MarketingProfs B2B 2012 (#mpb2b) - Social Media Influence - Alan Belniak - Paul Gillin


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B2B buying, the importance of identifying and engaging online influencers to spread the word about your business has grown. But how do you figure out who has influence and how do you engage them to share a positive message? Approaching and cultivating knowledgeable influencers requires a different approach than working with traditional journalists. So, in this interactive session we'll discuss what to look for when seeking online influencers, and which strategies deliver productive engagement and meaningful relationships. Plus, we'll cover suggested metrics for determining the impact of your influencer relations on the bottom line. Bring your challenges and questions to discuss with the group.

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MarketingProfs B2B 2012 (#mpb2b) - Social Media Influence - Alan Belniak - Paul Gillin

  1. 1. source: @abelniak and @pgillin 1
  2. 2.  What We’re Talking About  Who We Are  What Is Influence, And Why Does It Matter  Tools of The Trade  Questions#mpb2b @abelniak and @pgillin 2
  3. 3. A marketing technologist and Digital marketer + practitioner, with deep strengths in social media Current Role  Global Director of Social Media at PTC  B2B software, long sales cycle, high switching costs Why IR Matters to Me  People rely more on what analysts and practitioners say than what we say#mpb2b @abelniak and @pgillin 3
  4. 4. Writer, speaker, B2B social marketing strategist  Author of four books on social media marketing  Advisor to IBM on digital marketing for midsize businesses  Trainer, Profitecture social media boot camp Why IR Matters to Me  It’s a core element of any successful social media marketing program#mpb2b @abelniak and @pgillin 4
  5. 5. Traditional Influencers Authoritative 3rd parties, community leaders, press, gov’t. Active Haters Lovers Desire to Influence Critics Enthusiasts Others Skeptics Mainstream Passive Dismissers Followers Reject Favor Brand Engagementsource: Sean Moffitt, BuzzCanuck#mpb2b @abelniak and @pgillin 5
  6. 6. #mpb2b @abelniak and @pgillin 6
  7. 7. •Cupboards Kitchen and Bath •Nest by Tamara •Details and Design •Sara Baldwin Design •Gold Notes •Velvet & Linen •Johnny Grey •Appliance Buyers Guide •KitchAnn Style •Appliancist •Kitchen and Residential Design •Decorating Diva •Kitchen Clarity •Design Commotion •Kitchen Design Notes •DIYdiva | •Kitchen Design Trends • •Kitchen Solutions •From the Floors Up •Kitchen-Exchange •Hooked on Houses •PamDesigns •John Bridge Tile Forum, •Susan Palmer Designs Blog •K+BB •The Blog of Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly •kbculture •The Kitchen Designer •Kitchen Design Think Tank •useful spaces •Modenus, Interior Design Resource •Stagetecture •Retro Renovation •Coffee with an Architect •The Granite Gurus •Life of an Architect •The Steampunk Home •Living Well in Westchester •Things That Inspire •Sarah Susanka, FAIA •Andie Day •DesignTies •Mpression Design Blog#mpb2b @abelniak and @pgillin 7
  8. 8. #mpb2b @abelniak and @pgillin 8
  9. 9.  Started blogging 2006  48,000 daily visitors  1 million monthly page views  Covered in Hachette Home, Wedding Flowers, Adore, Mollie Makes, Family Circle, Lonny, Canadian House & Home, Red, InStyle, Easy Living, Your Home, Real Living, Good Housekeeping, Homestyle, Brigitte and La Petit magazines  And that was just in 2011  Her book, Decorate, was the #1 interior design book on Amazon for seven months#mpb2b @abelniak and @pgillin 9
  10. 10.  Estimated monthly traffic: 73,000  Google Indexed pages: 6,560  Alexis ranking: Top .12%  Links from 13,195 sites  40,000 unique monthly visitors  Avg. post retweeted 129 times  New York Times citations: 6,510  Newsletter subscribers: 150,000#mpb2b @abelniak and @pgillin 10
  11. 11. Word of Mouth Awareness#mpb2b @abelniak and @pgillin 11
  12. 12. Early Warning#mpb2b @abelniak and @pgillin 12
  13. 13. Market Wisdom Advice#mpb2b @abelniak and @pgillin 13
  14. 14.  Make it personal Treat influencers as you would media But remember they aren’t traditional media Make your contacts meaningful and positive Offer something of value Follow through Expect to be challenged#mpb2b @abelniak and @pgillin 14
  15. 15. • Don’t wait till you’re on fire to engage • Read, comment, understand • Reach out with something of value • Play to ego, interests • Engage before you pitch#mpb2b @abelniak and @pgillin 15
  16. 16. Wrong Dear <blogger name>: Im a big fan of your site, <blog title>, and think you provide a tremendous value to the construction trade. I would like you to know about a new site we have just launched... Right Dear Susie: is a must-read for us here at Energy Efficient Solutions. We particularly like your focus on designing homes with sustainability in mind. I have personally recommended your Green Building 101 Series to several of my colleagues as examples of how the process of building green homes can be fundamentally rethought. As you wrote recently, "It all starts with the foundation. So let’s start from the beginning."#mpb2b @abelniak and @pgillin 16
  17. 17. Invite them into the club Offer links or small promotions Exclusive access Special events MODEST discounts, giveaways, trials Affiliate programs#mpb2b @abelniak and @pgillin 17
  18. 18. In B2C market, influencer relations successes include:  Molson Beer  Toro Lawnmowers  Zarafina Tea  PBS  Parents magazine Goal Turn customers into fans Tactic Recruit 10 prominent bloggers for access, trials Metrics Blog posts, videos, tweets, traffic Results One video received 320,000 views 6,200 downloads of Facebook app Many blog entries Program renewed for second year Quote “12 months of relationship building, “Since 2002, this annual event has evolved meetups and feedback gathering has into the cornerstone of SAPs influencer changed the way we think, act and plan our communications and events.” programs, now serving as a key event to -Ken Kaplan, Intel validate SAPs transformational market strategy.”#mpb2b @abelniak and @pgillin 18
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  20. 20. sources: ; ; ; @abelniak and @pgillin 20
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  25. 25. #mpb2b @abelniak and @pgillin 25
  26. 26.  Run the name through Google (sometimes with a company name or one other word that helps describe them).  I look at the first page of results. What’s at the top? If it’s a link to a social site, then they are prolific online. Blog? Ditto.  I look at them on LinkedIn  (for NA; Xing or Viadeo for eastern Europe)  Do they have a lot of connections? Any recommendations?  I search for them on Twitter.  Are they there?  How long?  What do they tweet about?  Who follows them, and vice versa?  If they have a site or a blog, I gauge the traffic to that web property….  Alexa:  Quantcast:  URLFan:  Compete:   If they are on Twitter, I use a few tools to gauge impact, reach, and influence…  Klout:  Twitalzyer :  Twitter Grader: @abelniak and @pgillin 26
  27. 27.  Search their name:  top spot appearances  ‘owned’ by them  What are they talking about?  Public speaking?  Content creators?  Frequency?source: @abelniak and @pgillin 27
  28. 28. source: @abelniak and @pgillin 28
  29. 29.  Followers, following, the ratio  Age of the account  Topics  Size up an account quickly…  picture  bio  recent past tweets  follower/following counts  ratio: broadcaster, lurker, or sharer  how long they’ve been on Twittersource: @abelniak and @pgillin 29
  30. 30. sources: ; @abelniak and @pgillin 30
  31. 31.  Twitter Grader  you’ve already seen a bit  Twittercounter  not much for influence, but good data  Tweetstats  find out when your influencers are online and tweeting  Followerwonk  more later on Followerwonk#mpb2b @abelniak and @pgillin 31
  32. 32.  Number of connections  Recommendations  Groups they are in  Earned ‘expert’ status#mpb2b @abelniak and @pgillin 32
  33. 33. sources : ; @abelniak and @pgillin 33
  34. 34.  HootSuite  Twitter Resource Analyzer  As seen on OblongPixelsources: (insight tool) ; @abelniak and @pgillin 34
  35. 35. sources: (insight tool) ; @abelniak and @pgillin 35
  36. 36. sources: @abelniak and @pgillin 36
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  38. 38. source: (behind access wall)#mpb2b @abelniak and @pgillin 38
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  42. 42.  Influence  Is online and offline  Comprised of different variables  Influencers  Aren’t always who you think they are  Hang out in lots of places  Are people, too  Absent context, numbers are just squiggly lines  The temperature isn’t the weather#mpb2b @abelniak and @pgillin 42
  43. 43.  Alan Belniak  Paul Gillin  @abelniak  @pgillin   @abelniak and @pgillin 43