Audience Feedback Changes


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Audience Feedback Changes

  1. 1. Audience Feedback and HowThis Will Change my Ancillary Texts
  2. 2. Do you like the layout of my poster? Why?•“The picture willlook very 3professional” - •“The picture mayMeghan be hard to take 2 and may not end•“I like the title and up looking like it isthe positioning of all meant to.” -the text” - Ben Bobbie 1•“The picture as abackground makes it 0simplistic” - Tyler Yes No
  3. 3. In a real life experience, would you be attracted to my poster? Why/why not?•“The title isprofessional 2and I like the •“The picture maypositioning of not turn out thethe text” – way it is planned”Meghan - Ben 1•“The mock up •“There is no usemakes of certification orreference to productionincluding a details” - Bobbie 0credit block” - Yes NoTyler
  4. 4. Do you like the layout of my website? Why? •“It looks simplistic and easy to use” – Meghan4 •“I like how it is interactive3 with the music and slideshows2 – Bobbie1 •“The links at the top are easy0 to understand” – Tyler Yes •“It links well to the poster” - Ben
  5. 5. Would you be able to navigate this website easily? Why/why not?•“The links areunderstandable”- 3Meghan •“The links like ‘scare yourself’•“The page looks are a littleneat and well set 2 confusing” – Tylerout” - Ben 1•“Everything is setout in order” -Bobbie 0 Yes No
  6. 6. What do you think will be hard to produce in both of these texts?• Meghan – “The picture may be difficult to shoot as it is on a very high angle.”• Bobbie – “Probably the picture because of the use of props and setting.”• Ben – “Maybe editing it to look darker like you said. This may need more time spent on it.”• Tyler – “The picture will need to be thought about before you take it.”
  7. 7. Would you view a film based on this promotion?• All of the people that took the questionnaire answered YES. Do they link well to the actual film?• Based on the beginning of the questionnaire, all of the people answered YES.
  8. 8. What improvements could you give me for both my poster and my website?• “Keep things simplistic and stick to your plan” – Meghan• “Add more professional aspects to both such as the certification” – Bobbie• “Think about what music you will use on your website and maybe add in more animation” – Ben• “Add more on to your website such as pictures and text” - Tyler
  9. 9. CHANGES•“The picture may be hard to take and may This feedback tells me thatnot end up looking like it is meant to.” - every person was concernedBobbie about the picture I want to use•“The picture may not turn out the way it is as the poster.planned” - Ben From their advice I know that I should•Meghan – “The picture may be difficult toshoot as it is on a very high angle.” •Plan my trip to my location before I go•Bobbie – “Probably the picture because of •Prepare all of my props beforethe use of props and setting.” I go on to shoot the picture•Tyler – “The picture will need to be thought •Use a lower angleabout before you take it.”
  10. 10. CHANGES •Add certification and production details to•“There is no use of certification or my mock-ups so that I remember to put themproduction details” - Bobbie on my poster and website •Make a production logo and details (copyright free)•“The links like ‘scare yourself’ are a little •Make the links more recognisable byconfusing” – Tyler adding further links underneath each main link•“Maybe editing it to look darker like you said. •Make sure I have enough time toThis may need more time spent on it.” - Ben edit my pictures •Book an appointment with Web Development to improve my Photoshop skills