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cookie testing

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Cookies testing

  1. 1. COOKIE TESTINGPrepared By – Abhinav Pal
  2. 2. What is Cookie•A cookie is some small information stored in a textfile on the user’s hard drive by a web server•Later used by the web browser to retrieveinformation from that machine•Instructions for reading and writing cookies arecoded by website authors and executed by userbrowsers
  3. 3. Why are Cookies used•Cookies are nothing but the user’s identity andused to track where the user has navigatedthroughout the web site pages•The communication between the web browserand the web server is stateless
  4. 4. Applications where cookies can be used•To implement a shopping cart•Personalized sites•User tracking•Marketing•User sessions
  5. 5. How to test cookies•Disabling Cookies1. This is probably the easiest area of cookie testing2. Disable all cookies and attempt to use the site’s major features and functions3. With cookies disabled, our testing job is somewhat reduced
  6. 6. Continued…•Selectively Rejecting Cookies1. Start by deleting all cookies from our PC2. Analyze site cookie usage in advance and draw up a test plan3. Detailing what cookies to reject/accept for each function
  7. 7. Continued…•Corrupting Cookies1. Altering the data in the persistent cookies2. Allow the cookie to be modified3. Selectively deleting cookies
  8. 8. Continued…•Cookies Encryption1. By using encryption of the cookie data2. Sensitive information like usernames and passwords should be encrypted before it is sent to our computer3. A case can certainly be made that certain types of sensitive data – credit card numbers
  9. 9. Test Cases For Cookie Testing•Check if the application is writing cookies properlyor not•Test to make sure that no personal or sensitive data isstored in the cookie. If it is there in cookies, it shouldbe in encrypted format•If the application under test is a public website, thereshould not be overuse of cookies
  10. 10. Continued…•Close all browsers, delete all previously writtencookies and disable the cookies from our browsersettings•Set browser options to prompt whenever cookie isbeing stored / saved in your system•Close all browsers windows and manually delete allcookies
  11. 11. Continued…•Edit few cookies manually in notepad or some othereditor•Cookies written by one web site should not beaccessible by other website•If we are testing an online shopping portal, Check ifreaching to our final order summary page deletes thecookie of previous page of shopping cart properly
  12. 12. Conclusion•Cookies shouldnt be put in the same category as theviruses, spam, or spyware•They are the tools to help us and manage our timemore efficiently on the web•Testing should be done properly to check thatwebsite is working with different cookie setting
  13. 13. Thank You