Why Search Gets Credit For Everything


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Why Search Gets Credit For Everything

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Why Search Gets Credit For Everything

  1. 1. Why does Search Get Credit for Everything? Presented by: Bill Hunt & Kevin Ryan Thursday, August 21, 2008
  2. 2. Finalists Best Use of Local Search The Container Store (Range) Storage West Self Storage (Young & Associates) US Small Business Administration-Business Gateway Initiative Best Integration of Search with Other Media SEO-PR The Tudors/Showtime (Outrider) Jaguar XF Oscars (MEC Interaction)
  3. 3. Winners! Best Use of Local Search US Small Business Administration-Business Gateway Initiative Best Integration of Search with Other Media The Tudors/Showtime (Outrider)
  4. 4. Finalists Most Effective Use of Web Analytics World Travel Holdings - CruisesOnly.com (iProspect) iCrossing Measures Results with Mazda Analytics (iCrossing) Four Seasons Hotels and Resort (Acronym Media)
  5. 5. Winners! Most Effective Use of Web Analytics Four Seasons Hotels and Resort (Acronym Media)
  6. 6. Today’s Panelists • Randy Peterson Search Marketing Innovation Manager Procter and Gamble • Mikel Chertudi Sr. Director, Online & Demand Marketing Omniture • Sharon Gallacher West Coast Managing Director Neo@Ogilvy
  7. 7. Media Spending Mix
  8. 8. What a great Year! TV generated $200 million in revenue Search generated $250 million in But we only sold revenue $100 Million in products? Print generated $100 million in revenue Direct generated $20 million in revenue
  9. 9. Attribution Is… Assigning accurate value Sales or marketing Results expended Media that created the value
  10. 10. Example: User clicks on all three, which media gets credit? 1. Display Banner 2. e-Mail 3. Paid Search
  11. 11. What can go wrong? Marketing over spends Under spends Attributing too much or little
  12. 12. What happens? Unhealthy tension Marketing managers fight Budget and contribution credit?
  13. 13. What happens? Misguided investment People and $$$$$ Budgeting/forecasting?
  14. 14. Majority of recent conversations with Search Managers have indicated there is some level of resentment to Search’s credit for conversions
  15. 15. Is there really an attribution problem or are the other forms of marketing just jealous?
  16. 16. What are you measuring? Pre-Metrics Impressions, Clicks, CPC Post Metrics Orders, sales, customers, Lifetime Value
  17. 17. Don’t Overwrite Objectives Ad Objective: Site Objective: Remarket Objective: Acquire Visitors Conversion Repeat Order / Cross-Sell
  18. 18. Most attribute success/conversion to the last action and all decisions are based on these metrics. Is this wrong?
  19. 19. Is it possible to set up a fair and balanced program that gives credit where credit is due?
  20. 20. Multi-Contact Attribution Model
  21. 21. What are the major causes or variables of these attribution problems? Can they be fixed?
  22. 22. Possible Solution Source: Omniture Inc.,
  23. 23. If we solve the technology problem but can we change the hearts and minds of fellow marketers?
  24. 24. Tips for Success Have you covered the basics?
  25. 25. Tips for Success Define your goals effectively
  26. 26. Tips for Success Define the “value” of actions
  27. 27. Tips for Success What is your bounce rate? Anyone can take credit for a 5% click rate – the real pro can reduce a 95% exit rate
  28. 28. Tips for Success Look for tools or indicators that you have in other media to help indicate impact and success
  29. 29. Tips for Success Create an attribution model, using data available.
  30. 30. Tips for Success Get comfortable with not having a perfect answer
  31. 31. Tips for Success Standardize Tracking and Marketing Apps on One System
  32. 32. Tips for Success Measure all Views: 1 st, last, and shared; Create a baseline using “last”
  33. 33. Tips for Success Don’t Overwrite Metrics and Objectives – track separately: 1.Acquire Visitors 2.Conversion 3.Remarket
  34. 34. Tips for Success For a best-practice guide and webinar on this topic go to: omniture.com/7attributions or www.enterprisesem.com
  35. 35. Questions?