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Cost share

  1. 1. Business and Fiscal Officers Meeting - 4/20/10 Presented by: Glen Jones, Director Post-Award Research and Sponsored Programs
  2. 2.  Cost Share Defined Allowable and Unallowable Cost Share Identification of Sources Regulations Audits and repercussions Documenting Cost Share
  3. 3.  Cost sharing or matching is that portion of the project or program costs not borne by the sponsor.
  4. 4.  Mandatory, required, condition of award Voluntary Committed, offered, excess of mandatory, not a condition to be considered for the award Voluntary Uncommitted, effort or expenditures that are in excess of committed and budgetedSpecial Note: Commitments in proposals become requirements upon award.
  5. 5.  Cost share from University sources are considered cash Value of non-cash contributions provided by a third party are considered in-kind
  6. 6.  Employee time, including fringe benefits Equipment Volunteer time or other contributed items Unrecovered F&A, if approved by sponsor Subrecipient cost-sharing Directly related supplies and services
  7. 7.  University funds Unrecovered Facilities and Administrative Costs Third party contributions Other Sponsored Projects
  8. 8.  Mandated by Sponsor Contribution is necessary to ensure success of competitive proposal
  9. 9.  Items normally treated as Indirect Specifically Unallowable Costs Cost share used on other projects Matching Federal with Federal
  10. 10. Items generally considered indirect cannot be cost share. These include: Department Administration Space Utilities Equipment (in some cases) Library resources
  11. 11.  Cost share must be expenditures incurred or services rendered during the period of award Some agencies expect / require expenditures to occur at same pace as federal dollars
  12. 12.  Verifiable from Official University Records Not cost sharing for other sponsored programs Necessary and reasonable for accomplishing project Allowable cost, as defined in OMB A-21 Incurred during effective award dates
  13. 13.  RSP will identify amount and proportion unmet RSP will ask PI to identify programmatic effect RSP will notify agency immediately Agency may require repayment of a proportionate share of grant funds ◦ Note: Unsatisfactory documentation may be treated as unmet cost share
  14. 14.  OMB A-110, Subpart c.23 NSF Grants Policy Manual, Section 330 and General Conditions, Section 21 Office of Education (EDGAR), Section 74.23 Other agency guidelines, including RFPs
  15. 15.  OMB A-133 Audits Program Audits Project Financial Audits Agency Audits Inspector General Audits
  16. 16.  Mandatory & Committed Cost Share must be documented Must be readily identifiable in the official records of the Institution Method of documentation is determined by type of award and type of cost share Inadequate documentation may result in disallowance
  17. 17.  Effort Report – Salary Employees◦ Prospective – Add Activity code to PAF, EPAF, GRA Agreement◦ Retrospective – Add Activity code to salary redistribution Time Card – Hourly Employees◦ Prospective – Add Activity code to PAF, Student Employment form◦ Retrospective – Add Activity code to salary redistribution
  18. 18.  Any Form where FOAP(AL) is a required field by adding the Activity Code. These forms include but are not limited to: ◦ DPO ◦ Requisition ◦ GRA Agreement – Tuition Portion ◦ Travel Authorization ◦ Petty Cash Voucher ◦ Journal Vouchers – Transfer cost to cost share
  19. 19.  Use when cost share funding is coming from cost share commitments from unrestricted sources outside of department where the grant resides. Notify RSP when Cost Share Orgn is set up in Banner, so RSP can add to FWAGRNT. Example - Commitments from Provost, VP Research and Dean’s Office. Activity code should still be used on all transactions processed against cost share orgn. Funded via budget transfers from unrestricted source commitments.
  20. 20.  Use Activity code on all transactions Change program code to match grant program code ◦ Example:  Cost Share of equipment for research grant 661111  Index – Fund – Orgn – Account – Program - Activity  211112-190000-211112-794500-20001-661111
  21. 21.  Notify RSP as to what grant or other restricted funds will be used as cost share for a grant RSP will add fund to Banner in FWAGRNT Add activity code to transactions on match fund if restricted source is used to cost share multiple grants Do not change program code of restricted source used as match ◦ Example:  Cost Share of equipment for research grant 661111  Index – Fund – Orgn – Account – Program - Activity  660000-660000-211112-794500-10002-661111
  22. 22.  Letter from Third Party or record in WSU Foundation for Third Party Contributions Letter or Foundation record should document the following: ◦ Valuation of donated services  Volunteer services  Employees of other organizations ◦ Valuation of third-party donated supplies and loaned equipment or service ◦ Valuation of third-party donated equipment, buildings, or land
  23. 23. Questions?