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  • 1. Sample RecceACTIVITY IS THE ADDITIONAL LOCATION COMMENTS SUITABLE FOR PRODUCTION?Look around the location. Yes The location I have chosen is suitable for being the location of where I take my pictures because the background goes well with the main part of the imageTalk to people there, organise filming Yes It’s an open publicpermissions. place so I don’t need permissionIdentify the equipment you need to use. Yes I am going to have a person holding a musical instrumentExamine and identify any potential health Yes There are no healthand safety issues and safety(Both people and equipment related issues problems in thee.g. crowd numbers being controlled; using location I havesafe cabling practices and video equipment chosenbeing set up in a sensible location that doesnot block access points or that damages theenvironment or frightens livestock)Look for interesting shots and camera Yesangles.Check the electricity supply. (For the Yes I will being using amajority of exterior locations you will be battery poweredusing battery power) device and I will make sure it is fully chargedDo a test sound/video recording and check Yes I don’t think noisefor potential noise problems (traffic noise will be a problemmay be a problem; is a location on a mainflight path to an airport?)Confirm times and dates with technical Yes This has been donecrew/actors or anybody you areinterviewing, etc.Arrange car parking, access, loading, Yes My crew will besecurity, where possible. making their way to the location by walkingMake sure everybody concerned with your Yesvideo production knows what is happeningand what is expected of them when onlocation.
  • 2. This is the location I have chosen, I think this is a good location as it is where a lot ofconcerts/gigs take place.