Sustainability Advisory Group Brochure (Short)[1]


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Sustainability Advisory Group Brochure (Short)[1]

  1. 1. think wider : see further : do better
  2. 2. A new business agenda A new generation of businesses are achieving more than short term profitability - they are creating long-term value. While focusing on operational excellence and cost efficiency, the new company has a vision for the world beyond the next generation. They are creating long-term value by focussing on solutions that benefit society as a whole. The new company has a light footprint on the earth. They continuously focus on doing better. The values of respect for people and nature lie at their core. They match personal goals with business goals, and business goals with being a better neighbour, a better boss, a better corporate citizen, and a better environmental steward. They listen and collaborate with their stakeholders: employees, suppliers, investors, peers, think tanks, governments, communities and customers. The next generation of businesses think and act for both now and the long term. They are resilient – their DNA enables them to anticipate and transform with changing circumstances. They harness diversity; they regard change as a constant. They understand long-term risk and prepare for it today.
  3. 3. Innovation is the lifeblood of their success
  4. 4. What we do We help organisations embed sustainability using deep transformational change processes. We have worked with companies at the beginning of their sustainability journey as well as those ahead of the curve. The process is comprised of four key steps: • Self-Awareness - Baselining your current position to inform strategy development • Clarity of Vision - Identifying your aspirations and priorities, and how to get there • Connectedness - Aligning core decision making and management processes to enable efficient delivery of your sustainability vision • Growth and Capacity - Ensuring that you have the right people and skills in place to implement change. We are guided by the sustainability lens and have a powerful suite of sustainability tools. Our IRIS™ methodology tells you where you are, pinpoints your risks and opportunities and where your priorities for action lie.
  5. 5. Benefits delivered to clients • Delivered numerous strategies, road maps, and implementation guides for use by our clients on their path to transformational change • Guided organisations to realise opportunities and manage risks for current and future markets • Ignited employee passion by increasing their understanding and capacity to act through mentoring, learning and development programmes, and engagement • Established deep linkages between sustainability commitments and our clients’ brand, communications and reporting delivering enhanced credibility and profile • Broadened the business planning process to reflect a focus on material sustainability issues Developed web-based platforms for real time management of sustainability performance at the corporate, project, business unit, and individual levels we listen we challenge we guide we direct
  6. 6. What makes us special? We have diverse expertise Sustainability Advisory Group is an international alliance of sustainability strategists and specialists. Our network-based business model enables us to design teams that respond to our clients’ diverse needs. Every assignment is different and requires a tailored set of technical, sectoral and cultural skills. Our skills span business strategy and planning, human resources, stakeholder engagement, supply chain, environment, reporting and communications. Every assignment is a dialogue Our approach is tailored to each client. We don’t provide pre- packaged solutions – that’s not what sustainability is about. Each assignment is a new challenge and we passionately believe in partnering with our clients to achieve sustainable results. We focus on capacity building within your organisation to transfer skills and knowledge. We don’t hold back from a challenge Sustainability is a complex issue and we don’t believe in quick fixes. We listen and learn from our clients – but we don’t shy away from asking tough questions. Getting real results requires a relationship of deep trust and mutual respect.
  7. 7. Founding directors Maria Sillanpää Maria is an internationally recognised corporate responsibility and sustainability leader and practitioner. She has worked exclusively in this field for over 20 years in pivotal roles at The Body Shop, KPMG and AccountAbility. Maria has made pioneering contributions especially in the areas of strategy, stakeholder engagement, supply chain, reporting and assurance. Her recent number three ranking in CSR International’s global advisory leaders category reflects her profound and continuing impact in this field. Georgina Legoe Georgina leads transformational change processes in companies of all shapes and sizes. She does this by helping clients integrate sustainability imperatives into strategic business planning, and by developing practical implementation 
uides for use across business units. 
er unique perspective helps companies emerge as successful 21st century businesses.
  8. 8. Here are some of the organisations our network has worked with: • AccountAbility • Barclays • BBC • British Telecom • Gap Inc • Global Reporting Initiative • ING Bank • Investa Property Group • John Lewis/Waitrose • Jupiter Asset Management • Nakheel • Nestle • Nike • Novo Nordisk • Pfizer Contact: • Port of Melbourne Corp Maria Sillanpää • Santos Mobile (UK) +44 7710 597 498 • Shell Mobile (UAE) +971 50 719 4042 • Siemens • The Body Shop • United Nations • Westfield • Westpac