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what we have achieved in 2011 for Hong Wen School

what we have achieved in 2011 for Hong Wen School



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Cyberwellness 2011 hws Cyberwellness 2011 hws Presentation Transcript

  • Cyberwellness Hong Wen School Proudly brought to you by the ICT Committee
  • Cyberwellness ambassadors: LAK BOON JUN LOH CHANG YIP 5P We will be sharing with you more of Cyberwellness throughout the year.
  • What is Cyberwellness? Cyber Wellness refers to the positive well-being of Internet users. It involves an understanding of the risks of harmful online behaviours, an awareness of how to protect oneself and other Internet users from such behaviours.
  • Ruben, a ten-year-old boy, opened an email which wanted him to give his name, address, contact number, saving bank account number and pin number. By doing so, the email promised to enter him in a lucky draw whereby he stands a chance to win one million dollars. Somewhere in Jurong West...
  • Ken, a handsome twelve-year-old boy, chanced upon a website that promised to send him a latest set of Ben10 figurines to him if he were to fill up an online form asking for his name, address, email address, parents handphone numbers and his favourite hangouts. Somewhere in Woodlands…
  • Jane, a gifted Hong Wen student, was updating her personal blog and facebook account and she thought it would be good to leave her name, address, contact numbers and other information so that her friends could contact her easily. Somewhere in Boon Keng…
  • It is unwise to leave confidential information online . The lucky draw could be a scam . It is dangerous to leave information like your name, favourite hangouts online. . Be a smart Hong Wen student who knows what Cyberwellness is and how act wisely . Ruben Ken Jane Let's see what decisions did our 3 friends make and what happened to each of them a few days later.
  • What have we learned from the skit? We do not reveal personal information online. We must practise Cyberwellness.
  • Can we trust everything we see or read on the internet?
  • NO.
  • But…can the Internet be useful?
    • Of course!
    • There are so many fun things to do online!
    • There are many websites that I can learn from!
  • Hong Wen School Webpage
  • Class Blogs
  • Educational Games
  • Wow! The internet sounds like fun!
    • But not all the time….
  • Cyber Bullying
    • FOR most primary school pupils, going to school meant having fun with their friends and learning more knowledge and skills.
    • But for one Primary 3 pupil of an all-girls school in the East, school was difficult and unpleasant for her.
  • Cyber Bullying
    • The quiet, bespectacled girl was repeatedly called "ugly" and “nerdy” by her peers. Not only was she insulted in school, but these comments also made their way to online blogs.
    • After enduring the insults for more than six months, she wished that she could just stop going to school.
  • Other Cyberwellness topics include:
    • Netiquette
    • Spam
    • Viruses
    • Cyberbullying
    • Computer Security
    • Gaming and internet addiction
    • Danger of Cyber Contacts
    • Handling inappropriate content
    • Copyrights
    • And many more…
  • So, who teach you all these?
    • In the CyberWellness Lessons , your teachers will teach you more about how to stay safe online and how to protect yourself from harm.
  • Cyberwellness Framework
  • The End