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  • 1. What is Campus Connect ?
  • 2. Background
    • Campus Connect is a FREE project being implemented by Vodafone and Mobile Teleshoppe Pvt. Ltd. jointly.
    • Campus Connect has 2 primary objectives :
      • Help students to connect to their friends
        • Chat : Web-to-SMS
        • Blog : Web-to-SMS
        • Invite friends, colleagues online
        • Encourage students to develop content on their own.
      • Help students stay in touch with the colleges
        • Check exam results
        • Check attendance on SMS
        • Vote in the college election on SMS
        • Participate in fun quizzes, games, contests etc.
  • 3. Implementation
    • CampusConnect was first launched in Karnataka.
    • Later extended to Delhi, Chennai, Punjab, Gujarat, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Kolkata, Mumbai and Maharashtra.
    • Jointly implemented by Vodafone and Mobile Teleshoppe.
    • 2 key activity sequences have been launched.
      • College Integration
        • Visit college and make presentation explaining the project.
        • Get approval from college administration.
        • Get buy-in from student community.
      • Web-to-SMS module
        • Separate website for each college – include college’s own site.
        • Enable SMS chat, blog, placements, exam results, alerts.
  • 4. CampusConnect web-to-SMS site
  • 5. How to operate the Campus Connect Site ???
  • 6. CampusConnect web-to-SMS site
    • We have designed three (3) levels of security :
    College # 1 students College # 2 students College # 3 students VODAFONE / MTPL control Super Administrator College administrator College administrator College administrator Super Admin : Checks for offensive content, SMS volume metrics, site uptime, server maintenance etc. Enables account ID’s and keywords for new colleges as they join. College Admin : (A student or college IT head) Assigns access to students, monitors site activity, creates new keywords and applications. Acts as eTopUp agent for Vodafone / BPL. Student : Can use SMS chat, blog, shop, download, get exam results, check attendance and use all features assigned by their College Admin.
  • 7. CampusConnect web-to-SMS site Colleges can login with their username & password. Login as a college & get your own college website.
  • 8. College Homepage Upload college pictures! College Admin can control students access to the website, customize his college website’s look and feel. Edit your college details & change your password. Upload your college logo! College Admin controls the website components. Just feed some history about your college using different formats.
  • 9. Configure Keywords College Admin can configure keywords for the various services offered by his college website.
  • 10. Adding mobile numbers Upload mobile nos individually & register them into the college website. Either…use Bulk upload!!! Click & see all the registered users in your college website. Click this & upload mobile numbers in bulk; by downloading & saving excel format in your pc, feed numbers in excel, then upload it onto website.
  • 11. Adding groups College admin can add new group by simply typing the group name & submitting it; controls the number & membership of each group.
  • 12. New Registrations Received College Admin receives request from students to register them as an authorized student of the specific college which will automatically add in the “list of registered users”.
  • 13. Custom Applications Enables the college admin to create any other application except than the existing applications. Enjoy broadcasting any alerts to any group…
  • 14. Run Quiz, Contest etc… College admin can add new quiz, contests, view quiz reports. Type quiz code, question, options, correct answer & submit. Activate the quiz & broadcast to the groups of your choice. Enjoy editing the quiz, deleting the old quiz!!!
  • 15. Exam Results Upload students results in bulk & broadcast to the groups. College admin can see the existing results also on their website.
  • 16. Public Polls Opinion polls can be based on student related issues, or used as a campaigning tool or run just for fun!
  • 17. Placements & Jobs College admin can post jobs & broadcast it to different groups.
  • 18. Attendance College admin can upload attendance record using a simple excel sheet by clicking on bulk upload student attendance option. Broadcast alerts to students for attendance updates.
  • 19. News Just check out the new headlines of the college at the “ NEWS” section.
  • 20. Elect your strongest candidate Use this tool in elections & know your college’s most preferable candidate.
  • 21. Parties & Bashes… Broadcast the new party blasts to all students, college fests, cultural events, & much more!!!
  • 22. Library This application was added after getting lots of suggestions from the colleges. College librarian can update students about the availability of books at just one go!!!