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  • 1. Writers Throughout History A Review of what we've learned, and what we think By Abbi Bloem ED 205-08 Quit
  • 2. Writers We Have Studied This Year
    • Homer
      • The Odyssey
    • Shakespeare
      • Much Ado About Nothing
    • Charles Dickens
      • A Tale of Two Cities
    • Jane Austen
      • Pride and Prejudice
    • Maya Angelou
      • A Pledge to Rescue our Youth
    • Resources
    • Meet the Author
  • 3. Homer
    • Homer
      • probably a blind poet, who
      • didn’t write, but actually recited
      • his stories by memory!
    • What did he write?
      • The Iliad and The Odyssey, as
      • well as many other hymns to the
      • Greek Gods
    • When did he write it?
      • 800-700 B.c.
    • Other interesting facts:
      • some of the other authors we
      • have studied (like Shakespeare) were
      • influenced by Homer’s stories!
    Quit What We Have Read
  • 4. The Odyssey
    • We followed odysseous on a long journey home:
    • -Which was had he just finished fighting?
    • -How many men made it home with him?
    • -Who was waiting for him when he got home?
    • -Which gods were against him, and which were for him?
    • -What was your favorite part of this story?
    “ A small rock holds back a great wave.”- Homer, the Odyssey Quit About the Author
  • 5. William Shakespeare
    • Shakespeare
      • A bard, and a part of the Queen’s men– a group of playwrights and actors
    • What did he write?
      • Plays (tragedies, histories and comedies) and Sonnets
    • When did he write it?
      • 1590’s to 1610’s
    • Other interesting facts:
      • Spelled hi name in many different ways (Could be more than one person)
      • Stopped going to school at age 13
      • has many years unaccounted for in his life
      • Statford, where Shakespeare was born, has a sister city– Stratford Canada, which has it’s own Globe Theatre, where you can see lots of his plays!
    Quit What We Have Read
  • 6. Much Ado About Nothing
    • One of Shakespeare Comedies!
    • Where is the play set?
    • Who does Benedick love?
    • Who does Hero love?
    • What was the funniest part of this play to you?
    • What is iambic pentameter?
    Quit About the Author Click the picture to see a scene from Kenneth Branaugh’s version of “Much Ado…”
  • 7. Charles Dickens
    • Dickens- paid to write by the word (that’s why he’s so long winded!)
    • What did he write?
      • fiction, and journals
    • When did he write it?
      • Late 1820’s to 1870’s
    • Other interesting facts:
      • Neer finished The Mystery of Edwin Drood . He died before he could finish it, and was buried at Westminster Abbey.
    Quit What We Have Read
  • 8. A Tale of Two Cities
    • A story about the French Revolution (the guillotine was invented during this time!
    • Would you rather have been rich or poor during the time of the French revolution? Why?
    • Why did the Jacques women knit? What were they knitting?
    • Why do you think the Jacques were mad at the rich people?
    Quit About the Author
  • 9. Jane Austen
    • Jane Austen: female in the age of men.
    • What did she write? Several love stories about women who were in normal situations during that time.
    • When did she write? 1780’s -1810’s
    • Interesting Facts:
      • she never married (accepted a proposal once, but then chose to not marry him)
      • Published as “a lady” until her proud brother told everyone who she was.
    Quit What We Have Read
  • 10. Pride and Prejudice
    • A love story with an advantageous marriage.
    • Why do you think Mr. Darcy was so shy about meeting people?
    • Who asked Lizzy to marry him, and then married her friend instead?
    • Why was it so important to go to balls in Jane Austen’s day?
    Quit About the Author
  • 11. Maya Angelou
    • Maya Angelou- Past and Present
    • What does she write? Poems, books, journals and much more!
    • When does she write? Right now, she is a present day writer, and lives in Harlem.
    • Interesting Facts:
      • Has recited poems at more than one presidential inaugurations
      • Writes for young and old readers
    Quit What We Have Read
  • 12. A Pledge to Rescue our Youth
    • Who is Angelou talking to in this poem?
    • How does it make you feel to read this poem?
    • What, do you think, is Angelou trying to say?
    Quit About the Author Click the picture to read this poem!
  • 13. Meet the Author: Abbi Bloem
    • Abbi Bloem is a Senior at Grand valley State University, studying language arts and elementary education. She has studied linguistics and literature in England as well as America, and enjoys the classics regularly.
    Email the Author Quit
  • 14. Resources
    • http://
    • http://
    • /
    • http://
    • http://
    • http://
    • http://