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Iap Iap Document Transcript

  • IAP: LECTURE 29/1/2014 Media:               Normally , we defined in two ways First of all, when we talking then we used any languagees, Languages is also communication of medium. Medium is may be languages We receive voice with the help of waves. So we can say that, waves is also a medium. What is medium??? It Is technique of communciation or way of commucatioins. Normally in life, we used the Wired or guided media. And unguided or wirless media .. Above two cateogries are explained. For electricity, we used the media.. Signal can be tranmsitted in the form of media. Signal can be tranmistted in any form. GUIDED MEDIA: 1. TWSTED PAIR CABLE  Cable is twisted so it called twisted.  And it wire is in the form of pair is called pair cable..  On a single wire  Four wire tranmistted the data and four wire use for the control signal.  When we tranmisted the data, then extra information is tranmisted, or attached,  Two additonal inforamtional attached it. i.e:  Actual reciver address and actual sender address is considered as the additional information. OR SOURCE AND DESTINATION ADDRESS.  Signal control and data are tranmitted separately. i.e:  4 wire used for signal control. tranmission  And 4 wire used for data tranmission  It is for one single wire..  DSL CABlE THAT is twisted pair cable..  Yellow color show the coating on the cable…  On the DSL, we used the NIC (Network interface card) or LAN Card.
  •               Cat 5 use for categorized 5 it is written on the coaxial cable.. And now a day it is caT 7.. CAT 7 USED 1000MBPS This card is attached with the cable.. We can’t directly attach the cable. We used the conectors. For this, we used the RJ45 Connectores. This connectors have the 8 wire. Ptcl black wire is called twisted pair cable. Conector used is RJ11. AND this connector have the four wire. It is for the ptcl. And it is soft wire. If we want to conect the network, OR we establish the network of two devices t then we need the following : 1. Twisted pair Wire 2. LAN or NIC 3. Connector use as media RJ45 Smallest two computers network may sharing data without using wan. We can tranmisted data without using internet ..i t may be in LAN. SS7 (SIGNAL ING SYSTEM NO 7) IT IS TOPIC FOR WIRELESS. The waits required before the connecting of the call then it will be called the SS7. MOBILE PHONE IS AN EXMAPLE FOR IT. EXTRA: FREE LIANCES: 1)What is colors of eight wire that is 4 used for the data and control..??? and 2) which one wire is used the 4 wire for the data tranmission and which one is use 4 wire for the signal Controlling purpose??? Search on google
  • 2. COAXIAL CABLE  WE can use in lan.  We also use in bus topology.  Centralized cable is coaxial cable.  And connecting cable we use that is twisted pair cable  We use for data tranmission.  In home, we have the cable network (black color ) is the coaxial cable.  And we use the connector is BNC(BRITISH NAVEL CABLE)  NOYECE OR NAVEL 3. FIBRE OPTIC CABLE:  It is very costly cable.  Isp provides the internet services for internet .  Fibre optic cable have the some times problem  Good company used the fibr e optic cable..  It is more flexible and relaible. WIRLESS MEDIA:  In wirless media , we used the waves.  Maito waves, radio waves , bluethoth, wifi, SATEllite , infrared ..it is also the wirless media.  And LIFI TECHNOLOGY WE USED NOW a day as the wirless media. Protocol:         We set the rules and standard for the specific task or activities. We set the standards and rules against the any specific activities. A procol is set of rules , rulguations in standards. i.e PM PROTOCOL EMAIL IS AN EXAMPLE FOR THE PROTOCL It used the Smtp (single mail transfer protocol) and When we recived it , then we used the POP. (Post office protocol) or we received the mail. http is also procol . (hyper text tranfer protocol)
  •        we used to access the webpages 65535 protocl we used approxaimetly. In other word, we can say that, we can be done the 65535 tasks approxiametly. We can’t change the stucute of hotmail or anyother task. We just change the color. Web page accessing is diferent from the mail actions. ERROR:  Whenever we tranmist the data, but data is change then it is called error.  If we tranmistted the multiple bits, and more than one bits is changed then we will be called as The bit error. i.e: 00011011---------0001001  First of all, error is detected. Then we used the different techniques  CR IS A METHOD thorugh we can find the error (cycling reduncing) and it is used for it. MULTIPLEXING:      Single wire Single channel Data Tranmitted more than one two user Separately data is tranmissted. It is technique which is used to share the medium TYPES: TDM:  TIME Division multplexing
  •     If we purchase the 4 mb connection, or we can say that we purchase the one mb bandwidth and We want to share the 4 mb conections into four different people .according to times. One user used it and returned it one by one. For example 4 MB---1(4SEC) ----2 (4SEC) ------3 (4SEC) --------4(4 sec)          BUT, we donot divide the bandwidth. 1 mb for the user no 1. 1 mb for the user no 2. 1 mb for the user no 3. 1 mb for the user no 4. If we want to take the 1 mb internet, then it will be share. But when we take the dedicated connection ..because dedicated connection is very expensive. So mostly we used the share connections. NETCAFE also use the share internet. And that’ why it is slow.  Statiscal time division multplexing done itself  Bandwidth is the capacity of change.. FDM: ROLL NO_NAME_ASSIGNEMTN Mail to cr. And download the slides from the website …