Digital Marketing - An Introduction


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Digital Marketing - An Introduction with SEO, Social Media, PPC, Adwords, Blogging, Email Marketing and Marketing Trends.

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Digital Marketing - An Introduction

  1. 1. - An Intro Abdul Malick Digital Marketing Consultant
  2. 2. Internet - Overview The internet is an excellent channel for promoting your business to potential clients anywhere, anytime. All they need is your website address, whether from a business card, an advert, letterhead, email or search engines. The Internet has enabled entirely new forms of social interaction, activities, and organizing, thanks to its basic features such as widespread usability and access.
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  5. 5. Why you need to be online? Your market and competitors are already there. If you market and sell products or services to a middle-class clientele, you need to extend your strategy to include the internet. Web users expect the highest convenience and information at their fingertips. All companies need a website as their central point of contact. If your details don’t come up in a web search, you will be ignored. customers are fickle. they will not expend a lot of energy to find you online. Even worse, if your competitor is easy to find online, your potential customers will happily turn to them. Since Indians are using, socializing and buying on the web – and especially because current advertising spend is still very low – now is an excellent time to move your marketing into the online sphere and capitalize on a new and connected audience. audiences want to interact with and converse about your brand and products. Give them the opportunity to do it in a mediated space, and become part of the discussion. online marketing is almost always cheaper and more targeted than traditional. You can reach the best customers at the lowest price.
  6. 6. Website - Overview A website will maximize your marketing investment, by leveraging this versatile and dynamic marketing channel which is the internet. There is much more you can do with your website from gathering contact details and information about visitors to your site, to ultimately trading on- line. It becomes your virtual shop window enabling you to compete on much more equal terms with much larger organizations. •a personal website •a commercial website •a government website •a non-profit organization website Organized by function, a website may be
  7. 7. 3/4/10
  8. 8. Web Technology • Web Design : Photoshop, Paint, frontpage… • Web Development : PHP, ASP, ASP.Net, JSP…. Development • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) • Pay Per Click (PPC) • Social Media • Blogs and Forums • Email Marketing…… Marketing
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  10. 10. Digital Marketing- Overview Digital marketing is marketing technique that makes use of electronic devices (computers) such as PC, Mobile, Tablets and other e-devices to engage with customers. Digital marketing applies technologies or platforms such as websites, e-mail, apps (classic and mobile) and social networks. Many organizations use a combination of traditional and digital marketing channels. The term 'digital marketing' was first used in the 1990s. In the 2000s and the 2010s, digital marketing became more sophisticated as an effective way to create a relationship with the consumer that has depth and relevance.
  11. 11.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  Pay Per Click (PPC)  Social Media Marketing (SMM)  Local Marketing  Email Marketing  Banner/ Display Advertising  Content Writing and Marketing  Video Marketing  Mobile Marketing  Reputation Management  Online Brand Management Digital Marketing Options…
  12. 12. Organic vs Paid vs Local
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  14. 14. Next to email, Search is the most popular online activity Search engine results continue to get better every year Today, Google knows about more than 1 trillion web pages, and they find 2 billion new ones every day Just as we rely on search engines, they need our help to improve their relevance. Good or bad… we are what Google says we are. The State of Search
  15. 15. Social Media…
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  18. 18. Digital Marketing Options For Business
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  20. 20. Source : Smart insights
  21. 21. Physical Office >>> Website Direct Postal Mail >>> Email Traditional Advertising >>> Online Advertising Surveys, Polls And Market Research >>> Web Analytics Traditional PR >>> Web PR Word Of Mouth >>> Viral Online Equivalents Of Traditional Techniques
  22. 22. Abdul Malick.M Digital Marketing Consultant Reach Me @ +91-99942 04540 Thank You