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Amway Malaysia
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Amway Malaysia


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  • 1. AMWAY (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. Amway Corporate Foundation Programme
  • 2. AMWAY, CORPORATE OVERVIEW Amway Corporate Foundation Programme
  • 3. Our Vision Helping People Live Better Lives Amway Corporate Foundation Programme
  • 4. Founders’ Fundamentals Amway will always offer HOPE to the individual, will support the fundamental FREEDOM of people to determine their own future, allowing them the time and resources to protect and nurture their FAMILY , and receive REWARD in proportion to their efforts. Amway Corporate Foundation Programme
  • 5. Founders’ Fundamentals FREEDOM Freedom is our natural state and the most conducive environment in which we live, work, achieve and grow. FAMILY The family is our primary social structure, providing love and nurturing, heritage and legacy Amway Corporate Foundation Programme
  • 6. Founders’ Fundamentals HOPE Hope gives us the power to transform our lives in positive way. REWARD Reward involves the shared action of giving and receiving. Reward help us grow either as the giver or the recipient. Amway Corporate Foundation Programme
  • 7. Amway Corporation
    • Established in 1959 in USA by Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel
    • In more than 80 countries and territories
    Amway Corporate Foundation Programme
  • 8. Amway Corporate Foundation Programme
            • Steve Van Andel
            • Chairman Alticor Inc
            • Doug Devos
            • President Alticor Inc
  • 9. Amway, The World Leader
    • Amway has more than 600 issued patents and more than 400 pending patents.
    • Of these, to date (as at 20 Dec 05):
    • Artistry has more than 186 granted or pending patents
    • Nutrilite has 63 pending patent applications and has been granted more than 100 patents with 75 currently active
    Amway Corporate Foundation Programme
  • 10. Amway, The World Leader
    • Operating in over 80 countries and territories with more than 40 years of growth
    • Employs more than 430 R&D professionals and supportive staffs
    • Another 100 scientists working on nutrition and wellness products
    Amway Corporate Foundation Programme
  • 11. Amway Malaysia
    • Amway Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. established in 1976
    • Celebrating 30 th Anniversary in 2006
    • Public-listed company since 1996
    Amway Corporate Foundation Programme
  • 12. Amway Malaysia Financial Highlights
    • Sales of RM507million as at 31 Aug 2005
    • Growth for 26 years out of 29
    • Transparent – information available on
    Amway Corporate Foundation Programme
  • 13.
    • 13 Regional Distribution Centers (RDC)
    • Servicing 164,500 Amway core distributors nationwide as at 31 Aug 05
    Amway Regional Distribution Centres Alor Setar  Butterworth  Ipoh  Johor Bahru  Kota Kinabalu  Sibu  Melaka  Kuantan  Kuching  Miri  Petaling Jaya  Sandakan  Brunei Butterworth Ipoh Kuantan Petaling Jaya Johor Bahru Kota Kinabalu Sandakan Brunei Miri Kuching Sibu Melaka Amway Malaysia Alor Star Amway Corporate Foundation Programme
  • 14.
    • More than 200 meaningfully differentiated products
    • Products in 5 broad categories bearing the Amway trademark
    Nutrition & Wellness Skin Care & Cosmetics Personal Care Home Care Home Tech Locally sourced products via Personal Shoppers Catalogue Amway Corporate Foundation Programme
  • 15. Protecting consumers
    • Knowledge and training
      • average of 350 workshops a year, more than 29,000 distributors trained
      • products are properly represented
    • Code of Ethics
      • Set of regulations to ensure proper conduct by distributors
    Amway Corporate Foundation Programme
  • 16. Protecting consumers
    • Consumer protection program
      • Cooling-off period
      • Satisfaction Guarantee
      • Manufacturer warranty
    Amway Corporate Foundation Programme
  • 17.
    • Corporate governance
      • Amway has numerous awards and recognitions for achieving good corporate governance in the way it does business
    • Good corporate citizen
      • Providing gainful employment
      • Paying taxes every year
    Commitment Amway Corporate Foundation Programme
  • 18. AWARDS & ACCOLADES Amway Malaysia Top 10 Overall Best Managed Company in 2000 Top 10 Overall Best Managed Company, Corporate Governance and Treatment of Minority Shareholders categories in 2001 Asia Money Magazine
  • 19. AWARDS & ACCOLADES Amway Malaysia Finalist KLSE Corporate Awards for 2000 2001 2002 2003
  • 20. AWARDS & ACCOLADES Amway Malaysia Top 5 KPMG/The Edge Shareholder Value Awards 2002 2003
  • 21. AWARDS & ACCOLADES Amway Malaysia FinanceAsia Top 10 Asia’s Best Companies Best Managed Company and Best Corporate Governance categories for 2004
  • 22. section 1 AWARDS & ACCOLADES Amway Malaysia Ranked 27th among 132 companies in Latin America, Asia & Eastern Europe for Corporate Governance in 2003. EuroMoney
  • 23.
    • Amway’s long-term Global community programme
    • Why One By One?
      • We believe in helping children live better lives
      • We believe in helping children one at a time
      • We believe this reflects the very way distributors, when they sponsor others, help them to live better lives, one at a time
  • 24. One By One focuses on promoting positive mental health among children by creating
  • 25. Directly reaching children Creating awareness among distributors and public 2-pronged approach
  • 26. Wht’s the cause? Media Education Campaign A series of 12 articles sponsored under the One By One Campaign written by Dr Teoh Hsien-Jin touching on various aspects of a child’s mental health in 3 major newspapers: The Star Mingguan Malaysia Nanyang Siang Pau
  • 27. STARTER PACKS Amway Corporate Foundation Programme
  • 28. Home Care Starter Pack See Spray Window Cleaner Amway 1-litre Pump Dispenser LOC Multi Purpose Cleaner Prewash Spray Amway Squeeze Bottle Dish Drop
  • 29. Personal Care Starter Pack Glister Multi-action Fluoride Toothpaste Allano Hand & Body Lotion Allano Family Talcum Powder Satinique Daily Balance Shampoo G&H Complexion Bar Glister Toothbrush
  • 30. Artistry Starter Pack
    • Delicate Care System
    • Delicate Care Cleanser
    • Delicate Care Toner
    • Delicate Care Calming Moisturiser
  • 31. Artistry Starter Pack
    • Moisture Rich System
    • Moisture Rich Vitalising Cleanser
    • Moisture Rich Refreshing Toner
    • Moisture Rich Moisturiser SPF15
  • 32. Artistry Starter Pack
    • Clarifying System
    • Clarifying Foaming Cleanser
    • Clarifying Oil Control Toner
    • Clarifying Balancing Moisturiser SPF15
  • 33. Artistry Starter Pack
    • Pure White System 1
    • Pure White Cleanser
    • Pure White Toner
    • Pure White Moisturiser SPF15
  • 34. Artistry Starter Pack
    • Pure White System 11
    • Pure White Moisture Cleanser
    • Pure White Toner
    • Pure White Creme
  • 35. TRAINING WORKSHOP Amway Corporate Foundation Programme
  • 36. T R A I N I N G The following apply to all workshops:
    • Registration fee is RM 15 (Malaysia)
    • /Brunei $15 per person
    • Register at your nearest RDCs
    • Registration fees are NOT
    • refundable and NOT transferable
    • Workshops are open to Amway Distributors by
    • registration
    Amway Corporate Foundation Programme
  • 37. T R A I N I N G
    • For new workshop, priority registration will be
    • given to DD for 2 weeks
    • Registration is then open to all Distributors on
    • first-come-first-serve basis
    • On-the-spot registration are
    • NOT allowed
    • If you register through fax, please call
    • your nearest RDC to confirm booking
    Amway Corporate Foundation Programme
  • 38. T R A I N I N G
    • If payment is done by cash, payment at your
    • nearest RDC must be within 2 working days
    • If payment is done by credit card, please call your
    • nearest RDC to confirm booking
    • within 2 working days
    • registration is
    • easier, faster and more convenient
    Amway Corporate Foundation Programme
  • 39. Key in Access ID and Password Amway 2u .com Amway Corporate Foundation Programme
  • 40. Click on Event Registration Amway 2u .com Amway Corporate Foundation Programme
  • 41. Click on selected workshop Amway 2u .com Amway Corporate Foundation Programme
  • 42. Click to Register Amway 2u .com Amway Corporate Foundation Programme
  • 43. Key in participant’s details Click GO once confirmed Amway 2u .com Amway Corporate Foundation Programme
  • 44. Basic Selling Skills Step 1 Use The Product Amway Corporate Foundation Programme
  • 45. Basic Selling Skills Step 2 Learn About The Product Amway Corporate
  • 46. Basic Selling Skills Step 3 Live The Product Amway Corporate Foundation Programme
  • 47. Basic Selling Skills Step 4 Be A Friend Amway Corporate Foundation Programme
  • 48. Basic Selling Skills Step 5 Share Your Knowledge Amway Corporate Foundation Programme
  • 49. Basic Selling Skills Step 6 Give Good Service Amway Corporate Foundation Programme
  • 50. Nutrition & Wellness Programme Foundation Programme Nutrilite Story
    • He worked in China from
    • 1915 - 1927
    • Returned to US,
    • determined to develop a
    • method for concentrating
    • nutrient-rich plant
    • materials
    • Introduced the first multivitamin/mineral
    • supplement in 1934
    Nutrilite Founder – Carl Rehnborg
  • 51. Nutrition & Wellness Programme Foundation Programme Nutrilite Story “ The basic idea at Nutrilite is that all of the factors required in nutrition are nearly always found in plant substances.” - Carl Rehnborg, 1955
  • 52. Nutrition & Wellness Programme Foundation Programme Nutrilite Philosophy Best of Nature, Best of Science
  • 53. Nutrition & Wellness Programme Foundation Programme Nutrilite Products Food & Beverage Products Nutritious and convenient healthy alternative for everyone!
  • 54. Nutrition & Wellness Programme Nutrilite Products
    • For children 1 year and above
    • Balance of essential
    • nutrients children need
    • Natural flavour
    Chewables For Children Foundation Programme
  • 55. Nutrition & Wellness Programme Foundation Programme Nutrilite Products Adult Supplements
    • Supplement one’s diet with essential nutrients
    • Exclusive plant concentrates - phytonutrients
  • 56. Nutrition & Wellness Programme Foundation Programme Nutrilite Products Nutrilite Herbals Supplement
    • For adult and children 12 years and
    • above
    • Enhance specific body system
  • 57. Nutrition & Wellness Programme Foundation Programme More Than Just Nutrilite
  • 58. Nutrition & Wellness Programme Foundation Programme NEW Products in 2006!
    • Nutrilite BP Complex
    • For Healthy Circulation
    • Nutrilite CB Plus
    • For Healthy Body Weight
    • Nutrilite Nutri Bifidus
    • For Healthy Gut
  • 59. Nutrition & Wellness Programme Foundation Programme Nutrilite Achievement Nutrilite is the world’s leading brand of vitamins minerals, and dietary supplements. (based on a survey of global vitamin and dietary supplements brands conducted by Euromonitor International in 2004)
  • 60. Nutrition & Wellness Programme Foundation Programme Nutrilite Achievement Nutrilite is the only global vitamin and mineral brand to grow, harvest and process plants on their own certified organic farms. (Based on an independent review by international market research firm Euromonitor Consultancy in 2004)