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USID Gurukul Team 7

USID Gurukul Team 7



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USID GURUKUL USID GURUKUL Presentation Transcript

  • USID
    Collaborative & Immersive learning experience
    Team 7 Mentors
    MrVinaiKumar Acting Dean at the National Institute of Design (NID) Gandhinagar
    MrSrinivasMurthy G Founder, Hyderabad Architecture Foundation
  • Problem Analysis
  • The so-called green revolution has resulted in a massive loss of on-farm biodiversity
  •  Agro-business conglomerates are promoting a cycle of dependence, which, if not stopped will carry with it disastrous affects for the entire country.
  • Excessive use of chemical fertilizers had rendered the soils infertile.
    Organic matter in Punjab’s soil is almost close to zero per cent.
  • Birth Defects Higher in Babies Born to Families Living near Farming Areas using Pesticides.
  • Number of farmers who have committed suicide 1997 and 2007 - is staggering 182,936.
  • Women farmers are not normally accepted as farmers,“This classification enables governments to exclude countless women farmer suicides. They will be recorded as suicide deaths – but not as “farmers’ suicides.
  • Employment growth in agriculture – the biggest employer – has fallen to virtually zero during the period of the reforms. Also the large scale survey shows that given a chance almost 40% farmers are willing to quit farming permanently.
  • Problem Drafting
  • Current scenario
  • Problem Statement
    Addressing systemic degeneration of village Eco-systems and inappropriate development practices.
  • Approach to the Problem
  • Village Eco- system
  • Solution Approaches
  • The solution is a three pronged attack on the current problem explained
    Edu-tainment centers
    Indirect incentive based system
    Knowledge and education reforms
  • Edu-tainment Centres
    Concept of urban-rural interface areas or learning spaces where there is a confluence of urban and rural activities and ecosystems. The focus of such a space would be to address urban-rural issues at a more holistic level through various ways such as:
    • Film screenings
    • Cultural activities
    • Education museums
    These activities will ensure that there is a constant flow of people, information, knowledge, income and resources between villages and cities.
  • Incentive based system
    Introduction of a system which will encourage active participation of farmers in the villages in the edutainment centers.
    The main aim of this system would be the accumulation of activity points by the farmer through active participation in the various activities of the edutainment centers.
    The accumulation of certain number of points would enable the farmer to obtain access to discounts, govt. schemes, subsidized health care facilities etc.
  • Knowledge & Learning Initiatives
    Introduction of call centers to provide information and assistance to farmers.
    Creating a learning hub where there would be regular exchange of information between farmers living in the same village, different villages and also between the villages and cities.
    Knowledge wells: documentation of traditional techniques through audio-visuals, books, museum of traditional tools.
    Educational toys for children: to make learning a more fun experience by providing them with innovative and creative learning resources.
  • And our journey Continues here after …
    Sequentially :
    Vishal bhutala
    Apurv ray
    Abhitosh Ghongade
    Shanu Sharma