Costume Analysis


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Costume Analysis

  1. 1. WHY ARE COSTUMES IMPORTANT IN FILM? Costume is often considered one of the most powerful and important factors within filmmaking. This is because as well as the actresses, actors and music, the costumes worn through out any film play a major role as they can help set the scene (In this case a fancy dress party), represent the characters personality and even have a heavy influence on how the audience will perceive the characters wearing them (sometimes subconsciously).
  2. 2. FANCY DRESS PARTY - TWISTED From the opening scene in my teaser trailer ‘Twisted’, it is made obvious to the audience that the four teenagers have just left a fancy dress party by the costumes they can be seen wearing: bunny ears, devil horns, etc and lots of party string. I will now explain in depth the meaning and reasoning behind each of their costumes.
  3. 3. CHARACTER 1 – AISHA In my teaser trailer ‘Twisted’, one of the main characters Aisha can be seen wearing an angels halo as part of her fancy dress costume. Angels are usually used to represent innocence, purity and goodness however this pure imagery is heavily contrasted by the little black dress she is wearing which reveals a lot of flesh and skin. Black is also often used to represent evil, darkness and give off an element of mysteriousness. This outfit was purposely chosen for this actress as she plays a troubled character who’s innocence (represented by the halo) was stripped away from her when an unfortunate circumstance resulted in the accidental killing of her friends boyfriend as she was drink driving (refer to narrative). I decided to use the binary opposites of both good an evil to represent what the character has been through in the past and to convey to the audience that there is more to this character than they think.
  4. 4. CHARACTER 2 – STEPHANIE The second costume I will be analysing is one worn by the actress Stephanie who wears Bunny Rabbit ears as part of her fancy dress costume. In China, the rabbit is a Zodiac sign and those born in this year are said to be sensitive, intuitive and well organised which sums up the qualities of this character perfectly (refer to character profiles). After being involved in the murder with her friends, Stephanie has also been very troubled but uses her Christian faith to get through. This outfit was again purposely picked in order to highlight her modesty and humbleness (wearing tights, not showing much flesh etc) to the audience although still using the colour black to represent mystery and a dark past.
  5. 5. CHARACTER 3 – LEYLA A Princess is usually a symbolic conception for a feminine figure who is fragile, delicate, and needs protection which is why we picked a princess outfit for this actresses fancy dress costume as she plays the role of the ‘innocent’ teen who always relys on her friends to look out for her and protect her (refer to character profile). We wanted to connote this perception of her to the audience through her costume and the subtle pink of her dress which is usually used to represent gentleness and vulnerability, however she too has a dark past which is coming back to haunt her…
  6. 6. CHARACTER 4 – SEDA The last costume I will be analysing is one worn by the actress Seda who wears all black and devil horns for her fancy dress costume. Red is usually associated with blood, death and pain which are all relevant to the character as she too was involved in the murder of her best friends boyfriend. The colour red was also used to foreshadow the bloody events yet to come in the trailer. The actress was purposely made to wear black as this does not only connote darkness and secrecy, but modesty too as this character is very shy, quiet and never likes to be the center of attention so wearing black helps her to blend in.