Rare Photographs II


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This is second part of rare photographs.. enjoy the journey...
will be back.. till den.. enjoy life..cheers...

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Rare Photographs II

  1. 1. Rare Pics.. Part II By Hemant Abhare
  2. 2. "A picture with a smile, and perhaps a tear..."The Kid 1921. First Silent Movies... Stars Jackie Coogan as Charlie Chaplin adopted son and sidekick. It was a huge success and was the second-highest grossing film in 1921
  3. 3. First Flight on December 17, 1903.... was the day humanity spread its wings and soured into the skies. The flight lasted only 12 seconds in the air. However, it was a major breakthrough. Orville and Wilbur Wright, two bicycle mechanics from Ohio, are the pioneers of aviations, and although this first flight occurred so late in history, the ulterior development was exponential
  4. 4. Polish children imprisoned in Auschwitz look out from behind the barbed wire fence. (July 1944)...Photograph from the Main Commission for the Investigation of Nazi War Crimes...
  5. 5. A Vietnamese woman weeps over the body of her husband, one of the Vietnamese Army casualties suffered in the war with the Viet Cong in South Vietnam. 1965
  6. 6. Napalm bombs explode on Viet Cong structures south of Saigon in the Republic of Vietnam. 1965
  7. 7. Christmas dinner in the home of Earl Pauley near Smithland, Iowa. (Circa 1935)
  8. 8. A wonderful world....Children of rehabilitation clinic in Arkansas. (Circa 1935)
  9. 9. Martin Luther King - I have a dream.....The “I have a dream” speech is probably King’s most famous speech, given in front of the Lincoln Memorial during the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. In this speech he speaks of his dream for blacks and whites to live together in harmony as equals. This speech marked the defining moment for the American Civil Rights movement.....
  10. 10. The First Photograph [France, 1826]......Taken by Nicéphore Niépce, this is the first photograph ever taken which still exists...this photograph took 8 hours of exposure time......
  11. 11. Looking Down Sacramento Street [San Francisco, 1906]....This photo was taken on April 18th, 1906. It is the most famous photograph of the devastation caused by the great fire and earthquake. It was taken by Arnold Genthe on a borrowed camera.....
  12. 12. The Lynching of Young Blacks [Indiana, 1930]....This photograph was taken after the lynching of two young black men accused of raping a white girl. They were hanged by a mob of 10,000....A third man was saved by the girls uncle who said he was innocent....
  13. 13. Breaker Boys [Pennsylvania, 1910]...This is a photograph of breaker boys - child labour used to separate coal from slate. This image helped lead the nation to outlaw child labour. The photo was taken by Lewis Hine.....
  14. 14. Migrant Mother [Oklahoma, 1936]....This photograph of Florence Owens Thompson (32 year old mother of 7) is one of the great representations of the Great Depression. The photograph was taken by Dorothea Lange after Florence had sold her tent to provide food for her children.....The Great Depression 1930-1939. During this time the prices of stock fell 40%. 9,000 banks went out of business. 9 million savings accounts were wiped out. 86,00 businesses failed. Wages decreased by 60% which left 15 million jobless people.
  15. 15. Hitler in Paris [Paris, 1940]...This photograph was taken of Adolf Hitler visiting Paris with his architect Albert Speer, on June 23, 1940. Hitler’s army had captured Paris and Hitler went to admire his new City.....
  16. 16. The Last Jew in Vinnitsa [Ukraine, 1941]....This was found in the personal album of an Einsatzgruppen soldier. It was labelled on the back “The last Jew of Vinnitsa”. All 28,000 of the Jews living there were killed at the time....
  17. 17. V-J Day [New York, 1945]...This is one of the most famous photographs from the Second World War. The soldier and the nurse are unknown...Apparently the nurse slapped the soldier immediately after. The event was the celebration of the end of the war and it was taken in Times Square by Alfred Eisenstaedt.....
  18. 18. Soviet Flag raised above the Reichstag [Berlin, 1945]....Soviet Union soldiers Raqymzhan Qoshqarbaev, and Georgij Bulatov raising the flag on the roof of Reichstag building in Berlin, Germany in May, 1945. The photograph was taken by Yevgeny Khaldei....
  19. 19. Vatican II Begins [Vatican City, 1960]...This is a photograph of Pope John XXIII signing the document that officially started the Second Vatican Council....
  20. 20. The Body of Che Guevara [Bolivia, 1967]....After capturing and killing Guevara (Marxist revolutionary), the Bolivian army showed this photograph to prove that he was dead. His death dealt a death blow to the socialist revolutionary movement in Latin America and the Third World....
  21. 21. Execution of a Viet Cong Guerrilla [Vietnam, 1968]....Photographer Eddie Adams took this photograph of Nguyen Ngoc Loan, South Vietnam’s national police chief executing this Viet Cong captain. Adams later said that he regretted that the world did not see Loan as a hero for his actions in Vietnam....
  22. 22. Footprint on the Moon [Lunar, 1969]...On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong put his left foot on the rocky Moon. It was the first human footprint on the Moon....This photograph was taken by Buzz Aldrin...
  23. 23. Phan Thị Kim Phúc [Vietnam, 1972]....The girl in the centre of this photograph is 9 year olf Kim Phúc. She is running from a napalm attack which caused serious burns on her back. The boy is her older brother. Both survived. This photo (by Huynh Cong Ut) became one of the most published of the Vietnam war....
  24. 24. Tiananmen Square [China, 1989]...Probably the most famous image from the student uprising in China in 1989, this photograph shows a single person blocking the tanks that were emerging on the square. The man survived but shortly after the square was filled with innocent blood....
  25. 25. Che Guevara portrait by Alberto Korda....This is "The most famous photograph in the world and a symbol of the 20th century."
  26. 26. Marliyn....This iconic image of Marilyn Monroe comes from the film The Seven Year Itch. It is probably the most famous picture taken of this celebrated actress.
  27. 27. 9/11 by Richard Drew...American photograph captured this image during the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre. He managed to photograph a man who, in panic, jumped from the upper floors of the building.
  28. 28. Churchill by Yousuf Karsh...The portrait of Great Britain’s wartime Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, became famous all over the world...it is the most reproduced picture in history, and it also appeared on the cover of Life Magazine.
  29. 29. Einstein by Arthur Sasse...The famous scientist, Albert Einstein, shows us in this famous photograph, that he also had a good sense of humor. The picture was taken on March 14, 1951...
  30. 30. Unknown Refugee by Steve McCurry...Steve McCurry took this photograph of a young refugee girl from war-torn Afghanistan. It first appeared in National Geographic Magazine in 1985 but was taken in 1983. Later she was indentified as a Sharbat Gula, one of the students in an informal school within the refugee camp
  31. 31. Soldier's Despair by David Turnley...In the photo, American sergeant, just found his best friend in the body-bag beside him. He was killed during the Gulf War.
  32. 32. Construction workers by charles Ebbets...“New York Construction Workers Lunching on a Crossbeam” is a world famous photo, made during the construction of the GE Building in the Rockefeller Center in 1932.
  33. 33. Soweto Riots by Sam Nzima...A photo that managed to draw the attention of the world shows Hector Peterson, age 13, as he dies in the arms of Mbuyisa Makhubo, after he was shot by a police officer on June 16, 1976, during the Soweto riot in South Africa.
  34. 34. Volcano Victim by Frank Fournier....Omayra Sánchez was 13 years old when the Nevado del Ruiz volcano erupted. She was trapped in the remains of her house for three days in water up to her neck. Photor-reporter Frank Fournier got this picture a few hours before her death.
  35. 35. Southern Sudan by Kevin Carter..........The image shows a vulture waiting for a child to starve to death. This horrific sight affected the photographer so deeply that he committed suicide after winning the Pulitzer Prize.
  36. 36. <ul><li>Adios…. </li></ul>