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  • 1. Cloud Player
    Cloud music player/ MP3s
  • 2. Cloud Music
    Cloud player allows the user to buy music.
    Cloud player also allows a user to play their music.
    Cloud player also allows user to upload personal music from his/her computer.
    Cloud player allows user to reach their music anywhere.
  • 3. This tab will take the cloud user to his/her music.
  • 4. After clicking the upload tab
    This is where the user can upload his music from his personal library. User can also purchase their music here.
  • 5. This will appear and will find out the music in the user’s private library.
  • 6. After the music uploads the user will know exactly how much songs was found. Then the upload will be complete
  • 7. Now the user will be able to have his/her music where ever that user travels to all that is needed is an internet service or a mobile network device.
  • 8. Why purchase a smart phone??
    All that is needed is a network than the user can receive their music.
  • 9. The cloud drive lets the user upload pictures, videos, and files.
  • 10.
  • 11. This where the user can click on the select file and upload a file and have it with him/her where ever there is a internet service.
  • 12. The cloud drive is good to have to secure personal files and to have music on the go all that is needed is an Amazon account and internet service.