Marketing chapter wise pepsi project marketig applied qns 1 practise


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Marketing Book Practically guideline Pepsi Project

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Marketing chapter wise pepsi project marketig applied qns 1 practise

  1. 1. Assignment: MarketingCompany Project: PepsiMade By: Abdul BasitInstitution: GC University Faisalabad,(This project is practically guideline forBs hons,,Mba Students.I worked hardfor this project which tells almost allmarketing by Kotler chapter wise.Reserchcan done on internet about marketing butapplied questions into project are verypractically written, you will not be able toseek out like this document.If you like it join me at Basit (Positiveviews)www.abdulbasit.niceone@gmail.comCompany History:Pepsi cola started in the January 1898, from a small Drug storein the city of North Carolina. The owner of the Drug store, Mr.
  2. 2. Caleb Bradham, prepared a drink, which the customers called"the Bred Drink". Bred registered this drink with the name ofPepsi Cola in 1903. Then he started his own production at Marcolevel and established his own company. The business expandedand this drink got fame time. In 1909 this company reached to 24states of America with more than 250 dealers. The very firstpacking of Pepsi was in 16.5 ounce.The word Pepsi comes from the Greek word "pepsi" (πέψη),which is a medical term, describing the food dissolving processwithin ones stomach. It is also a medical term that describes aproblem with ones stomach to dissolve foods properly.As Pepsi was initially intended to cure stomach pains, manybelieve Bradham coined the name Pepsi from either thecondition dyspepsia (Greek: δυσπεψία, stomach ache orindigestion) or the possible one-time use of pepsin root as aningredient (often used to treat upset stomachs). It was made ofcarbonated water, sugar, vanilla, rare oils, and kola nuts.Whether the original recipe included the enzyme pepsin isdisputed.In 1903, Bradham moved the bottling of Pepsi-Cola from hisdrugstore into a rented warehouse. That year, Bradham sold7,968 gallons of syrup. The next year, Pepsi was sold in six-ounce bottles and sales increased to 19,848 gallons. In 1924,Pepsi received its first logo redesign since the original design of1905. In 1926, the logo was changed again. In 1929, automobile
  3. 3. race pioneer Barney Old-field endorsed Pepsi-Cola in newspaperads as "A bully drink...refreshing, invigorating, a fine bracerbefore a race".In 1932 Pepsi cola has introduced its new packing in 12 ounce.In 1950 Pepsi Cola has started its new Advertising Campaignwith the name of "Refresh without Filling". It also changed thechemical formula and decreased its sweetness and calories.With the efforts of the Sales & Marketing Department, Pepsi gotso much fame that it established new plants at a rate of thirtyper annum. In 1985 the design of the bottle has been changedafter 20 years. And a new and attractive packaging has beenoffered with two new flavors i.e., Teem & Mininda.Today Pepsi is available in more than 155 countries of the worldincluding Soviet Union & China.Pepsi Cola International:Pepsi Cola International (PCI) Company includes in beveragesindustry. PCI is well-reputed multinational organization, which isdoing its business in almost every part of the world. Thecompany is registered in New York stock exchange U.S.A tomake a better control over the business. PCI has given themanufacturing rights to different local companies that are calledas franchises.
  4. 4. Table1.Slogans/Logos of Pepsi throughdifferent period of times 1898 Brads Drink 1903 Exhilarating, Invigorating, Aids Digestion 1906 Original Pure Food Drink 1908 Delicious and Healthful 1915 For All Thirsts - Pepsi: Cola 1919 Pepsi: Cola - It makes you Scintillate 1920 Drink Pepsi: Cola - It Will Satisfy You 1928 Peps You Up! 1929 Heres Health! 1932 Sparkling, Delicious 1933 Its the Best Cola Drink 1934 Double Size Refreshing and Healthful 1938 Join the Swing to Pepsi 1939 Twice as Much for a Nickel 1943 Bigger Drink, Better Taste 1947 Its a Great American Custom 1949 Why Take Less When Pepsis Best? 1950 More Bounce to the Ounce 1954 The Light Refreshment Refreshing Without Filling 1958 Be Sociable, Have a Pepsi 1961 Now Its Pepsi for Those Who Think Young 1963 Come Alive! Youre in the Pepsi Generation 1967 Taste that Beats the Others Cold, Pepsi Pours It On. 1969 Youve Got a Lot to Live, Pepsis Got a Lot to Give 1973 Join the Pepsi People Feelin Free 1976 Have a Pepsi Day! 1979 Catch That Pepsi Spirit
  5. 5. Take the Pepsi Challenge 1981 Pepsis Got Your Taste for Life 1983 Pepsi Now! 1984 The Choice of a New Generation 1987 Americas Choice 1989 A Generation Ahead 1992 Gotta Have It 1993 Be Young, Have Fun, Drink Pepsi 1995 Nothing Else is a Pepsi 1997 Generation Next 1998 Same Great Taste 1999 The Joy of Cola 2000 The Joy of Pepsi 2003 Pepsi. Its the Cola 2005 Dare for more "Wild Thing"/"Ask For More" 2011 "More Happy"/"Taste the one thats /2012 forever youngCore Brands:Carbonated Soft drinks, Energy drinks, Juice drinks, Drink
  6. 6. coffees and Tea, Sports drinks, Water.Brand Names:AquafinaLipton BriskMtn DewMugPepsiMirindaTropicana Twister sodaProducts:Pepsi,Dew,Dole juice,Aquafina,Lipton,Tazo,Naked,G2 (sportsdrink),AMPEnergy,Lays,Teem,Kurkure,StringDrink,Looza(juice),Sierr Mist,Latle,Propel zero, Mist NaturalPackaging:Pepsi Cola uses glass cans and plastic bottles of differentquantity.Packaging:Pepsi 1.5 LiterPepsi 2.25 LiterRegular Pepsi 250 mlPepsi Can or Tin 300 mlPepsi Current Labling:Logo is the identity of Pepsi.
  7. 7. Product Support Services:Pepsi cares his customers always. For customer help,information and feedback of its products improvement PepsiWebsite, email, contact numbers are supported to them.Products Mix:Product Product Lines Length DepthNamesPepsi Diet Pepsi,Diet 7 Pepsi Diet (5) Pepsi lime,Diet Pepsi Pepsi Max(3) vanilla,Pepsi, Diet Pepsi Wild Pepsi Regular cherry,Pepsi (5) MAX,Pepsi NEXT,Pepsi Pepsi Twist(3) twistMirinda Mirinda 2 Mirinda Orange,Mirinda Orange (1) Apple Mirinda Apple (2)Mtn Dew Diet Mtn 5 5 Dew,Mtn Dew,Mtn Dew Live Wire,Mtn Dew code Red,Mtn Dew Dark Berry,Mtn Dew White
  8. 8. out,Mtn Dew Voltage,Mug Diet Mug 3 Diet Mug Cream Cream Soda(1) Soda,Mug Mug Cream cream Soda(2) Soda,Diet Mug Cream,Tropicana Tropicana 4 5Twister Twister SodaSoda Diet Orange, Tropicana Twister Soda Grape, Tropicana Twister Soda Orange, Tropicana Twister Soda StrawberryLipton Lipton 2 4 Brisk,Pure leaf,Aquafina Aquafina 2 Aquafina (2) Flavor Spash, Aquafina Aquafina Flavor Spash(1)Dole Juice Dole Juice, 2 3 Dole Juice Sensation7UP 7up Regular 2 7up Regular 7up Diet (5) 7up Diet (3)Pepsi Products Width:Width means number of products lines in product mix.Pepsi Product lines are nine and they are subdivided byindividually.
  9. 9. Pepsi Segmentation and Target MarketSegmentation Variables DataGeographic:World region Asia,Europe,UsaCountries Pakistan and more than 155 countriesCities All major citiesDensity UrbanClimate Hot and dryDemographic:Age 5-45Gender Male and femaleFamily life cycle 1-2,3-4,5+Income Rs.10000+Occupation Professionals,Students,House holdsEducation Schools,Collages,UniversitiesReligion Major religion of Islam, Christianity and Hinduism and small percentage of othersNationality Pakistani,South American, North American and othersPsychographic:Social Class Middle class, Upper class.Life Style Believers, Achievers, Strivers, Experience’s makers and StrugglersBehavioral:Occasions Parties, Birthdays, Sports and Regular OccasionsBenefits Quality, Taste
  10. 10. User status First time user, regular userLoyalty Status StrongReadiness Aware, InterestedTarget Market:Pepsi customers are mostly young group between the ages of 5to 45 and also target at School, Collages, Universities, Homes,Restaurant, Hotel and Stores.Positioning Strategy:The mission of Pepsi is towards reaching to the last consumerand leaving name in their minds.Positioning In Relation To A Competitor And QualityPepsi uses the positioning strategy which is related to thecompetitor because it consider that it is market leader and it tryto present its products quite different in taste,packaging,stylesdesigning and quality than its competitors such as coca colaetc.Pepsi follow the quality positioning strategy.Marketing Mix:1.Product, 2.Price, 3.Place,4.Promotion
  11. 11. 1.Product:According to products and service types, Pepsi containsConvenience food and soft drink products.Pepsi Product Attributes:Pepsi is available in a bottle,can,paper glass.Pepsi products aredelicious and sweet and the packaging is comfortable to hold.Pepsi helps quench our thirst and cools us off.Drinking Pepsi shows that I am cool and I have made a popularchoice.2.Price:Following factors Pepsi kept in mind while determining thepricing strategy.1) Price should be set according to the product demand of public.2) Price should be that which gives the company maximum revenue.3) Price should not be too low or too high than the price competitor is charging from their customers otherwise nobody will buy your product.4) Price must be keeping the view of your target market.5) Pepsi focuses on allowance and discountable price.3.Place (distribution channels)
  12. 12. Pepsi uses the following ways for distribution Of its products. Direct distribution: • The key accounts are different wholesalers, restaurants and hotels like Pizza Hut, KFC, Metro serve as a place for key sale.These are known as national key accounts are very important in terms of completion. • Export parties Indirect distribution: • Through Base market distributors • Through Outstation distributors 4.Promotion: Pepsi promotes its products through these ways: TV Newspapers Billboards Internet RadioPepsi Product Life Cycle:Introduction Level:Pepsi introduces its new products and place it on the market forconsumers.Pepsi also spends a lot of money advertising thenew flavor creating awareness.Growth Level:
  13. 13. Customers like the flavor and begin to make routine purchasesand competitor Coke introduces their competing products andflavor.Maturity Level:More competitors enter the market taking some of Pepsi’sprofits.For example Tropicana juice is at maturity level now.Decline Level:Customers have moved on to the next new products and flavors.But some loyal fans stay behind.Buildiing customer value,satisfaction, andloyalty:Today Pepsi is the more successful brand in the world,thereason behind it is that Pepsi Co. always believe in buildingcustomer value. Pepsi know that “customer is the king” andShall continue to be so. Creating loyal customers is the heartOf Pepsi Co’s business.Pepsi dIfferent Products line Promises:
  14. 14. Marketing Srategy Of Pepsi:Pepsi corporate strategy is to concentrate their resources ongrowing beverages snack foods and fast food restaurantsbusinesses, through internal growth of each divisions andcarefully analyze different companies which are favorable foracquisition.
  15. 15. Pepsi New Product Development:Pepsi has developed new products like natural fruits juice andpartnership with Starbuck and Unilever Lipton to produce coffeeand tea. They developed also Sports drinks and Mineral water.Pricing Strategies:Pepsi uses market penetrating strategy. Pepsi tries to increasemarket share. Pepsi is available in Pakistan almost all cities.Product Mix Pricing Strategy:Pepsi uses Bundle pricing strategy like in Ramadan and Eidoccasions and on Other months Pepsi sets product line pricesagainst its Competitors. Pepsi tries to announce promotionalprices so that customers can more buy.Pepsi Advertising Objective:
  16. 16. Pepsi uses Reminder advertising objective because Pepsi adsprimarily build and maintain the Pepsi Co brand relationshiprather than inform or persuade customers to buy in the shortrun.Pepsi Budget:Pepsi advertising budget for advertising soft drinks used to beon par with that of Coca Cola till about 5 years back, but lastyear Pepsi spent only $153 million on soda ads, while thecompetitive party Coca Cola’s spent $ 253 million.Developing Advertising Strategy:Advertising strategy consists of two major elements: creatingadvertising messages and selecting advertising media.Message Stretegy;Company created big idea with advertising purpose like thatPepsi made the program is aimed at identifying the CricketTalent in the Pakistani Youth and would help in developingskilled Cricketers at grassroots level. They made statement“Auo badal du zamana”.Advertising Appeal:Pepsi advertising appeal is believable, convincible and meaningfull like”Dil ha tu mangu aur” and its different from others.
  17. 17. Execution Styles:Slice of Life:Pepsi according to this style shows how a product fits in with aparticular life styles.Life Style:Pepsi life style people who uses it middle and upper class andbelievers, achievers, strivers.Fantasy;Pepsi mostly uses fantasy advertising like String energy adsshow fantasy.Personality;Pepsi started advertising with different Pakistani Cricket starslike Waseem Akrim,Shahid Afridi and others countries actorsTo enhance their consumptions.Musical;Pepsi uses on some bottles cartoons and music to attractcustomers.