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E bomb

  3. 3. The E-Bomb : A weapon of electrical mass destruction Presented By : Abhay Kumar 2SD10EE061
  4. 4. Content •Introduction •History •Basic Principle of E-bomb •E-Bomb Technology Base •Explosively pumped Flux Compression Generator (FCG) •Design of FCG •FCG Operation: •High Power Microwave Sources – The Vircator •Operation Of E-bomb •Coupling modes.. •Protection/defense against electromagnetic bomb •Advantages of E-bomb •Limitations of electromagnetic bombs •Conclusions:
  5. 5. What is an electromagnetic bomb………………..????? An electromagnetic bomb or E-bomb is a weapon designed to disable electronics with an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that can couple with electrical/electronic systems to produce damaging current.
  6. 6.  An Electromagnetic Pulse Bomb (or EMP) is a non- lethal, but highly destructive, weapon that emits an electromagnetic pulse that disables all electrical circuitry within a certain radius. INTRODUCTION : In a matter of seconds, a big enough e-bomb could thrust an entire city back 200 years or cripple a military unit.  An e-bomb is a weapon designed to take advantage of cutting of power in an area, destroying of machines that use electricity.  It can destroy Power Grids, Electronics and Communication System along an entire coast but spare human and other living species.
  7. 7. History In 1925 ,the theory behind the E-bomb was proposed by scientist Arther.H.Compton. In 1940, the existence of the Electromagnetic Pulse was observed. In 1998 , David Schriner a electrical engineer in US navy developed a E-bomb whose effect cover circular area having 15 meter radius.  In 2000 ,British scientist Bae Dynamics developed an E-bomb that could destroy electrical and electronics system for miles. Presently Russia ,USA ,England are equipped with this electromagnetic weapon In Asia India is the only country to have e-bomb.
  8. 8. Basic Principle of E-bomb  The Electromagnetic pulse (Emp) effect.  The Electromagnetic Pulse is an electromagnetic shock wave.  This pulse of energy produces a powerful electromagnetic field sufficiently strong to produce short lived transient voltages of thousands of Volts (i.e. kilovolts) on exposed electrical conductors like wires ,printed circuit boards etc.
  9. 9. E-Bomb Technology Base:  Power source : Battery, Capacitor bank  Explosively pumped Flux Compression Generator (FCG).  High Power Microwave Device  Antenna
  10. 10. Explosively pumped Flux Compression Generator (FCG)  It is a type of generator for producing EMP.  FCG can produce tens of Mega Joules in tens to hundreds of microseconds.  Peak current of an FCG is 100 times that of a typical lightning stroke.
  11. 11. FCG Internals:  Armature - copper tube / fast explosive  Stator - helical heavy wire coil  Initiator - plane wave explosive detonator  Jacket - prevents disintegration due magnetic forces Consists : Metal cylinder (called the armature), surrounded by a coil of wire (the stator winding). The armature cylinder is filled with high explosive, and a sturdy jacket surrounds the entire device.
  12. 12. Design of FCG
  13. 13. FCG Operation:  External power source pumps FCG winding with start current  When start current peaks, explosive detonator fired to initiate explosive burn  Explosive pressure expands armature and creates moving short  Moving armature compresses magnetic field
  14. 14.  Whilst FCGs are patent technology base for the generation of large electrical power pulses, the output of the FCG is by its basic physics constrained to the frequency band below 1 MHz  Many target sets will be difficult to attack even with very high power levels at such frequencies.  A HPM device overcomes the problems, as its output power may be tightly focused and it has a much better ability to couple energy into many target . Contd…..
  15. 15.  The fundamental idea behind the HPM is to amplify the resulting electromagnetic burst into high power microwave The principle of the vircator is that of accelerating a high Current electron beam against a mesh (or foil) anode.  Many electrons will pass through the anode, forming a bubble of Space charge behind the anode. This space charge region Will oscillate at microwave frequencies.  If the space charge region is placed in to resonant cavity which is appropriately tuned very high peak powers may be achieved. High Power Microwave Sources – The Vircator
  16. 16. Operation Of E-bomb  Capacitors connects to Stator  sets electrical current through wires  Generates Intense Magnetic Field.  Fuse mechanism ignites the explosive material  Explosion travels as wave through the middle of the armature cylinder.  Explosion passes through cylinder  Cylinder comes in contact with stator winding  creates a short circuit  cuts the stator off from its power supply.  Moving short circuit compresses Magnetic Field  generates Intense Electromagnetic burst.
  17. 17. Contd…..
  18. 18. COUPLING MODES..  Front Door Coupling occurs typically when power from an electromagnetic weapon is coupled into an antenna associated with radar or communications equipment .  Back Door Coupling through power/data cabling, telephone wiring and destroys exposed semiconductor devices
  19. 19. THE DELIVERY OF CONVENTIONAL E-BOMBS:  Electromagnetic warheads may be fitted to range of delivery vehicles.
  20. 20. Protection/defense against electromagnetic bomb Faraday cage Site hardening Use of motor power isolators for mains power distribution Destroy the delivery vehicle or launch platform Hide important assets
  21. 21. Advantages of E-bomb  Permanent damages the electrical appliances such as computers and micro processor devices.  Easy to diffuse or to destroy the missiles.  Destroys the communication system.  It can even stop working of generator or cars. It can destroy Power Grids and Electronics System along an entire coast but spare human and other living species.
  22. 22. Limitations of Electromagnetic Bombs  The limitations of electromagnetic weapons are determined by , * Weapon implementation * Means of delivery  Accuracy of delivery and achievable range must be considered against the allowable damage for the chosen target.  An inaccurately delivered weapon of large range may be unusable against a target .  Patients who are on the ventilation in hospital or using pacemaker may lose there life because of no electric power
  23. 23.  If you want to see some of the effects of a E-bomb, put your laptop in your microwave oven (at your own risks).
  24. 24. Conclusions:  Electromagnetic bombs are Weapons of Electrical Mass Destruction with applications across a broad spectrum of targets, spanning both the strategic and tactical.  E-bombs can cause hard electrical kills over larger areas than conventional explosive weapons of similar mass.  The E-bomb is a Useful punitive Weapon as it can cause much economic and military damage with no loss of civilian life.  E-bomb could be profitably used against countries which sponsor terrorism and info-terrorism.
  25. 25. REFERENCES [1]. Abrams, Michael, “ Dawn of The E-bomb”, IEEE spectrum, November 2003. [2]. Kopp, C., “A doctrine for the use of electromagnetic pulse bombs”, Air Power Studies Centre, Paper No. 15, 1993. [3]. Kopp, C., “ An introduction to the technical and operational aspects of the electromagnetic bomb”, Air Power Studies Centre, Paper No.-50,19 [5] E-Bomb – FAQ by Carlo Kopp (2012) http://www.ausairpower.net/E-Bomb-FAQ.html [6] How E-Bombs Work by Tom Harris http://science.howstuffworks.com/e-bomb.htm
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