Geography trip aorund the world!


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  • Developing: St.Lucia ,Underdeveloped: India ,Developed: Iceland
  • Geography trip aorund the world!

    1. 1. Abbie and Liz’s Trip Around the World.
    2. 2. Our trip around the worldWe’ve just returned from our trip aroundthe world. We experienced so many newand different cultures.We had a budget of €12,000 each(€24,000 in total).Countries we visitedDeveloped countries: Poland & IcelandUnderdeveloped countries: Kenya & IndiaDeveloping countries: St.Lucia & Peru
    3. 3. Iceland • Capital: Reykjavik • Languages: Icelandic and English • Currency: Icelandic króna • Religion: Christian• Government: Parlimentary republic
    4. 4. ur to We w en t on a night to r to orthern on a day tou se e the famous nWe went ption ghts in Reykja vik. aj ökull eru liEyjafjall örk natu re Þórsmarea and lk on e got to wa reserve. W see the nd hot lava a a! u nd magm undergro We also went whale watching. We saw minx, humpback whales and birds such as Puffins. We were luckey enough to see dolphins as well.
    5. 5. e th e Bl u s p a . We got pretty musicy while e nt to hermalW e w Ge o t we were in Iceland. We went onL ag o to a Bjork concert and we went busking with ‘Of Monsters and Men’. We visited the National Museum of Iceland.
    6. 6. "Þorramatur“ – A traditional meal had in the months of Þorri to Not a place for honour the God Thor vegetarians! Meat is a huge part of the culture here.Chocolate ChipSour Cream Cake
    7. 7. Peru • Capital: Lima • Languages: Spaninsh • Currency: Nuevo Sol • Religion: Roman Catholic• Government: Constitutional Government
    8. 8. Sunday Markets and traditionalWe hiked up to see the Peruvian clothing.famous MachuPicchu.
    9. 9. We visited the Sacred We explored the amazonValley of the Incas’ in rainforest.Pisac and went riverrafting. We celebrated the Fiestas Patrias with the locals.
    10. 10. We v ei ‘Mys wed the te lines rious Na We went sandboarding ’ by p z lane. ca in Huacachina. We went to the river everyday to cool off. ly’sW e ate in Ga uasrestau rant in Ag urClaien tes, where o was. accomdation
    11. 11. India • Capital: New Delhi• Languages: main language is English but there are other local languages such as hindi and Punjabi. • Currency: indian rupee • Religion: Hinduism 80% • Government: federal republic
    12. 12. Hindus dress moderately and often wear long Our skirts/dresses accomodation; Vivanta by TajDiwali festival of light
    13. 13. We visited the taj Gangtok lake is frozen mahal, a famous during the winter building in Agra. Kapaleeshwarar templeMany spices are Aishwarya used for Raicooking Indian Bachchan foods.