Developing a Successful Social Media Strategy

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The goal is NOT to develop a strategy for social media. …

The goal is NOT to develop a strategy for social media.

The goal is to develop a business strategy that is social.

I had the pleasure of delivering a presentation about how to develop such a strategy at “Think Social”, a Social Media Club Conference in Bahrain organized by Social Media Club Bahrain.

Social Media Club is the world’s largest professional social media association consisting of 300+ chapters and 100,000+ social media professionals.

The underlying theme of the presentation was that we must start leveraging social media across the organization, rather than limiting it to just the marketing department.

Such a holistic approach to social media opens up new opportunities and significantly reduces the risks that social media presents to businesses.

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  • 1. Developing a SuccessfulSocial Media StrategyAbbasAlidina (@AbbasAlidina)Social Media Club Conference ’11, BahrainNovember 26, 2011
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  • 5. #Barasti Fiasco
  • 6. The Goal is NOT to Develop aStrategy for Social Media…
  • 7. The Goal is NOT to Develop aStrategy for Social Media…The Goal is to Develop aBusiness Strategy that is Social.
  • 8. The Traditional Consumer
  • 9. The Social Consumer
  • 10. The Social Media Perception Gap
  • 11. The Power of Listening
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  • 14. OK, We’re Listening.What’s Next?
  • 15. Stop Avoiding Customers!BusinessCustomer
  • 16. Engage!
  • 17. What About the “R” Word?
  • 18. Measurement
  • 19. Measurement
  • 20. Measurement
  • 21. Which Department ShouldManage Social Media?
  • 22. Who Should Manage Social Media?
  • 23. The Poor MarketerMarketing CustomerServiceTechnicalSupportHumanResources
  • 24. To Succeed in Social Media,Internal Communication is Justas Important as ExternalCommunication…
  • 25. The Social Business
  • 26. Start with People and yourCompany Culture
  • 27. Social Media PoliciesIbrahim Elbadawi@iBadawi
  • 28. The 3 Pillars of a Social BusinessPeople
  • 29. The 3 Pillars of a Social BusinessPeople Process
  • 30. The 3 Pillars of a Social BusinessPeople Process Technology
  • 31. Social Brand vs. Social Business
  • 32. In Summary…
  • 33. Develop a Business Strategy that is SocialListenEngageMeasureTransform
  • 34. Thank YouAbbas AlidinaFounder &