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what is the Serena Mashup Exchange

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  • you can also go to and see the rate your country currency related to others like eur / usd
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  • Serena Mashup Exchange

    1. 1. Serena Mashup Exchange - it doesn't get any easier... Abed Farhan Mashup Exchange Business Development, Serena
    2. 2. Business Mashups Value Automate Collaborate Innovate Be More Productive
    3. 3. What is the Serena Mashup Exchange? On-Line Business Marketplace Mashups Web Services Best Practices Community Try Deploy Over 325 Mashup assets 25 Charter Member- subject matter experts 2000 community members Mashup Demos Web Services What works for you? Right solution at the right time Search
    4. 4. A Simple Business Model
    5. 5. Find best practices, try & buy Mash Yourself with everything you need to build automated processes Connect with community experts and use the wisdom of the crowds Automate with confidence thru business-grade Mashups and Web Services What’s in it for Business Consumers?
    6. 6. Extend reach & diversify channels Be First to market with Web 2.0 and SaaS services. “It is going to the cloud.” Differentiate product set and add value to core competency Get Integrated and stay relevant What’s in it for Partners? Aggressive, Innovative Mashup Campaigns - 1.2m+ hits on youtube Non-competing Business Model
    7. 7. Circles of Influence
    8. 8. What you get – for free Be profiled on the Exchange Build private and public communities Post and promote their Serena Business Mashups Use Serena’s marketing campaigns & tools FREE Tutorials & Advice from Expert Mashers Free Software, No Fees, No Points Download free pre-built mashups
    9. 9. Customers & Partners Brand Their Own MicroExchange: Secured Private Free MicroMarket: For Sale F $ F F F F $ F $     
    10. 10. The Partner Process
    11. 11. Serena Mashup Exchange – The Marketplace
    12. 12. What is the Plan?
    13. 13. How To…
    14. 14. Content is King Utilize Partner expertise & Mashups Use the assets - they are just for you! 272 Web Services Amazon Zip Codes D&B Credit Check Currency Rates Flickr to FedEx 58 Mashups Free and for a Fee 25 Charter Members Many Here At TAG 44 Marketing Campaigns Promoting Business Value
    15. 15. Case in Point Strike Iron Web Services in the cloud Jaduka Voice enablement Web Services Thomas Howe Company Voice-enabled Mashups
    16. 16. In Summary
    17. 17. Questions?