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Aspnet40 session final-1

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  • 1. ASP.NET 4.0 In-Depth By
    • In case you are having issues regarding audio and video please contact at [email_address] , these training are available as recordings later , please do not disturb during training.
    • Please Mute your mic and mobile during training.
    • Ask your question using the Q and A tab in live meeting.
    • Speak one at a time so that every one is benefited.
    • This training session is 
      • sponsored by   www.itfunda.com  
      • supported and organized by www.questpond.com
    Abhijit Jana & Abhishek Sur In Support with DotNetFunda.Com
  • 2. Abhijit Jana & Abhishek Sur
  • 3. Agenda ASP.NET 4.0
    • Web form Routing
    • Meta description
    • Permanent Redirection
    Search Engine Optimization
    • Controlling View State
    • Compression Enabled Session
    • Output Caching Extensibility
    State Management
    • Control over client id
    • Html encoded code expressions
    • CSS improvements
    Client Side
    • Smaller Web.config
    • Performance monitoring for individual applicatiion
    • AutoStart application
    • increase url character
    • Web.Config Transformation
    • Enhancement in Listview control
    • RadioButtonList and CheckBoxList
    • CSS Friendly Menu Control
    Server Control Enhancements Overview of Dynamic Data Visual Studio 2010 Enhancement for ASP.NET 4.0 Multi targeting Publish for Web App Code Snippets Diff. Integrated Web Server Project Templates JavaScript intellesence
  • 4. Session Flow
    • Discussion of current topic
    • Different Improvement areas
    • Quick Tips
    Demo of all the discussed Topics Quick Recap on what we have discussed till now Moving forwards to next session Questions And Answers
  • 5. Visual Studio 2010 Enhancement for ASP.NET 4.0
    • Multi targeting
    • Different Version of Integrated Web Server
    • Code Snippets for Web designer
    • Java script intellesence
    • Project Templates
    • Publish a web application
    AbhijitJana.net & AbhishekSur.com
  • 6. Multi targeting
    • Key Notes :
    • Multi-Targeting Support in VS 2008
    • Changes in Multi-Targeting in 2010
    • Convert ASP.NET application from one framework to another framework
  • 7. Different Version of Integrated Web Server
    • Key Notes
    • Visual studio used Integrated ASP.NET engine to run ASP.NET Application from IDE
    • CLR version (CLR 2 and CLR 4) you have separate built-in ASP.NET Engine
    • Side by Side Execution of different framework
  • 8. Code Snippets for Web designer
    • Key Notes
    • Code snippets for
      • ASP.NET
      • HTML
      • ASP.NET AJAX
      • XML
      • ASP.NET MVC
    • Use Surround With Snippets
    • Custom Code Snippet
  • 9. Java script intellesence
    • Key Notes
        • Improvement like Code snippets in ASP.NET
        • Recognize dynamically generated objects
  • 10. Project Templates
    • Key Notes
        • Addition of new templates and modification of existing templates
      • ASP.NET Empty Web Application
      • ASP.NET Web Application
  • 11. Publish a web application
    • Key Notes
    • Many New features added for Web Site deployment in VS 2010
    • One-click publishing
    • Web packaging
    • Web.config transformation
    • Database deployment
  • 12. DEMO
    • Visual Studio 2010 Enhancement for ASP.NET 4.0
    • Visual Studio 2010 Enhancement for ASP.NET 4.0
    • Visual Studio 2010 Enhancement for ASP.NET 4.0
  • 15. Server Control Enhancement
    • RadioButtonList and Checkbox List
    • Enhancement in List view control
    • CSS Friendly Menu Control
  • 16. RadioButtonList and Checkbox List
    • Key Notes
    • Checkbox list and radiobutton list both having “RepeatLayout “ properties
    • ASP.NET 3.5 supports “Flow” and “Table” layout
    • ASP.NET 4.0 added two new layout “Orderedlist” “UnorderedList
    • These layout has only “Vertical” RepeatDirection for new layouts.
  • 17. CSS Friendly Menu Control
    • Key Notes
        • ASP.NET Menu Control till Version 3.5 rendered as TABLE, TR, TD
        • New Addition of “Rendering Mode” properties
        • Three Type of Render
          • Default
          • List
          • Table
  • 18. Enhancement in List view control
    • Key Notes
    • Enhancement for layouts rendering
    • ASP.NET 3.5 needs a place holder inside LayoutTemplate
    • ASP.NET 4.0 Listview doesn’t need any LayoutTemplate
    AbhijitJana.net & AbhishekSur.com
  • 19. DEMO
    • Server Control Enhancement
    • Server Control Enhancement
    • Server Control Enhancement
  • 22. Search Engine Optimization
    • Meta Description
    • Web Form Routing
    • Permanent Redirection
  • 23. Meta Description
    • Key Notes
    • Search Engine looks for Meta tag of our web page to get the details of page contents
    • Two New Properties for Page Class
      • MetaDescription
      • MetaKeywords
    • These can be defined from both code behind and from aspx page
    • Makes it easier to work with these than defining with HtmlMeta.
  • 24. Permanent Redirection
    • Key Notes
    • Removes the problem of Temporary redirection (302) using Response.Redirect and ensures Search engine updates its database about this redirection using Response.RedirectParmanent.
    • As the round trips will be minimized due to ParmanentRedirection, Page rank can be increased in Search Engines.
  • 25. Web Form Routing
    • Key Notes
    • ASP.NET MVC 2 introduces Routing features in .NET Framework 3.5 SP1.
    • Route Module is been added to System.Web.dll so it is available readily to any application.
    • ASP.NET 4.0 already implemented of IRouteHandler called PageRouteHandler, so we do not need to implement the same.
    • You need to register routes in global.asax or any custom module. Once you register, the routing will be available instantly.
    • RouteData is available from any page to access RouteTable.
    • Response.RedirectToRoute allows to use Route redirection from one page to another by calling either routeName of routeValues.
    • Support for Expression to generate RouteUrl
  • 26. DEMO
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Search Engine Optimization
  • 29. The rest of the points mentioned in the agenda shall be covered in the coming session Look for www.dotnetfunda.com for announcement THANK YOU !