Questions 3 ‘What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why’?
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Questions 3 ‘What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why’?






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Questions 3 ‘What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why’? Presentation Transcript

  • 1. ‘What kind of media institutionmight distribute your media product and why’? Question 3
  • 2. My music magazine is of an R&B genre and when it comes to the distribution of it, I know that an independent publisher would not be suitable in anyway way.This is because there isn’t a huge gap in the market for R&B magazines as they are already very popular and without global distribution from a more established company, there is a large chance of my magazine being overshadowed when up against other R&B magazines who are distributed byrich companies that have the money to promote and advertise their product to a wider audience. Although my magazine does not completely stick to the typical conventions ofR&B magazines, the majority of it fits in well with the dominant ideologies that global companies subliminally project onto their readers such as the representation of women (to some extent) and the typical conventions of music magazines. This is why I feel that my magazine would be better suited for an institution that is well established and that has the money to distribute my product in a variety of ways. Question 3
  • 3. My magazine is aimed at people from their late teens to mind twenties (17+) which is why I ensured that my magazine is at a reasonable price of £4. It is a monthly magazine therefore; people will effectively be spending less money than if they were paying £2.99 for a magazine each week. This works out great for my target audience as people at 17 are usually still in full time education and have limited access to money.From constructing online research, I have decided that my magazine would be best distributed by institutions such as IPC as they distribute many well known magazines such as NME, LOOK, NOW, MARIE CLAIRE and many others. Question 3
  • 4. Having IPC as the distributor of SOUND PROOF would be good for my magazine as IPC are asuccessful established institution which have already got a great reputation and many connections with a variety of distributors such as WHSMITH, HMV and other local convenient stores. Because of such a good reputation, it will be easier to build trust with the consumers as they are already familiar with the company and will be more open to buying and, the magazine will gain much more publicity due to the size and success of the company.Lastly, because the institution is global and has more money to spend on distribution than many other companies, it would definitely be possible for my magazine to be distributed on more advanced technologies such as mobile phones, IPads, IPods and Kindles which are popular amongst my target audience, rather than just being sold in shops. Because the growth, development and evolution oftechnological convergence is happening so rapidly, this would definitely help to promote my magazine as it will be available in a number of different formats, giving easy access to potential buyers. A monthly subscription should also be available to consumers who want a hard back copy but would prefer it to be delivered directly to their door and I believe that IPC would be the best institution to help do this.