REDC Builder\'s Auction


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REDC Builder\'s Auction

  2. 2. COMPANY OVERVIEW<br />REDC BACKGROUND<br /><ul><li>Principles have been conducting Land Auctions, Commercial Auctions and Residential Real Estate Auctions since 1989
  3. 3. Operating out of a fully owned 66,000 sq ft office in the Irvine Spectrum area
  4. 4. Over $6 Billion in sales since 2007
  5. 5. Sold! Over 500 auctions of new construction, SFR and luxury residences for developers, banks and financial institutions
  6. 6. Over 400 Real Estate Professionals
  7. 7. Irvine, Dallas, New York and United Kingdom</li></ul>STONEPOINT CAPITAL (PARTNER)<br /><ul><li>Global private equity firm
  8. 8. Raised more than $10 billion of committed capital
  9. 9. Targets investments in the financial services industries
  10. 10. Outsourcing service providers focused on financial institutions
  11. 11. Specialty lending
  12. 12. Asset management businesses
  13. 13. History of successfully investing in the global financial services industry over a period of almost 25 years.3</li></ul>JEFFREY FRIEDEN & ROBERT FRIEDMANhave been active in the real estate investment and commercial property markets since 1984. As partners and co-founders of several large real estate companies, they began their business together in August of 1989 when they founded Real Estate Disposition Corporation (REDC), a company dealing in Real Estate Owned (REO) businesses as well as Builder/Developer projects, with their focus on the auctioning of Single Family Residences and Luxury Condominiums. While generating more than $1 billion in gross sales during the recession period of the 90’s, the success achieved by these businesses became instrumental in the revolution of real estate auctions for the housing market during that time, thereby establishing themselves as the perfect method of REO’s, Builder/Developer and Luxury Condo close-outs. During this time, REDC assisted distinguished institutions such as Pulte, Centex, DR Horton. In addition REDC conducted hundreds of Developer auctions. <br />
  14. 14. DISTINGUISHED CLIENTS<br />3<br />
  15. 15. AUCTION MARKETING PROGRAM<br />CONCEPT<br />The goal of any good auction marketing campaign is to drive end users to the website, brochure, property and ultimately to the auction itself as a mentally prepared and financially qualified bidder.<br />TELEVISION ADVERTISING<br />Advertise in all major broadcast and cable networks<br />Maximize market exposure and frequency<br />PRINT ADVERTISING<br />Advertise in all major national, local and regional papers<br />Target multiple groups through ethnic and multilingual publications<br />WEBSITE<br />Updated daily and in real-time<br />Auction day information available<br />Link to preferred Lender for pre-qualification<br />Extensive inventory and disclosure information<br />Link to Bidder Registration <br />PUBLIC RELATIONS<br />Full scale public relations campaign<br />Local and national broadcast and print media<br />MARKETING ALLOCATION PLAN<br />4<br />
  16. 16. SALES & LOGISITICS<br />ON-SITE SALES OFFICE STAFFING<br /><ul><li>REDC will completely staff your sales center during the auction marketing campaign as well as during the 30-45 day post-auction period.</li></ul>LENDING SERVICES<br /><ul><li>REDC has relationships with numerous financial institutions allowing REDC to provide turn-key service to our clients (including assisting in FHA and Fannie Mae project approval).</li></ul>CLOSING COORDINATION<br /><ul><li>REDC personnel will work as liaisons with the selected Escrow, Title, Attorneys and Lender Companies to monitor and assist with all closings to assure the fastest possible service.</li></ul>DAILY TRAFFIC REPORT<br />REDC will electronically forward a daily report recapping all foot traffic for all properties to the Seller.<br />5<br />
  17. 17. DEVELOPER AUCTION TIMELINE<br />50 Days Prior<br />30 Days Prior<br />43 Days Prior<br />1 Day Post<br />20 Days Post<br />Days Until Auction<br />Media <br />Campaign<br />Begins And<br />Website Becomes Active<br />Auction Sales Center Opens<br />Post-Auction<br />Process Begins<br />And Any Additional Marketing (if Necessary)<br />Developer<br />Checklist<br />Due<br />All Auction <br />Day Sales <br />Close<br />Auction<br />DAY<br />Execution of <br />Contract<br />6<br />
  18. 18. RECENT DEVELOPER AUCTIONS<br />New York, NY<br />November ’09<br />54 Luxury Condos<br />Dallas, TX<br />June ’08*<br />RECENT BUILDER AUCTIONS<br />RECENT BUILDER AUCTIONS<br />*<br />7<br />
  19. 19. THE REDC DIFFERENCE<br />The Nation’s Largest Real Estate Auction Firm<br />THE GLOBAL LEADER IN REAL ESTATE AUCTIONS<br /><ul><li>State-of-the-Art Technology
  20. 20. Unparalleled Marketing Program</li></ul>OUR MARKETING STRATEGY: END USERS<br /><ul><li>85% of Auction Bidders are End Users
  21. 21. End Users are More Emotionally Attached and Willing to Pay Retail
  22. 22. More End Users = Best in Class Execution</li></ul>THE REAL DEAL<br /><ul><li>Auctions with Unpublished Reserve Protects Your Downside
  23. 23. Enormous Traffic Ensures Price Discovery
  24. 24. Robust reporting capabilities
  25. 25. Pay for Performance – We Only Get Paid at Closing
  26. 26. Fee Structure Presented in Complimentary Proposal</li></ul>FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT:<br />Tony Belasco<br />VP of Business Development<br />Real Estate Disposition, LLC<br />3606 S. Ocean Blvd., #601<br />Highland Beach, FL 33487<br />(954) 770 – 2648<br /><br />8<br />