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Animal Studies Review Game






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Animal Studies Review Game Animal Studies Review Game Presentation Transcript

  • Animal Studies Review Mrs. Mulholland November 2007
  • Each year, humpback whales migrate from the coast of Antarctica to the north coast of Australia. The map to the right shows the whale’s migration route .
    • Which of the following are the whales most likely responding to when they begin to migrate?
    • the force of gravity
    • a shift in ocean waves
    • a change in water temperature
    • the approach of stormy weather
  • Which of the following pictures shows a stage in a frog’s life cycle when it breathes entirely through gills?
    • A. C.
    • B. D.
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  • The picture to the right shows the foot of a certain species of bird.
    • In which of the following environments is this species best adapted for survival?
    • desert
    • freshwater lake
    • Meadow
    • tropical rain forest
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  • The diagram below names three of the four stages of the life cycle of a butterfly.
    • Which of the following pictures shows the stage that is missing in the diagram?
    • A. C.
    • B. D.
    egg ----> ? -----> pupa ----> adult
    • All groups will have a chance to respond.
  • During the fall, changes in the environment in MA cause many animals to prepare for the winter season.
    • Describe two changes in the environment in MA during the fall that cause animals to prepare for the winter.
    • Identify one way that animals in MA prepare to survive the winter. Explain how this helps the animals to survive the winter.
    • See student answers
  • The pictures below show animals from different parts of the world.
    • Which of the following characteristics do all of these animals have that allows them to be classified in the same group?
    • fur
    • claws
    • big ears
    • webbed feet
  • The picture below shows a bird.
    • From the shape of its beak and the length of its legs, this bird is best adapted for feeding on which of the following?
    • insects that feed on plants
    • small fish in the shallow water
    • nuts from riverside trees and plants
    • birds in ground nests
    • Which of the following activities is the best example of instinctive behavior in an animal?
    • A dog sits when told to sit by its owner.
    • A bird avoids an insect that has a bad taste.
    • A newly hatched sea turtle walks toward the ocean.
    • A chimpanzee uses a stick to pull terminates from a tree stump.
    • Which of the following animals goes through metamorphosis?
    • alligator
    • frog
    • lizard
    • turtle
  • The pictures below show animals separated into two different groups.
    • The animals above are grouped by eating habits. Which of the following animals belongs in Group A?
    • squirrel
    • sheep
    • hawk
    • goat
    • Female seals usually return to the same beaches year after year to give birth. If they are repeatedly disturbed by humans at those beaches, how will the seals most likely respond?
    • They will change color.
    • They will give birth to more pups.
    • They will hunt for food more often
    • They will give birth at different beaches.
  • The picture to the right shows a flower with a long slender bloom.
    • The size and shape of a bird’s beak are related to the type of food that the birth eats. Which of the following beaks is suitable for drinking nectar located deep within flowers such as the one shown above?
    • A. C.
    • B. D.
    • Which bird’s foot below is best for grasping prey?
    • A. B.
    • C. D.
    • Which of the following is not an inherited trait of humans?
    • eye color
    • hair color
    • favorite food
    • height
  • A bison is pictured to the right.
    • Bison are grazing animals. They travel across the prairie, eating grass. If there were too many bison in an area, there would probably be
    • fewer predators of bison.
    • many other large grazing animals.
    • tall shrubs and many trees.
    • less grass and more bare soil.
  • Stages in the life cycle of a frog are shown below.
    • In which stage can a frog live on land?
    • A. B.
    • C. D.
    • An earthworm was placed on top of a thick layer of moist topsoil in a pan. The pan was placed in a room with the lights on. How did the earthworm most likely respond to these conditions?
    • by burrowing under the soil
    • by crawling around in the pan
    • by staying where it was placed
    • by trying to craw out of the pan
    • All groups will have a chance to respond.
  • The drawing below shows an imaginary animal.
    • Study this imaginary animal carefully.
    • Identify two characteristics of this animal that could help it survive.
    • Explain in detail how each characteristic could help it survive.
    • To see student work.
    • Three animals shown below are reptiles and one is a mammal. Which animal is a mammal?
    • A. B.
    • C. D.
    • A caterpillar changing into a butterfly is an example of
    • instinct
    • duplication
    • reproduction
    • metamorphosis
  • The stages in the development of a frog are shown below.
    • At approximately what day in the development of the frog would expect it be in the stage shown below?
    • Day 4
    • Day 6
    • Day 12
    • Day 20
    • Which of these is not an instinctive behavior?
    • A bird building a nest
    • A turtle burying its eggs
    • A bear hibernating in winter
    • A horse pulling a plow
    • Which of the following traits of a dog is inherited from its parents?
    • the presence of fleas in its fur
    • the color of its fur
    • the ability to sit up and beg
    • the habits of barking to go outside
    • All groups will have a chance to respond.
  • The pictures below shows a duck and a hawk.
    • The duck lives near water and eats small organisms from the water. The hawk lives on land and eats animals such as mice and rabbits.
    • Identify and describe one way that the beak of each bird is adapted to the bird’s diet.
    • Identify and describe one way that the feel of each bird are adapted to the bird’s habitat.
    • To view student work
    • Questions and images came from Http://
    • The questions are from 2004-7 exams.
    • The bison image came from Htttp://