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Digital graphics pro forma

  1. 1. Digital Graphics Abby Downing
  2. 2. File Formats
  3. 3. Raster Graphics • Raster graphics is a bitmap made up of millions of tiny pixels or points of colour. They have a fixed resolution, If the image is enlarged then it will get distorted.
  4. 4. Vector Graphics • Is the use of geometrical shapes such as points, lines or curves. They’re made of paths and strokes. Vector graphics do not lose quality when enlarged.
  5. 5. JPEG Stands For Used For Joint photographic expert group Photographs and web formats. Advantage It is the most common image format used. JPEG is used on a lot of digital devices which you can send them through e-mail, phones and the internet. They do not take up much memory space. Disadvantage When edited multiple times it loses quality from compression. They have a tiny loss of photo quality when opened.
  6. 6. TIFF Stands For Tagged image file format Used For Graphic designers and desktop publishing. Format for digital editing and photography. Advantage It can save multipage files and doesn’t lose quality after compression. TIFF’s are popular with graphic designing. TIFF is backed up by image manipulation applications. When an image is saved there is not loss of detail. Disadvantage They take up a lot of memory space due to there large file size. This also means on digital cameras the memory can decrease in size quickly. Due to the file size it can cause problems trying to send over email.
  7. 7. PSD Stands For Used For Photoshop document Photo manipulation and editing on Photoshop. Front covers for magazines. Advantage Multiple layers can be saved on the image. PSD supports transparency. PSD doesn’t use compression, therefore there is no loss of quality. Layers can be edited at any time after been saved. Disadvantage Due to PSD using no compression the file size can become very large which can slow the computer down. PSD files can be opened in only adobe software.
  8. 8. AI Stands For Adobe illustrator Used For Logo creation advertisements, brochures, fliers. Advantage Adobe illustrator files can be scaled from big to small in size. There is no compression and no loss in image quality. It also can create graphics to represent a company. Adobe illustrator is very good to use when working with cartoon like graphics. Disadvantage A disadvantage is it is only available on some software. It is also very hard to use and understand and takes a lot of time to know how to use all the tools.
  9. 9. 3DS Stands For 3d studio Used For Modelling, animation, rendering, moving files. Advantage This programme can create 3d characters and environments. It can be used on the Microsoft windows platform. 3D studio has loads of tools and features on the programme. Disadvantage Disadvantages are files are very large so they will take up a lot of room on a pc or laptop. It is very difficult to learn the technique of using the software.
  10. 10. Digital Graphics Images
  11. 11. Shape Task
  12. 12. Evaluation What did you like about your image? I like how you can see the pattern on the cat, the shapes were really hard to master, I think I did them well and fit them together nicely. What would you improve if you did it again? I would make sure that it had more detail
  13. 13. Rotoscope
  14. 14. Evaluation What did you like about your image? That there is a lot of detail across his body and in his hair. I also really like the detail on his sleeve and and his ear. On Megan I like the detail in her hair also and her collar bones. What would you improve if you did it again? Fill in the white gaps on Zac like I did on Megan.
  15. 15. Text Based
  16. 16. Evaluation What did you like about your image? I like the background of the first one, I think it looks really good with the quote because it links in really well. And one the second one I like the colour of the text it also links with the man and I like the warping of the text. What would you improve if you did it again? Be a bit more creative maybe In another text based image.
  17. 17. Logo Creation
  18. 18. Evaluation What did you like about your image? I think its funny and is created on Photoshop which is used a lot in creative media so is effective. And the other one was edited on Photoshop also and uses an icon used on social networking sites which I made through rotascoping so I like how it links. What would you improve if you did it again? Maybe making another one to see which one is best.
  19. 19. T-Shirt Designs
  20. 20. RedBubble designs.
  21. 21. Idea Generation
  22. 22. Fox-broken Detroit Ideas usage ideas
  23. 23. Megan Fox developed ideas
  24. 24. Chosen image ideas
  25. 25. Proposal Dimensions 2400 by 3200 pixels Export Format PNG Advantages; supports transparency and lowered opitacy and works with redbubble Disadvantages; larger file size. Content My idea is a picture of Megan Fox placed onto a White t-shirt four times next to each other with the opacity of the first one at a low level and gradually getting stronger as the image goes on and then MEGAN FOX typed Below the images. The images are black and white with low contrast.
  26. 26. Proposal Audience My target audience is 16-21 year olds. My idea includes Megan Fox in black and right with transparency which I think this age range will like because she herself is young and most people this age find her attractive and watch the movies she appears in. Deadline Friday 4th October 2013 Schedule Monday Wednesday Think of ideas. Look at red bubble for inspiration and Create a spider diagram and mind map. Carry on developing ideas and come up with 1 and develop that one. Finish off the mood board and create ideas on Photoshop. Friday Complete flat plan and proposal.
  27. 27. My starting of image, I found on Google images. I then found this font on ‘’ which I thought would look good under the pictures so its not as plain. I developed that idea on PhotoShop to put the image of Megan in the A instead of having the four images. But I liked the idea of the four so I’m going to stick with the simple writing underneath the four images next to each other I didn’t want the red background to show up on a white top so I removed the background on PowerPoint. I developed that idea further and placed the four pictures next to each to see which would look better. I lowered the opacity of the first and gradually made it stronger as it got to the fourth. I rotascoped the hair and went on colour range to make it two different colours which brings out a really good effect. I also rotascoped her body as there are a lot of different shades but lowered the opacity. I thought this looked really good and better so I decided to stick with this idea instead. I changed the image colour on photo shop to black and white and put the contrast down slightly because I think it looks better and will be more effective against a white t-shirt. When I was on Photoshop I copied the image four times and placed 2 together and 2 together below. I thought this looked quite good and was not boring by itself. This was only an idea. Final idea – flat plan
  28. 28. Visual look of top
  29. 29. Peer Evaluation What are the strengths of the final image? • I think that the 4 images at different opacity are really good because it makes it look really effective and adds something extra. It’s different from most of the T-shirts on Red bubble and i wanted to do something i hadn’t seen before. What could be developed if the image was repeated? • Having each image in a different colour, I think that would also look really good also.
  30. 30. T-Shirt Evaluation
  31. 31. Does your final product reflect your original intentions? • Compare your planning/digital flat plans/ storyboards to your final product • From the start I always wanted to have Megan Fox on the T-shirt, I didn’t know what it was going to look like at the end however. I had lots of different ideas and didn’t know if I wanted 4 in a grid shape or next to each other. My digital flat plan was my final idea though an it is the same as my final product.
  32. 32. Is your product suitable for your audience? • Reference your proposal • Give an audience profile and describe suitability in reference to content • In my proposal I mentioned that my target audience would be 16-21 year olds, this Is because that age are most likely to know who Megan fox is and admire her. Its suitable for this audience because they will wear this kind of T-shirt.
  33. 33. What do you like/dislike about the techniques you have used? • I like that the opacity of the images are different and it goes from low – high, this brings out the image at the end and gives off a really good effect. I also put a layer over her hair and applied colour range to make her hair look two tones.
  34. 34. What do you like/dislike about how your final product looks? • I like how it fills most of the top and it blends in with the heather grey really well. I don’t think there is anything I particularly dislike because I like the overall product.
  35. 35. Why did you include the content you used? • Images, fonts, effects, colours • I included that certain image of her because I thought it would apply to my target audience the most and stand out. I put it in black and white because in colour with the four images it looked two much and didn’t look as good. I used a simple font because I thought that looked the best otherwise it would again be two much on the t-shirt and no one would like it.
  36. 36. What style have you employed in your products? • Discuss influences/ existing products • What visual style does your work have and why did you choose it? • I’d seen loads of styles I liked that had the image within the writing but in the end didn’t do this in my own design. I saw a lot of 4 images in a grid and thought this looked really good but didn’t want mine to look the same so I placed the 4 next to each other which overall looked different and good.
  37. 37. What were the strengths and weaknesses of the pre-production and planning • The strengths of my planning were good because when I was planning I created lots of different ideas, which gave me lots to choose from, I had a lot of time which also helped. When I was looking on red bubble it gave me a good idea of what I wanted to do because I fit a lot of ideas together. The idea of 3 images on this helped me decide because I thought this looked really good.
  38. 38. Analyse each of your final print products commenting on the strengths, weaknesses and aspects you would do differently if you were to repeat the project • Put an image of each product on the page and analyse it through annotating I thought the phone case was very different I chose 2 dark backgrounds so it was to over the top, I think they worked really really well against the black and white tigers. I created another triangle and left it grey because it blended with the greyscale tigers, which gave off a good effect against the purple triangle and background. from my other ideas and different from anything I’ve seen on red bubble. But It was created through experimenting different things on Photoshop, so overall helped me a lot because I learnt how to use a lot of tools. I got a tiger image of Google and removed the background from it, I then flipped it horizontally which created a mirrorreflection effect which looked really different, which I liked. I made a triangle with the polygon tool and it immediately went to 100% opacity whilst the rest wasn’t, this made the inside of the triangle look darker, which I thought looked really good.
  39. 39. There are a few bad points like the black lines are all different thicknesses which I would change if I did it again by trying to make them the same. I found an image of Pikachu of Google images and created a rotascope of it and this was what it turned out like. I think the rotascope looked like him a lot and works really well against a white t-shirt.
  40. 40. Peer Feedback • Summarise peer feedback and discuss – Responses you agree with – Responses you disagree with I like the image that is used and the fact that its copied 3more times to add an extra effect to the tshirt, and that it has changed from an original colour to black and white. I dislike the lettering at the bottom as it is a similar colour to the image so it isn't very noticeable and that the lettering is too small.
  41. 41. Phone case idea expanded. I found this background on Google and placed it behind the image for a background on the phone case. I put the opacity down slightly on the background and placed a triangle over it, which showed in the triangle the opacity higher. I then placed another smaller triangle the other way over it and put it grey. I removed the background of the image and then I copied this image and flipped it horizontally . The tiger and triangles and backgrounds were all placed together to look like this. I placed another background under the current background which you could see slightly because the first background opacity was lowered. it put a little extra pattern to it.