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Pepsi co

  1. 1. WHAT IS A BRAND?A brand is the set of values, ideals, strengths and weaknesses that become tied toyour business. A brand carries with it the power to inspire and influence yourcustomers; it creates a set of subconscious associations in their minds and sets youapart from the herd.What do you think of when you think of a top brand?•Quality•Reliability•Customer serviceOr do you think of their advertising campaigns?•Their Logos•Their Slogans•Their PromisesIts amazing how much advertising promotion we absorb every day. Logos, slogansand associated advertising methods (particularly background music) stick like mud."The car in front is a (?)"..."Im loving it"... "Think different"... "Welcome to ourNetwork"...Just a few, but Im certain you can name the brands.
  2. 2. BRAND PROMOTION STRATEGIES•You need to think big. You need to think out of the box. You need to dispel anynotions of what is usual or expected. You need to grab your audience and youneed to keep them until they are fully aware that you exist and that you meanbusiness.•Look to your business mission statement and ask what it is that you want topromote. Of course you need to sell your product, you need to make money, butyou also need to survive, and in order to do that you need to form an impressionon your market.•Dont copy your competitors, be original instead - look to companies that inspireyou for inspiration.•Word of mouth is by far the most effective form of advertising. People ignorePop-up windows, but theyll listen to their best friend. If you provide a qualityservice people will recommend you.•Customers want quality. If you can provide quality at a decent price they willcome back, inspiring customer loyalty is part of a strong brand identity.•You may want to hire a professional to help shape your business model, or toimprove your advertising scheme.
  3. 3. ABSTRACT• Brand promotion is a strategy that is commonly used in marketing in orderto increase customer loyalty, awareness of products, and sales. Instead offocusing on a specific product or products, a company instead tries to focuson the promotion of its brand. This strategy has been proven to be veryeffective in marketing, and many companies currently employ it. Typically,companies rely on repetition in advertising in order to familiarize customerswith the brand.• Companies have used brand promotion for many years, and it is stillsuccessful in todays market. With this strategy, one of the primaryobjectives of the company is to increase brand awareness. Whencustomers become aware of a brand, they are much more likely to give it atry. Brands that are unknown generally do not perform as well ascommonly known brands.
  4. 4. ABSTRACT• Another primary objective of brand promotion is to create customer loyalty.Studies have shown that customers are very loyal to brands. Once the habit ofpurchasing a brand is formed, a consumer will generally go back to that samebrand again and again. There are certain types of consumers who only focuson purchasing the cheapest product in the market; however, many consumersare loyal to brands and may be willing to pay a little bit more for them.• Brand promotion also leads to increases in sales in many cases. Businesseshope that by utilizing brand promotion, they can increase the number ofunits that are sold and increase profitability as a result. While brandpromotion does not always succeed, businesses that do it effectively areoften much more successful than their competitors. • In most cases, businesses try to create brand awareness by utilizing repetition. Typically, the average person has to see or hear of a brand more than five times before it sticks in the mind. This means that businesses try to advertise the brand name and get it out into the public so that customers will become aware of it.
  5. 5. Redefining Marketing ResearchThe American Marketing Association(AMA) redefined Marketing Researchas:The function which links the consumer, thecustomer, and public to the marketerthrough INFORMATION
  6. 6. Redefining Marketing Research Used to identify and define market opportunities and problems Generate, refine, and evaluate marketing performance Monitor marketing performance Improve understanding of marketing as a process
  7. 7. Marketing ResearchMarketing research is the systematic and objective  identification  collection  analysis  dissemination  and use of informationfor the purpose of improving decision making related tothe  identification and  solution of problems and opportunities in marketing.
  8. 8. Marketing Research• Specifies the information necessary to address these issues• Manages and implements the data collection process• Analyzes the results• Communicates the findings and their implications
  9. 9. INTRODUCTION Pepsi is a carbonated soft drink produced andmanufactured by PepsiCo. The drink was first made in the1890s by pharmacist Caleb Bradham in New Bern, NorthCarolina. The brand was trademarked on June 16, 1903.There have been many Pepsi variants produced over theyears since 1898. In 1903, Bradham moved the bottling ofPepsi-Cola from his drugstore to a rentedwarehouse. That year, Bradham sold 7,968gallons of syrup. The next year, Pepsi was soldin six-ounce bottles, and sales increased to19,848 gallons. In 1926, Pepsi received its firstlogo redesign since the original design of 1905.
  10. 10. Current Position PepsiCo is the second largest food and beverage company in the world. Itmanufactures markets and sells a variety of salty, sweet and grain-based snacks,carbonated and non-carbonated beverages PepsiCo seeks to achieve growth andlong-term value in its operational activities by creating competitive advantagesthrough new product innovation In 2006, PepsiCo acquired Izze Beverage Company Naked Juice and StacysPita Chip Company in the US, Star Foods in Poland, and Bluebird Foods in NewZealand. It has expanded its presence in the non carbonated drinks as well assnacks The company’s volume grew by 5.5% in 2006 compared with 2005 In 2007,the company plans to expand its market share through further acquisition andjoint ventures. In 2009, company has its revenue upto 43.2 Billion US$ and its net incomewas 8.04 Billion US$.
  11. 11. PEPSI & ITS INDUSTRIES• FOOD SEGMENT • BEVERAGE SEGMENT• Aliva • Pepsi • Mirinda• Kurkure • 7up• Frito lays • Pepsi maxx• cheetos • Aquafina • Slice • Nimbooz • tropicana
  13. 13. A Classification of Marketing Research Marketing Research Problem Problem Solving Identification Research ResearchMarket Potential Research Segmentation ResearchMarket Share ResearchMarket Characteristics Research Product ResearchSales Analysis Research Promotion ResearchForecasting Research Distribution ResearchBusiness Trends Research
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