most success with in 2012?
    4. 4. When the environment becomes more complex, the best strategy is to be more simple. Find interesting stories to tell – look to your customers or challenges in your industry. Don’t worry so much about talking about your products. Build an audience first with compelling stories.
    5. 5. Developing a solid B2B marketing plan takes research, and understanding of the customer goals, pain points and journey. What are some of the most common myths or mistakes you’ve seen with B2B marketing planning?
    6. 6. While it’s helpful to read about industry trends, it can’t replace ground truth. Make sure to visit often with the sales team and your customers to understand what type of content is most relevant and valuable.
    7. 7. With all the hype in the business marketing media, it’s tempting for companies to chase trending B2B marketing tactics like social media and content marketing. How do you decide what the right B2B marketing tactical mix is for your business?
    8. 8. Speaking in person with the intended audience. Be sure to talk to prospective customers who are not reading your blogs, etc. and find out what they are reading, and why your content isn’t connecting with them. Then experiment. Trial and error is key to determining the best tactical mix.
    9. 9. There are plenty of shiny objects to distract modern B2B marketers, how do you stay focused on what works? What do you do to stay on top of trends without wasting time and money?
    10. 10. Discern which shiny object is worth pursuit, and aligns with your key priorities. One goal that our team focused on was the BtoB Magazine awards because we felt it was a respected measure of success. As long as you start goals first and let them be the guide for your activities, chasing one or two shiny objects can help your team receive recognition and budget. Then, they are no longer a distraction, but serve your purpose.
    11. 11. CISCO-An Introduction • CISCO is in the business of networking equipment. • Derived from San Francisco, the city from where it originated. • One of the first companies to sell commercially successful routers supporting multiple network protocols. • One of it’s products “Cisco 2500” managed to stay in business for than 2 decades.
    12. 12. Introduction(Contd.) • By March 2000, it became one of the most valuable companies of the world having a market cap of more than $500 billion. • By late 2004, the company started moving to high end hardware and software architecture. • India is one of the company’s largest overseas market and production centre. • One of the first companies to develop Ethernet.
    13. 13. Key customers of Cisco • Corporate - Ford India, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, Tata Group, Mahindra & Mahindra, Larsen & Toubro, Gas Authority of India, Indian Oil Corporation, Le Royal Meridien, Taj Group of Hotels and Hindustan Lever • Service Providers - Tata, Reliance, Bharti, VSNL, BSNL, MTNL, SIFY and IDEA Cellular • Banking and Financial Services - HDFC Bank, State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, United India Insurance Corporation, New India Assurance, National Insurance Corporation, Life Insurance Corporation, Bank of Baroda, Bank of India, IDBI Bank, ICICI, IDRBT, Vysya Bank and Yes Bank. • Government - State Governments of Gujarat, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh, Lok Sabha (Parliament) Library, Supreme Court, National Highway Authority, CDAC and APDRP (Accelerated Power Development and Reform Programme) • IT Services - Infosys, Wipro, Digital GlobalSoft, IBM, Adobe, Intel, Cognizant Technologies, Tata Consultancy Services, Texas Instruments, Tesco, Unisys, US Technologies, Mahindra, First India Insurance, Symphony Technology, Thomson Reuters and HCL
    14. 14. B2B Branding • Currently, Cisco serves customers in three target markets: enterprise, service providers, and commercial sector. • Cisco not only makes hardware that allows B2B to work (routers, switches, and the like) but also serves as a model of how companies can best exploit the Internet. • Cisco customers can visit its web site to check out product specs and make their orders. • The information is then routed on the Internet through Cisco to its suppliers. A full 65 percent of the orders move directly from the supplier to the customer. Cisco never touches them. • The products are built only after they are ordered, so little, if any, inventory is kept in warehouses.
    15. 15. B2B Branding • Cisco handles business-to-business electronic commerce by providing applications for their consumers. Their applications "allow companies to sell products and services and manage customer and partner relationships over the Internet" (Cisco, 2001a, Solutions). • Involves in the process of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), cuts down intermediaries thus maximising profits.
    16. 16. • CISCO acts as a Supplier and a customer in their relationship with Spirent communications. • In 2000, Cisco teamed up with GTE, Whirlpool, and Sun Microsystems to develop the "home gateway", a device that will tie together PC's in a network. • They define their target markets as companies with a need of data network of their own as well as connectivity to the internet.
    17. 17. B2B vs B2C Branding B2B Branding B2C Branding Aimed at intermediate value provider Aimed at the end-user Two way relationship Transaction or one-way relationship Small number of customers Large number of customers Buyers reached through specialized media Buyers reached through mass media Multi-step buying cycles Short sales cycles Relatively complex product offering Relatively simple product offering Never on impulse Purchase can be on impulse Marketing about educating Marketing about convincing
    18. 18. How People Have thought of Cisco The Internet Router Networking IT
    19. 19. How Cisco has thought of Cisco Work Live Play Learn Changing the Way we work, live, Play and Learn
    20. 20. Network
    21. 21. Cisco= Bringing people together It is not just about being
    22. 22. Problems in B2B branding • • • • • • Lack of academic research Perception of branding by B2B buyers Impracticality of B2B Branding Financial problems Buyers are profit motivated and budget constrained unlike B2C Brand building process is complex
    23. 23. Recent Trends in B2B Marketing Nature of Business buyers on the basis of branding [VALUE]% [VALUE]% 1. Highly Tangible Buyers: • Perceived price and product information – most important • Perceive themselves as more knowledgeable • Focus on relationship and hence more likely to rank their suppliers 37% 2. Branding Receptive Buyers: • Branding elements – most important Highly Tangible buyers Low Interest group Branding Receptive 3. Low interest Groups: • None of the attributes are important
    24. 24. Expand lead generation activity through social media marketing Define / focus corporate social media efforts Develop clear business processes to utilize social media marketing Secondary Strategy Support customer service with a social platform Primary Strategy Capture insights into market sentiment regarding products and/or services 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70%
    25. 25. 58m visits to in Q1 25m organic search referrals 915k 5.5m social reach 3.6m 886k 447k mobile web visitors customer app Downloads social media mentions social referrers to paid search click-throughs 145% 238% 451k 118% 15% Social Reach Mobile Phones Mobile Apps
    26. 26. Intelligence • Leverage listening to understand your social audience • Study your competition • Make data-driven decisions • Automate processes & workflows Engagement Measurement Advocacy • Integrate social into the brand experience • Benchmark and track progress • Build long-lasting relationships to create loyalty • Collaborate globally • • • Lead with compelling content and conversations Automate integrated dashboards Use loyalty as the foundation to drive advocacy • Celebrate success • Provide triggers to continue journey Enablement: Global Strategy, Consulting & Training Governance | Training & Certification | Strategy & Consultation | Social Ambassadors
    27. 27. Enablement
    28. 28. Online Community to Share Information and Scale Best Practices • Community-driven content • Activity calendar • Discussions, blogs • Social networking
    29. 29. Intelligence
    30. 30. Identify Emerging Themes Capture Industry Trends Find Fans and Advocates Competitive Insights Uncover Influencers Benefits of Listening Discover Product Issues Crisis / Risk Management Product Development Feedback Message Penetration Sales Leads
    31. 31. 1) WW Technical Services Discovers Two P1 Issues and BU Resolves • P1 issues discovered via Radian6 alerts. • One customer reports total of 17 bugs with Cisco Nexus products through various TAC cases. • BU fully engaged and fixes all the reported issues. • Customer pleased with the technical support provided. 3) Tandberg Addresses Customer Concerns Over Acquisition and Calm Fears • Customers publicly voice their concerns about the acquisition on Tandberg’s Facebook page. • Tandberg team actively monitoring and responds via their Facebook wall and contacts appropriate sales rep to let them know the customer needs more reassurance. • Team calm fears and avoids any further public escalation of concerns on Facebook. • The loudest customer has since removed his negative comments from the Facebook wall. 2) Small Business Uncovers Product Issue and Restores Faith of Partner • Cisco Partner expresses lack of faith in UC560. • SMB actively listening, reach out and uncover product issue. • Product team react quickly, faulty units sent directly to engineers for examination in order to prevent repeat issues. • Partner appreciates prompt response and resolution. 4) Cisco Data Center Enters a New Market with Unified Computing (UCS) • First step to entering new terrain is listening and learning to what’s being said in the marketplace. • Active listening and strong feedback loops ensure Cisco’s language accurately reflects the external realities of customer conversations. • Earns legitimacy by coauthoring content with established thought leaders inside the community. • DC team amplifies customer enthusiasts and preempts detractors to improve receptivity to their insights.
    32. 32. Monitor global conversations and geographical activity Identify trending topics or emerging themes Monitor influencers and sentiment of their posts Monitor sentiment and spikes or viral stories Monitor shifts in share of voice and product focused activity v EBC Social Media Listening Center SocialMiner: Monitor event attendees, engage, and performance of social media staff
    33. 33. • Cisco teams respond to tweets where we can offer help or that might be a sales lead Example: • An Executive at a NY company tweeted that they were having trouble with their TelePresence. • Someone from Cisco TelePresence replied (within an hour)
    34. 34. Cisco you suck - I have to register & then click bloody download and accept about a thousand times just to get updated firmware. #wtf #fail @henaredegan sorry to hear about the downloads issues. We created a page for easier firmware downloads, hope this helps! @CiscoSmallBiz Nice! I really like the “Download and Accept License” all in one click – good stuff
    35. 35. Sales and Lead Opportunities
    36. 36. London 2012 Olympics & Paralympics Social Media Listening Center Listening  Talking Energizing Ambush Marketing  Crisis Management Supporting Embracing 1 2  Sentiment Monitoring 3
    37. 37. Engagement
    38. 38. Content Conversations Integration Engagement Triggers
    39. 39. “Worklife Cloud” is a customized “Economics in the Cloud” is an Infographic The Multiple Devices reveal event is the first- visualization of everyday CIO/CTO cloud aligned with the IBSG “World of Many ever pinned video on the brand Twitter page usage Clouds” POV launch • With additional amplification planned, expected traffic to increase 4X • Top traffic sources include the Cisco Germany • Average time on page: 9 minutes • Top traffic sources: Facebook,, Twitter, and • Top traffic countries: US, China and Mexico blog and the Cisco LATAM blog • Top countries include Brazil, UK, India and Germany, all part of the G6 • Number of views significantly surpassing nonsocially activated videos • Generated 270 likes and nearly 50 retweets across Facebook and Twitter • Over 200 tweets containing the #CiscoYourWay hashtag
    40. 40. and Social Media Seamless Integration Cisco-Owned Social Properties Social Media Components Social Hub Social Login
    41. 41. Measurement
    42. 42. • Video to pique interest in demo • Demo served as a catalyst to begin in-depth technical conversations that influenced over $80M in ASR 9000 sales • Video views tied directly to purhcase, not just awareness • Ad Impressions (Awareness) Video Views (Consideration) Awards – Winner Best Use of Viral Video – B2B Magazine, 2011 Demos (Response) Result (Purchase) – Winner People's Choice Award – B2B Magazine, 2011 210 qualified leads $80M+ influenced sales
    43. 43. • • • •
    44. 44. Thank You!