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Extending the Value of Content in Enterprise Systems with Web Content Management
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Extending the Value of Content in Enterprise Systems with Web Content Management


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Presented by Eric Gott at Documentation and Training West, May 6-9, 2008 in Vancouver, BC. …

Presented by Eric Gott at Documentation and Training West, May 6-9, 2008 in Vancouver, BC.

As we all know, creating training materials and documentation is an expensive and time-consuming process. If your editorial content, training materials, online courses, or user generated content reside in disparate sources such as Web sites, intranets or portals, you are losing significant potential value of this information. The RedDot’ Web Content Management solution will allow you to access all your valuable content, regardless of where it is stored, in a single easy-to-use interface.

Integrating a WCM solution with Web 2.0 functionality allows your organization to optimize your documentation and training efforts through collaboration, content re-use, interactive web-based training, user-generated content, forums, and many other tools.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. RedDot – The Web Experience Copyright © Open Text Corporation. All rights reserved. Eric Gott, Director of Sales Pino Agostino, Sales Engineer
    • 2. Leading WCM in the Marketplace
        • RedDot offers the most award winning and recognized WCM solution worldwide with the “ legendary ease of use and quick, low cost installation”
        • Within OpenText we are the WCM experts, with more then 2.600 customers in 114 different countries
        • 15 years of dedication to WCM
        • Continuous investment in our employees and partners
      Copyright © Open Text Corporation. All rights reserved. Slide
    • 3. RedDot Strategy Copyright © Open Text Corporation. All rights reserved. Slide
      • Integrate into your existing infrastructure
        • Seamless delivery and access to data across diverse existing applications and repositories
      • Manage with our legendary “easy-of-use”
        • Enable content owners to make a difference in a familiar environment
      • Optimize to deliver the right experience
        • Gain control of your content, observe user behaviors and optimize at individual levels
      Content Editor Content Editor
    • 4. Integration to Anywhere From Anywhere Copyright © Open Text Corporation. All rights reserved. Slide Integrate Manage Optimize
        • Maximizing your Return On Investment of your current technology platforms - especially those of Microsoft, SAP and IBM
        • Leveraging .Net within the Content Management Solution environment
        • Extending the Portal opportunity
          • Sharepoint, SAP Netweaver and WebSphere
    • 5. Seamless Management of Content and Delivery
        • Allow content contributors to manage content and delivery within the Content Management Solution
        • Industry leading interface ensuring RedDot leads the market in ease-of-use
      Copyright © Open Text Corporation. All rights reserved. Slide
    • 6. Globalization and Localization
        • Architected from the ground up to support multiple-languages
        • The RedDot UI is available in 13 different languages, but manages content in ANY language
        • Add new languages on the fly, with just a few clicks
        • Complete multi-lingual workflow support
        • Split-screen translation interface
        • Native integration with Translation Memory tools
      Copyright © Open Text Corporation. All rights reserved. Slide
    • 7. Experience Optimization Copyright © Open Text Corporation. All rights reserved. Slide Context Web Docs Image Video Audio Email What Where Why Who When
      • content, -relation
      • Home / Office / etc
      • context
      • person / role
      • urgency
      • time / timezone
      • Visitor Experience
      • Persuasive
      • Individualized
      • Interactive
      • Dynamic
        • Analytics and reporting enables content contributors to control visitor experience
        • Allow the site visitor to personalize their interaction
        • Deliver content to multiple devices
        • Define fast cached web pages or dynamic portal views
    • 8. Web 2.0 Copyright © Open Text Corporation. All rights reserved. Slide
        • Web Components enable organizations to enrich Web experiences with rich interactive applications
        • RedDot makes Web 2.0 work for organizations
          • Secure environment for social computing
          • Enterprises own the content while visitors control the experience
          • Expand user generated content through search and repurpose
    • 9. LiveLink
      • Hydro-Quebec: Energy (Canada) - One of the largest energy producers in Canada, Livelink is used throughout the enterprise for document management, workflow and collaboration. Through the RedDot connector, documents created by several different groups can be viewed manually and promoted automatically to 15 local and secure intranets following final approval of the document workflow .
      • Sustainability Victoria: Government Agency (Aus) – Creates, manages and distributes information meant to educate and promote effective use of resources and environmental impact in the state. Currently at the CMS building stage, The RedDot / LiveLink connector will enable shared effective document management and easy to use web content management for the same documents in one environment.
      • EWE: Energy (Germany) – One of the largest energy distributors in Germany, uses RedDot integrated with Livelink and SAP Netweaver Portal for a comprehensive employee portal.
    • 10. EWE AG Internal EWE Study RedDot presented a complete solution. The implementation has been rated a success by all team members involved.
      • Success Story
      • Enabled strategic growth: Improved employee productivity and communication has enabled continued corporate growth through acquisitions and sponsorships.
      • Increased the return on SAP and Livelink investments: Integrating RedDot with ERP and DM created a web solution that leverages corporate content through greater accessibility and distribution.
      • Industry
      • Energy / Telecommunications
      • Highlights
      • Integration with SAP and Livelink
      • Enabled strategic growth and Improved productivity
      • Increased return on ERP and DM investments by providing a complete solution
      “ The driving force in the north” EWE is among the largest energy companies in Germany. Core competencies include the efficient management of complex electricity, natural gas and telecom networks.
    • 11. EWE AG – Hybrid Intranet Portal RedDot CMS AD / LDAP Web Servers LiveServer LiveServer Failover Primary Livelink DM SAP Portal Disaster Recovery Web Server SAP Modules Load Balanced Administrators and Content Editors
    • 12. Integration of Livelink and RedDot with SAP Portal
    • 13. Integration of Livelink and RedDot with SAP Portal
    • 14. Hummingbird / eDocs
      • BMA Coal: Mining (Aus) – Large mining company uses eDocs document management to enable collaboration and workflow for “regulated” health & safety information. The RedDot connector to eDocs provides the automated publication of these documents in real-time to dozens of mining sites where and when the information is needed most.
      • Legal Aid Western Australia: Government (Aus) – State Government legal agency planning on using eDocs to manage information and legal help for residents of Western Australia. RedDot will offer both easy to use WCM capabilities and the eDocs connector so that documents managed and stored in one place can be published securely to many different Intranet and Internet sites simultaneously.
      • Verizon Wireless: Telecommunications (USA) – eDocs is used for document management but lacks an efficient means of offering access to the DM for web content editors. The RedDot connector enables editors single sign-on access to the eDocs repository where a click creates a link to a document and makes it accessible to intranet users in the context of the web site.
      • Chevron-Phillips Chemical: Energy (USA) - Regulated documents are stored in eDocs but customer account information is stored in SAP. Neither product has an easy to use WCM interface or a way to personalize and secure content delivery. RedDot enables content management and, with LiveServer and the eDocs connector, an integration layer for SAP and eDocs that powers the eBusiness center for 25,000 customers and 1,100 products. (case study available)
      • Multiple language sites are now being built to extend the customer service, sales, and risk management advantages offered by the RedDot integrated system.
    • 15. Chevron Phillips Chemical Frank Almaraz, Director eBusiness, CP Chem With little training, content owners can control customer access to regulatory documents in a very granular way whether they are created within RedDot or another system. We’re realizing more benefits than we hoped for.
      • Success Story
      • Eliminated Backlog and Errors: Customer Service requests for regulated documentation (MSDS, TDS, etc.) are now handled automatically, immediately, securely, and without error leading to increased customer satisfaction, coordinated product rollouts, and regulatory compliance , while reducing the customer support staff.
      • Increased Services: CPChem plans to create a Sales Support Center leveraging the integration possibilities of SAP Portal, eDocs, and RedDot to enable any member of the sales team to “see” exactly what their customers are searching for and viewing.
      • Industry
      • Energy / Chemical Manufacturing
      • Highlights
      • Integration with SAP and eDocs
      • Reduced call center costs and errors
      • Controls customer access to regulated documents
      Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Chevron Phillips is the world’s leading manufacturer of specialty chemicals and high-density polyethylene used in almost 70,000 consumer and industrial products; operating 38 production and research facilities worldwide.
    • 16. Integration with SAP eCommerce
    • 17. MSDS PDF Document
    • 18. Integration with eDocs Maintain Customer #’s Publish to eCommerce Site Publish to public internet
    • 19. SharePoint 2003 / MOSS 2007
      • Wollongong City Council: Government (Aus) – City government uses SharePoint to manage documents in an iframe environment but saw difficulty efficiently promoting documents to public facing web sites. RedDot’s SharePoint connector enabled the automatic publication of documents stored in SharePoint.
      • Parks Victoria: Government (Aus) – Government agency uses SharePoint Portal to power their intranet but found SharePoint to be insufficient for web content management. RedDot enables advanced WCM capabilities and can publish content to SharePoint Portal as needed. RedDot manages presentation and content and SharePoint handles collaboration, discussions, calendars and other “webparts”.
      • Export Development Canada: Government Agency (Canada) - planning
      • Cleveland Police: Government Agency (UK) – coming soon
    • 20. Summary
      • There are common elements to all
      • Existing investment in enterprise infrastructure (a DM, CRM, or ERP)
      • Interest in empowering more “customer” self-service
      • Feeling pain because of difficulties accessing business and regulated content
      • Feeling pain because of difficulties securely distributing business and regulated content
      • Not enough value is offered by existing sales, reseller, customer and intranet portals
      • Few or no realistic choices to address pain
    • 21. Thank You Copyright © Open Text Corporation. All rights reserved.