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Link Abertis Magazine No.6 July 2012
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Link Abertis Magazine No.6 July 2012


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  • 1. Interviews Luis Fortuño, governor of Puerto Rico P. 22 Alain Minc, president of sanef P. 14 report The AP-7 widening works are completed P. 40july 2012 nº06 - Second period abertis blazes new trails in telecommunications
  • 2. editorial The recovery conditions We have mentioned several times, was circumstantial and cyclical, not against including in this editorial slot, that the spending, which tended to be rigid.we need to decide crisis we are living through is an asymmetrical It seemed as if we – and also the worldon the most one. We went into it as countries at virtually economy, because of the dynamic effect of the same time, but not under the same condi- globalisation – were on an inexhaustible ramprational tions, and we will also not come out of it in the of growth. In fact we tend to form part of aapplication of same condition or at the same time. We are cycle, whether it is a positive one, as it was, orpublic resources already in the fifth year of this stage of the a negative one, like it is now.and the areas economic cycle and we must not think we are So, recovery means redefining the poten-where we can going to recover more or less immediately or tial growth of our economy without thosemaximise them within a foreseeable period. “extraordinary” factors that have lasted a long With this frame of reference, and together time but which, to some degree, masked thethrough the role with some fiscal consolidation policies pledg- underlying reality.the private ing strict deficit control and a gradual public The normalisation of economic activitysector can play” and fundamentally private debt reduction proc- – and the social need to create stable jobs with ess, which will take time, we have to review the prospects – comes not only through restoring margins of action we have. This applies both as the macroeconomic balances in terms of def- an economy – that of each country – and as icit and private and public debt, but also through businesses incorporating a long-term view us being capable of shaping and implementing extending clearly beyond the crisis, which we the necessary decisions and reforms. In the therefore have to continue working on with areas of employment, services, taxation and prospects of growth, dimension and interna- making use of cooperation formulas between tionalisation. the public and private sector. It also makes sense for us to ask ourselves Concerning the latter, and in relation to what recovery means. I will focus on the case the road network in Spain, we must once again of the Spanish economy.There are circumstan- note the importance of moving forward towards tial factors which, in the case of Spain, fed a a harmonious model that needs to provide the false wealth effect. These will not be repeated, system with coherence, thereby solving the at least not in the foreseeable future. problems of acceptance of tolls as a mechanism Firstly, it was an economy that had to to make the user co-responsible for financingSalvador update itself with respect to Europe and open infrastructure, internalising the principle ofAlemany itself to the world, and which had European payment for use. We need to decide on thePresident of abertis fund contributions for 25 years; an economy most rational application of public resources that based its growth on construction – labour and the areas where we can maximise them intensive but low in added value.A model which through the role the private sector can play. is therefore exhausted. These are some of the requirements of the Secondly, resulting from that first state- moment.The recovery of economic activity on ment, there was an attraction of immigrant a solid basis depends largely on interpreting population (with jobs) which, in just eight years, them properly. increased the population by 12%. Have we ever The dimension and scope of this crisis stopped to think what this has meant in terms should be enough of a reason for acting as a of demand for housing, consumption, mobility, catalyst of wills, where the necessary political taxes and, therefore, in terms of induced leadership discovers how to capture the close growth? cooperation of a private sector which must also And, thirdly, there was a structure of spend- be part of the solution. It is time for agreements ing and service provision by the administrations and action in the world, in Europe and in each which was constructed against income that country. n july 2012 n Link abertis n 3
  • 3. nº06 Summary 22 18 14 08 telecommunications abertis blazes new trails for its telecommunications networks 52 36 32 18 36 sapn 48 The new stretch of the link abertis is a publication of team report A813 at Caen in operation Abertis infrastructuras, SA Av. del Parc Logístic, 12-20. link abertis A big challenge Technology and toll roads sanef 49 08040 Barcelona. Tel.: 93 230 50 00. Fax: 93 230 50 02. The metropistas team To improve convenience Free-flow Edited and coordinated by: explains the experience and safety for customers electronic tolls in Canada abertis Corporate 40 Communication Department. 06 of setting up a toll road London Luton Airport 50 project in Puerto Rico Investor’s link Editorial board: Salvador Alemany, Francisco Reynés, José Aljaro, Josep Maria Airport management, Coronas, Toni Brunet, Juan María Hernández 22 Opinion report extended to 2031 Puértolas, Sergi Loughney and Joan Rafel. Corporate image and production: Social communication 51 66 José A. Herce Infrastructures Erik Ribé and Bernat Ruiz. Content coordination: Infrastructures INTERVIEW The AP-7 widening abertis opens up new Alícia Cobeña. for a crisis Luis Fortuño works are completed Internet channels Editorial: Alícia Cobeña, Gemma Gazulla, shareholders Marc Gómez and Leticia Gonzálvez. 13 44 “Our public-private Road collaborators 52 General Meeting 2012 Contributors: Christine Allard, Carolina Bergantiños, Bob Bullock, alliance initiative New road safety Balance sheet for Julio Cerezo, Joan Fontanals, Sagrario Huelin, is a broad one” report experiment in Barcelona the financial year Astrid Noury, Vanessa O’Connor, Enric Pérez, report Mercedes Pérez-Cruz, Roser Prenafeta, Marc Ribó, 28 Ernst Ligteringen 54 70 Albert Rossell, Bernat Ruiz, Beatriz Sanz, abertis, OHL Interactive television abertis autopistas, abertis telecom,abertis analyses integrating abertis telecom: towards Interview with the director of abertis airports and abertis foundation. Production: assets in the toll roads travel standardising hybrid receivers the Global Reporting Initiative 66 results Ediciones Reunidas, SA (Grupo Zeta). 46 sector in Brazil and Chile Strasbourg Sponsorship and January-March 2012 Revistas Corporativas Barcelona. Consell de Cent, 425. 08009 Barcelona. 14 A crossroads city for patronage 56 Improvement on Tel.: 93 265 53 53. Manager: Òscar Voltas. Editorial coordinator: routes, ideas and people news Conference on new formulas for the previous year Nuria González. Chief reporter: Toni Sarrià. 32 62 72 interview Mobile World Congress 46 supporting culture at Castellet Voluntaris 60 Editorial: Gemma Figueras. Layout: Cristina Vilaplana and Xavier Julià. Alain Minc New features from abertis abertis award 58 3rd Corporate Volunteering Day Sub-editing: Ares Rubio. Legal deposit: B-16432-2010. “Public debt is report telecom for mobile media First year in France ‘Autoroute Académie’ 61 briefs results abertis shareholder service line: 902 30 10 15. the result of the SmartZone service areas 47 abertis professorial chair 59 The abertis foundation and abertis news January-December 2011 cowardice of States that Test bench for Renovation on The initiative reaches the sanef open the web Notes on The group closes the financial abertis accepts no responsibility for the opinion of its contributors in the work published, nor does have lived on credit” intelligent cities the AP-68 and AP-7 University of Puerto Rico to motorcyclists other headlines year with improved results it necessarily identify with their opinions.1 n link abertis n July 2012 July 2012 n Link abertis n 2
  • 4. opinion Infrastructures must guarantee three broad types of func- tions: (i) articulating the territory and its communications, (ii) energy efficiency and for a crisis environmental sustainability and (iii) pro- viding collective services and social cohe- by sion. Ultimately, they must contribute to JOSÉ A. HERCE the efficiency of society and the competi- A graduate and PhD in The author analyses the situation the sector has gone tiveness of the economy. There are many ways in which infra- economics, his career through in the past few decades and highlights the important structures can contribute to these great is linked to teaching role it can play in overcoming the current situation and research and to aims, not always through rolling out large economic analysis. physical or tangible projects; sometimes by We know that in the 2012 financial money on infrastructures that are not actually avoiding them and sometimes by He is a Master of Arts year public spending on infrastruc- strictly necessary, we must not forget about complementing them with logical or man- in Economics from the tures will be below 2% of GDP. This means the infrastructures we do need. In this agement systems. A dialectic play on words University of Essex (United Kingdom) barely 20 billion euros, when tenders in an debate, inertia and the logic of sectorial could be established between “narrow and holds a PhD from ordinary year before the crisis amounted damage limitation still carry more weight gauge” (as in the high-speed train) and the Complutense to double that. At the end of the ‘80s and than a calm view of the basis of growth the “broadband” as an illustration of some of University of Madrid, beginning of the ‘90s, when road networks Spanish economy needs for the immediate the dilemmas we are currently facing on where he is now and facilities of all kinds were expanding at future and the role infrastructures must this issue. Equally, if we focus on physical a tenured lecturer full speed and work on high-speed railways play in this process. structures it is clear that we will only be in Economics. in Spain was beginning, spending on infra- Growth, cohesion and sustainability able to afford those not representing an He has belonged to structures reached 5% of GNP, and this need infrastructures, although, of course, excessive cost for public budgets. the EU Commission’s limit was thought to be the ideal one for they do not have to be like those we have At the moment, then, there are two body of civil servants, capitalising a modernising economy. seen built over the past few years. Not build- options to ensure that the slowdown in the the Directorate General World leader global companies in their ing these infrastructures would mean post- pace of investment in infrastructures does of Employment and respective sectors were forged in public poning a series of desirable attributes of not cause irredeemable damage to the President Delors’ markets for creating infrastructures of all the economy and society, but the limitation competitiveness of our economy: logical Cellule de Prospective. kinds in Spain, which had just joined what on resources imposes a new logic when it infrastructures and “low-cost infrastruc- He has been executive was then the European Community. Not comes to identifying true needs in this area. tures”. director of the This crisis means a change of paradigm only have construction processes been per- The former are concerned with future Foundation for Studies fected, the public-private collaboration in the allocation of resources and in the trends in all advanced economies. Rather in Applied Economics (FEDEA). models designed decades ago have led these economic lifestyles of Spanish individuals than the heavily tangible nature of conven- companies to deploy tremendous know- and households. At the same time, this tional physical infrastructures, which are, He is currently partner how about the integration of the design, structural change will be combined with however, essential for transporting people and economics director construction, finance and operational far-reaching trends which, driven by tech- and things, logical infrastructures are light of International phases of concessions, putting them in a nology and new business models, are being and facilitate the dizzyingly fast, mass trans- Financial Analysts. very advantageous position throughout the adopted by consumers almost all over the port of information. They can be associated He has also been a consultant for various world. world. very beneficially with the former to make public and private The Spanish economy, after encourag- What is the role corresponding to infra- them more efficient, avoid excess capacity, organisations and ing a considerable advance in infrastructures structures in a scenario of scarce resources, fill in usage troughs and, on their own, pro- has contributed during its modernisation phase, basically changes in allocation priorities and changes vide better communication services, equiv- to many Spanish between 1985 and 1998, backed by Com- to individuals’ habits and values? A very alent to and more cost effective than those and international munity structural funds, embarked on a wide-ranging role, of course. provided by many tangible infrastructures. academic journals. new construction phase much more focused Let us take a closer look at some basic At countless locations, logical infrastruc- on property thanks to the exceptionally functions of infrastructures. Infrastructures tures (telecommunications) are the best low interest rates encouraged by the intro- option, rather than the costly and doubtfully duction of the single currency. The financial cost-effective upgrading of existing physi- leverage this made possible, in the absence cal infrastructures. of significant credit restrictions, also served Low-cost Low-cost infrastructures, meanwhile, It is so inconceivable The right planning in this sense to facilitate the foreign expansion of the infrastructures are possibly the only option for maintain- to spend money on would mean making the maintenance companies forged in the previous phase, so ing the quality and extent of many servi- of the right quality of service provided are possibly the infrastructures not all the financial impulse was concen- ces in the current conditions of scarce by infrastructures compatible with improv- trated in the domestic market. only option for resources. For transport, for example, Bus- that are not strictly ing the basis of the competitiveness of Nowadays, the Spanish economy is maintaining the HOV lanes and bus stations, rather than necessary that our economy with the current tight budget not in a position to allocate resources it quality and extent of high speed or new high-capacity lines, we must not restrictions, while the prospects for lacks to infrastructure projects it does not would be perfectly appropriate. And this the public works sector could be main- many services in the forget about the necessarily need in the current range of should be the same in many other areas, tained at acceptable levels, stimulating priorities, nor will it be in the next few years. current conditions like energy, health, the water cycle, leisure infrastructures any renovation towards a higher techno- But, however inconceivable it is to spend of lack of resources and culture, etc. we need logical content. n6 n link abertis n july 2012 july 2012 n Link abertis n 7
  • 5. abertis telecom abertis has acquired a package of 500 mobile in figures telephony towers from report 13% Telefónica in an agreement which includes possible expansion to a total ofDiversification of the telecommunication business contribution of 1,000 towers before the end of the year. Group incomeabertis blazes new throughout 2011. 512trails for its networks million euros generated during 2011.The diversification of activities, together with internationalisation, is oneof the basic lines defined in abertis’ strategy in the area of telecommunicationsinfrastructures, one of the Group’s three areas of activity 228 million euros in Ebitda during theText and photos abertis 2011 financial year. Two years after the analogue switch- launch of 4G mobile telephony services, territory, are added to the more than 3,300 off, abertis’ Telecommunications which must be supported with the roll-out sites abertis already has, providing themdivision is already obtaining more than half of new ultra-fast networks for mobile Inter- with greater capillarity. It is a very importantits income from activities other than televi- net access at speeds of 100 MB/s, four times characteristic in the current context of rollingsion broadcasting. Entry into infrastructures faster than the most modern existing digital out the new 4G telephony networks derivingfor mobile communications, services to telephony networks. from the latest radioelectric spectrum auc-telecommunications end operators, com- tion. “We have been very selective when itmunications satellites, safety and emergency Mobile telephony comes to choosing the assets to acquire,networks, smart cities and the new converg- On 2 April, abertis announced the agreement evaluating the coverage needs and obligationsing broadcast-broadband audiovisual services reached with the Telefónica company operators will have for the next 10 years,”are among the areas of activity where to acquire a package of 500 mobile telephony points out business development managerabertis is already present. towers for an initial sum of 45 million euros. Andrea Luminari, abertis’ current network “The abertis telecommunications unit The agreement, which could be expanded provides radioelectric coverage reachingis continuing with the process of diversifying to the include the purchase of a total of almost 99% of the Spanish population.into activities other than terrestrial television 1,000 towers before the end of the current The agreement represents a step forwardbroadcasting, thanks to which more than year, means abertis’ entry into the mobile in abertis’ process of consolidation as a tel-60% of its income is now coming from serv- communications infrastructures manage- ecommunications infrastructure operator, aices other than TDT,” abertis, chief executive ment market. business model which, although it has noFrancisco Reynés stressed a few weeks ago, Telefónica Spain will be the main tradition in this country, already exists in theannouncing the acquisition from Telefónica customer for this group of towers over the United States and other markets, with theof an important group of mobile telephony next few years, although it is planned to offer participation of companies specialising intowers. The entry into this market opens up the infrastructure to other operators that communications infrastructure business opportunities for the company could share the services.The assets purchased, “The figure of infrastructure operatorat an important time for the sector: the located in rural surroundings all over Spanish exists in various parts of the world, but its level of development depends on the level of maturity of the market and on regulation, which is different in each country,” indicates Oriol Sitjá, business manager for abertis’. telecommunications unit.“In Europe, to date, infrastructures have had a strategic value for the group’s entry telecommunications operators, particularly into the mobile mobile telephony ones, because each oper- telephony market ator rolled out its own network and the serv- opens up new business ice coverage has been one of their main competitive advantages. However, today, opportunities for the when virtual operators have agreements to company at an important use networks with operators that have them, time for the sector coverage has ceased to represent such an8 n link abertis n July 2012
  • 6. abertis telecom’s current network provides radioelectric coverage, reaching almost 99% of the Spanish population Five years in the satellites sector One of the fields where abertis is present is communication satellites where, in the last few years, it has become an important oper- ator, after positioning itself as the leading partner in Hispasat and Eutelsat. “Satellites are singular communications infrastructures because they are 36,000 kilometres up, but 2 they are still very sophisticated and highly technical network elements,” recalls Andrea 3 Luminari. As well as its shareholding in Hispasat, abertis is also one of its main users. And among the services it provides is TDT distri- bution. Using the satellite, the TDT signal is distributed to all terrestrial television broad- casting centres in Spanish territory. “So, sat- ellite is one of the means of signal distribution which, complemented with the network of terrestrial distribution radio links, provides a very high level of reliability and notable eco- nomic efficiency, ensuring that the signal is available throughout the territory, regardless of where the broadcast centres are located, both for abertis centres and for third parties that can broadcast the signal,” points out Sergio Tórtola, technology manager in the 1 telecommunications division, adding that it is “also responsible for running the commu-—1— advantage, which is when the opportunity cycle in a situation of economic crisis forces ments in coverage, provided they do not harm abertis telecom in nications for 51 Spanish government embas-Western Control Centreat Tres Cantos in Madrid. arises for an infrastructure operator.”Andrea companies to make more efficient use of competition. the satellite sector sies abroad (developing countries or with—2— Luminari also refers to the evolution occurring resources.” It is estimated that this new net- For Tobías Martínez, “The figure of an very limited broadband access), using the The group is the leadingabertis telecom provides in the sector concerning infrastructure man- work investment cycle will require financial infrastructure operator is the best solution partner of Eutelsat and satellite as a data transport system (VSAT).services to safety and agement: “The model is changing. To date, resources of the order of 270,000 million for sharing because of its capacity to ration- It is the perfect accessory for having homo-emergency networks Hispasat, in which it hasin various autonomous the network has formed part of the operators’ euros over the next nine years in Europe, in alise the existing networks and optimise the had a presence since 2007 geneous communication systems in any partcommunities and for the State. core businesses; now, given the economic an unfavourable economic environment. deployment of new ones, as it is the best and 2008, respectively. of the world, regardless of the infrastructures—3— situation we are going through and the heavy In June 2011, the European sector regu- technological and financial partner for tel- available in each country.”Collserola Tower, standing This year it hason the Vilana peak, near investment necessary for new services, it is lator, the Body of European Regulators for ecommunications operators.” The commitment to Hispasat is a firm strengthened its presenceTibidabo, in Barcelona. increasingly an equation between cost and Electronic Communications (BEREC) pub- In this context, the sharing of infrastruc- in Hispasat with the one.A year ago now, Carlos Espinós, who had performance.” lished a report on sharing infrastructures and tures by telecommunications operators is a purchase of 13.23% from been a member of Hispasat’s board as a spectrum in mobile phone networks. Savings strategic objective and the acquisition of Telefónica de Contenidos, representative of abertis since July 2008, The network operator of 15% to 30% are estimated in the case of mobile communications towers is a very consolidating its position was appointed chief executive of the satellite and sharing infrastructures sharing passive infrastructures, with up to important step towards achieving it, as And- as the principal shareholder company. Until then, Espinós had occupied The managing director of abertis telecom 10%-15% more in the case of sharing man- rea Luminari highlights:“The concept of shar- in the Spanish satellite the post of deputy managing director of also referred to the current opportunity for aged services. In addition, the majority of ing has a long way to go before it matures system. abertis telecom and managing director of the telecommunications sector to develop European Union countries are in favour of and the new role abertis is taking on allows abertis telecom is an the Satellite Infrastructures Division. the company’s profile as a communications sharing infrastructures based on a more effi- us to acquire visibility in the sector as an industrial shareholder abertis’ participation in the satellite infrastructure operator. For Tobías Martínez, cient use of resources, environmental and operator specialising in infrastructure man- in Eutelsat, with 8.35% sector also comes through Eutelsat, the Euro- “the need to undertake a new investment health protection elements and improve- agement.” of its share capital. pean satellite operator, which it entered with10 n link abertis n July 2012 July 2012 n Link abertis n 11
  • 7. report Integration of OHL assets abertis moves forward towards world leadership in toll roads The Group is studying the integration of more than 3,500 kilometres of toll roads in Brazil and Chile Text and photos abertis In April, abertis and OHL signed Bittencourt Toll road, Litoral Sul Toll road, Plan- La Calera Los Andes an agreement of intent to integrate alto Sul Toll road and Fluminense Toll road. the toll road concessions OHL manages in It is a solid portfolio of toll roads which Brazil and Chile into abertis. The operation, would integrate a balanced portfolio of con- Valparaíso Limache which is subject to the fulfilment of the cessions into the group, substantially increas- various requirements and procedures that are ing the average concession life in abertis’ toll normal in this type of process, is subject to road business. Chile Santiago de the approval of both companies’ boards. The In Chile, the assets that would be incor- Chile transaction will be achieved through a com- porated into abertis are Autopista Los Andes, San Antonio Melipilla bination of existing abertis shares and connecting the city of Los Andes with Ruta 5 assumption of debt. Norte in Chile; Autopista del Sol, linking the Routes of the toll road concessionscapital five years ago, in 2007. In February, the Spanish Post Office for the full mainte- The conclusion of the operation would city of Santiago de Chile with the port of San managed by OHL in Chile (above) and Brazil (below).abertis culminated a process of accelerated the most recent nance of its telecommunications network make abertis the world leader in the toll Antonio; and Autopistas Los Libertadores,placement of some of its Eutelsat shares consisting of 2,974 kilometres of optical fibre road concession sector, managing more than communicating the capital of the country diversification Belo Horizonteamong qualified shareholders. In addition, in and 225 sites distributed all over Spanish 7,500 kilometres, also taking it into a growing with important cities in the north of the FrancaJune agreement was reached with the China field is related territory for a period of three years. market with a stable concession context in Santiago metropolitan region and with Ribeirão Preto Sao CarlosInvestment Corporation (CIC) for the sale of to services for The most recent diversification field is Brazil and consolidating its leadership in Chile. the provinces of San Felipe and Los Andes. Araras7% of the satellite company’s capital. After configuring related to services for configuring smart cit- After the operation, abertis would also Sao Paulo Rio de Janeirothese two operations, abertis remains as a ies: a new, expanding concept. “This line of Description of assets become the leader in Chile, where it is currently smart citiesshareholder in Eutelsat, with a 8.35% holding. activity, at the investigation phase, makes it The assets that would be integrated into one of the biggest toll road operators, running Curitiba possible to leverage our positioning as a pro- abertis are 9 toll road concessions in Brazil, the concession holders Elqui, rutas del Pacífico B ra z i lManagement of other networks vider of critical infrastructures for public with a total of 3,227 kilometres, and 3 conces- and the Autopista Central. the company is FlorianópolisAlthough abertis is known and largely iden- administrations,” points out marketing direc- sions in Chile, with a total of 342 kilometres.tified with network services for television continuing with tor Álex Mestre. “It is necessary to improve In Brazil, the assets are in the states of Transformation operationbroadcasting, the fact is that diversification diversification thanks to the efficiency of management in cities and Sao Paulo, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Santa The president of abertis, Salvador Alemany, internationalisation process, with entry intoof activities and provision of services for other which more than 60% of we have the capacity to help local councils Catarina and Paraná, with four concession stressed that it would be “a transformation a market like Brazil, the biggest economy intelecommunications operators through its with the transformation necessary to make holders responsible to the State of Sao Paulo: operation for the company, as it would incor- Latin America, with great potential for current its income comes fromown or third-party networks form part of its them smart. Our role as technological Autovias, Centrovias, Intervias and Vianorte; porate a large network of toll roads in stable, and future growth. The chief executive, Fran-portfolio of activities. services other than TDT facilitator and neutral operator allows cities and five concession holders responsible to the mature markets like Brazil and Chile and would cisco Reynés, stressed:“As we explained to our Along these lines, it has been providing to have a partner which, transversally and Federal network: Fernão Dias Toll road, Regis multiply the Group’s principal magnitudes”. shareholders at the last General Meeting,services for safety and emergency networks based on innovative technological solutions, For his part, the chief executive of abertis’ current aim is a definitive commit-in various autonomous communities and for helps them to better manage the different abertis, Francisco Reynés, stated that “the ment to growth and internationalisation”. nthe State (Maritime Rescue Service for the services generating cost efficiencies.” n closure of this operation would be a milestoneSafety of Human Life at Sea), services for The assets that would be in the history of abertis, which would achievetelecommunications end operators, cable integrated into abertis world leadership in the toll road business, bothand Wi-Fi access operators, etc., as well as in terms of kilometres managed, with moremanaging telecommunications networks are nine toll road than 7,500 kilometres directly run, and in termsbelonging to other companies, such as Nat- Link concessions in Brazil of income and Ebitda”. The operation would Linkural Gas or the recent contract awarded by and three more in Chile bring the definitive consolidation of abertis’ www.abertis.com12 n link abertis n July 2012 July 2012 n Link abertis n 13
  • 8. interviewInterview with the president of sanefAlain Minc«The French are more predisposedto accept Spanish investmentthan other countries»The new president of sanef makes an assessment of hisfirst few months as company president and analysesthe role of infrastructures in the current economic contextText and photos abertis Last December, the sanef board of Profile directors unanimously elected Alain Alain Minc (Paris, 1949)Minc as president, to replace Pierre Chas- is a civil engineer fromsigneux. In the last decade, the sanef conces- the Paris College of Miningsion model has allowed the French group to and a graduate of theinvest in the long term and contribute to French National Collegerevitalising the economies of the regions its of Administration (ENA).toll roads pass through. Along these lines, He has occupied postssanef shares this strategic long-term vision including finance director ofwith abertis, as it is fully coherent with its the Saint-Gobain industrialinvestment. As a model of public-private group, vice-president of Compagnie Industriali Riunitecooperation, a good example of this is the International and managinginvestment of 250 million euros which the director of Cerus. In 1991company recently signed with the French he set up his own consultancy,government. It is an investment intended to AM Conseil. In addition,improve the integration of the infrastructures between 1994 and 2008into the environment and the services it pro- he was chairman of thevides to its customers. This is one of the the- Supervisory Council ofses upheld by the new president of sanef, the newspaper Le Monde.Alain Minc. He is currently a directorn n n of Caixabank and Prisa.What do you think a profile like yourscan bring to the governance of a com-pany like sanef?All companies require a new perspective,particularly from someone who has broadexperience.Throughout my experience in theconsultancy business I have known many14 n LINK abertis n July 2012 July 2012 n LINK abertis n 15
  • 9. Calais Lille Saint-Quentin Amiens Reims Le Havre Strasbourg Caen Paris Troyes Alençon Abertis is the biggest Spanish investor and one of the main foreign investors in France” In the future Langon we are going to see big, non-European investors investing in European utilities” Spain and Italy have Pau begun the necessary reforms. France, which was less threatened, will not escape them”Map of the toll roadsmanaged by sanef, anabertis group company in France.different companies and situations and this growth to prevent its energy being sapped. n n nnow helps me with continual benchmarking. n n n Do you consider that public-privaten n n As a great expert, with knowledge of the cooperation measures in the infra-What is your assessment after these subject, what is your opinion about the structures field are interesting initia-first few months as president of the situation Europe is currently experienc- tives for financing new projects?board of directors of the sanef group? ing in terms of the economic crisis? How States have spent a long time without budg-After three months I am beginning to under- is this situation affecting the French ets, so creating infrastructures is increasinglystand the company with all its specific fea- economy and its development? going to mean knocking on the door of privatetures: at the service of the public, prosperous Europe is going to suffer for some years. Pub- capital to finance the investment, and of cus-but, despite this, obliged to modernise itself. lic debt (an average of 80% of GDP) is essen- tomers to purchase the services provided. InI can now see the core areas on which man- tially the result of three decades of cowardice, the future we are going to see big, non-Euro-agement can focus its efforts, with support during which States have lived on credit. The pean investors investing in utilities in Europe.from shareholders and from myself. cost of the crisis and recovery represents only n n nn n n 20% of this 80%.We should all do what Ger- What do you think about abertis beingWhat are your objectives for sanef in many, which in 2002 was considered the sick the biggest Spanish investor in France?2012? And, in the long term, how do you man of Europe, has done: budgetary savings, Abertis is the biggest Spanish investor andsee the company’s future? increasing the productivity of labour and one of the main foreign investors in France.The objectives are simple: greater productiv- capital, better financing for the welfare state We must put it on show, in public view. Theity, greater commercialisation, better opti- and greater flexibility of the labour market. French are more predisposed to accept Span-misation of the debt structure and, of course, Spain and Italy have begun the neces- ish investment than other countries: there isdevelopment prospects. A company that is sary reforms. France, which was less threat- a greater sense of close involvement, lessa fortiori prosperous must have projects for ened, will not escape them. fear. n16 n LINK abertis n July 2012 July 2012 n LINK abertis n 17
  • 10. cockpit, evaluating the changing weather if all the keys to success conditions and taking the actions to correct team had to be summarised the flight variables so we reach our destina- tion at the scheduled time”, says the oper- in one, Gonzalo Alcalde ations manager. would settle for “creating a new project Between Puerto Rico and Spain An obvious fundamental difference of his with everyone involved” job at metropistas is the international environment, at shareholder, consultant and supplier level. It does not affect the duties Juan Rodríguez de la Rubia, under the super- but does make a difference, not only in terms vision of David Díaz, managing director of of language but also in the way issues are Autopistas America. approached and in his everyday work. Even so, Gonzalo Alcalde defines the The keys to success project Puerto Rico as “enriching” at both They were a young team, with big challenges. professional and personal level. In profes- At the start of the project, recalls Xavier sional terms, it has involved a considerable Trafí, “we were a well matched group, work- challenge bearing in mind that he was start- ing in harmony with one another and with ing from scratch with a completely new discipline when necessary.We lived together company at organisational level and with for two and a half months as friends, we the need to make quick, short-term deci- —1— shared work and leisure time, but without sions while avoiding compromising long- From left to right.: Gonzalo forgetting to maintain team hierarchy when term results. “A very practical view has been Alcalde, Luis Palazzi, Patricia García, Rodolfo Tagle, doing our jobs”. Patricia García highlights required, ensuring that the business gets Xavier Trafí, Juan Rodríguez that the “sum of knowledge and additional going, but a very important component has de la Rubia and Xavier Serra. experiences has been the basis for the been the relationship with the Administra- —2— From left to right.: project being a success”. This good relation- tion granting the concession.” On the other Stefan Sater and José Luis ship has left its mark on the metropistas hand, the continuing need to make decisions, Rodríguez. team. If all the keys to success had to be sum- 2 1 marised in one, Gonzalo Alcalde would set-metropistas tle for “creating a new project with everyone involved”. Above all, adds Juan Rodríguez deA young team la Rubia, thanks the fact that “everyone had autonomy and decision-making capacity. The aim was to make quick – just in time, efficient and correct decisions”. Only in thisfacing a big challenge way was it possible to develop a project from scratch, explains Rodolfo Tagle: “With a team overflowing with professional and human quality, you can move from scepti-A small team of abertis workers explains how they have experienced the establishment and cism to success in record time.”development of metropistas, which, since September last year, has taken on the management Development of the companyof two toll roads in Puerto Rico – the PR-22 and the PR-5 – for a period of 40 years At the development phase, when a possibleText and photos abertis investment was evaluated and a business plan drawn up, “we made a number of Last September, a team of people scale normally requires at least four”. For- assumptions and evaluated possible future from different areas, nationalities tunately, says Luis Palazzi, metropistas scenarios to try to model the behaviour of and professional disciplines from abertis operations manager, “in this short period of the company”, explains Luis Palazzi. How- crossed the pond to carry out a new project time we managed to create an excellent ever, at the beginning of operations, the in Puerto Rico: the management of the working team”. Xavier Serra, Xavier Trafí, company moved from a “stationary” system PR-22 and PR-5 toll roads via metropistas, José Luis Rodríguez, Patricia García and Juan to a “dynamic” one. It was necessary to carry the consortium led by abertis and the Rodríguez de la Rubia travelled specially out the appropriate actions “to keep the investment fund Goldman Sachs. It has been from Barcelona, and Rodolfo Tagle from company on the desired course”. Using a a “difficult, risky challenge”, admits project Chile. In Puerto Rico, Gonzalo Alcalde, chief commercial aircraft flight as an analogy,“my leader Juan Rodríguez de la Rubia. Especially executive of metropistas; financial director previous functions were focused on identi- because “it was done in two-and-a-half Stefan Sater, and Luis Palazzi were waiting fying new routes and preparing the flight months of work when an initiative on this for them. All of them were coordinated by plan. Now at metropistas, we are in the18 n link abertis n July 2012 July 2012 n link abertis n 19
  • 11. solve problems and implement a new organ- doors of my office are always open to eve-isation has demanded “a fluidity in inter- the opportunity for ryone. In every conversation I have with my in these six monthspersonal relations and intense communica- working team, I try to clearly express our creating, structuring they have managedtion with the whole team, which has gener- objectives,” says Luis Palazzi. Once the objec-ated an excellent working climate”. Accord- and developing a new tives and available resources have been to create a workinging to metropistas’ chief executive, as the company has been defined, the operations manager expects team outstandingmanager responsible for a concession toll a unique experience that “every team member will have the for its “commitmentroad “although the definition of tasks and necessary confidence to make the right deci- for the whole team and dedication”duties can be similar, the context is very sions and carry out the actions which, indifferent”. Essentially, in Spain, the job was their own judgment, are necessary tomuch more structured and formally organ- achieve the goals we have set”.ised, as it was a question of providing con- In these six months they have managedtinuity and improving the efficiency of a the Administration should also once again to create a working team which is outstand- negotiation process for the managementconsolidated business”. be highlighted, generating “the necessary ing for its “commitment and dedication”, of the PR22 and PR5 toll roads, the challenge At metropistas, by contrast, they are climate of trust and dialogue” in what, to as well as establishing alliances with local now is “to make what we put into our busi-creating this structure and generating the date, is a new type of business for the Puerto suppliers, creating a small ecosystem of ness plan actually happen, keeping theorganisation of a company that did not exist Rico Roads Authority. companies sharing the same objective.With promise we made to our shareholders. It’sjust over a year ago. It is therefore a question everyone’s effort, they have won the trust a question of putting theory into practice”.of carrying out management and team Commitment and dedication of the Administration and of customers, whocoordination functions but at two very dif- The opportunity for creating, structuring “positively value our achievements but also Adaptation to a new environmentferent phases in the life of a company. The and developing a new company has been a expect much more of us”, recalls Luis Palazzi. After the first few start-up months for theimportance in this case of relationships with unique experience for the whole team. “The project, the Puerto Rico team agrees on Coordination with all the agents evaluating this initial stage as “very positive” The management team maintains close in both the professional and personal collaboration and dialogue to coordinate spheres. In the employment sphere, the the issues which are analysed and presented highlight is the opportunity to contribute to shareholders, as well as those dealt with the experience acquired in the last few years at the periodic meetings with the adminis- at abertis to a newly created project and tration granting the concession. As Xavier the accelerated professional development Serra explains, “cooperation with all col- involved in a project of these characteristics. leagues is direct and very fluid”. They are a For Xavier Serra, the personal sphere small team of 60 people in charge of laying is “the most important commitment, which 3 the basis of all the organisational areas of is always given a great deal of respect —3— a new company, with very aggressive com- and must be analysed at family level”. In Stefan Sater, Gonzalo mitments to carry out projects and very his particular case, he considers that knowl- Alcalde and Luis Palazzi high levels of demands for economic/oper- edge of a new culture, learning English at the celebration of the opening of the project. ational efficiency “which requires having a as a third language and the experience they —4— motivated, cooperative, professional, expe- will have will be a very valuable asset to Road vehicles rienced team”. him and his family. They also recognise that at metropistas’ facilities. According to Luis Palazzi, who took an the cooperation of the transition team 1 active part in preparing the bid and in the and the final visit of four managers from abertis has facilitated the new team’s —1— 2 4 Stefan Sater, finance understanding of management and the joint director of metropistas. adaptation of families to a new, unknown —2— environment. Luis Palazzi, operations director of metropistas. Even in the personal sphere, Gonzalo Alcalde agrees with Xavier Serra that it is his first international experience (together with his whole family) which means “a cultural change, adaptation to a new situation in a different country, etc. However, I must say that the summary of these six months could not be more positive, both for me and for the rest of my family”. For Luis Palazzi, “each change is an oppor- tunity for new experiences. Also, with each change we learn to value what we have. It is a mixture of melancholy for what we are leaving behind and excitement about what we are starting to discover”. n20 n link abertis n July 2012 July 2012 n link abertis n 21
  • 12. interviewGovernor of Puerto RicoLuis Fortuño“Our public-private allianceinitiative is a broad one”The governor of Puerto Rico says “there will be many opportunities and projects in thecoming months and years” and is committed to attracting private investment in itsinfrastructures so more of the State budget can be devoted to other priority areasText abertis | photos David Campos Last October abertis announced a so we can devote more of it to other areas Profile new contract, together with the Gold- that our priorities for our citizens, such as Elected governor of Puertoman Sachs, for managing the PR-22 and health, public security and education, for Rico on 4 November 2008PR-5 toll roads in Puerto Rico. We spoke to example. We are not unique in the world in with the largest numberthe Governor of this free state associated this. On the contrary, every day we see how of votes ever.with the United States, Luís Fortuño, who more and more states and countries areoffered us his point of view on the sector encouraging private investment in infra- He studied baccalaureate at the University of Georgetownafter the business alliance. structures and other areas of management (Washington DC) and law at previously considered exclusive to the State the University of Virginia,n n nHow do you assess the fact that Spanish so they can reorganise budget allocations where he graduated in 1985.companies like abertisare committed under the demands that the world economicto investing in infrastructures in your crisis has imposed on us. This is a subject In 1994 he became firstcountry? that the president, Salvador Alemany, quite secretary of the Department of Economic Development andWell, we consider it vitally important, for rightly dealt with in the editorial of the Trade. The previous year hemany reasons. Firstly, the mere fact that we November edition of link abertis. had been executive directorare managing to attract private investment Secondly, beyond the positive financial of the Puerto Rico Tourismin our infrastructures is fundamental, as it and budgetary impact, this kind of invest- Company.allows us to relieve a considerable amount ment always results in better quality, both He then practised as aof pressure on the consolidated State budget of the physical asset of the infrastructure lawyer until 2004, when itself and the service offered to users. Even he was elected resident if the State budget was not a limiting factor, commissioner. During the the fact is that the private sector has shown following four years he itself to be a better manager of important consolidated his position as We have significantly infrastructures and facilities than the gov- Puerto Rico’s most productive improved on matters ernment itself. At least, that has been our representative in Washington, experience, not only in the case of other achieving the best results. of transparency and road infrastructures, such as the Teodoro openness towards Moscoso Bridge, for example, but also in the markets to recover case of facilities such as our Puerto Rico and maintain credibility Coliseum or our Convention Centre. And and access to them” this is notable above all in the issue of main-22 n LINK abertis n july 2012
  • 13. Our economic recovery Finally, the fact that our public-private construction and concession of the Teodoro An investment made will be moderate and alliance initiative should have attracted Moscoso Bridge, initially to a consortium in Puerto Rico enjoys the attention and whetted the appetite between a local company and a Spanish gradual, but there is exactly the same for investment of Spanish companies like one, a forerunner of abertis. Eventually it no doubt we have got abertis is more than welcome, although, was acquired by abertis, which has been protection as one Puerto Rico on the of course, we will welcome investment managing it for many years, And the truth made anywhere right track again” capital from other countries too. In the case is that it has been an extraordinarily positive in the United States” of Spain, of course, the links are natural ones, experience. We are confident that this will firstly because they are historical… it must be what we see in the case of the PR-22 and not be forgotten that some of the most PR-5 concession. impressive infrastructures Puerto Rico has, n n ntenance – the government is less effective such as our walls and fortresses, were devel- After the agreement between the n n nthan the private sector when it comes to oped by the Spanish Crown in the 16th and metropistas concession holder and In what sense do you think users andrigorously carrying out a maintenance plan 17th centuries, and, although they no longer the government of Puerto Rico for the customers have noticed the manage-to ensure the long-term quality of the infra- play the military role for which they were management of these toll roads, do ment of the PR-22 and PR-5 toll roadsstructure. designed, there is no doubt that they are you think abertis can become an out- by the metropistas private consortium? Thirdly, this type of private investment still very important tourist attractions for standing partner for developing more It is not yet a year since the concession wasin our infrastructures promotes technology our visitors, as can be seen in the most recent public-private projects? granted and metropistas started manag-transfer, management expertise and practi- volume of Viator V, which abertis was kind Well, I hope so. But, of course, that will also ing the PR-22 and the PR-5. Of course, therecal improvements in a vitally important enough to devote to Puerto Rico. depend on abertis and its interest in taking is a lot to do and it will take time to get themsector for our economic development. A Secondly, and more seriously, because, part in future tender processes for public- both to the standard established in the con-worldwide quality operator, like abertis, for aside from the historical ones, our links private projects which we have on the cession contract, but the difference is alreadyexample, brings with it technologies, sys- with Spain are always present, vital and very agenda. Our public-private alliance initiative noticeable. Firstly in the most basic aspectstems, management models and practical real, as exemplified by the presence on is a very broad, and we are moving forward of road safety, which the consortium hasimprovements from which we can learn, our island of two of the biggest banking with it very aggressively, so there will be established as a first priority, such replacingapplying them on other toll roads operated groups in Spain, insurance and telecom- many opportunities and many projects over fences and repairing lights, for our Highways and Transport Authority. munications companies, commercial the next few months and years. Of course Secondly, the look of the roads and landscap-Ultimately, the benefits of private invest- companies and so on. these will be studied, evaluated and put out ing have improved a great deal along thement in a particular infrastructure should And, thirdly, of course, because we now to tender in the same competitive, transpar- routes. And, thirdly and most importantly,not be limited to the improvement of that have many years of previous experience of ent way as we have just put the PR-22 and the roadside assistance service hasinfrastructure. Instead they should have a investment by Spanish companies in our PR-5 out to tender, so any other interested impressed everyone, because we did notpositive impact on the others. infrastructures, such as the development, consortium will have the same opportunity. have anything like that on Puerto Rico. That fact that a few minutes after breaking down on the road someone comes to provide you with help is a difference that has been noted immediately and users have publicly said it is something they value. n n n What economic advantages do you But there is no doubt that, to date, the expe- In the first phase, of course, we already believe are offered by the annexation rience with abertis over the Teodoro Mos- have the concession of existing road and of Puerto Rico as another state of the coso Bridge and with metropistas over the transport infrastructures, such as the PR-22 United States? recent PR-22 and PR-5 concession has been and PR-5 toll motorways already awarded For us, the issue of the incorporation of very positive. to metropistas, and our main airport, Puerto Rico into the Union as a federated n n n whose transaction will be completed over state with full rights is not largely a matter What does Puerto Rico public-private the next few months. But in this first phase of economic advantages but rather the vin- alliance programme consist of? we also include social infrastructure projects, dication of our civil and citizenship rights, Our public-private alliance initiative is very such as the modernisation and/or new con- although, of course we recognise that state- broad and has already had extraordinary struction of 103 schools for the 21st century hood will also bring huge economic benefits successes. In the first year of our manage- – at least one in each municipality on the for Puerto Rico and its people. Puerto Ricans ment(2009) we set ourselves the task of island – and the construction of a new cor- have been American citizens by birth since drawing up the necessary legislation. We rectional institution for our juvenile criminal 1917 but, after almost a century of this studied legislation in force in other States population. citizenship, we still do not have the full rights and countries and I have to say that we Among the projects we have now iden- of American citizens. For example, we can- adopted what many now consider to be the tified for future public-private alliances are not take part in the election of the President best model for public-private alliance leg- the construction of the extension of the PR-22 who, apart from anything else, as Com- islation in the whole of the United States, from Hatillo to Mayagüez, a sea transport mander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, has and probably one of the best in the world. project between the island of Puerto Rico and the power to send our children to war. We We identified a long list of projects and the island/municipalities of Vieques and Cul- do not have full representation in the United established priorities in phases. ebra, energy projects and many others. States Congress – we have just one repre- July 2012 n LINK abertis n 25
  • 14. Abertis’ possible condition official, as the economy of Puerto ings agencies for a little time so we could future interest in Rico is already an integral part of the design and implement an emergency fiscal nation’s economy. Our monetary, banking plan. And I pledged to sort out the disaster other public-private we had inherited. We knew we did not have and financial system is an integral part alliances we are of the Federal Reserve system in all respects. much time, so, in record time, we designed soon going to put Puerto Rico is an integral part of the Cus- and implemented a plan to reduce spending, out to tender toms territory of the United States. Our increase income and put into practice urgent would serve as a legal system is fully integrated into measures to stimulate our economy. natural gateway the federal system in such a way that all Three and a half years later, I am proud protections and safeguards resulting from to recognise that we have achieved extraor- to the rest of the dinary progress. Our fiscal and economic the application of the Constitution of United States market” the United States apply equally in Puerto policy has worked and remains in force... Rico. To summarise, an investment made and it will remain in force precisely because in Puerto Rico enjoys exactly the same pro- it has worked. tection as that enjoyed by an investment In this short period of time we havesentative without a vote in the House of made in any part of the United States. How- managed to reduce the deficit by 90%, fromRepresentatives and no representative in ever, many people do not know this, and 3,300 million dollars to barely 333 millionthe Senate, instead of two Senators with the there is no doubt that the procedure for – or 3.8% of income – in the budget we haveright to speak and vote, like all States and attracting investment capital to the island just submitted to the legislature for thefive or six representatives with the right to is a difficult one because many people financial year beginning on 1 July... the low-speak and vote in the House, which would do not recognise Puerto Rico as an integral est budget deficit we have had since the proportional representation corre- part of the United States, simply because it And, with God’s help, we will entirely elim-sponding to us in accordance with our is not a state. inate this deficit in the budget we hope topopulation. In addition, the federal govern- In economic terms, as with upholding submit for the financial year beginning onment is not obliged to treat Puerto Rico our civil and citizenship rights, inequality 1 July 2013.equally when it comes to budget allocations has a price. And, in economic terms, the In fact, in the last four budget cycles,for social provisions, for example, and in fact highest price is the disadvantage we have, we have managed to reduce spending byit does not do so, partly precisely because lacking all the tools the other states of the 17% and increase income by 14%. And, inwe lack the political power to uphold our nation have when it comes to competing the process, we have achieved our projec-rights. in an increasingly demanding globalised tions for income and spending practically This inequality is not because we economy. to the cent in each of these four budgets,are Puerto Ricans but because we live in n n n something which has not been seen inPuerto Rican territory. In fact, when a Puerto For the first time in four years, Puerto Puerto Rico since 2000.Rican moves to Florida or Georgia, there Rico’s GDP has grown again. From your As you can see, this is an important revised the projected growth of our Gross represent for economies in the American Our public-privatehe acquires all the full rights that the citi- post as governor, what fiscal measures achievement when we compare ourselves Domestic Product for the financial year end- hemisphere which could suddenly representzens of these states have, because he now have you taken to provide a response with other jurisdictions in the nation, where alliance initiative ing on 30 June to a modest but encouraging more attractive investment opportunitieslives in a state. And if a citizen living in to the public deficit? we see states adjusting their income projec- is very broad and 0.9%, the first time our economy will have for European companies than Europe itself.Florida or Georgia moves to Puerto Rico, he When we took office in January 2009, tions during the course of the financial year has already been grown since the start of the recession which, This is an issue on which I spoke to theloses his right to vote for the President and we faced a really abysmal financial situ- – something we have not had to do even extraordinarily in our case, began in 2006. And the com- chief executive, Francisco Reynés, on histo have full representation in Congress, for ation, much worse than we had been led once since we took office in 2009 – not to successful” mittee’s projection for the 2013 financial most recent visit to Puerto Rico last month.example. So, the inequality comes from our to believe in the handover process. mention what we are seeing in some Euro- year is that we will have growth of 1.1% He himself told me how the situation ofcondition as a territory, not from our origin We faced a budget deficit of 3,300 mil- pean countries. which, although still moderate, will be the some economies in Europe was makingor the citizenship we enjoy. Because of this, lion dollars – equivalent to 44% of income, In the process we have improved sig- most robust we will have had in eight years. abertis’s commitment to economies onwe are convinced that the way of eliminat- proportionally the worst deficit of any juris- nificantly in terms of transparency and Ultimately, our recovery will be moder- this side of the Atlantic more attractive –ing this inequality and fully vindicating diction in the United States, including 960 openness towards markets in order to and 30%.And, by 2014, we will have reduced ate and gradual, but there is no doubt we you only have to look at the significantour citizenship rights is to leave behind million in bounced cheques and another recover and maintain credibility and access the highest rate to 25%. have got Puerto Rico back on the right track. inroads the company is making in Brazil, forthis condition of territory and achieve the 1,000 million in bills to be paid. In fact, when to them. This has allowed us to refinance The result of all this has been positive. n n n example – without this meaning it ceasesadmission of Puerto Rico as a federated we came in we did not even have funds our debt and even access the market to raise Our economy is already giving clear indica- How is the Spanish (European) eco- to be a vital company in the Europeanstate with full rights. available to pay the first month’s salary for new money to invest in infrastructure and tions of real recovery. In the past 12 to 18 nomic situation seen in Puerto Rico sphere. And, in this sense, we agreed that Having said that, there is no doubt that public employees, which, by the way, were to stimulate our economy. months we have seen how the main indica- and how do you think it could affect the bridgehead abertis has established inPuerto Rico will achieve huge economic salaries that had been inflated by 57% in Apart from the public-private alliances tors, such as sales in shops, car sales, property companies, like abertis, which are Puerto Rico, not only with the Teodorobenefits when we achieve this full incorpo- the previous eight years. initiative we have already discussed, we have and cement sales, among others, are all going committed to diversification and in- Moscoso Bridge and its holding in theration as a state of the Union. And these In short, we were on the verge of bank- implemented the most far-reaching fiscal up. For the first time in 69 months, the Coin- ternationalisation? metropistas consortium that managesbenefits go much further than achieving ruptcy and the credit rating agencies were or tax reform in our history.We have already cident Index of Economic Activity published Well, firstly, with concern, as there is no the PR-22 and the PR-5, but also withequality with the other states in terms on the point of downgrading the classifica- reduced income tax for individuals by 25% by our National Public Works Bank turned doubt that if the European economy falls abertis’s possible future interest in otherof federal budgetary allocation for social tion of our general bonds to below “invest- and we will have reduced it by half by 2016. positive in December 2011 and has main- into deep recession this must affect the public-private alliances which we will soonprovisions, including health and education, ment grade”. We have already reduced the highest rate tained this growth pattern ever since. economy of the United States and, by exten- be putting out to tender, will serve as aalthough this issue is very important for So, even before taking on the role of of company tax from 41% to 30% and we And, only last month, our Planning sion, our economy. And that would not be natural gateway to the market of the resta large proportion of our citizens. It is a governor, I had to go to New York with our have simplified the previous 7-scale system Committee, which has primary responsibil- good news for anyone. Meanwhile, we are of the United States, which of course fillsmatter of making a practical and very real economic and financial team to ask the rat- to just 3, with maximum rates of 20%, 25% ity for drawing up our economic projections, aware of the opportunity this situation could us with great enthusiasm. n26 n LINK abertis n July 2012 July 2012 n LINK abertis n 27
  • 15. rothan airdiasol sébastien hanssens travel 2 yves noto-campanella 1 3Strasbourg flourish and forge its own character, always deep roots. To find out for yourself the way — 1 — The Quai des Ponts-Couverts is one of the four bridges over the channel straddling the Rhine. this genuine character has been perpetuated, of the River Ill. Its strategic location on the banks of the Grande-Île continues to be the perfect — 2 — Life bustles in the historic centre. the river – one of the main communication location: the old city, a unique example of — 3 — Trams cover a large part of Strasbourg city centre. arteries in Europe – soon made it rich and the Rhine regional architecture of the 15th gave it unusual autonomy as a free city of and 16th centuries, is an island bounded by logical Museum, with one of the most the German Holy Roman Empire. The city the River Ill and the Faux Rempart canal, famous collections in France. enjoyed a cultural boom in the 16th century, declared to be a Unesco World Heritage Site. Nor does it lack delicious parks – theEurope’s km 0 The pendulum of history has played capriciously with Strasbourg, so that, at each oscillation, each swing, the capital making it one of the great focuses of human- ism and reform. This was aided by printing, an invention conceived by Gutenberg dur- In Strasbourg, a culture-loving city, there is no shortage of magnificent muse- ums to enliven your visit, such as the three Botanic Garden and the Orangerie Park are irresistible – open spaces for relaxing before dipping into the selection of local flavours, of Alsace put on new clothes, making it a ing his stay in Strasbourg. in the Rohan Palace, a wonderful building because the inexhaustible range of Stras-Christened by the Franks the “city of roads”, vital city, with character and, in a way, dif- constructed from plans by Robert de Cotte, bourg cuisine is astonishing. The winstubsthe capital of Alsace is still a crossroads of routes, ferent from other French cities. Founded in Desire to be a ‘bon vivant’ one of the architects of Versailles, which – typical local taverns which are the best 12 BC by the Romans as a military camp A lot has changed since then, or perhaps owes its name to the dynasty of Prince- backdrop for sampling Alsatian cuisine – takeideas and people. With a character as German as under the name Argentoratum –Dôme and not. Because the place that initially played Bishops who succeeded one another until on the task of projecting this taste for theit is French, its rich cultural legacy, its delicious cuisine Juifs streets are the imitation of its two main host to EU institutions like the European 1789. The palace houses the Museum of good life via the palate.A mixture of Germanand its historic centre, Grande-Île, its attractions thoroughfares–, it was in the 5th century Parliament, the Council of Europe and the Decorative Arts, the Museum of Fine Arts solidity and Gallic refinement, this boastsmore than justify a short break when, now in the hands of the Franks, the European Court of Human Rights, far from – a vast collection of European painting delicacies like choucroute, baeckeoffe, tarte fortified town of Stratisburgum (“the city being a grey megacity taken over by euro- including works by Botticelli, Rafael, Delac- flambée and, of course, beer and the famousText David Revelles | photos Office de Tourisme de Strasbourg ( on the route” or “of the roads”) began to crats, continues to preserve its charm and roix, Goya and Rubens – and the Archaeo- Alsatian white wines.28 n link abertis n July 2012 July 2012 n link abertis n 29
  • 16. Connection the countless visitors who come to this defined by Victor Hugo as a “prodigy of Night-time view of the Gothic Notre-Dame Paris-Strasbourg 15th-century house, for centuries the resi- greatness and delicacy”. He was not exag- cathedral, whose 142-metre spire exerts a powerful magnetism. The A4 toll road, managed by dence of rich local merchants. gerating one little bit. The façade of the the sanef, concession holder, a A real treasure can be found at the church, a book in stone conquered by hun- subsidiary of abertis, is the south-western end of Grande Île: the Petite dreds of sculptures, has an astonishing route linking the French capital France district, Full of willows and wooden- wealth of decoration. with Strasbourg. The toll road beamed 16th- and 17th- century houses It is worth approaching its façade at sanef has built is the result of with great inclined roofs and large internal different times of day to contemplate the the dedication and work of the courtyards, where once tanners, fishermen shades of light sliding over the rosy sand- different teams making up the and millers worked, today it is one of the stone of the church.What an imposing spire French group. Over the last few years, works have been carried most picturesque corners of the city. Wan- it has! At 142 metres high, its imposing spire out to improve journeys and dering along its alleyways leaves you with is a portentous pinnacle which made the facilitate user movements. They an utterly heady feeling and is the best cathedral the tallest building in Christendom include the new Reims southern preparation for enjoying the nearby Ponts until the 19th century. Considered one of ring road, one of the biggest Couverts. Although their roofs were lost in the culminations of Gothic – its first stone works, consisting of a the 18th century, their name has prevailed, was laid in 1015 and the spire finished in 14-kilometre stretch opened at along with the timeless mark of the four 1439 – after a visit its stained glass windows the end of 2010, which has made rothan Airdiasol 14th-century towers guarding them. After from the 12th to the 14th centuries and its it possible to decongest the Strasbourg was incorporated into France in rose window, are among the indelible View of the official metropolitan area of the city. headquarters of the 1681, Vauban, Louis XIV’s most famous images. These also include its Renaissance sanef is currently carrying out European Parliament. military engineer, built a new ring of astronomical clock, the virtuoso work of other improvement works defences. It was not the Marquis’s only work mathematicians, clockmakers and artists. on the A4, such as the noise protection screen in the One city, twin souls a metaphor of its duality, is the ambivalent in Strasbourg. Evidence of this is the Vauban Every day, at 12:30 with Germanic punctu- Hombourg Haut region on a It was at the end of the 17th century when nomenclature of the Avenue Général de Dam or Great Weir, built in 1690 according ality, its automata mark the passing of time stretch with very dense traffic the definition of the city’s character under- Gaulle: over the last two centuries this main to the engineer’s plans. before the astonished gaze of visitors And, between Paris and Strasbourg. went a considerable upheaval: the French street of the city has borne the names of However, if there is a magnetic spot in after climbing the 332 steps of the spiral The works, forming part of the made it theirs from 1681 until the 1870s, Napoleon, the Kaiser, the French Republic Strasbourg – the spiritual and heritage epi- staircase leading to the cathedral roof, they Paquet Vert project the which not only brought a political change and Adolf Hitler. centre of the city – it is the Gothic cathedral. discover the final face of Strasbourg: The concession holder has to the city but also an aesthetic one. Heirs However, we should make no mistake. Sooner or later, whether you know the city city – a blend of times, a crossroads – is geneviève engel established with the French to this Parisian influence are many of the Strasbourg is much more than a blend of or whether it is the first time you have been spread out below. Meanwhile, on the horizon, government, will end in buildings populating the modern Place Bro- German and French elements or a capricious there, a walk through Grande-Île irredeem- above the roofs, you can make out the Vos- December. glie and Rue Brûlée: the Hôtel Klinglin and mixture resulting from the vicissitudes of ably leads to the Gothic vector of the city, ges and German Black Forest. n Hôtel Hanau-Lichtenberg (now the City history; in fact, Strasbourg is that rare bird Hall), the Hôtel des Deux-Ponts (current a clearly Alsatian city: independent for cen- headquarters of the military governor)… turies and somewhat disobedient towards hotel since 1528 – initially accommodation. You can the cuisine that chef Eric The tide changed when the Prussians took Parisian centralism – the Alsatian dialect, known as Zum Rappen – also enjoy its restaurant, Westermann projects from control of the city between 1871 and the Elsässisch, is a language very much alive personalities as famous as Le Jardin du Tivoli. his kitchen, continually end of the First World War, a period which here – and with its local essence close to the Holy Roman Emperor approaching the Alsatian saw a considerable expansion of the city to the surface. Visitor’s Joseph II, and the Prussian Where to eat tradition from a modern the north and east and architecture repre- guide King Frederick the Great Restaurant Au Crocodile point of view. senting the historical eclecticism of the end Grande-Île, an insular treasure have stayed in its rooms. (10, rue de l’Outre, Tel. 03 88 Restaurant Maison of the 19th century. From this period, in the Submerging yourself in the life and times Where to sleep Hôtel Régent Contades 32 13 02, Kammerzell (16, place de German district of Strasbourg, the monu- of Strasbourg is easy: you just have to wan- Hôtel Régent Petite France (8, avenue de la Liberté, com). With a Michelin star la Cathédrale, Tel. 03 88 32 mental Place de la République, buildings like der through Grande-Île. Surrounded by the (5 rue des Moulins, Tel. 03 88 Tel. 03 88 15 05 05, since 2010, it is undoubtedly 42 14, the Palais du Rhin, the Library, the University waters of the River Ill, this little island con- 76 43 43, www.regent-petite- one of the city’s culinary While and churches like those of Saint-Paul and centrates the entire existential heart of Set in the centre The 47 large rooms and references, a leading the Kammerzell House is, Saint-Maurice are not to be missed. How- Strasbourg. Because of this no one should of the city, the building which suites of this four-star hotel attraction for any gourmet in itself, a treasure and ever, for unique treasures, there is nothing be surprised that, in 1988, the whole of the housed a 17th-century mill ensure a refined stay in the worth his salt. There are a symbol of Strasbourg like the beautiful façade of the Egyptian Grande-Île was declared a World Heritage is now a luxury hotel, with capital. An added attraction a thousand reasons for since 1427, the restaurant House (1905), a modernist fancy in Rue du Site by Unesco. The reason: In this peaceful 72 magnificent bedrooms. is its setting, a few steps this, but one above all: it houses is no less Général Rapp. oasis in the middle of the big city, the heart Hôtel Cour du Corbeau from the Cathedral, with savouring the suggestions impressive. During the Second World War the city of the Middle Ages continues to beat, both (6-8 rue des Couples, the banks of the Ill a of Philippe Bohrer, Restaurant L’Alsace à Table became German once again, under Nazi in its wooden-beamed houses and in the Tel. 03 90 00 26 26, stone’s throw away. its chef, one of the most (8, rue des Francs- control. Modern Strasbourg became French twenty odd bridges linking the island with ). Hôtel Hilton Strasbourg highly regarded in France. Bourgeiois, Tel. 03 88 32 50 once again just over 60 years ago, but Ger- both banks of the Ill. It is one of the most (1, avenue Herrenschmidt, Restaurant Le Buerehiesel 62, many is just a few kilometres away on the One of the essential icons of Grande-Île attractive hotels in the city. Tel. 03 88 37 10 10, (4, Parc de l’Orangerie, Lovers of fresh fish other side of the Rhine. Perhaps the clearest is undoubtedly the Kammerzell House. To stay in one of its 57 www.strasbourg.hilton. Tel. 03 88 45 56 65, and seafood must not expression of Strasbourg’s twin souls, not Standing next to the city’s Tourist Office, bedrooms is to travel back in com). Located opposite the miss this, one of the most Link counting the Alsatian dish choucroute gar- the carved filigree on the wooden beams time to the Strasbourg of the convention centre, it is one Generous, original, famous brasseries de nie and its German counterpart sauerkraut, on this house, dating from 1589, astonishes 16th century. Opened as a of the city’s icons in terms of passionate... this is la mer in the city.30 n link abertis n July 2012 July 2012 n link abertis n 31
  • 17. reportTelecommunications The company is alsoSmartZone, participating in the European i-CITY project, which will develop pilota test bench ‘Smart Cities’ projects in Barcelona, London,for smart cities Genoa and Bolognaabertis presents SmartZone, the first small-scale intelligent city All the information received is processedproject of its kind in Spain. An environment open to the smart uniformly thanks to an urban services man-cities user and developer community agement platform (Urban Platform) prepar-Text and photos abertis ing the information to be displayed in AIRS, a technological solution developed by the operator making it possible to bring together At the recent World Smart Cities Con- city including the systems and infrastructures the languages used in the different smart zone gress in Barcelona, abertis presented necessary to reproduce a smart city with technologies in order to process the data col-the first smart zone established in Spain, a test various services offered in the municipal lected and trigger the necessary actions. The —1—bench in which local administrations and sphere. Device installed Management Room carries out continualcompanies in the sector can evaluate and share The relevant data are collected using in the SmartZone monitoring of its actions to their conclusion,applications and systems linked to the man- light, humidity, temperature, parking and of abertis’ analysing the workload of the different fleets headquartersagement of smart cities in a physical space environmental pollution sensors and video in Barcelona. (security bodies, municipal services) andemulating a micro-city. management cameras and they are trans- —2— response times, or aiming to improve service Along these lines, abertis still has ported usingWi-Fi MESH,WIMAX,TETRA and Control Room provision. of the abertisdeployed around its company headquarters GPRS communication networks to the Man- telecom The SmartZone covers manufacturersin Barcelona the first small-scale intelligent agement Room at abertis’s headquarters. SmartZone. and developers in order to test equipment, developing applications and technologies to create solutions promoting integrated man- 1 agement of the city. abertis at Smart City Expo The Smart City Expo World Congress brought together national and international experts working in the technological innova- tion sector to develop solutions aimed at configuring intelligent cities, an area where it is already present in different projects, such as the European i-CITY programme promot- ing pilot smart city projects in Barcelona and other European capitals. In this context, the managing director of abertis telecom,Tobías Martínez, referred to smart cities as “an idea that promises to be extremely revolutionary in the ways in which the public and businesses interact with the city and vice versa”. Tobías Martínez pointed out that, in the current economic context “city management is required focus- ing on achieving better levels of efficiency 2 and quality, with innovation as the new core32 n link abertis n July 2012 July 2012 n Link abertis n 33
  • 18. abertis in theAbertis is already smart city universedeveloping various abertis’s Telecommunications‘Smart Cities’ business unit has a long track record in developing applicationsprojects in cities like in the area of intelligent cities,Barcelona and Lleida. taking the form of collaboration with municipal publicSant Cugat (barcelona) administrations. Along these lines,and Torrent (Valencia) it is present in different projects, such as the Barcelona Intelligent City Project, in which an intelligent platform has been developed collecting the data from sensorsof all activities”. He also recalled that “at installed in the Barcelona 22@abertis we are committed to active par- district, or the deployment ofticipation and taking part in this change, and a Wi-Fi network in the centralwe will be delighted to continue talking to and tourist areas of the city.those who also decide to be smart”. Through its telecommunications division, abertis is also carrying outThe i-CITY project current projects with local councilsThe i-CITY project is a European ICT R+D at Montornés del Vallès, Lleida andproject supported and financed by the Euro- Sant Cugat (Barcelona) in orderpean Commission according to the ICT to optimise the management ofPolicy Support Programme in the CIP-ICT- services such as lighting, mobilityPSP-2011-5 round of applications. The full and waste collection in the of the project is Linked Open Apps The opening of the first ”intelligent street” comes as part of theEcosystem to open up innovation in smart development of the Sant Cugatcities. abertis is collaborating actively in this agreement. In the Valencia region,project with its research and development the company has worked withteams. the Torrent Town Council Mobility The main aims of this initiative are the Management Office and hasdevelopment of a European smart cities test- also deployed a network of videoing environment in the cities of Barcelona, cameras in L’Alfàs del Pi in orderLondon, Genoa and Bologna, making it pos- to improve traffic managementsible to demonstrate different applications and the connection with differentand services of interest to citizens and pub- municipal centres.lic administrations: what are known as pub-lic services or public interest services. The project will respond to socialdemand via an open infrastructure and opendata access. As part of this initiative, a com- 1mon platform will be designed and a CityOpen Apps Store will be made available for 2 the different users, where services and appli- celona, 20,000 in London, 10,000 in Genoa cations for promoting the development of and 3,000 in Bologna. an open innovation ecosystem will be stored. abertis will coordinate the working The project coordinator is Barcelona package intended to establish the platform City Council (through the Municipal Informa- and carry out the different developments tion Technology Institute – IMI) and the necessary to adapt it to the different char- consortium consists of the Greater London acteristics of each city.The company will also —1— Authority, Genoa City Council, Bologna City coordinate the package of work intended to Panoramic view of the Council, the Open University of Catalonia exploit the results and draw up business sce- abertis telecom stand at the World Smart Cities Foundation, the Private Foundation for the narios and plans for the different models and Congress in Barcelona. Promotion of the Knowledge Society, Fraun- services developed in the project. n —2— hofer, Cisco and abertis telecom. The managing director of abertis telecom, Tobías The project will last three years, with an Martínez, talking with the approximate budget of six million euros and, Prime Minister of Catalonia, during its life, the idea is to carry out different Artur Mas, in the presence Link of the Mayor of Barcelona, pilot projects which could try out more than Xavier Trias. 300 services, involving 15,000 users in Bar- www.abertistelecom.com34 n link abertis n July 2012 July 2012 n Link abertis n 35
  • 19. THE ABERTIS AUTOPISTAS report TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT HAS CREATED A new toll lane acceptingToll roads any kind of cash orThe Technology electronic paymentDepartment has mented with an MPLS data network to pro- vide it with high-availability mechanisms.developed and deployed Intelligent Transport System Among the ITSs, we could highlight the recently deployed sensorisation system based on detecting Bluetooth devices (short-rangea series of services communications technology available on mobile and portable equipment, such as tel- ephones, PDAs, tablets, navigators, hands-freeand innovations for kits, etc.). This system makes it possible to characterise traffic flows for calculating jour- ney times and road service levels (flowing, dense or congested), making it possible toabertis autopistas makes available to its customers the latest services provide information to customers in real time via different channels. The sensors areand systems to improve convenience and safety on their journeys installed in a range of 5-10 kilometres andText and photos abertis identify and advise operations centres about traffic conditions, providing possible traffic abertis make its customers’ journeys New technological features in tolls incident alerts. safer and more convenient. It is The latest technological reading of teletoll devices, abertis autopistas also has a wideresponsible for implementing these solutions features implemented in the vehicle classification (light, range of ITS equipment deployed on the road,in the information, toll, telecommunication, toll system include: heavy, etc.) and reading the such as variable message panels, (497),ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems), tunnels, Lanes accepting registration plates of all traffic closed-circuit television (630), cameras on-safety and electrical infrastructures fields. all kinds of payment. passing under the gateway at board vehicles, traffic counting stations (347),The team, consisting of 44 people, is respon- The Technology Department high speed. This technology weather stations (97) or SOS posts (1504)sible for the different project development has developed a new toll lane is deployed on the boundary allowing operations centres to manage roadphases, from the initial specifications to the accepting any means of between the concession- conditions on toll roads. A considerable vol-point when it comes into service and is trans- payment: cash (coins or notes) holders aumar and acesa ume of this equipment has energy providedferred to maintenance. Part of its activity is and electronic (cards or (km 258 of the AP-7). by renewable systems based on photovoltaicrecognised as R+D+i by the Ministry of Inno- electronic toll). Together with energy. the implementation of this new Number platevation and Science every year. This depart- recognition system (SRM).ment also participates actively, representing type of lane in the different Safety in tunnels concessions, audio and video On all toll lanes entering andthe abertis group in national and interna- leaving the AP-7 and AP-2 and service areas systems are being deployed,tional sectorial associations and forums. toll roads included in the These ITSs are particularly reinforced in the making it possible to remotely Martorell-Sagunto-Alfajarín tunnels on our toll roads as these are ele- deal with and resolve incidentsTelecommunications Systems involving our customers, area a number plate recognition ments that require greater monitoring andabertis has its own high-capacity infrastruc- reducing response time and solution has been deployed. control because of their characteristics.ture and communications network for provid- providing a perceived increase This system makes it possible In addition to the above systems, tunnelsing itself with services of all applications and in service quality. to reinforce the information have energy management systems, lightingbusiness systems, allowing the integration available on our customers’ systems, ventilation, video analysis-based Free-flow gates.of voice, video and data into a single network. routes and is very helpful incident detection, gas detection, fire detec- Free-flow technology allowsThe network also has technological security toll collection through the in resolving incidents. tion and radiocommunication and emergencysystems deployed to provide a response to message dissemination systems inside them.information security requirements and In the same way, abertis has establishedregulations. New toll solution developed by the Technology video surveillance and number plate reading The main communications infrastruc- Department of abertis autopistas adapted systems and service areas to improve cus- to free-flow gate systems, number plateture is based on a network of more than 1,400 recognition, VAO, ECOVIAT, on-line tomer safety and service.kilometres of optical fibre and is comple- validation and EMV, among others. Abertis toll roads has four operations36 n link abertis n July 2012 July 2012 n Link abertis n 37
  • 20. report Toll roads Safe journeys: the highest priority With road safety in mind, abertis is implementing a wide rangeNew technologies appliedto motorways improve customer of measures on its network of toll roads in Spain such as bettersafety and convenience. incident management, awareness raising and innovation Text and photos abertiscentres with the most advanced tools for abertis has also set up the first specific on motorways have controllable energymanaging road conditions on toll roads.These parking service for transport professionals distribution systems using PLC/smart grid On its more than 1,500 kilometres of form of information and awareness-raisingsystems include applications for managing on the AP-7 motorway, called Truck Park, at systems. This technology allows the super- toll roads in Spain, abertis is carrying for abertis, the campaigns in the communication media, inter-and dealing with incidents, systems for man- two service areas: Montseny and Porta Bar- vision and monitoring of different param- out intense activity aimed at continuously nal training actions or active participation by contribution to theaging ITS equipment and fleet management celona.The new facilities have been equipped eters, such as power, consumption and other improving road safety, in accordance with its abertis in sectorial for locating road condition manage- with video surveillance and perimeter secu- electrical variables. values as a service to society and the constant promotion of road As well as all this, abertis is actively par-ment vehicles. rity systems, pedestrian and heavy vehicle This technology makes it possible to improvement of its service to customers.Along safety is one of the ticipating in some innovation projects, some The traffic information systems are con- access control, number plate recognition remotely control and set the energy con- these lines, the company is carrying out differ- fundamental aspects of of them at European level, working with dif-nected with the competent traffic adminis- systems, interphone systems, Wi-Fi service sumption of our facilities from anywhere. ent actions in various spheres constituting the ferent bodies in the road safety field. Among preventive activitytrations (Spanish Directorate General of and television. The renewal of lights and installation of fundamental core areas of abertis’s road safety the highlights is the safeTRIP project, withTraffic, Catalan Traffic Service and Basque electrical regulators are also being carried work. participation in tests of vehicles driving alongGovernment Traffic Department) to exchange Energy distribution systems out to improve the efficiency of the instal- The continuous improvement of the infra- Operations Centres located throughout its a toll road with surveillance and alert systemsdata on traffic conditions and display TV The toll stations and technical installations lation and reduce consumption. n structures managed by the group are translated network makes it possible to carry on increas- to ensure immediate incident detection.cameras. into a high quality of service when travelling ing and improving systems like traffic control on the toll road. For this purpose, the company cameras, variable message panels on toll road The abertis foundation’sCustomer service and information is undertaking fundamental actions such as accesses and specific ones on tunnels making Road Safety Programmeabertis autopistas has designed solutions the improvement of the road surface, improv- it possible to detect and indicate possible inci- In the context of Corporate Social Responsibil-so that toll road customers can easily plan ing the vertical and horizontal sign elements dents. Meanwhile, the availability of teams in ity policy, abertis, through its foundation, istheir journeys, such as the website www. and the installation of new containment and certain special operations and Red Cross assist- promoting a Road Safety Programme,, which offers full information protection elements, such as central reservation ance points in service areas also help contrib- attempting to inform and raise the awarenessin real time and differentiated services for barriers and fences to prevent animals getting ute to improving response to possible incidents. of the population about the traffic and safetythe different types of toll road customers: on to the toll road. For abertis, the contribution to promot- problem. Its aim is to inform the populationindividuals and truck drivers. In addition, the traffic and incident man- ing road safety culture is one of the fundamen- and raise awareness of the need for safe, The aim of launching this website is to agement abertis carries out through its four tal aspects of preventive activity.This takes the responsible mobility. Based on key target audi-offer the best customer service and respond ences, such as young drivers and schoolchil-to their needs by working to achieve maxi- dren, this initiative is intended to reach societymum safety and convenience in journeys on as a whole.The programme takes the form ofthe toll road network. Using a map provided four broad lines of action: road safety, public-by Google Maps, offers infor- ity and awareness raising, search studies andmation in real time about traffic conditions technical journals. nand forecasts, journey times, warnings aboutall incidents occurring on the toll road net-work and service levels on the differentsections of the network. It also makes it pos-sible to display more than 1,000 camerasshowing traffic conditions in real time. Links Customers can now access autopistas. abertis autopistascom from any mobile device and from spe- A special version of the www.autopistas.comcially designed information points installed website allows access to its abertis foundationin service areas. content from a mobile phone. www.fundacionabertis.org38 n link abertis n July 2012 July 2012 n Link abertis n 39
  • 21. reportToll roadsThe AP-7 wideningworks are completedIn order to offer users better service and provide continuous improvement }of its network, abertis autopistas has completed widening work on one ofthe fundamental corridors of the Iberian peninsula: the AP-7 toll roadText and photos abertis 1 abertis autopistas has completed 2 —1— the widening of the AP-7 motorway Widening of the AP-7 toll road to four lanes around Girona.from La Jonquera to Vilaseca-Salou. Begun —2—in 2007, this project has involved the con- Aerial view of the elimination ofstruction of an additional lane for 165 kilo- the Tarragona trunk toll station on the AP-7 toll road.metres, as well as the removal of the Mediter-ráneo, El Vendrell, Tarragona and L’Hospitaletde l’Infant trunk barriers. Thanks to this, it ispossible to drive without stopping from theFrench border to Valencia and Zaragoza. The implementation of this closed tollsystem, set up in April 2011, completed theproject to widen the AP-7 to three lanes (link under way and they are due to be ready dur-from the AP-2 to the AP-7 andVilaseca-Salou, ing the first quarter of 2013. Meanwhile, thewhich also involved remodelling 11 junctions Vilademuls junction will come into operationon the southern AP-7: Martorell, Gelida, Sant in July 2013.Sadurní,Vilafranca Norte,Vilafranca Centro, While this widening work was carriedVilafranca Sur, Altafulla, Tarragona, Reus, out, two lanes remained operational in eachVilaseca-Salou and Cambrils. direction at all times, even on the sections In addition, in the province of Girona, with roadworks. In addition, the widenedworks on the third lane of the AP-7 were stretches have come into service graduallycompleted on 21 June and, the third and in order to minimise the consequences forfourth lanes from Fornells de la Selva to La traffic flow.Jonquera came into service after work on the The set of actions making up the AP-7road surface wearing course. The project to widening project will mean a substantialwiden the AP-7 at Girona is completed with improvement to the strategic Mediterraneanthe construction of three new junctions: For- corridor. abertis is devoting almost 300 mil-nells, Sant Gregori and Vilademuls. Work on lion euros to the AP-7 projects in Girona,the Fornells and Sant Gregori accesses is added to the 200 million euros in investment in Tarragona. The works on the AP-6 move aheadall the works on The AP-6 toll road, the basic communicationthe AP-6 involve corridor between Madrid and north-easternan investment by Spain, has undergone an intensive process of widening and improvement over the last fewabertis toll roads years, with the aim of increasing service qual-of a total of around ity while maintaining the same levels of safety90 million euros and convenience in the infrastructure.40 n link abertis n July 2012 July 2012 n Link abertis n 41
  • 22. More than 17,000 truck drivers use Truck Park Since it was established in July 2011, it has become an essential service very much in demand from transport professionals. The Montseny and Porta Barcelona truck parks have recorded more than 17,000 stays since they opened last July. The occupation level has continued to grow over the last few months 682 and is approaching 30%, which shows that it is While this widening work was a necessary service giving transport carried out, two lanes remained professionals the chance to rest, with operational in each direction on the AP-7 at all times, even on their own safety and the security of the sections with roadworks. their loads ensured, trusted by increasing numbers of customers at national and European level. Among the most outstanding actions schedule and the work is due to be completed Stops at Truck Parks can beAbertis is devoting carried out on the AP-6, we should highlight during the last quarter of 2012. spontaneous, either for a few hours the widening to a third lane in each direction The works to widen the AP-6 toll road to or long stays. To date, overnight staysalmost 300 million between San Rafael and Villacastín (km 60.5 a third lane between San Rafael andVillacastín are the services most demanded.euros to AP-7 projects to 81) and the replacement of the Arenales, are a natural continuation of those carried out abertis autopistas, a pioneer inin Girona added to Sotillo and Lavadero viaducts with newly over the past few years, including the third offering convenient, quality solutions200 million of investment built ones. All the works have involved an Guadarrama tunnel, with widening to four for road journeys, is offering a wide investment by abertis of around 90 million lanes between Villalba and the Valle de los range of tailor-made products toin Tarragona euros. Caídos, and the widening of the San Rafael toll its customers, combining stays The AP-6 widening works are following station, with more automatic, card payment with a range of catering. their course according to the established and Vía-T lanes. Truck Park is the first project of this kind on Spanish toll roads, offering monitored parking for professional drivers and exclusive rest areas with showers, vending, games room, television and rest and laundry zone services, Wi-Fi zone and reserved area in the service area café. n From left to right, Josep Lluís Giménez, managing Safety on roadworks stretches works, such as the signing of works on the director of abertis autopistas; While the works have been carried out on affected stretches; advance information on Carles Jaume, Spanish lanes, the toll roads have been operational the variable message boards on the toll road, the average level of government representative in Girona; Domènech at all times, with the works on the surface with indicators and specific recommenda- occupation of the truck Espadalé, president of Girona Chamber of painstakingly coordinated to affect traffic as tions for affected areas, and reinforced sur- parks over the past few Commerce, and Josep little as possible. In accordance with the veillance from the Operations Centre using month has continued to Armengol, abertis autopistas regulations, roadworks have stopped on pub- closed-circuit television and toll road super- construction manager lic holidays. Along the same lines, abertis vision equipment. In addition, in order to grow and is now approaching at the official presentation of the state of the works on autopistas implements the appropriate guarantee safety for people, the maximum 30%, which shows it is a the AP-7 in Girona in April. safety measures for the stretches with road- speed is limited to 80 km/h. n necessary service42 n link abertis n July 2012 July 2012 n Link abertis n 43
  • 23. reportTelecommunications ciated with implementing their own infra- structure. The solution makes use of theInteractive television close integration of broadcasting and broad- band services with a set of advanced capa- bilities designed to optimise the monetisa- tion of the services, including the subscrip-within reach of everyone tion, transaction and advertising models and micropayments, as well as Hybrid Broad- cast Broadband TV (HbbTV) support. The new service is a key component ofabertis is an active member of the main European bodies involved in the standardisation the European Broadcasting Union’s initiativeof hybrid receivers and it leads various working groups on the issue to offer its members generic applications for deploying HbbTV during the LondonText and photos abertis Olympic Games and Eurovision Festival, events generating audience peaks. n During the most recent Mobile World ance with the NAGRA firm, specialising in operating systems: Android, iOS and Win- components for managing content, meta- ment and advertising management systems, Congress (MWC) held in Barcelona, multi-screen television, and content protec- dows. data and digital rights, while abertis’s tel- together with customer support.abertis demonstrated its OTT (Over The tion solutions to launch a service in the cloud ecommunications unit takes care of opera-Top) multi-screen television solution in the for both pay-per-view and free-to-air tel- What is multi-screen television tions and hosts the platform at its data Benefits for supplierscloud, providing all services necessary for evision service providers. abertis demon- ‘in the cloud’? centres, as well as optimising its networks This solution provides pay-per-view andonline content management, from ingestion strated this new service using a wide variety The cloud-based multi-screen television and transport infrastructure to adapt them free-to-air television service suppliers withand distribution on the support to moneti- of devices: smartphones, tablets, PCs, set- service from abertis telecom and NAGRA to the new service. In addition, the company greater levels of flexibility and new oppor- Linksation solutions. In the event, abertis top-boxes and connected televisions, check- combines both companies’ technology and will take charge of editing and storing con- tunities to generate income, while freeing abertis telecomannounced the creation of a strategic alli- ing the viability of its solution on various experience. NAGRA provides technological tent and will provide its platform and pay- them from the technical complexities asso- interview | Àlex mestre, head of marketing in abertis’ telecommunications unit devices with HbbTV capability abertis has developed a broadcasters, such as TV3, on the market and the cloud content management Telemadrid, IB3, Canal Sur, “Audiovisual consumption in the home is broadcasters will contribute to developing this market platform, which initially includes à la carte video services, catch Televisión de Galicia and Radiotelevisión de Canarias, going beyond the television in the living room” through attractive content using the system’s features. We understand that the up, applications synchronised with TDT and integration with social networks. The and the national channel La Sexta, currently offer an extensive catalogue n n n linking these two worlds in Àlex Mestre role of the broadcaster goes cloud platform we offer to of on-demand content What does the approval of the a new concept of Broadcast- analyses trends beyond a range of attractive broadcasters is profiled as a using abertis’s cloud in the uses of HbbTV standard bring to the Broadband hybrid content, audiovisual content to include à la carte powerful tool for monetising services platform. television scene? in the broadcaster distributing communications television or catch up the HbbTV service, having a abertis’s role as a leader Domestic television content over conventional media. (access to the past week’s wide range of features, including in international forums consumption figures continue TDT channel also offers content). We are working everything from the encryption has facilitated an important to grow, partly due to the specific content for Internet together with the aim of of broadband content to agreement with the European new forms of consumption distribution. The HbbTV creating a business model making it paid-for, user Broadcasting Union (EBU) to of audiovisual content going allows, firstly, standardisation, based on the service. management (CRM), implement a pilot demonstration beyond the television in the providing the broadcaster by pressing the red button Ultimately there will be recommendations and of the applications developed living room. The Internet is with the development of on the television. new television formats targeted advertising. with the HbbTV standard a new source of content but, a single interactive application, n n n which will exploit the possibility Meanwhile, the integration during Eurovision Festival and until now, it has been consumed regardless of the brand of What should be the next of combining linear content of the second screen into the London 2012 Olympic exclusively on computers television receiver. Secondly, steps for broadcasters, with interactive content in a the conventional TDT channel, Games. All the broadcasters and, more recently, tablets. HbbTV means an important despite the crisis scenario? synchronised way. HbbTV offered via the abertis associated with the EBU that Now connected television advantage for viewers, through All agents in the European is the only open standard platform, increases the scope are interested in forming part allows viewers access to the integration of the Internet audiovisual and technology that currently allows this. of the broadcaster’s influence of this pilot project can use Internet content via their into the TDT channel, which, sector are contributing to n n n on the viewer’s environment, the video management cloud television receivers. in domestic terms, is translated the creation of this new What products and solutions maintaining TDT as the platform from abertis with a One of the main contributions into access to Internet contact market. The manufacturers are you offering to this entry point for all the content. fully customisable HbbTV of the HbbTV standard lies in from the TDT channel simply are starting to put connected market segment? Various autonomous community application. n44 n link abertis n July 2012 July 2012 n link abertis n 45
  • 24. Mobile World Congress 2012 news abertis presents its new products for mobile media The company presented multi-screen cloud solutions, connected television and mobile applications aimed at smart cities Text and photos abertis abertis’s telecommunications unit participated in the Mobile World Con- gress (MWC) 2012, which took place in Barce- lona from 27 February to 1 March, for the seventh consecutive year. At this year’s event, held under the slogan Redefining Mobile,, the company deployed the digital network for car- rying out demonstrations of DMB mobile TV, toll roads DAB digital radio and its technological evolution, DAB+.Through these demonstrations, with the collaboration of the British broadcaster the BBC, The service areas on the AP-68 which gave its content to be broadcast live, were able to show the viability of the DAB and and AP-7 toll roads are renovated DMB standards for transmitting digital radio The remodelling of service areas is a step forward and mobile television and their reception on in abertis’ and Áreas desire to adapt service areas mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). During the event, abertis also presented to the needs of different toll road customers its developments aimed at communications 1 Text and photos abertis for security forces and emergency services using mobile devices and carried out demonstrations abertis autopistas awarded Áreas of the platforms it has developed in the smart the concession for the six service areas cities sphere, like the first smart zone in Spain on the AP-68 toll road (Bilbao-Zaragoza), and the Barcelona Intelligent City project. As managed by avasa. These are the Altube, for connected television, abertis demonstrated Logroño, Calahorra, Tudela, Sobradiel and its OTT (over the top) multi-screen cloud tel- Arrigorriaga areas, whose contract will come evision solution, providing all services necessary to an end in 2026. for end-to-end online content management The agreement includes the complete for operators, broadcasters and suppliers. remodelling of the Altube, Logroño, Calahorra, Tudela and Sobradiel service areas in order Multiple device solutions to adapt the current range to the demands abertis carried out the demonstrations using of the different customers. Áreas will make different types of device: smartphones, tablets, a total investment of 7.5 million euros in this PC, set-top-boxes and connected televisions, project. checking the viability of its solution on various operating systems:Android, iOS andWindows. Personalised image 2 Since 2006, abertis’ telecommunications unit The renovation of the areas will be carried has been the MWC’s Official Mobile Television —1— out by placing the focus on personalised serv- Network Provider. Each time, the abertis group Prince Felipe de ice and securing customer loyalty, promoting telecommunications infrastructure operator Borbón on the direct attention and adapting the spaces to abertis telecom stand. has deployed and operated networks using maximise service and sales. The areas will The renovatedAltube (Álava) service areas service area, on the AP-7 on the Barcelona- different technologies, ensuring that the tech- —23— have services such as showers, crèches and have been in operation since May. The new bound side. nical demonstrations taking place during the Many visitors to children’s play areas. They will also have big- establishments measure 2,300 square metres The renovated area has a wider range of the Mobile World event could be carried out. n Congress 2012 ger ranges, with a stronger presence of prod- of constructed area and have a wider range of catering, as it has a Burger King restaurant as showed their interest ucts specifically from the area.The sales area catering. Each area has a La Pausa restaurant well as an Il Caffè di Roma café and a The in the new products will also be expanded. All the areas will have and a The Market shop. The new range is in Market shop. It is the second establishment of abertis telecom. a new, personalised, cared-for image and they addition to the remodelling of the As hotel. set up with this new commercial formula will be operated under different commercial never seen before on Spanish toll roads fol- brands to adapt them better to the demand: The La Selva area on the AP-7 lowing the opening, in May 2011, of the Val- Link The Market, La Pausa, Café Café, Il Caffè di In March, abertis autopistas and Áreas lès service area (Barcelona), where visits have 3 Roma, As Hotel Express and Ars. opened the remodelled La Selva (Girona) doubled since remodelling. n46 n link abertis n July 2012 July 2012 n link abertis n 47
  • 25. TOLL ROADS Toll roads news The new stretch of the sanef installs free-flow A813 at Caen in operation electronic toll in Canada On 6 January, the sapn concession holder, a subsidiary sanef and Egis Projects have signed a contract for operating of the abertis group, opened the A813 toll road the electronic toll at Port Mann bridge in Vancouver, facilitating on the outskirts of this French town the circulation of more than two million inhabitants Text and photos abertis Text anD photos abertis Built in the 1960s, when the popula- An ambitious and innovative scheme set up to deal with the number of requests tion of Vancouver was 800,000, Port The Highway 1 renovation scheme involves to the subscription system. Mann bridge now has to be crossed by building a new bridge with shrouds and 10 In Vancouver, sanef and Egis Projects 800,000 vehicles a week. The bridge, which traffic lanes. It will be equipped with a single have been running the electronic toll system now has five lanes and connects with High- free-flow toll gate covering all the lanes, mak- on the Golden Ears bridge, which was the first way 1, no longer meets the city’s mobility ing it possible to improve the traffic flow. in the region to install tolls, since 2009. “This needs, with traffic congestion on it up to 14 There are two forms of vehicle recognition is the first time a electronic toll system of this hours a day. The Port Mann bridge and High- for collecting tolls: number plate reading using size has been deployed. It will be a reference way 1 renovation scheme has been designed cameras installed on the gate or vehicle rec- for the whole of North America,” announced to reduce this large volume of traffic and ognition using RFID reading (radio frequency Francois Gauthey, managing director of the provide a corridor meeting the needs of 2.2 identification technology). sanef group. “This ambitious scheme is part million inhabitants of the Vancouver metro- of the Group’s general policy and shows politan area, as well as the million additional The sanef-Egis Projects consortium, sanef’s capacity to respond effectively to residents the region is expecting over the at the cutting edge of technology urban traffic problems,” he added. n next 30 years. It is thanks to their recognised experience in The transport infrastructures project, area that the sanef-Egis Projects consortium It is a total of four kilometres long, Less environmental impact The A813 scheme the biggest to date in the region, includes won the contract to operate this toll gate. improves access to connecting the A13 from Banneville- The construction of the A813 includes the Caen and includes doubling the capacity of the bridge and wid- sanef and Egis are equal shareholders in the la-Campagne to the RD 613 at Frénouville, most advanced environmental requirements, the most advanced ening 37 kilometres of the Vancouver to operator Trans-Canada Flow Tolling Inc., Calvados.The A813 improves access to Caen demanded in all big toll road schemes. In the environmental Langley toll road.When it is completed, it will which will run the Port Mann bridge toll for requirements and solves traffic problems on the RD 613, viability studies the fauna and flora invento- for toll roads. make it possible to reduce journey time by a period of 7 to 11 years. taking part of its traffic to the A13. The cost ries carried out in the area allowed sapn to 30%, the equivalent of an hour a day for users. The gate will come into operation in of the works, entirely covered by sapn, is 35 identify the measures to be applied to pre- It will also make it possible to develop new December 2012, when it is expected that Example of free-flow gate that sanef installed in 2008 million euros. serve the environment. transport solutions, such as the future railway 130,000 vehicles will be crossing the bridge on its A1 toll road at The protection of surface and ground- system and a fast bus route on Highway 1. every day. A customer care centre has been Surveillers (Paris). Dialogue, an essential phase water was translated into the production of of the scheme hydraulic studies and a waste treatment basin. Under the proposal to construct the A813, sapn pledged to compensate for the impact sapn held consultation meetings at each of the route of the road on Frénouville res- stage of the scheme to collect opinions, check ervoir. The planning of the area is subject to requests and notify residents of the affected specific work to complete the integration of area.These meetings focused on maintaining the infrastructure into its environment, accesses during the construction phase as through the restoration of hedges and well as workflows, the type of interventions wooded areas. sapn has devoted 8% of the by companies involved in the work on the budget for this job to the environment. n site or in sound and landscape studies. A toll road completed according to the initial plan The A813 toll road consists principally of four About sapn kilometres of road in each direction, a full Founded in 1963, sapn runs 368.5 junction with the A13, the construction of a kilometres of toll roads (A14 - A13 - A29) new roundabout in Frénouville, three works in three regions: Île-de-France, Haute of art, two toll stations, a water treatment and Basse Normandie. sapn is a basin and local planning to preserve the envi- subsidiary of the sanef group, which ronment and respect the residents’ environ- manages a total of 1,757 kilometres ment. All the works were completed within of toll roads in France, of which 18 months. abertis holds 52.5%.48 n link abertis n July 2012 July 2012 n link abertis n 49
  • 26. news airports Telecommunications Agreement with Luton Borough New communication channels Council about the future of the airport on abertis’s social web abertis and the local council reach an agreement The company has opened new lines of communication on the for the future development of London Luton Airport, Internet, with channels on YouTube, Flickr, Slideshare and Twitter with a three-year extension of the concession Text and photos abertis Text and photos abertis abertis has opened new social com- abertis and Luton Borough Council users, as well as employment estimated munication channels on the Internet. have signed an agreement that will at 4,750 jobs. The aim is to move closer to its different allow the concession holder to manage and The increase in the airport’s capacity will audiences and to society in general, offering run the airport, near London, for three more be carried out within the current limits, so more information and taking advantage of the years. abertis, together with Aena, were the existing runway will be used.The planning opportunities of the social networks. In line with awarded the airport in 1998 for 30 years (until application will be presented by LLAOL and abertis’s commitment to information and 2028), a period which is now extended until will be subject to the corresponding consul- transparency, the Group has recently launched 31 March 2031. abertis controls 90% and tation process, including public consultation new communication channels on the so-called Aena 10% of the company managing the by the local planning authorities. social web.The aim is to offer more documentary airport, the fifth biggest in the United King- and audiovisual information, taking advantage dom. It is the base airport for the low-cost Benefits of expansion of the potential for direct communication and airline easyJet and an important operating The future expansion would mean an increase interaction with the public offered by the social base for other airlines. in the airport’s capacity making it possible networks. to cope with between 16.5 and 18 million Integration of both proposals passengers a year. Because of this, it is cal- Videos on YouTube The agreement will guarantee the integration culated that Luton airport will drive the On abertis’s corporate channel on YouTube 1 Virtual view of the main elements of both proposals creation of 440 new direct jobs for every of the future during the design of plans to improve access extra million passengers passing through its appearance to the airport, optimise passengers’ experi- facilities. The airport’s development plans of the London airport managed ences, increase capacity and create the best will generate a forecast volume of 1,750 by the abertis possible value for the business partners and indirect jobs. n group. 2 3 4 ( you can albums. Meanwhile, the abertis channel on —1— find videos available introducing the Group in Slide-share has abertis corporate channel on YouTube. different languages, as well as broadcasts of the many documents, such as annual reports, pres- —2— latest Shareholders’ General Meetings, presen- entations, press packs and leaflets. Space for tations of the annual results and other recordings communications media on Twitter. of interest. Twitter for communications media —3— In addition, in order to give a better service to Slideshare hosts Photos and documents the communications media, abertis has opened abertis documents. —4— on Flickr and Slideshare a specific channel for them on Twitter (@aber- abertis graphic content On the corporate Flickr ( tispress). It is a private channel with exclusive on Flickr. tis) channel, Internet users can also find many access for communications media, promoting pictures relating to the company, its business communication and information flows with Link units and events, organised into galleries and this sector. n YouTube Flickr Slideshare Twitter n link abertis n July 2012 July 2012 n link abertis n 51
  • 27. ABERTIS foundation news The abertis foundation promotes a new road safety project It is a pilot experiment at three schools in Barcelona to improve road safety around the schools while integrating young people with Down’s syndrome and/or mental handicap into work Text and photos abertis foundation The abertis foundation, Barcelona pupils and the adults accompanying them City Council and the Catalan Down’s move correctly and safety, paying attention Syndrome Foundation are promoting the to and respecting traffic signals; whether they Road Cooperation project as a pilot experi- use vehicle safety devices, whether they ment at three schools in the Sarrià-Sant respect other pedestrians, etc. Gervasi district. Six young people with Down’s Every 15 days a team of road safety Syndrome or mental handicap observe the education monitors from the Catalan Down’s behaviour of pedestrians at school arrival and Syndrome Foundation evaluates the data departure times. The initiative seeks to collected by the helpers. The project ends improve road safety near schools and to in June 2012, at the end of the school year. integrate the young people with Down’s A media presentation event is planned to Syndrome into the world of work. provide information about how the project has gone. The cooperation task The chosen helpers form part of the The six road helpers observe and take note Initiation into Work Course of the Catalan of the attitudes and behaviour of pedestrians Down’s Syndrome Foundation and they The abertis at school arrival and departure times. The have employment contracts. They have foundation project behaviour to be observed is concerned with received theoretical and practical training is an attempt to improve road the road safety education the Barcelona City from the Barcelona City Police Force and safety around Police Force gives in schools: whether the the Catalan Down’s Syndrome Foundation. schools. The schools taking part in this initiative Catalan Down’s cultural spheres as well as promoting a broad are Orlandai primary school, the Sagrat Syndrome Foundation Road Safety Programme, including the Cor school and Dolors Monserdà-Santapau The mission of the Catalan Down’s Syndrome encouragement of research, the organisation primary school, together with L’Oreneta Foundation is to improve the quality of of scientific symposiums, road safety educa- nursery. life of people with Down’s syndrome and tion in schools and awareness-raising cam- other mental handicaps, allowing their full paigns. n Cooperation agreement inclusion in society and the achievement of The initiative is the result of a cooperation greater self-determination and welfare. The agreement between the abertis foundation, organisation supports all families, from pre- the Catalan Down’s Syndrome Foundation, natal diagnosis and the birth of the baby to the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi District of Barcelona adulthood. City Council, the Municipal Institute of Education (IMEB) and the Prevention, Safety abertis foundation and Mobility department. The abertis foundation has promoted this project, aware of the priority the Council gives Barcelona City Council to road safety among the school population. Road safety education is one of Barcelona The foundation always seeks the right part- City Council’s priorities and one of the most ners for each project, and always with the important prevention actions carried out support of the public administrations that by the municipal police force in schools in manage road safety policy. the city. This educational commitment The foundation is one of the corporate is reinforced with the creation of school social responsibility responses of abertis, Links routes, helping pupils gain personal autonomy one of the main international mobility and while enjoying the maximum safety of these transport infrastructure management groups. environments. It works in the social, environmental and www.fcsd.org52 n link abertis n July 2012 July 2012 n link abertis n 53
  • 28. abertis foundation news “Spanish companies take sustainability seriously” Ernst Ligteringen, director of the Global Reporting Initiative, explains the importance of firms accepting their social responsibility in times when the crisis invites them to drop their guard in this area Text Albert Rossell | photos Miquel González The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is representatives of the main Spanish companies, an international body developing the NGOs and audit firms. Taking advantage of main world standard for drawing up sustain- this opportunity, we interviewed the director ability reports. It periodically organises consul- of the GRI, Ernst Ligteringen. tation and participation sessions to agree the n n n broad lines of information that businesses must How would you explain the work done take into account when publishing their social by the Global Reporting Initiative? responsibility reports. One of these sessions The GRI develops a common language so we tool place at Castellet castle, the headquarters can all understand one another when we can of the abertis foundation, bringing together talk about businesses’ impact on sustainabil- Ernst Ligteringen believes that “in the near future it will be crucial for companies to be accountable not only for their financial results but also the effects of their actions in society and ity. Sustainability is an increasingly important At the GRI, we do not want to compete with ful focus for financial market users: compa- the environment”. business dimension. In the near future it will anyone, we want to cooperate with everyone nies, investors and analysts. be crucial for companies to be accountable, in constructing this architecture. In fact, the n n n not only for their financial results but also for GRI integrates the regulations developed by How are Spanish companies doing com- the effects their actions have on society and organisations like the Carbon Disclosure Project pared with those from other countries the environment. With the economic crisis, (CDP) concerning emissions or the Organisa- in terms of social responsibility? the public take a different view of corporations tion for Economic Cooperation and Develop- Spain is among the countries in the world and demand that they accept their social ment (OECD) and United Nations Global with the highest index of companies drawing responsibility. Compact on human rights. The GRI is an up sustainability reports.The quality of these n n n umbrella bringing together all these initiatives. reports is also outstanding, because Spanish What value does it have for a company to n n n companies have taken them seriously. How- report according to GRI criteria? Explain what the integrated report is. ever, there are also negative aspects. There If you adopt GRI criteria you are adopting a The integrated report is the next step. are companies that still do not believe it is known language and a common frame of The first sustainability reports began in the necessary to give information about the sus- reference on a worldwide scale. It is the way mid ‘90s and the GRI emerged in 1997. Over tainability dimension and others that just to let others know the criteria, indicators, con- these years a great deal of progress has been want to report on positive issues. I would cepts and principles you use for providing made. However, we think that, for the future, advise all firms to be courageous enough to information.Without this common framework businesses and investors must be able publish and communicate openly about sus- a sustainability report would not be very trans- to connect financial results with the sustain- tainability because it is useful for managing parent.The GRI continues to move forward in ability dimension in an integrated report. corporate reputation and for relationships constructing this language and it is adapting It cannot be right for there to be increasingly with stakeholders. its guidelines to show the existing consensus interesting sustainability reports in parallel The sustainability report must be bal- at all times. To do this, the GRI collects the but without a connection to an annual, anced and give information both about points of view of businesses, NGOs and trade finance-focused report. At the GRI, as mem- good news and critical issues. If this is not unions. Investors, regulators and communica- bers of the International Integrated Report- the case, the report is not achieving its tions media are also increasingly involved in ing Committee (IIRC), we are starting full potential. The sustainability report is a this debate. to explore how to arrive at this integrated unique opportunity to provide evidence n n n report. The aim of this organisation is to of aspects of management that the company Does the GRI have competition? Are there bring together the different parts to develop must improve and setting targets to resolve other similar initiatives in the world? the concept of integrated report with a use- them. n54 n link abertis n July 2012 July 2012 n link abertis n 55
  • 29. news ABERTIS FOUNDATION Cultural sponsorship and patronage: it is time to reinvent ourselves At Castellet, public administrations, cultural institutions and private companies explored new formulas for cultural sponsorship, while the Ministry of Culture prepares a new Sponsorship Act promoting greater participation by businesses and the public Text Albert Rossell | photos Miquel González —1— To mark International Monuments and The economic importance Salvador Alemany Sites Day, the abertis foundation, of the culture sector during his the Culture Department of the Government In a context of growing demand for finance contribution to the symposium, of Catalonia and the MACBA Foundation for environmental and social projects, the pur- together with organised the symposium on Cultural pose of this symposium was to publicise the Ferran Mascarell. sponsorship and patronage: visions and inno- current trends in business sponsorship and —2— From left to right.: vation, which took place at Castellet castle patronage in the cultural sphere.According to Leopoldo Rodés, (Barcelona) headquarters of the abertis recent figures from the Ministry of Education, Salvador Alemany, foundation on 18 April. Culture and Sport, the cultural sector in Spain Ferran Mascarell, María Teresa The symposium enjoyed the participa- provides almost 4% of GDP and gives jobs to Lizaranzu and tion of representatives of the public admin- 2.8% of workers. Sergi Loughney. istrations, the country’s main cultural insti- Meanwhile, the Survey of Cultural Habits —3— The Director tutions, and leading private companies and and Practices in Spain, drawn up by the Sec- General of Cultural communications media. The event was retary of State for Culture and presented in Policies and opened by the Catalan Governments Culture September 2011, shows that, in the last few Industries at the Spanish Ministry of Minister, Ferran Mascarell;The Director Gen- years, there has been a growth in annual Education, Culture eral of Cultural Policies and Industries at the attendance rates at exhibitions, monuments, and Sport, María Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and sites, archives and museums. This report also Teresa Lizaranzu. —4— Sport, María Teresa Lizaranzu; The chairman indicates that, despite the fact that there have Ferran Mascarell 2 of the MACBA Foundation, Leopoldo Rodés; been slight declines in attendance at theatre, signs the abertis the president of abertis, Salvador Alemany; opera and classical music performances, there foundation book and the director of the abertis foundation, is a notable increase in levels of reading and of honour, in 3 Phrases the presence of Sergi Loughney. library attendance. n Salvador Alemany. “The times we live in require a Cultural institutions more cultured society, stressing must explore new sponsorship creativity and innovation and models.” Leopoldo Rodés, 1 being aware of the economic chairman of the MACBA role of culture. The cultural sector Foundation. in Catalonia employs 250,000 “Accepting the activity of people and has 38,000 businesses”. sponsorship as a commitment Ferran Mascarell, Catalan has allowed us to focus our government Culture Minister. contribution on the study of “The new Sponsorship Act will the impact of infrastructures move from the conventional on regions and on promoting 4 model, supported by public grants culture. Culture creates optimum and subsidies, to a model with conditions for developing talent more participation from in regions where the company businesses and with more public is present.” Salvador Alemany, contributions.” María Teresa president of abertis. Lizaranzu, Director General of “Conventional relationships Cultural Policies and Industries at between businesses and cultural the Spanish Ministry of Education, institutions will no longer Culture and Sport. achieve the same thing for us “It is almost impossible for over the next few years. We the public administrations need to reinvent ourselves in this country to look after and make different, innovative all the cultural institutions, proposals.” Sergi Loughney, as there are so many of them. director of the abertis foundation.56 n link abertis n July 2012 July 2012 n link abertis n 57
  • 30. news abertis professorial chair abertis professorial chair First abertis awards in France The abertis chair arrives The Spanish Embassy in Paris hosted the presentation of the first abertis awards organised by the abertis chair in France. 15 research at the University of Puerto Rico The agreement promotes education, research studies on transport infrastructure management competed and the transfer of knowledge about infrastructures Text Albert Rossell | photos abertis Text and photos abertis Judith F. Princeton, of the University of East Paris, and Bassem Besbes, In May, abertis signed an agreement agement on the economy, demography and Links of the National Institute of Applied Sciences with the University of Puerto Rico environment as a tool for making progress in Rouen, are the ex aequo winners of the (UPR) to establish the abertis chair, aimed through alliances with institutions like the first prize in the PhD thesis category abertis at students, researchers, lecturers and profes- University of Puerto Rico”, said Sergi Lough- awards organised by the abertis chair in sionals in the field specialising in different areas ney, the director of the abertis foundation. France. Guillaume Costeseque, of the Uni- of infrastructure management. In cooperation “In this way we promote the mission of the versity of Lyon, is the winner in the category with the UPR, the Chair of Transport Infra- abertis foundation to promote research of Master’s degree dissertation. For these structure Management will follow the model into the impact of big infrastructures in a first awards, there were six entries in the developed by abertis in other countries, with region and contribute to finding solutions to thesis category and nine for the Master’s the basic aim of promoting education, research improve the quality of life for all Puerto degree dissertation. The award presentation and knowledge transfer in this field. Ricans,” he added. ceremony took place at the Spanish Embassy 1 2 The agreement was established with the With the signing of the agreement, the in Paris, attended by the director of the signatures of the chief executive of abertis, University of Puerto Rico joins forces with abertis foundation, Sergi Loughney, and Francisco Reynés; the director of the abertis organisations and academic institutions of the the managing director of sanef, François foundation, Sergi Loughney, and the presi- calibre of the Foundation for the Study of Gauthey. dent of the UPR, Miguel Muñoz, during a Applied Economics, the Technical University of The president of ceremony also attended by representatives Catalonia, the IESE Business School and the the UPR, Miguel Evaluating traffic operations of the university and business communities. ParisTech Civil Engineering College, among oth- Muñoz, and the chief executive Innovative practices in operating road networks abertis, which currently manages the PR-22 ers, to promote training and research concern- of abertis, in relation to sustainable mobility, Judith F. and PR-5 toll roads under concession, and the ing transport infrastructure management. n Francisco Reynés. Princeton’s PhD thesis, suggests a new method abertis foundation, have, since 2003, been for evaluating road traffic operations. It is based promoting the creation of various professorial on service level as the sole indicator of chairs in cooperation with well-known uni- the consequences for congestion, safety versities and academic institutions. and the environment. This original approach “At abertis we are interested in obtain- can be extended to all dynamic traffic opera- ing an in-depth knowledge of the overall, tions on toll road networks. 3 integrated management of infrastructures throughout their life-cycle, considering for Obstacle detection Education and research —1— this not only the design of the most efficient Judith F. Princeton Bassem Besbes’s thesis, The integration of The abertis chair in France, held by Profes- receives the award operational models but also understanding representation and classification methods for sor Simon Cohen, is devoted to education from François their impact on their regions from an eco- detecting and recognising obstacles in road and research in the area of transport infra- Gauthey, managing nomic, social, environmental and cultural director of sanef. scenarios, analyses the detection of obstacles structure management, activities aimed at —2— point of view,” said Francisco Reynés during using a device on board the vehicle. It is based students, lecturers, researchers and profes- Susana Camara, the signing of the agreement. “That is why on creating a local appearance model linked sionals from the sector. In January, abertis adviser to we promote education, research and knowl- the Spanish to a classification technique that differenti- and the abertis foundation began this chair ambassador in edge transfer between universities and busi- ates objects precisely.This PhD thesis provides in January 2011, in cooperation with the Paris- Spain, presents the ness via these chairs, whose work opens the real added value to the development of obsta- Tech Civil Engineering College (ENPC) and award to Guillaume way for functional infrastructures for a glo- Costeseque. cle detection techniques to aid driving. the French Institute of Transport Sciences —3— balised world,” he added. and Technology, Development and Networks Bassem Besbes, Mathematics and traffic (IFSTTAR). n with Jérôme University-business cooperation Fessard, chairman Guillaume Costeseque’s dissertation, Ana- of the French Civil The establishment of the abertis chair in lysing and modelling road traffic: from Engineering Puerto Rico will allow cooperation between the microscopic to the macroscopic, estab- Foundation. the university and business to detect oppor- lishes the mathematical transition between tunities for collaboration, making it possible microscopic and macroscopic models. This to align real needs for infrastructures with the relationship is demonstrated with real data, Links knowledge and the disciplines developed in providing an innovative and detailed view the university sphere. “We are interested in of traffic. finding out the effect of infrastructure man-58 n link abertis n July 2012 July 2012 n link abertis n 59
  • 31. abertis FOUNDATION news Voluntaris: supporting childhood and adolescence More than 20 abertis working centres in Spain and its international offices in France, Puerto Rico and Chile took part in the activities of 3rd Corporate Volunteering Day Text Albert Rossell | photos Miquel González Care in childhood and adolescence initiatives include the involvement of at was the theme of the activities of least one worker from the abertis group. abertis’ 3rd Corporate Volunteering Day. The slogan Take them by the hand was cho- Walk in the park at Foix sen for a good reason. More than 20 work- and activities at Castellet ing centres in Spain and the Group’s head- The Corporate Volunteering Day events quarters in France, Puerto Rico and Chile began on 27 November with a walk through took part in this solidarity initiative. In Spain, the Foix Natural Park and family activities 2,827 kilos of food was collected and, at the at Castellet castle, headquarters of the Barcelona headquarters, 1,683 euros was abertis foundation.About 150 people took collected to buy presents for teenagers in part in these activities. Some parents and abertis foundation ‘Autoroute Académie’: raising children’s homes. the children stayed in the fortress, where The institutional Volunteering Day the volunteers organised a reception team tinue to be tiredness and fatigue (37%) event took place on 12 December – World and different games and activities, as well and consumption of drugs, alcohol and Volunteering Day was on the 5th and it coincided with European Volunteering Year. as a tour of the castle. The volunteers also took care of getting 40 boys and girls from motorcyclists’ awareness medicines (29%). The Autoroute Académie began in The Catalan Welfare and Family Minister, the Concepció Juvanteny Foundation chil- The ‘Autoroute Académie’ programme to train young people January 2011 to provide a response to the Josep Lluís Cleries, presided over the event dren’s homes to join in the party. The others training needs of drivers aged under 25 and and he stressed that the values of the vol- took part in the solidarity walk, consisting Group photo of to drive on motorways is a year old. After its good reception young pupils at French driving schools. In unteers penetrate and strengthen the com- of an 11-kilometre route through Foix the representatives of the prize-winning on the Internet, the abertis foundation and sanef are the first year, the website has received more pany. The president of abertis, Salvador Natural Park, the landscape surrounding projects with taking a step forward with content for young motorcyclists than 20,000 visits. This initiative has been Alemany, spoke along the same lines, Castellet castle. About 50 people took part Francisco Reynés, promoted through advertising on Facebook, Salvador Alemany and expressing the Group’s support for the vol- in this environmental and publicity activity, Text A. R. | photos abertis e-mailings to sanef subscribers and the sup- Josep Lluís Cleries unteering programme, as the volunteers with the support of the park wardens. n and Miquel Roca. port of the three main French driving school make the company a better one. The chief Autoroute Académie is like a virtual associations: ANPER (Association Nationale executive, Francisco Reynés, confirmed that driving school for motorway driving. pour la Promotion de l’Education Routière), volunteering forms part of our culture and The initiative is aimed at drivers aged CNPA (Conseil National des Professions de values. between 18 and 25 and, for this reason, the l’Automobile) and CER (Centres d’Education content of the web www.autorouteacade- Routière). the programme has also had the Highest rated projects has all the ingredients to make it backing of the French government through It was the president of the abertis foundation, attractive to a young audience: short videos, the Interdepartmental Road Safety and Traf- Miquel Roca, who announced the solidarity social networks, participation, recommenda- fic Office. projects most highly rated by the Group’s tions… In its second year of operation, new employees, each of which received a 7,000- content has been incorporated specially New partners euro donation from the foundation. They aimed at young motorcyclists, who, despite For the second phase of the programme, are a treatment centre for sick children in representing just 0.5% of traffic on sanef’s Above, from left to right., Philippe Malpièce, three new partners related to two-wheeled the Chinese province of Yunna, promoted toll roads, are involved in 12% of the fatal secretary general of the drivers group motoring were incorporated: Easy Monneret, the CNPA; Pascal Contremoulins, head by the Madrid NGO Amor Sin Fronteras; a accidents. of road safety at sanef; Isabelle Lacroix, a school devoted to the training and safety therapeutic project for children and young At the presentation of the second phase Yannick Jeannel, administrator of ANPER; of motorcycles, the AFDM (Motorcyclists’ victims of ill-treatment and sexual abuse of Autoroute Académie, the director of the and Christine Allard, communications Training Association) and the FFMC (French director of the sanef group. Along these promoted by the Concepció Juvanteny Foun- abertis foundation, Sergi Loughney, high- lines, a conference was held to present Federation of Angry Motorcyclists). dation (Barcelona); the provision of new lighted the importance of safe mobility and the second phase of the Autoroute The content incorporated for this sec- technology resources for mentally handi- the need to combat high-risk behaviour. For Académie (Motorway Academy). ond year focuses on moped riding and deals capped people from the Personas Founda- his part, the managing director of sanef, with aspects such as fatigue, adapting speed tion in Cuéllar (Segovia); and the project to François Gauthey, said that accidents on the to the traffic conditions, position in motor- integrate immigrants from the castellers of Group’s toll roads had fallen by 53% in the way lanes, overtaking manoeuvres and pre- the Poble Sec district (Barcelona). All these past year. The main causes of accidents con- paring the moped. n60 n link abertis n July 2012 July 2012 n link abertis n 61
  • 32. toll roads BRIEFS toll roads Project Finance International rewards abertis About a hundred people take part autopistas and Goldman Sachs project in Puerto Rico in an accident simulation on the AP-6 iberpistas, an abertis autopistas In December, the Project Finance concession holder, successfully com- International (PFI) body presented pleted an accident simulation involving a an award to the finance agreement between lorry with a hazardous load inside the Gua- abertis autopistas and Goldman Sachs darrama tunnels on the AP-6 toll road. More for managing the PR-22 and PR-5 toll than one hundred people took part in the roads in Puerto Rico. According to the PFI, it exercise, including company workers, actors, was the first traffic-based infrastructure observers and others attending. project financed in North America since With the operation, iberpistas dem- the start of the financial crisis. In fact, it onstrated that its Interior Emergency Plan was the only toll road project financed by governing the protocol for action by the banking institutions in North America in company in the case of an emergency in 2011. In the achievement of the award, the the Guadarrama tunnels, works well. In addi- Puente Teodoro investment of more than 50 million dollars toll roads and the openness of the parties Moscoso. tion, the high level of coordination of work- in the first three years of the concession involved throughout the process were taken ers from the two autonomous communities to improve safety and quality on the two into account. n involved – Madrid, and Castile and Leon – in applying the Exterior Emergency Plan was toll roads confirmed. This full simulation, carried out in ‘Las autopistas de peaje en España’ (Toll roads in Spain) accordance with the RD 635/2006 regula- Accident scenario long and the width available to traffic is a new book that exhaustively analyses the sector tions governing the minimum safety require- ments in road tunnels, is the second held The simulation, which lasted two and a half hours, consisted of a multiple collision 10.50 metres. It is interconnected with the other two tunnels by a system of safety Last April, the presentation of the book Vizcaíno, chairman of the CICCP Transport since the third Guadarrama tunnel was between two cars and a lorry transporting galleries, measuring a total of 2,211 metres. Las autopistas de peaje en España (Toll Committee in Barcelona; Pere Macías, chairman From left to right.: opened in 2007. During the exercise, traffic hazardous goods inside Tunnel II at Guadar- In addition, the galleries have an SOS emer- Motorways in Spain), which is intended to be of the Infrastructures Circle Foundation; Damià Javier Vizcaíno, was redirected to the other two tunnels in rama, which then caused another crash gency station at each end, emergency light- a reference work in the Spanish concession Calvet, secretary for regional planning and Damià Calvet, the complex, which made it possible to keep between two vehicles inside the tunnel. ing, pressurisation to control the entry of Salvador Alemany, sector, took place at the Official Association mobility; and the president of abertis, Salvador José María Morera the effects on traffic on the AP-6 toll road Open since 1972, Tunnel II takes traffic fumes if there is a fire and access control of Civil Engineers in Barcelona. The book con- Alemany, who closed the event. n and Joaquín Prior. to a minimum. heading towards A Coruña. it is 3,340 metres using presence detectors. n tains an exhaustive analysis of this sector in the last half century. It begins with a detailed telecommunications abertis foundation account of the background, its development and the main historical events leading to the New maintenance Renewed current situation.The authors, José María Mor- era, vice-president of ASETA (Association of contract with cooperation with the SpanishToll Road,Tunnel and Bridge Concession Correos Telecom Guttmann Institute Holding Companies), and Joaquín Prior, the former vice-president of the association, took In April, abertis telecom was awarded The abertis foundation has renewed part in the event.Also participating were Javier the contract for the full maintenance its cooperation with the Guttmann service for the telecommunications network Institute, the leading hospital for the medical/ institutional prestige run by Correos Telecom, subsidiary of the Telé- surgical treatment and complete rehabilita- grafos, Sociedad Estatal Correos y Telégrafos, tion of people with spinal cord injuries, Salvador Alemany, rewarded for his work SA. The agreement includes the full mainte- acquired brain damage and other serious in favour of animal rights nance of the linear infrastructures (2,974 kilo- metres of optical fibre) and radioelectric equip- disabilities of neurological origin. Over the past few years, the Guttmann Institute has In December, the Committee for the president of the committee, Magda Oranich, ment (225 sites) run by Correos Telecom cooperated with various abertis foundation Protection ofAnimal Rights of the Offi- and the journalist and lecturer in Communi- throughout Spanish territory. abertis telecom Road Safety Programme projects, such as cial Lawyers’Association of Barcelona (CPDA) cation Sciences at the Autonomous Univer- will carry out preventive maintenance work to the You’ve got one life. Don’t lose it on the presented an award to the president of abertis, sity of Barcelona, Margarita Blanch Nieto. n ensure the proper operation of the facilities, as road campaign. Salvador Alemany, to recognise his work and well as corrective maintenance, preparing and involvement in favour of the protection of ani- improving the network, building and/or altering Scientific symposium mal rights and for his personal and professional infrastructures and technical assistance (tech- As a result of the mutual cooperation there track record in defending them. The event nical viability analysis, checking lines). have been other experiences, such as the was presided over by the Dean of the Official From left to right.: The contract includes the award of the holding of a scientific symposium at Castel- Lawyers’ Association of Barcelona, Pedro L. Magda Oranich, service contract to abertis telecom and to let castle, with the participation of the Pedro L. Yúfera, Yúfera; the Governing Board representative Jorge de Tienda and another company in the sector, Elecnor, for a abertis foundation and representatives of responsible for the CPDA, Jorge de Tienda; the Margarita Blanch. period of three years. n the World Health Organisation (WHO). n62 n link abertis n July 2012 July 2012 n link abertis n 63
  • 33. BRIEFS abertis Francisco Reynés INvestor’s results 70 explains abertis’ Summary of the annual experiences at ESADE results for 2011 and the first quarter of 2012 In April, Francisco Reynés, the chief executive of abertis, led a new ESADE morning session entitled Infrastructures: internationalisation and growth. Francisco Reynés analysed the situation in the infra- structure sector based on abertis’s experi- enced, characterised by commitment to internationalisation, sustainable growth and focus on toll roads, telecommunications and airports. The chief executive upheld the importance of infrastructures for the global economy. He considers that “they are stra- tegic assets which must be invested in with a very clear, very long-term view, improving competitiveness and requiring constant investment, whether this is public or private”. Carlos Losada, a lecturer from the business policy department at ESADA, also took part in the talk. n telecommunications Cooperation agreement between abertis telecom and the Catalan Ombudsman In April, the managing director of providing services in the public interest. abertis telecom, Tobías Martínez, The agreement establishes the creation and the Catalan ombudsman, Rafael Ribó, of a working group to which both parties signed a cooperation agreement to promote must provide the appropriate resources the protection of people’s rights and good depending on the issues identified. Under business practices. The agreement estab- the agreement, the ombudsman and lishes a cooperation agreement between abertis telecom pledge to cooperate in the two institutions concerning studies, staff training programmes and exchanging From left to right.: reports and advice in accordance with the information to deal with situations or prac- Rafael Ribó powers the Statute of Autonomy of Cata- tices which, because of their frequency or and Tobías Martínez when the lonia and the Ombudsman Act grant to the impact, negatively affect a considerable agreement ombudsman concerning private companies number of consumers or users. n was signed. General Shareholders Meeting 2012 abertis: committed to growth and efficiency64 n link abertis n July 2012
  • 34. 4 0 9 5% 5 7 90 62 67 91 91 +1 9% 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, % 4% 1% 7% SPAIN % +5 2% +5 8% FRANCE 8% +1 operating The graphs show TOLL ROADS 6% 13% +1 UNITED % 1% 11% TELECOMMUNICATIONS the development of -9 income KINGDOM INvestor’s the abertis group’s 76% 79% AIRPORTS LOGISTICS PARKS CHILE REST LINK businesses over the past five financial years. 2007 2011 CAR PARKS 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Contribution by countries (million euros) OF THE WORLD 2007 2008 2009 2010 NET PROFIT (million euros) 2010* 2011 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 TOTAL DIVIDENDS (million euros) ing: “For our Group, 2011 was a year of far- reaching transformation in which we brought The 2011 financial year the separation of the car park and logistics has made it possible to parks activity to culmination and ended a long period of collaboration with Atlantia, with the lay the basis for a new sale of the holding we had maintained since abertis: more efficient, 1999.” In this way, the President said:“abertis more international and has been able to focus its attention and more financially robust resources on the toll roads, telecommunica- tions and airports businesses”. For his part, the chief executive of abertis, Francisco Reynés, pointed out that, monitoring of investment opportunities with in 2011, the company had continued to grow the focus on America, particularly countries and to deepen its process of internationalisa- like the United States, Canada, Brazil and tion. He specifically highlighted the operation Mexico. to acquire two toll roads in Puerto Rico in a Another medium-term objective high- consortium with Goldman Sachs: “It is lighted by the chief executive is the “realloca- an operation that reinforces our leadership in tion of capital in projects in which abertis can infrastructure management and opens a door consolidate its industrial role, which we will for future growth in the United States.” carry out seeking solutions for the minority 10% reduction in The chief executive also highlighted before the Meeting that “the first steps in the Group’s efficiency programme have now begun to give their results in 2011, with a shareholdings we maintain without prospects for control, as we have done with the holding in Atlantia, the partial exit from Eutelsat and the increased holding in Hispasat”. opex and capex resulting from reduction of 10% in both opex and operating In the case of Hispasat, Francisco Reynés the Group’s capex”. As Francisco Reynés explained, the also specified that the company’s medium- efficiency programme. efficiency programme, which will be developed term aim is to move forward in consolidating between 2011 and 2014, will make it possible the shareholding in the satellite operator. 5.2% Reduction in to “improve the generation of cash flows for the company”. In addition, both the president and chief executive of the Group also highlighted bal- He also pointed to the opportunities that could arise in Spain and France as important objectives the Group will work on over the next few years. net debt in 2011 to ance sheet management as an outstanding “Through growth and management of Speech of the abertis aspect of the 2011 financial year. As they our portfolio of assets and, in combination 13,800 million chief executive, Francisco Reynés, euros. explained, the Group reduced its net debt by with a proper optimisation of our balance to the meeting. 5.2% to 13,800 million euros. As Francisco sheet and profit and loss account, we believe Reynés stated, this has made it possible to we can achieve our aim of improving the pros- maintain “a robust corporate rating level and pects for creating value for shareholders,”Balance sheet for the financial year In March, abertis’s Shareholders’ a comfortable due debt profile”. Along these indicated Francisco Reynés. Meeting approved the group’s manage- lines, Salvador Alemany also emphasised theGeneral Shareholders’ ment for a 2011 financial year in which the maintenance of the rating from ratings agen- Public-private cooperation basis was laid for the way the company will cies “in a contest where the downgrading of Meanwhile, the president of abertis men- operate over the next few years: more focused Spanish debt has affected the rating of many tioned the value of the opportunity that on its three businesses of toll motorways, companies”. public-private cooperation could have for theMeeting 2012 telecommunications and airports; more effi- company in its growth strategy at a time cient, with the first results of the opex and Growth and consolidation “when the budget difficulties of public admin- capex control programme; more international, The chief executive of abertis explained to istration, on one hand, and financial restric- with the incorporation of new toll road busi- shareholders that the company remains alert tions, on the other, enforce greater demands nesses in Puerto Rico; more financially robust, to investment opportunities that could arise for cost-effectiveness and security in the with a reduction in debt of more than 5.2% in the market. Specifically, he indicated as one schemes we invest in”.abertis is focusing its objectives on selective international growth, compared to 2010; and with an attractive, of the main strategic challenges for abertis Along these lines, he indicated that “inoperating efficiency and the consolidation of holdings sustainable return for its shareholders. “diversifying risk through a bigger internation- this context, the mission of a concession holder As Salvador Alemany, president of alisation process”. Francisco Reynés pointed like abertis is based on the industrial senseText AND photos abertis abertis, pointed out in his speech to the meet- out that the company is carrying out specific of a manager close to the administrations and66 n link abertis n July 2012 July 2012 n link abertis n 67
  • 35. accumulates an annualised return of 13% since the company began in 2003, taking into the president account the combination of dividends, bonus thanked and praised issues and the revaluation of the portfolio. The president also indicated the big miquel roca’s changes the group’s shareholding structure management has undergone in the past few years, which of the abertis has achieved “a large free float of 41%, with foundation a very large trading volume too”. Increased dividend and other meeting resolutions pleted. Salvador Alemany also announced that The abertis Shareholders’ Meeting approved the board had appointed him to also take on the distribution of an ordinary additional gross the presidency of the abertis foundation. dividend of 0.36 euros per share which, added On behalf of the Board, the president also to the interim dividend paid in October 2011, had words of thanks and praise for the man- makes a gross total of 0.66 euros per share agement of Miquel Roca Junyent, who has charged to the 2011 profit, 10% up on the led the Group’s foundation since 2003, after previous year (15% also taking account of the the merger that gave rise to the creation of bonus issue). The payment of the additional abertis, and he added:“The foundation, which The president of abertis, dividend is expected to be made on 12 April. is responsible for carrying out the Group’s Salvador Alemany, at In total, abertis will have devoted 512 million actions related to Corporate Social Responsi- the press conference before the Shareholders’ Meeting, euros to the distribution of ordinary dividends bility, is a key tool in the process of anchorage accompanied by the chief charged to the 2011 financial year, with a and discussion with the decision-makers of executive, Francisco Reynés. payout of 71%. the countries where we work.” n To the ordinary dividend must be added the extraordinary dividend abertis sharehold- ers received in 2011 linked to the sale of the parking and logistic park businesses (0.67 euros per share) and the return of contributions charged to the issue premium (0.40 euros per share) after the sale of the Group’s holding in Atlantia. The two extraordinary components The president of together give a total of 790 million euros. In abertis, Salvador this way, abertis devoted more than 1,300 Alemany, during million euros to the payment of (ordinary and his speech to the General extraordinary) dividends in 2011, achieving a Shareholders’ dividend return of 14%. Meeting. In addition, the meeting approved a bonus issue charged to reserves in a proportion ofat the service of the region”.According to the “abertis’s action accumulates a truly excep- one new share for every 20 old ones, with apresident “it is the moment for public-private tional track record reinforcing its attraction face value of 3 euros per share, for a sum ofcooperation, so governments can combine for investors and its resilience in a volatile, 116.3 million euros.the necessary austerity measures with stimu- uncertain market”. Abertis shareholders also gave the greenlation policies – policies that are essential for SalvadorAlemany noted that“once again light to the annual accounts for the 2011the long-awaited economic reactivation”. in 2011, and in contrast with the 13.9% fall financial year and to the report on remunera- Salvador Alemany also pointed out that in the Íbex 35, abertis saw its stock exchange tion policy and the management of the Boardthe extension of high-capacity road pricing value increase by 3.9%”. abertis’s action of Directors. Finally, it also improved the 2012“would allow us to move forward to a homo- share issue plan for a group of employees ofgeneous pay-to-use model, as now is the case the company and its subsidiaries who can optin all surrounding countries, which would help to receive all or part of their variable remu-to solve the difficult problem of immature toll neration in abertis shares, up to a maximumroad concessions in Spain”. The company will of 12,000 euros a year. continue its commitmentShare and stock to internationalisation, Corporate governance modelexchange development with a geographical At the end of his speech, the president indi-The president of abertis, Salvador Alemany, cated that the process, begun in 2010, ofalso referred in his speech to the meeting to focus on the United separating the functions of the president ofthe solidity of the company’s stock exchange States, Canada, Brazil the board, Salvador Alemany, and the chiefvalue. Along these lines, he highlighted that and Mexico executive, Francisco Reynés, had been com-68 n link abertis n July 2012 July 2012 n link abertis n 69
  • 36. INvestor’s 517 million euros 888 million euros link in net profit (+88%). in operating revenues (+1%). Profit and loss account January-March 2012 Mn ₣ Mar. 2012 Mar. 2011 Change Operating income 888 876 1.4% Operating costs -341 -346 -1.2%January-March 2012 Ebitda Provision for depreciation 547 -236 531 -235 3.1% 0%Results Operating results 311 296 5.3% Eutelsat capital gain result 409 0 Financial result -157 -148 Equity method result 26 33 Pre-tax result 586 181 225% Company tax -61 -46abertis’s results in the first quarter of 2012 Result for the financial year 527 135 290% Minority interest -10 -10improve compared to the previous year Ordinary R. for company shareholders 517 125 313.9% Company reorganisation result 0 150 abertis closed the first quarter of The gross operating profit (Ebitda) R. for company shareholders 517 275 88.3% 2012 with an increase in all its prin- achieved for the first quarter is 547 mil- —1— Airports activitycipal magnitudes in an economic environ- lion euros (+3%) while the net operat- reached 67 million Balance sheet January-March 2012 Mn ₣ment that continues to be very complex, ing profit (Ebit) was 311 million euros euros (+6%). Mar. 2012 Dec. 2011especially for its businesses in Spain. The (+5%). —2— In toll roads, sanef Plant and equipment 1,718 1,742results incorporate impacts due to the sale Concerning the results for the period, and iberpistas Intangible assets 15,341 15,480of 16% of Eutelsat, which was carried out Francisco Reynés stressed that “abertis is made investments Financial assets 3,646 4,181in January, generating a net capital gain at implementing an efficiency plan we began worth 22 million Current assets 2,450 1,346 euros.consolidated level of 396 million euros. in the second half of 2011 and which will —3— Total assets 23,155 22,749 abertis’ net profit increased by 88% consolidate the company’s competitiveness The toll roads Equity 4,602 4,416in the first quarter of 2012, reaching 517 despite the rather unfavourable circum- business brought Non-current liabilities 16,313 16,328 the Group Current liabilities 2,241 2,005million euros. The comparable net result, stances being experienced in our closest 695 millionwithout counting the capital gains from the markets”. euros (78%). 1 Total liabilities 23,155 22,749partial sale of Eutelsat in 2012 and thecapital gains from the sale of Atlantia in 2 3 Debt structure Development of2011, amount to 117 million euros, 3% more abertis’s debt fell by 1,041 million euros the Group’s businessesthan for the same period of 2011. (-7.5%) in the first quarter of the financial abertis’s toll road business brought in Meanwhile, operating revenues grew year, to 12,841 million euros. 94% of the 695 million euros in revenues (78%) andto 888 million euros (+1%) during the debt is long-term debt, 85% at fixed inter- 476 million euros in Ebitda (87%). Trafficperiod, despite the negative development est and the average period before it is due on abertis’s toll road network in the firstof traffic in Spain and France, and thanks is greater than 6 years. In March, abertis quarter shows an Average Daily Intensityto the good development of the toll roads successfully completed a bond issue for a (ADI) of 19,282 vehicles (-3.9%).business in America and airports. The per- sum of 400 million euros and a return of The financial year is marked by acentage increase generated outside Spain, 4.819% through the French holding com- positive development in traffic in America,largely in France, Chile and the United King- pany hit. The main destination of the funds with growth on the toll roads of Chile,dom, has increased to 54%. generated by this issue will be the repayment Argentina and Puerto Rico (+6.2%). Mean- of a syndicated loan due in October 2013. while, on the Spanish toll road network traffic fell by 9.1% and in France it decreased Investments by 3.3%. The Group’s investments in the first quarter The telecommunications business of 2012 amount to 83 million euros, 35% closed the first quarter with income of more than in the first period of the previous 125 million euros (-3%) and an Ebitda year. In toll roads (22 million euros) the of 58 million euros. This sector representsAbertis has outstanding features were the investments 14% of abertis’s total income and 11% ofsuccessfully completed made by acesa (widening of the AP-7 toll Ebitda.a bond issue for a sum road), iberpistas (lane widening on the Meanwhile, airports activity achievedof 400 million euros AP-6), and sanef (Paquet Vert); while in operating income of 67 million euros, with telecommunications (58 million euros) they a 6% increase on the same period the pre-and a return of 4.819% corresponded mainly to abertis’s acquisi- vious year, representing 8% of the total forthrough the French tion of 500 mobile telephony towers from abertis and an Ebitda of 15 million eurosholding company HIT Telefónica (45 million euros). (+1%) – 3% of the total. n70 n link abertis n July 2012 July 2012 n link abertis n 71
  • 37. INvestor’s 3,915 2,454 1,533 720 million euros million million million euros link in operating revenues. euros in Ebitda (+1.9%). euros in cash flow. in total net consolidated result (+8.8%).January-December 2011 Key points The percentage of income Abertis announces theResults and Ebitda generated outside acquisition from Telefónica of Spain continues to increase 13.23% of Hispasat for 124 compared to the previous million euros, reaching year, at more than 50%. a 46.6% share of its capital. Positive development of traffic At its meeting on 27 March, on toll roads in France (+1.2%) abertis’s board of directorsabertis’ net profit increased by 8.8% in 2011, reaching and America (+5.3%), while the proposes an additional gross720 million euros. Once again this year the Group maintains fall in Spain continues (-6.5%). dividend of 0.36 euros per share which, added to the interimimproved results despite the economic environment Income from the dividend already distributed, telecommunications business means a total gross ordinary falls by 7% due to a non- dividend per share charged to abertis has closed another year with Profit and loss account Without taking into account the capital gains recurring income effect in 2011 of 0.66 euros, 10% more improved results in its principal mag- abertis’s operating income in 2011 reaches from the sale of the holding in Atlantia and 2010. Meanwhile, turnover at than in 2010.nitudes in a complex economic environment. 3,915 million euros, in line with the previous the effect of the sale of the car park and airports increased by 5%, in aThe improvement in operating costs, which financial year, and increases the percentage logistics businesses, the comparable con- year when activity recovered. In addition, following company policy, the Board also proposesfell by 3.2%, and an increase in Ebitda of income generated outside Spain to 52%, solidated net profit is 702 million euros Outstanding features include to the Shareholders Meeting aof almost 2% are the outstanding features of largely from France, Chile and the United (+11.7%). Gross cash-flow (before invest- the reduction in operating costs bonus issue of one new sharea financial year when the positive devel- Kingdom. ments and dividends) reached 1,533 million (-3.2%) resulting from the effort for every 20 old ones, which willopment of traffic on French and American toll Of the total, 79% is generated in the toll euros. made as part of the group’s increase shareholderroads partially made up for the reduction in roads activity, 13% corresponds to the tel- efficiency policy, as well as remuneration by a further 5%. the high cash generationtraffic that continued in Spain due to ecommunications sector and 7% to airports. Debt structure capacity, with a cash flow Also taking into account theits negative economic situation. The 2011 Meanwhile, operating costs fell by 3.2% to abertis’s net debt fell in 2011 by 769 million, of 1,533 million euros. extraordinary dividend paid inresults include an improvement in income 1,461 million euros, the result of the effort to a level of 13,882 euros – down 5.2%. July, the total dividend for 2011from the airport business and a fall in made throughout the financial year as part Of the total debt, 57% has been constituted The 2011 results incorporate amounts to 1.73 euros per share,income from telecommunications resulting of the company’s efficiency policy. under the guarantee of the schemes them- the impact of the sale paid up in the sum of 1,342from lower non-recurring activity than in 2010. The gross operating profit (Ebitda) selves (without recourse). 94% of debt is of the holding in Atlantia million euros, which means a and the parking and The results for the 2011 financial year achieved in 2011 was 2,454 million euros long-term debt and 84% at fixed interest total dividend return of 14%. logistics businesses.incorporate the impacts from the sale of the (+1.9%), while the net operating profit (Ebit) or interest fixed through hedging.The averageshareholdings in Atlantia, the Cadí Tunnel was 1,517 million euros (+2.2%). Meanwhile, cost of the debt is 4.65% and the averageand the South African concession holder PTY. the financial result for the period was -617 period before it becomes due is more thanThey also include a reclassification of income, million euros. Equity accounting companies six years.expenditure and results both in 2010 and provided a contribution of 125 million euros.2011 linked to the segregation of the parking In 2011, abertis achieved a total con- Investmentsand logistics park businesses. solidated profit of 720 million euros (+8.8%). The Group’s investments in 2011 amount to 676 million euros, of which 511 million euros (76%) were devoted to non-organic The telecommunications expansion and 165 million to operative business accounts for 13% of the Group’s total investments. Among the expansion invest- income. ments, 144 million euros were devoted to acquiring two toll roads in Puerto Rico via the concession holder metropistas (45% abertis). In toll roads (548 million euros) the out- standing features were the investments made by acesa (widening of the AP-7 toll road), iberpistas (lane widening on the AP-6), and sanef (Paquet Vert); while in telecommuni- cations (101 million euros) it corresponds to the deployment of three new TDT multiplexes and investments by Hispasat. Airports activity72 n link abertis n APRIL 2011 represents 7% July 2012 n link abertis n 73 of abertis’s total income.
  • 38. Development of the Group’s In 2011, airports activity achieved oper-businesses in 2011 Outstanding features ating income of 293 million euros, with a 5% cultureabertis’s toll road business brought in increase on 2010, representing 7% of the total include the reduction in3.098 million euros in revenues (79%) and for abertis and an Ebitda of 86 million euros2.155 million euros in Ebitda (88%). Traffic operating costs (-3.2%) (+6%) – 4% of the total.The principle businesson abertis’s toll road network in 2011 shows resulting from the effort magnitudes have been strengthened inan Average Daily Intensity (ADI) of 22,561 made as part of the 2011 thanks to the increase in the number of environmentvehicles (-1.3%). passengers at tbi’s airports to 23 million group’s efficiency policy The financial year is marked by a positive (+7.3%), as well as a greater contribution fromdevelopment in traffic in France, with growth dca’s airports, which grew at a rate of 5%.of 1.2% on the sanef network. In the same represents 13% of abertis’s total revenues andway, positive levels are recorded on the toll 9% of Ebitda. The income from the telecom- Increase in holding in Hispasatroads of Chile, Argentina and Puerto Rico munications business has been affected in In February, abertis announced an agreement(+5.3%). Meanwhile, on the Spanish toll road 2011 by a fall in non-recurring income from with Telefónica to acquire its 13.23 share innetwork traffic fell by 6.5%. TDT extensions and from the analogue televi- Hispasat’s capital. Through this operation, The telecommunications business closed sion switch-off carried out in April 2010, which was concluded for the sum of 124 mil-the year with income of 512 million euros (-7%) although an increase in digital and satellite lion euros, abertis strengthened its positionand an Ebitda of 228 million euros.This sector activity has compensated for the latter. as leading shareholder in Hispasat with a 46.6% direct holding. Through this operation, abertis rein-Contributions from the sector January-December 2011 Mn ₣ 676 forced its desire to grow in the satellite sector, Income Ebitda Toll roads 3,098 79% 2,155 88% specifically in projects where it could assume Telecommunications 512 13% 228 9% industrial leadership and financially consoli- million euros date its holding, as is the case of Hispasat. art Airports 293 7% 86 4% in investments. Along these lines, in 2011 the Board of Direc-Profit and loss account January-September 2011 Mn ₣ tors of Hispasat appointed Carlos Espinós, 720 Dec. 2011 Dec. 2010 Change representing abertis, as company chief Operating income 3,915 3,917 0.0% executive. A reflection of abertis’ strategic Operating costs -1,461 -1,510 -3.2% commitment to the company and interest in Ebitda 2,454 2,407 1.9% million euros intensifying its future development. Provision for depreciation -936 -923 1% in total net abertis also has three additional direc- Operating results 1,517 1,484 2.2% consolidated tors on Hispasat’s highest governing body: research Financial result -617 -668 result (+8.8%). Francisco Reynés, chief executive of abertis; Equity method result 125 117 Javier Martí De Veses, abertis telecom’s Pre-tax result 1,025 933 10% legal advice and regulation director; and And- Company tax -250 -223 Positive rea Luminari, international business manager Result for the financial year 775 710 9% development of of abertis telecom. n Minority interest -74 -81 traffic in America Ordinary R. for company shareholders 702 628 11.7% and France makes up for the reduction road safety Company reorganisation result 18 33 recorded on Spanish Other events R. for company shareholders 720 662 8.8% toll roads. following closure January 2012 abertis completed a process of accelerated placement among qualified investors of 16% of Eutelsat’s shares. The operation generates a net income of 981 million euros and consolidated net capital gains of 396 million euros. abertis continues to be the leading industrial shareholder in Eutelsat with 15.35% of its capital. February 2012 for a world that works abertis acquires 13.23% of Hispasat At the abertis foundation, we promote research into the impact infrastructures have on our and increases its holding to 46.6%. The company reaches an agreement territory, the environment, the economy and demographics. One of the ways in which we have with Telefónica to acquire 13.23% responded to abertis’ commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility has been the development of Hispasat, for a sum of 124 million of a Road Safety Programme, which aims to raise awareness of the need for responsible mobility. euros and strengthens its position as leading shareholder in the Conscious of our historic and artistic heritage, we act to promote and conserve it, aiming to bring satellite operator. culture closer to people. This is our commitment for a world that works.74 n link abertis n JULY 2012
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