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Growth well business group ghaziabad



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Growth well business group ghaziabad Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Welcome
  • 2. About UsVisit
  • 3. Life is a Dream Growth well business group
  • 4. Vision To touch not only the top level in providing the best services for Education, real estate, Tourism, and other social activities to India, but also the most preferred Group for all. Mission Group boosts common-men to self stand towards their health, wellness & financial independency. Dedicated to provide the best services in the industry to help Govt. towards growth in GDP. Growth well business group help India for grow faster towards FTA.Visit
  • 5. Social ActivitiesVisit
  • 6. Our Divisions Education Real Estate Tourism Services.
  • 7. Education
  • 8. Education Industry OverviewThe Indian higher education system has emerged as one of the largest in the world, with14.6 million students enrolled in more than 31,000 institutions. Over the past decade, thenumber of universities in the country has increased at a CAGR of 7.5% (from 272 to 556)while the number of colleges has grown at a CAGR of 11% (from 11,146 to 31,324).However, Indian higher education continues to suffer from three fundamentalchallenges: access, equity and quality. We explore them briefly:Access: While India’s higher education system is the world’s third largest in terms ofenrollment, next only to China and the USA, its GER-currently at 13.8%-significantly lags theworld average at 26%.Equity: There is wide disparity in GERs across states, urban and rural areas, gender, andcommunities:Inter-state disparity: 31.9% in Delhi vs. 8.3% in AssamUrban-rural divide: 23.8% in urban areas vs. 7.5% in rural areasGender disparity: 10.6% for female vs.14.4% for male
  • 9. Real Estate
  • 10. Real Estate OverviewIndia recorded the highest growth rates in the mid-2000s, and is one of thefastest-growing economies in the world. India has recorded a growth of over 200times in per capital income in a period from 1947 ( 249.6) to 2011. The growthwas led primarily due to a huge increase in the size of the middle classconsumer, a large labour force, growth in the manufacturing sector due to risingeducation levels and engineering skills and considerable foreign investments.India is the nineteenth largest exporter and tenth largest importer in the world.Economic growth rate stood at around 6.5% for the 2011–12 fiscal year, asagainst 8.4% achieved in each of two preceding years. The sharp decline inIndias GDP growth rates is mainly due to the Central banks high-interest regime& it is widely believed reduction in key interest rates would immediately boostIndias growth to over 8%, easily making it worlds fastest economy. But theCentral bank is keen in curbing inflation to less than 5% as against present levelsof ~7.5% (out-pacing growth) and hence it has refrained from slashing downinterest rates which would cause the inflation to spiral out of control ultimatelyneutralizing growth rates.During the eleventh five-year plan (2007-12), Indias GDP (at factor cost) grewby 47% from Rs.35.64 trillion in 2007 to Rs.52.22 trillion in 2012 averaging7.94% per annum. During the same period Indias GDP at market price grew by208% from Rs.42.95 trillion in 2007 to Rs.89.12 trillion in 2012. If the sametrend is to continue, the market price GDP will cross Rs.200 trillion by 2017.
  • 11. Tourism
  • 12. Tourism Industry Overview Travel industry is the worlds largest industry with a market share of US$ 8.5 Billion. It is growing at a phenomenal rate annually and has truly made this planet earth a global village. Considering the speed in which the population across the globe is increasing and the way in which Information Technology and Telecommunication industries are causing ripples in this new economy, leisure, recreational and business travel is exploding at an unprecedented rate. There has never been a better time in the history to enter the travel industry. With an industry as big as this, a Company that is capable of holding on to a small piece of this pie could be wildly successful and profitable. With the Internet penetrating in remote areas, today, it is easier to book travel and holidays online. No wonder travel contributes to as high as 43% of the total e-commerce transactions globally. With absolutely no human intervention, booking a vacation and going on a holiday is just a click away. Growth well business group offers vacations at exotic locations across popular holiday spots in India and International destinations to you and your near and dear ones. As an esteemed member of Growth well business group Family, you will be able to discover parts of incredible India and explore world hot spots.
  • 13. Why Join GWBG Growth well business is a multiple services group . Become a member and get Prestige, Prosperity & Respect in the society. Group makes it possiblefor you. Selected & Registered members will get FREE tour to senior citizen in your family time to time .Group will provide you classes for better health, yoga, self realization & many more from best to besttrainers. Group born to lead in all social activities especially in Tourism, Medical Tourism & Selfrealization. Group organizes tour for Group-members in every part of India & Abroad to take rest & relaxesafter scheduled work/job/business with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Group will organize many social activities e.g. YOGA classes, blood donation camps, Poor Childeducation, Health check-up programs etc. Group is going to start a “GWBG-AWARD” soon. Group-member only can participate in & get“GWBG-AWARD”. Group organizes different programs for STUDENTs/ Working people/ Business person andsenior citizens which help them do best in their respective fields. Well Educated/Dedicated and Proven track record Team managing the Group. Visit
  • 14. EARNING STRUCTURE IN LIFE DREAM AMT. 6000000AGE Salary Month Amount Expances Month Saving 25 40000 1 40000 20000 20000 30 40000 5 2400000 20000 1200000 1200000 Balance Amt. 4800000 35 40000 5 2400000 20000 1200000 1200000 Balance Amt. 3600000 40 40000 5 2400000 20000 1200000 1200000 Balance Amt. 2400000 45 40000 5 2400000 20000 1200000 1200000 Balance Amt. 1200000 50 40000 5 2400000 20000 1200000 1200000 Total Earning 12000000 Balance Amt. 0 Total Expances 6000000 Saving amount 6000000
  • 15. Working For SomeoneElseSelf Employed Investor
  • 16. Skill : Rate/Hour - Your Educational Qualification and Experience / Your Investment Time : Max Hours per Day that you can work i.e. 24 Hours per Day Skill and Time is limited i.e. Income is also limited Daily Wage Laborer – 20 * 10 = Rs. 300/Day Graduate – 50 * 10 = Rs. 500/Day PhD – 100 * 10 = Rs. 1,000/Day Increase Skill
  • 17. Income = Skill X Income = Skill X Time TimeExample- Bill Gates has a network of 10,000 employees i.e. Hours Worked For Bill Gates = 10 + 10,000 * 10 = 1,00,010 Hours per Day Total Hours Worked By Average Human Being = 8 Hours/Day * 5 Days/Week * 52 Weeks/Year * 40 Years = 83,200 Hours/Lifetime < What Bill Gates does in 1 Day Bill Gates Income = 10 * 1,00,010 = Rs. 10,00,100/Day
  • 18. How to become memberRegistration Fees: Rs. 500/- Only (or $10 only) JOIN Benefits of Registered Group-member:- NOW Selected Group-members will get fee English speaking classes Personality development etc. Group-members will get LEADERSHIP Certificate after certain classes (Student preferred) Group members will get free consultancies for Education real Estate & more coming facilities. Group-members can participate in Self Realization classes (e.g. Yoga, Meditation) Visit
  • 19. Up-gradationUp gradation in memberships:-1. Upgrade to Silver Group-member: Rs. 2000/- or $40 only (Benefits of Silver Group-member: Free Gift of BEG + EXECUTIVE DIARY)2. Upgrade to Gold Group-member: Rs. 6000/- or $120 only (Benefits of Gold Group-member: Free Gift of Mobile + Beg + EXECUTIVE DIARY)3. Upgrade to Platinum Group-member: Rs. 10000/- or $200 only (Benefits of Platinum Group-member: Free Gift of tablet +Beg + EXECUTIVE DIARY & more coming facilities...) GWBG GWBG Visit
  • 20. Types of Income1. Direct referral benefit.2. Variable Salary Benefits.3. Reward Benefits. Visit
  • 21. 1 Direct Referral BenefitsBenifit Silver Group-member recruits new Group-member gets Rs.800/- Gold Group-member recruits new silver Group-member gets Rs.2000/- Platinum Group-member recruits new platinum Group-member getsRs.3000/- Visit
  • 22. Direct Referral Benefits A B B C C C CVisit
  • 23. Cash Back You sponsored B =800/- A if B sponsored C =100/- B BC C CVisit
  • 24. Reward Benefits Target Rewards 10 pairs Branded Wrist Watch 20 pairs Goa Tour 30 pairs Blackberry mobile 50 pairs Laptop 75 pairs AC/ Refrigerator 100 pairs LCD 200 pairs Bike 500 pairs Gold Jewellery1000 pairs Maruti Suzuki Alto Car2000 pairs Maruti Suzuki Ritz Car3000 pairs Swift Dzire Car5000 pairs Tata Safari7500 pairs Mahindra XUV10000 pairs House worth 20 lacs
  • 25. “The Best Investment I ever made…”Warren owns 51 Businesses today, 3 ofwhich are Network Marketing CompaniesWarren Buffet - Billionaire Investor and the Richest person in the World! “Your industry promotes core values all around the globe and gives people the chance to make the most of their lives and, to me that is the heart of the American dream” Bill Clinton – Former US President
  • 26. Thanks & Welcome to… More details please Email: /