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Sample Birthday PrayerFather in heaven we come to you today thanking you for (insert name). We are glad that you havebroug...
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Sample birthday prayer


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Transcript of "Sample birthday prayer"

  1. 1. Sample Birthday PrayerFather in heaven we come to you today thanking you for (insert name). We are glad that you havebrought us together and allowed us to know (insert name). On this day we ask for your specialblessing and a day filled with hope, joy and optimism. We pray that this coming year might be onethat will bring personal success and fulfillment and accomplishment for (insert name). Father weknow that you delight in blessing your children and so we ask for this. May we all be grateful for yourgoodness. This we ask in the name of our loving Lord Jesus Christ. AmenDear Father GodThank you Lord for life;life eternal, but also life in the physical.I pray for ______ who is celebrating his/her first birthday. What a priviledge it is to bepraying for him/her at such an early time in his/her life. Thank you for that priviledge.Thank you that while he/she was in his/her moms womb, you knitted him/her together andalready knew his/her and took delight in him/her. Thank you that the child was not anaccident, but purposed to come to earth by you with a destiny to fulfill in your Kingdom.Equip this child for that destiny, starting today.We thank you that we can also ask for things from Your Hand. We ask for supernaturalfavour, blessings, health, wisdom, grace, annointing and a long fruitful life for ______ !Thank you for his/her parents on whom the responsibility will rest to guide and encouragethis child. May they take refuge and comfort in You and Your Word to direct and guide.So take control of this child, Lord, every birthday and ordinary day henceforth. May no daybe just another day, but an extra-ordinary day that You have granted.May this prayer on this first birthday be the beginning of a journey with You that will neverend.Thank you, LordIn Jesus NameAmen.