Fight with cancer using nanobots
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Fight with cancer using nanobots



Cancer Treatment by nanotechnology

Cancer Treatment by nanotechnology



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    Fight with cancer using nanobots Fight with cancer using nanobots Presentation Transcript

    • Fight With Cancer Using Nanorobots MITCOE E&TC DEPARTMENT
    •  Introduction Nanorobots Design of Nanorobot Status Of development Advantages Disadvantages Conclusion
    •  Uncontrolled Growth Of Cells Spread all over the body Leading Cause of Death 7.6 million Lung Cancer Stomach Cancer Liver Cancer
    •  Radiation Therapy Chemotherapy Kills Healthy Cells Fatigue Hair Loss
    •  Inject nanorobots into patient Detect cancer Cells Destroy Cells Do not affect on Healthy Cells
    •  Nano Infinitesimally Small Scale of Manufacturing And Fabricating Materials NanoRobot Tiny machine Perform specific task
    •  Sensitive to Biological Element Detect body temperature ,fluids or enzymes Phosphatidic acid Chemotactic sensor can use PH responsive Tumor have low PH Transducer
    •  Receive Signal from Nanobiosensor and Perform its job  Contain Highly Concentrated enzymes which will be delivered into infected cell
    •  Cant use conventional sources Chemical Energy Nanorobots would hold small chemical Supply Become fuel source when combined with blood
    •  Float freely inside the body Detect the tumor effectively  Bottom-up approach  Assembling structures atom by atom or molecule by molecule
    •  Typically 0.5 to 3 micron 1-100 nm parts Interior : Vacuum environment Exterior : Not affected by chemical liquids of our body
    • ▶ 70-nm attack robots▶ Attaches to the cancerous cells surface▶ Carry siRNA deactivates protein production▶ Starving malign cell to death. Tumor 500 nm
    •  Small Size Inexpensive(if mass produced) No maintenance Automated Painless Treatment Easily Disposable
    •  Should be Accurate if not harmful effect occurs Initial Design Cost high Very complicate design
    •  Recent advancement in the field of Nanorobotics gives the hope of the effective use of this technology in medical field. Thus in future nanoterobots will play an important role
    •  M. Venkatesan,B. Jolad “Nanorobots in Cancer Treatment” IEEE 2010 R.Hariharan , J.Manohar “Nanorobotics As Medicament” IEEE 2010 Adriano Cavalcanti , Bijan Shirinzadeh “Nanorobots for Laparoscopic Cancer Surgery” IEEE ICIS 2007