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Optimal Health (2)

  1. 1. Nutrilite Start It Right! Workshop
  3. 3. Best of Nature Nutrilite is the only global vitamin and mineral brand to grow, harvest and process plants on their own certified farms. (Based on an independent review by international market research firm Euromonitor Consultancy in 2006).
  4. 4. Nutrilite Farms – Certified Organic Lakeview, California El Petacal, Mexico Ceara, Brazil Trout Lake, Washington
  5. 5. Best of Nature  The power of phytonutrients – plant based nutrients.  Key ingredients in Nutrilite vitamin, mineral and dietary supplements.  Phytonutrient plant concentrates since the 1930s.
  6. 6. Best of Science  Nutrilite Founder. 70 years ago, Carl Rehnborg discovered the benefits of plant based nutrients.  Introduced the first multivitamin/multimineral supplement in 1934.
  7. 7. Best of Science  More than 50 clinical studies.  Over 150 granted and pending patents worldwide.  Scientists at the Nutrilite Health Institute keeps us constantly focused on the future of optimal health.
  8. 8. Best of Science  Over 400,000 product evaluations are conducted every year at all phases of production.
  9. 9. Best of You  A plant-based diet and sensible nutrition.  Exercise, rest and positive thinking.  Understand your lifestyle risk factors.  Without supplementation, achieving good nutrition is impossible.
  10. 10. Supplement with Nutrilite Products!
  11. 11. Halal Certificate  All Nutrilite Products sold in Malaysia are certified halal by IFANCA (The Islamic Food And Nutrition Council of America).  IFANCA is recognised by JAKIM (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia) in Malaysia to certify halal products in USA.
  12. 12. Nutrilite Positrim Drink Mix  Nutritious.  Convenient.  A Healthy Alternative.
  13. 13. Potential Users Anyone who :  wants to control caloric intake.  wants to add additional calories to his/ her normal diet.  wants a healthy balance of nutrients.
  14. 14. Nutrilite Protein Powder Nutrilite Protein Drink Mix(Mixed Berries Flavour) Soy Protein! Your Healthier Choice! Provides high-quality protein.
  15. 15. Why Soy Protein?  For health reasons, it is often recommended to cut down on protein sources –such as red meat, cheeses, eggs and whole milk.  Consumers who are allergic to milk and milk based products.
  16. 16. Why Soy Protein?  Soybeans contain isoflavones which are plant based (phyto) oestrogens – chemically similar to the female hormone oestrogen.  Studies show that diets that include 25 grams of soy protein isolate per day may help reduce the risk of heart disease.
  17. 17. Nutrilite Protein Powder  Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS) – method of evaluating protein quality by WHO.  Takes into account the amino acid of the protein, plus a rating of its digestibility by humans.  Nutrilite Protein scores 1.00 – the highest
  18. 18. With Active 8, Positrim, Skim milk & Fruits
  19. 19. Nutrilite Acerola Cherry Drink Mix Drink Your C’s!  Not carbonated.  Sweetened with natural fructose.  A 180ml serving has only 60 calories.
  20. 20. Nutrilite Acerola Cherry Drink Mix Drink Your C’s!  Vitamin C from acerola cherry concentrate.  Acerola Cherries are one of the richest sources of vitamin C (50 -60 times more vitamin C than oranges).
  21. 21. Nutrilite Active 8 Beverage Crystals  A healthier alternative to carbonated drinks.  Sweetened with fructose, which is slowly metabolised.  Provides water soluble B and C vitamins.
  22. 22. Potential Users  The entire family.  Athletes and pregnant women.
  23. 23. Nutrilite Supplements For Children  Start them Young.  Start them Right.  For children one year and above.  In a chewable form.
  24. 24.  Essential nutrients include calcium for bone growth.  B vitamins are essential to prevent fatigue, which is important in active children.  Vitamin C is an antioxidant that protects the body from free radical attacks.
  25. 25. Nutrilite Chewables Multivitamin and Iron Supplement  Delicious natural orange chewables.  Fructose is less cariogenic then sucrose.  A convenient way to supplement a child’s diet.  A supplement for picky eaters.  Vitamin B maintains healthy apetite.
  26. 26. Nutrilite Chewable Calcium Magnesium  Chocolate flavour.  For bone growth.  For proper functioning of the nerves and muscles.
  27. 27. Nutrilite Chewable Natural C  Delicious C for kids.  30mg of vitamin C from the exclusive Nutrilite Acerola Cherry concentrate.
  28. 28. Nutrilite Daily One tablet provides 100% US RDI of:  11 vitamins & 7 minerals.  Exclusive Nutrilite Concentrates.  A One –a-day multivitamin/multimineral for convenience.
  29. 29. Product Demonstration Plant Materials in Nutrilite Daily 1) Break a Nutrilite Daily food supplement in half. 2) Notice that the color remains constant throughout the tablets. Other manufacturers may have only a plant coating outside, but when the tablet is broken in half, the plant colour is not visible throughout the tablet.
  30. 30. Nutrilite Double X  Provides 12 vitamins, 9 minerals and 17 plant concentrates. Provides a foundation for personal health and wellness.
  31. 31. Nutrilite Double X Over 200 different plant concentrates were tested for: ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity). Antioxidant Panel (combat 5 types of free radicals). Phase II Enzyme Induction (protective enzymes). ATP Production (cellular energy).
  32. 32. Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity  Daily serving of Double X – ~3400 ORAC units – This is the same antioxidant content provided by combining together one serving each of fresh tomato, cucumber, cabbage, broccoli, banana, and melon.
  33. 33. Contribution of Individual Plant ExtractsTo ORAC Antioxidants
  34. 34. Activates Protective Enzymes  Help the liver and other organs eliminate dangerous substances.  Transform damaging compounds, allowing them to be quickly removed from the body. DOUBLE X™ contains natural plant concentrates known to support inactivation and elimination of potentially harmful substances.