Credit card hackers are here


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Credit card hackers are here

  1. 1. Credit Card Hackers Are Here - Have YouChecked Your Credit Report Lately?Credit card hacking has become one of the new security headaches of consumers. Although inface to face transactions the percentage of credit card fraud is almost a tenth of a percent, inonline transactions its as high as two or three percent.That means that for every one hundred transactions you may do in the internet, you may suffertwo or three breaches in your private information. Stopping credit card number hacking is,nowadays, one of the priorities of credit card brands around the world.One funny thing about many of these hackers; free credit card numbers are posted at the internet.Some of them dont want the potential money that can be acquired from this information, onlythe fame.How Are Credit Cards Gained By Hackers?A hacker has many ways to gain a credit card number from an innocent user. The most commonone is known as phishing. In this technique, the hacker poses as an officer within anorganization, lets say VISA. The hacker sends to a group of email accounts an alert, instructingthe receiver to follow determined set of instructions before his credit card is cancelled.If the user is not aware of this kind of fraud, he will insert his credit card number, his name andexpiration date without knowing he is going to be a victim of an online crime.Another way for hacking credit card numbers is through a website. The hacker only needs tohack the systems of an online retailer, lets say, Costco, and search for the database where theretailer stores the information of all of the users who have made recent transactions.The third way is through the online process of buying. Lets say an adult finds a website withadult content that he or she finds attractive. Its quite probable that the website is only amasquerade for acquiring credit card information from you.What Is A Carder?A carder is a criminal who specializes in stealing information from credit cards. Although themajority of them buy the information from online vendors, some of them are quite savvy on howto access that information by themselves.In the physical world, a carder will steal the information from a user while doing a face to facetransaction. The criminal only needs to pass the card through a special scanner. This device willread from the magnetic strip all of the credit card information. Afterwards, the carder will
  2. 2. trespass that information to a blank card available in many identity card stores.In the virtual world, credit card hacking is a bit more sophisticated and automatized. A hackercould install inside your system a credit card hacking software known as Bugbear. This programis a keystroke logger; it captures the keys that you have pressed in your keyboard and after sometime, it transmits this information to the hacker. The criminal will navigate through this data,searching for any private information that can give him access to your credit card.Besides Bugbear, there is also the IRC bot. This automated software is used for determinedfunctions, like a moderator for a chat room. But if it is used by a hacker, he may use it forstealing your credit card information. The IRC bot will pose as an official from a company,asking you to insert your credit card information.Another mean that hackers use for stealing money from your credit card is through unused ebayaccounts. Once they find a possible victim, the hacker uses a program that starts bombarding theaccount until it breaks it. Once inside, the hacker will use it for posing as the real user, sellingequipment that will never reach the buyer once he buys it.Hackers and Culture? True Indeed!Hacker culture has existed for many decades, although the majority of us may have becomerecently aware thanks to movies like The Matrix. Nevertheless, hacking culture has been outthere, and has been constantly influencing our society and the way we view the world. Fromanime to computer knowledge, hacker culture has, steadily, made its way to our lives.What Is Hacker Culture?Hacker culture is composed by all those experiences and human manifestations that are related tothe exploit of hardware and software. Right now there are three kinds of hackers. The first andmost known kind of hacker is the black hat hacker, or the individual who uses his knowledge forobtaining a personal benefit. Usually, it means stealing information that can be sold in the blackmarket.The most daring black hat hackers are able to crack bank accounts, leaving no trace behind.Fortunately, bank security and worldwide cooperation has been able to place some restrictionsand control over these individuals.On the other side of the balance is the white hack hacker, a computer security expert who workswith organizations and helps them with their computer network security problems.Finally, there are the grey hat hackers. This kind of hackers is composed by people who walk thethin line between white hat hackers and black hat hackers. Usually, their tendency will beinfluenced by their need of money or their lust for recognition among the hacker community.
  3. 3. Which Are The Origins Of Hacker Culture?It could be said that hackers have existed since immemorial times. Although the Merriam-Webster dictionary portrays a hacker as a computer expert, in reality, a hacker is any person wholooks for weaknesses in the system and tries to exploit them in their own benefit.Under this definition, Philip II of Macedon, father of Alexander the Great, was a hacker. Howso? He noticed that there were a series of weaknesses in the armies of ancient Greece. In order toexploit them in his favor, he decided to implement a series of improvements to his own army. Ashistory has showed us, these improvements worked in his favor and in favor of his famous son.The same could be said from Napoleon, who noticed that mobility and artillery could be used insuch a way that no army in Europe would be able to withstand him. Unfortunately for him, heforgot to consider that logistics were an important thing to consider when he mobilized hundredsof thousands of men into the Russian Empire.