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Nutrilite Herbal Forum


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  • 1. Nutrilite Herbal Forum
  • 2. Agenda Why Herbals? Why Nutrilite Herbals? Frequently asked Questions
  • 3. Why Herbals
    • Herbals also enhance our body functions.
    • Herbals are also preventive in nature.
    The next step beyond vitamins and minerals!
  • 4. Why Nutrilite Herbals?
    • Unique combination.
    • Synergistic functions.
    • Can be a part of optimal health.
  • 5. General Q&A 1) Why do we need herbals when we are already consuming vitamins and minerals?
    • Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients we need everyday.
    • Herbals help complement the functions of vitamins and minerals.
    • Herbals help maintain the body’s natural balance.
  • 6. General Q&A 2) Are Nutrilite Herbal Products recommended for children?
    • Can be consumed by children over 12 years of age. Suggested use is the same as adults.
    • 3) Are Nutrilite Herbal Products recommended for pregnant/nursing women?
    • Not recommended consumption by pregnant/ nursing women without first consulting with their physicians.
  • 7. General Q&A 4) Are there any other physical states/conditions for which use of this product is contraindicated?
    • Anyone with a medical condition should consult their physicians before using Nutrilite Herbal Products.
    • 5) Are there any interactions between Nutrilite Herbal Products and certain medications?
    • Due to individual differences in metabolism, consuming herbal products while using over-the-counter medications is not recommended. Please consult a physician for advice.
  • 8. General Q&A 6) When should Nutrilite Herbal Products be taken?
    • Nutrilite Herbal Products should be taken, preferably with meals or a snack.
    • 7) Can Nutrilite Herbal Products be taken with Nutrilite Supplements?
    Yes, can be taken with Nutrilite Supplements like tablets, food and drinks.
  • 9. Nutrilite EPO Plus 8) I am uncertain on just what roles progesterone and estrogen play in the menstrual cycle and how does it affect Pre-menstrual Syndrome?
    • If no pregnancy occurs, then both hormonal levels drop, followed by the menstrual period.
    • For a woman with PMS, estrogen levels will rise but not progesterone.
    • This imbalance results in PMS.
  • 10. Nutrilite EPO Plus 9) Can I take Nutrilite EPO Plus during my menstrual period?
    • Yes, you can.
    • One to four softgels a day, preferably with meals.
    • Dong quai promotes blood flow.
    • If heavy flow or prolonged mensus, then stop Nutrilite EPO Plus during the menstrual period.
  • 11. Nutrilite EPO Plus 10) When should a woman start taking Nutrilite EPO Plus?
    • Any woman can take Nutrilite EPO Plus, once she starts her menstruation cycle.
    • 11) Can a man take Nutrilite EPO Plus?
    • Not recommended for men.
    • Dong quai helps to increase estrogen hormone level, thus not recommended for men.
  • 12. Nutrilite Black Cohosh and Soy 12) Will menopausal symptoms last for the rest of my life?
    • For most women, symptoms of menopause last for a relatively short period.
    • Estrogen levels remain low after menopause.
    • Can affect many parts of the body.
  • 13. Nutrilite Black Cohosh and Soy 13) Do menopausal women experience PMS symptoms? If yes, can they take Nutrilite EPO Plus?
    • Some women do experience PMS - like symptoms.
    • Taking a multivitamin/multimineral supplement like Double X and a herbal remedy like Nutrilite EPO Plus can help to relief the symptoms.
  • 14. Nutrilite Black Cohosh and Soy
    • 14) When should this product be taken? Can this product be taken with other dietary supplements? How many tablets are recommended to be taken at one time?
    • This product should be consumed as one tablet three times daily, preferably with meals.
    • Discourage use with other dietary supplements – no information available.
  • 15. Nutrilite Black Cohosh and Soy
    • 15) We have come across an article in newspaper that mentioned that Black Cohosh may cause liver damage, is it true?
    • Did not quote any reference/study.
    • Did not mention when, where and how this study was done.
    • Did not mention the dosage of Black Cohosh and the period of time it was used that may cause liver damage.
  • 16. Nutrilite Black Cohosh and Soy 16) When should I discontinue using Nutrilite Black Cohosh and Soy?
    • Black Cohosh is normally taken during perimenopause or menopause stage.
    • Six months of continous supplementation with Nutrilite Black Cohosh & Soy should
    • not pose any health risk to anyone.
  • 17. Nutrilite Black Cohosh and Soy
    • 17) Can I take Nutrilite Black Cohosh & Soy to prevent menopause?
    • Menopause begins when menstruation has stopped for at least a year.
    • It is part of a woman’s life stage and not a disease, thus no preventive measures can be taken.
    • Nutrilite Black Cohosh and Soy is recommended to be taken at perimenopause stage.
  • 18. Nutrilite Saw Palmetto and Nettle Root 18) What are the potential benefits for using this product as recommended?
    • Saw Palmetto Extract, Nettle Root Extract, and Pumpkin Seed Oil help support normal prostate health.
    • Saw Palmetto is widely consumed by men over the age of 40.
    • Saw Palmetto and Nettle Root help support normal urinary flow.
  • 19. Nutrilite Saw Palmetto and Nettle Root 19) Are there any possible contraindications/precautions in taking the product?
    • No special precautions associated with taking Saw Palmetto.
    • Men who are experiencing symptoms should be examined by a physician, since the symptoms are similar to prostate cancer.
    • However, Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) can become a serious problem if left untreated.
  • 20. Nutrilite Saw Palmetto and Nettle Root 20) For a man who does not have BPH symptoms, should he start to take Nutrilite Saw Palmetto and Nettle Root?
    • Yes, we recommend all men 35 years
    • and above to take this product.
    • To maintain prostate health.
    • Preventive measure against (BPH).
    • 1 softgel daily on a regular basis.
  • 21. Nutrilite Siberian Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba 21) How is Siberian ginseng different from Korean, Chinese and American ginseng?
    • All are from the same botanical family (Araliaceae).
    • As an adaptogen, is more effective.
    • Having an extensive root structure, can
    • survive for many years.
  • 22. Nutrilite Siberian Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba 22) What are the potential beneficial effects of Siberian Ginseng?
    • Improve physical and mental performance.
    • Increase body’s non –specific resistance to stressful conditions.
    • Speedy recovery from fatigue.
    • Normalise energy metabolism.
    • Boost the body’s immune response.
  • 23. Nutrilite Siberian Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba 23) What are the potential beneficial effects of Ginkgo Biloba?
    • Improves blood circulation.
  • 24. Nutrilite Bilberry Plus 24) Is Nutrilite Bilberry Plus recommended to children?
    • Not recommended to children.
    • Mainly for adults for vision health.
    • Most eye problems associated with degeneration and circulatory inefficiency.
    • Age related macular degeneration (AMD) generally a tendency in older adults.
    Nutrilite Bilberry Plus is for vision health, not to correct vision.
  • 25. Nutrilite Bilberry Plus 25) Can Nutrilite Bilberry Plus be taken together with Nutrilite Multicarotene?
    • Both products are for eye health.
    Dietary Supplement Herbal Remedy For children For adults
  • 26. Nutrilite Triple Guard Echinacea 26) Can Nutrilite Triple Guard Echinacea be taken continously?
    • Nutrilite Triple Guard Echinacea is the only exception.
    • Do not consume this product continuously for more than 2 weeks.
  • 27. Nutrilite Triple Guard Echinacea 27) How do I take Nutrilite Triple Guard Echinacea when I have flu or am coming down with symptoms of flu?
    • Three tablets immediately, repeat twice the same day.
    • Nine tablets for the first three days.
    • Three tablets daily for up to two weeks.
    • Discontinue use for at least two weeks.
    • Resume consumption for another two straight weeks.
  • 28. Nutrilite Triple Guard Echinacea 28) Why should Nutrilite Triple Guard Echinacea be discontinued after 2 weeks of consumption?
    • Although Echinacea does help to enhance immune functions, continous use of this herb is not effective.
    • To minimise over-dependency of the immune system upon Echinacea to carry out its immune function properties.
  • 29. Nutrilite Milk Thistle and Dandelion 29) Can the herb Milk Thistle be taken long term?
    • Yes, for general liver health.
    • Our liver is involved in many functions.
    • on a daily basis.
    • Milk thistle a good start to boost liver function.
  • 30. Thank You!