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Media Studiess 4



Published in Business , Technology
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  • 1. Beyonce- Sweet Dreams
    The continuous black, gold and silver theme across the single cover, the album cover and DVD release instantly makes the album and artist memorable and noticed. The very minimal text used creates mystery and anticipation for what the album is going to be like. The album cover is a medium head shot of the artist herself. The minimal makeup used and the bare top half of her body suggests purity and freshness which could be exactly what her new album is about.
    The phrase used on the advertisement ‘Above and Beyonce’ is almost a metaphor that this album is beyond her previous albums.
  • 2. Beyonce- Sweet Dreams
    This music video is aimed at a younger audience aged from around 10- 28. This video is aimed at both sexes, but ideally females as the lyrics are about a relationship from a women's perspective.
    This music video is very creative and instantly catches the viewers attention. The large variety of editing techniques used such as jump cuts and the slow motion added, and also the visual backdrops used such as the desert in the second scene makes the video increasingly successful. The mirror scene in the middle of the song is an extremely good focus of this video, the fact the artist is repeated makes the video more unusual and the effects used as she smashes the glass give the whole video a more futuristic feel.
    This music video is intended to give the whole video a more futuristic unnatural look. This is clearly identified by the clothing of the artist, and the background of the video intending to look as if it is set within the wilderness. it is very unusual and instantly stands out. The bright lighting used throughout makes the video as a whole more inviting.
    Throughout the music video there are no other props or objects seen, this keeps the focus of the viewer constantly on the artist which is a positive point.
    This video is completely performance based. There is no story following alongside the video, there is only focus n the artist herself and her dancers.
    The music video opens with a close up of ‘Beyonce’ this allows the viewers to review on who the artist is and then instantly changes to a long shot of the artist and her dancers and this continues throughout.
    The mise-en-scene of this.
    The music video ‘Sweet Dreams’ has a number of similarities to other songs this artist has produced on her album. For example Beyonce’s previous song ‘Single ladies’ has the same two dancers included and also has the whole video set within one location, with no included props or objects which again keeps all the focus on the artist herself.
    I believe that this music video has been highly successful. The minimal action involved may perhaps be a point tat could have been improved, however the choreography and performance that the artist shows is what makes the video so successful and popular.
  • 3. Kings of Leon- Notion
    This album release had to be my least favourite however the creativity involved in the album cover really interested me. I like the way that the page has been quartered into each member of the band, and how an eagles face has been incorporated into them. This is very unusual and has never been done before and this is what defines this album cover from my other chosen ones. The name of the band and the name of the album are in small green font at each top corner of the page this is also different as many album covers preferably have the large font of the artist and the album name. The dominating image of the band members allow the viewers to easily identify who this album belongs to.
    The poster advertising the album is very minimal, and it does not attract my attention. The image dominating the page does not relate to the band and would possibly confuse readers. The only point that identifies the band s the band name at the top of the page in a small font. This could perhaps have been enlarged to make this poster more appealing to its target audience.
  • 4. Kings of Leon- Notion
    The ‘Kings Of Leon’ target audience would range form the age of 15-50. This band have been around for years and are still becoming increasingly popular now. Their music is adored by both sexes and is not biased towards one gender.
    I love all the special effects used in this video to make it look as if the area around the band is being demolished, which adds the effect of the movement of the camera, for example the wall falling in on them and the explosions occurring. This is extremely effective.
    There are repeated close ups of each band member in the opening scenes, this allows the viewer to identify who they are , followed by a zoom out shot of the band all together. This is a typical convention of a music video.
    Some scenes are speeded up such as when the guitarist is playing this is to fit the high actioned effects happening at this time. But then the following scene is created in slow motion to fit the slow tempo of the song. To create this music video a lot of camera work has been involved which is why t is so successful for example, hand held shots, fades, jump cuts, shaking of the camera, shot reverse shots etc.
    The mise en scene of this music video is very simple. The band is dressed casual yet they are given that Rocker look. The lighting is continuously dark throughout to give it that mysterious and dark vibe. This video is completely performance based as the band are there again to create entertainment to the viewer and this is done extremely well. The end scene is of the main singer himself. This leaves the reader remembering the band as well as the song which is a convention always used in music videos.
    I love this music video, the amount of effort that has went not it easily makes it one of the best music videos made. The number off effects and camera work included has made this music video extremely effective and the performance by the band has also made it a very memorable video.
  • 5. Jay Z ft Rihanna and kanye West- Run This town
    This album release does not instantly catch my attention. The single cover is very minimal the light grey background is a very neutral colour and the three red blocks situated in the middle of the cover do not portray any meaning to the target audience. The larger font of ‘Jay Z’ allows the reader to identify the main artist here however a different coloured font or style of text could have been used to highlight the other artists included. The minimal creativity shown here could possibly reflect on the album.
    The album cover again includes the three red blocks in the middle of the page this is what allows the reader to identify that it is Jay z’s album. However i think that it is very boring. The pile of musical instruments in the middle of the page easily relate to the genre of music etc but it does not instantly catch the attention of the target audience.
  • 6. Jay Z ft Rihanna and kanye West- Run This town
    This music video will be aimed at a more teenage audience aged from around 15-27 as there is occasional swearing used. This music video is not biased towards one particular sex, Hip Hop targets both genders .
    I like this music video because of the historic feel it is portraying. This is clearly identified by the Mise en scene, for example. The clothing worn by each artist and the extras involved are worn to look like armour and weapons. The location of this music video is around a old looking castle this adds to the war looking theme and makes it more realistic. The black clothing that is everywhere in this music video also worn by the artists makes them blend in with the other characters in the video t makes them hard to be identified which could be a bad point. The repeated tracking shots and close ups of the artists allows them to still be the main focus of the video, however the tracking shots are following them alongside the other characters which takes the focus of the main artists but makes it look as if they are walking to battle. This looks very impressive, and fits the theme. The lighting throughout is very dimmed and dark. This may be used to portray to the viewers the mood that this music video is meant to represent.
    There are continuous jump cuts throughout, this does occasionally seem to be too much as it becomes confusing. There is also some areas of slow motion included, fore example when the warriors are walking down the street. This is used in most music videos when soloists or bands are walking or running etc. It creates a good effect by making them slower to fit the tempo of the song.
    Overall I believe that this music video is very successful, this is because of the collaboration between two of the best hi hop rappers, and RnB icon Rihanna. Also the song fits very well with the music video and I like the way that the video has been given a warriors theme.
  • 7. Prodigy- Warriors Dance
    This album release seems to be very video game like and unusual. The single cover has included to warrior looking figures head to head this relates well with the title and gives the album a more angry more physical approach. The colour scheme of black red and white are very statement colours which are good to include when trying to be remembered. The album cover is very different to the single cover. The plain black background seems to be a popular occurrence in many covers as the text is able to stand out more. The statement orange text is easily the main attraction of this cover and this is what makes the bands name more memorable the fact that it dominates the cover in this coloured font.
    This poster has to be the most effective poster that i have seen. The amount of detail involved makes it very eye-catching and memorable. The continuous orange and grey colour scheme throughout make it much easier for the white text to be read. This is a good point to included as difficult text to read reflects very badly on the amount of readers.
  • 8. Prodigy- Warriors Dance
    The prodigy’s music is aimed to a massive age range ranging from around 14-40. This is due to the fact that the prodigy first came around in the late 1980’s in the club rave scene, and they are still increasingly popular today. Their music is targeted towards mostly males , however the constant rise in their popularity is leading them to be more and more liked by females to.
    The prodigy are known for their very unusual almost frightening music videos. ‘Warriors Dance’ is a very high action music video the fact that it does not include and scenes where the band are involved is very unusual, but it may be so that their fans can like them for their music and not because of who they are. The strong visual effects used to create the cigarette boxes into miniature warriors is extremely creative and almost gives the music video as a whole a more youthful feel.
    There are continuous close ups and tracking shots of the three cigarette box warriors these could possibly be portraying the three members of the band, and this often happens in music videos where objects or cartoon like figurines act as the members of the band.
    There are no costumes etc shown in this music video, however the dull lighting throughout instantly gives the music video a more serious feel, a more dull and dark vibe.
    Occasionally there are parts of the music video where it looks as if the camera is being hand held the way that it shakes when the cigarette box warriors moves. This creates a really good effect to the viewer watching it makes them feel as if they are the ones holding the camera and makes them feel more involved.
    ‘Warriors Dance’ was not one of my favourite music videos, however I like they way that a music video does not need to showcase the artists all the time in order to become successful, and this music video has clearly proved this point.
  • 9. Kanye West- Goodlife
    This album release has to be my favourite out of my chosen ones. The bright colours instantly capture the attention of the targeted reader and this is what an album cover, single cover and poster should be aiming for. The single cover is extremely creative all the different fonts and colours merged together would instantly attract any buyer however this could also have an negative effect on the buyer as it may be too much and hurt there eyes.
    The album cover does not included a main image of the artist himself however all the colours and cartoon like images also with the poster are very different to what any other rappers albums have been like in the past. This shows how unique this artist is and that he is trying to be different. All the primary colours alongside the cartoon like images give the whole album a youthful feel, which relates well with the title of the album.
  • 10. Kanye West- Goodlife
    Thismusic video would particularly be aimed at teenagers ranging from the age of 15-28. This is due to the occasional offensive language used and sexual content. KanyeWest's music is aimed at both males and females and always has been, most of his songs are about women, which may make most of his fans male.
    This music video has to be the best music video for visual effects I have ever seen. The amount of colour and action involved is what makes this music video so successful.
    The Good life, is completely performance based as there is not a storyline that the artist is following he is just there to entertain the viewer. The repeated close ups and tracking shots make it easily for the viewer to identify who the artists are whilst keeping them the main focus of attention. The fact that the artists and the background are in black and white make it look more attractive as the bold primary colours appear on screen. This makes it jump out more. There is also a youthful feel to this music video due to the cartoon like drawings and text used, this relates back to his album cover and name. The mise en scene of this music video is not aiming to follow a particular look. Both artists are wearing very urban styled clothing which fits well with the genre of music, and their body language seems very comfortable and the viewer can instantly tell that they know what they are doing. The location of this music video would possibly be in a normal filming studio, however all the computerised imagery and visual effects are what makes this video increasingly successful. The end scene of the music video is medium two shot of the two artists in the foreground of a plain black background. This allows the viewer to have finished watching the song knowing who the artists are and again keeps the song and the artists remembered.
    This music video has many similarities to many of Kanyewests other leading music videos such as ‘Heartless’. Which was also constructed using visual effects and a lot of computerised imagery.
  • 11. Michael Jackson- Do you remember the time
    The single cover for ‘Remember the time’ Is very simple and plain which i have found has been very common in single covers. The black and white background seems to be a very popular convention throughout my research. The blue font stands out extremely well against the background and the italic like font gives the text a signature look almost as if the artist himself has wrote it.
    The album cover is the opposite to the single cover. The album cover is very fantasy and magical like due to the magical creatures and colours included. I think that there is too much happening in this album cover that it takes the focus off the artist himself however it is very creative and the fact that Michael Jacksons eyes are at the top of the shrine is almost like he is watching the buyer personally, it is very effective and has to be the most detailed album cover I have ever seen which is perhaps why this album was so successful.
    The DVD is very traditional, the main artist is situated on the front showcasing his signature moves and this is what the target audience wants to see. The plain front is very different in comparison to the back of the DVD cover. The back includes a lot of text which I believe may have a negative effect on the reader as the may get bored. But a good point about the back of the DVD cover is that it gives the reader a preview of some of Michael jacksons concerts which will encourage them to buy the DVD more.
  • 12. Michael Jackson- Do you remember the time
    Michael Jacksons music is particularly aimed at a middle aged audience ranging from 16-50. He has produced music to suit all age ranges. This music video is aimed at both sexes it is not biased towards one sex as his fans include both males and females.
    This music video is not the best music video that Michael Jackson has created, however it has become really successful and has to be one of his most famous songs. The Music video was an elaborate production and became one of his longest videos at over 9 minutes, which instantly increased its viewers. Set in Ancient Eygypt, it featured groundbreaking visual effects and appearances by Eddie Murphy, Iman, The Pharcyde, Magic Johnson, and Tom "Tiny" Lister, Jr.. It appears as if Jackson re-incarnates into himself from his past life. He is singing to Iman to ask her if she "remembers the time" as she is a figment of his past life. Along with a distinct physically complicated dance routine that became the centre piece of many other videos from the Dangerous album and is one of only a few videos where he is seen embraced in a kiss., and this is what made it so popular.
    This music video is performance based in some parts, however there is a narrative involved also as Michael is chasing the women he longs for. The Mise en scene of this music video was made too look like it was in the Egyptian times, this is clearly distinguished by the pharaoh looking costumes worn by all the people involved. And the fact that this music video was set in an old palace makes it look more historic which fits well with the theme. This music video has to be one of my favourites due to some of Hollywood's most famous stars co-starring in it, and the performance throughout was incredible, however I think that the introduction was too long and this could often put viewers off.
  • 13. David Guetta ft Akon- Sexy Bitch
    The album cover is very simple but instantly catches the attention of the target audience. The image of ‘David Guetta’ dominating the cover has been create din black and white this is to ensure that the album name along side the artists name stands out well against the dull background, it gives the whole cover an 80’s look.
    The same theme has been carried out with the single cover. The plain black background allows the name of the single to dominate the cover in a more urban font to make it more interesting and to appeal more to its younger audience. The 80’s look is continued on the single cover as it portrays fun, happiness, enjoyment from the bright statement colours used.
  • 14. David Guetta ft Akon- Sexy Bitch
    This music video is aimed at a more teenage audience aged from around 15-30. This s due to the occasional offensive language used and quite sexual video. This music video is aimed at both sexes as it is a ‘club’ hit, and this genre of music is liked by both males and females.
    The opening scene of the video is extremely catching, the high angle shot of the plane flying by makes the video extremely summer like followed by the underwater scenes which again gives the music video a summer feel along with a party vibe.
    One of the main attractions of this video is when ‘Akon’ is singing underwater, this looks extremely natural like no effort is being committed here, it is really good editing which makes it look more natural. This music video is not like any other videos I have chosen. It has been created to look more real life, it looks as if no retouching or airbrushing has been involved which makes the viewer feel as if they are there themselves. Another impressive point to this music video is how the director has managed to make it all look so natural and almost as if it could be anyone filming it due to some of the hand held movements that occur throughout.
    There are many effects used such as wipes, but in this case the wipes that occur are water changing one scene to another, this is extremely impressive and is one of the main focuses of this music video. This music video is concept based. Most of the video is performance due to the high amount of dancing and partying happening.
    The mise –en-scene of this music video creates a very summery, party vibe. The swimsuits work by the women in this video are very revealing yet glamorous which is relevant to the genre of music. The heavy makeup worn by all the female figures in the music video again suggests partying, having a good time. The natural lighting used makes the video more inviting and fun. From the body language created by all of the people involved in this video you can tell that the vibe the director was trying to portray was a fun, classic pool party feel.
    I really like this music video. The way that the director has managed to make the video very natural almost like a POV shot throughout is very impressive, it makes the viewers think that they are actually there. The song is extremely catchy and energetic, and the music video also portrays these qualities . It is a classic ‘club’ hit and fits all the conventions that a music video should entail.
  • 15. Notorious BIG- Mo Money Mo Problems
    This single cover is just plain and simple and fits all the conventions that a single cover should have. The medium shot of the artist in the foreground. Whilst the background relates well to the title of the song. The colour scheme of green throughout is simple and instantly relates to money. The album cover is very different to the single cover. The black and white theme gives it an almost spooky effect. The hurse is one of the main focuses of the album cover and relates again with the title of the album. The gold coloured text of the title is easily identified and stands out well due to the duller shade of the background.
    The DVD cover follows the same colour scheme as the album cover. The black and white Smokey look again gives it a spooky effect. The Fact that the artist is placed in the background of the cover but is enlarged is almost like he looking down from heaven on the people in the foreground.
  • 16. Notorious BIG- Mo Money Mo Problems
    This music video would possibly be targeted at an older audience, this is due to the fact that this video was produced in the 1990’s and was extremely popular back then, but has lost popularity today. This music video would be aimed at Hip Hop lovers and fans of Notorious BIG, P Diddy and Mase.
    I think that this music video is highly effective the opening scene showcases some acting by the two artists which increases its popularity as it adds a narrative to the music video. The constant close ups and zoom ins of both artists allows the reader to know who they are as well as keeping them the main focus of the music video. This music video is completely performance based , the artists are always there to entertain the viewers in this video and this is what is so intriguing. The dancing carried out by the dancers as well as the artists add further interest to the music video and gives it a more performance look.
    The mise en scene of ‘Mo Money Mo Problems,’ is used to create a space look. This is identified by the clothing worn and the locations used., for example The metallic tracksuits worn by the dancers and the artists . The scene when the artists are made to look as if they are flying in a space shuttle again adds to the effect of looking like they are in space.
    The constant pauses of the song to included short clips of Notorious BIG himself speaking about personal matters, and clips of acting committed by both artists, allow the viewer not to forget who the song is about. This is a good point to have as it makes the target audience think that the song is more personal therefore it adds interest.
    The jump cuts used and high angle shots used help towards the success of this music video as the more edits included the more successful and high quality the music video will become.