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Pdf demo 1 Pdf demo 1 Document Transcript

  • “Working with open air tools” tools” -Outdoor Activity- Youth in Action Programme Action 4.3 – Training Course Project Youth Support Systems 03- 03-11 June, 2010 Çanakkale (Troy/Troia, Dardanelles), Turkey (Troy/Troia, INFORMATION LETTER 1
  • SUMMARY OF PROJECT; This project is an European Commission Training course project. Our project is going to realize at 03-11 June 2010, totally 9 days, in Çanakkale, Turkey. The main theme of our project is open air activities about youth according to the non-formal education methods we are going to learn by living. The target of the project is learn the different kind of open air and outdoor activities by the participants and by this way increase the quality of youth activities. At the same time participants of the project will add more thing to their individual development, learn different kind of open air activities and learn different cultures and the execution area with its nature and history. The Project will include; training of the youth workers, youth volunteers and youth leaders about outdoor sports and open air activities. This training course will be realized by trainers of trainer who come from partner countries and a local expert team. PROJECT TITLE; “Working with open air tools” PARTICIPANTS and ELIGIBLE COUNTRIES; EU Member Countries eligible to join; Austria Greece Netherlands Belgium Hungary Norway Bulgaria Iceland Poland Cyprus Ireland Portugal Czech Republic Italy Romania Denmark Latvia Slovak Republic Estonia Liechtenstein Slovenia Finland Lithuania Spain France Luxembourg Sweden Germany Malta United Kingdom We are going to invite only seven countries for the course. 4 People (ages between 18-40) from each country. Total number of participants is 28. DATE AND ACCOMODATION; Arrival day; 03 June 2010 Depart day; 11 June 2010 We are going to stay at tents in a camp area in Çanakkale, Turkey. TECHNICAL AND FINANCIAL INFORMATION; 1. The common language of the Training Course is English language. Each participant is not requested to speak and understand English perfectly, but a minimum is required. If a representative of your organization is really motivated to come but does not speak English, this should not be a reason preventing him/her from participating, as long as other representative speaking his/her mother tongue can translate for him. 2. All accommodation and food costs will pay by the organizer. 3. Travel costs of all participants will be reimbursed based on the original tickets, invoices and all travel related tickets. %70 of all travel (your home to Canakkale and Canakkale to your home) costs will reimburse by the organizers. % 30 of travel cost will reimburse by the participant. 4. Visa costs of foreign participants will reimburse by the organizers (If necessary). 2
  • APPLICATION PROCEDURE AND DEADLINE; If you and your organization are interested in this Training Course and programme, fill and send the Part III (Partnership) form no later than 10th October 2009 by fax: +9 0286 2141849 and for original one by regular post; Esenler Mahallesi, Cumhuriyet Caddesi, Başkan Fip Sokak Yeni Elmas Apt., No; 17, Daire no; 3, 17100 Çanakkale, TURKEY. If you still have questions, you don’t hesitate to contact us and Please enclose travel cost information send by e-mail to; aktuder@gmail.com Mobile; +9 0505 6539814 Thank You ☺ 3
  • DRAFT DAILY PROGRAM Day Date Activities Arriving of the camp area 1 03.06.2010 Building the tents and set the camp area Dinner Breakfast Opening and Introduction meeting of the training course Presentations of partner organizations Workshop related about hike Lunch 2 04.06.2010 Building the hike groups (5 mixed group) instructive meeting for hike (how you can use materials, direction finding, security and other topics) Group meetings for Hike and develop strategies Dinner Open air games with camp fire Breakfast Management team meeting Lunch 3 05.06.2010 Hike Activity Dinner Sleep at shelter Hike activity during all day 4 06.06.2010 Sleep at shelter Breakfast Hike activity 5 07.06.2010 Return to the main camp area and rest Dinner Evaluation of hike Breakfast Open air games workshop Lunch 6 08.06.2010 Open air games workshop Evaluation meeting of the methods of different countries Dinner Cultural night Breakfast Trip to Troy 7 09.06.2010 Lunch Trip to Assos Dinner Breakfast Evaluation meeting of camp and camp activities Lunch 8 10.06.2010 Trekking and picnic activity Dinner Bye Bye party Breakfast 9 11.06.2010 Departure of groups 4
  • WHO WE ARE? Active Youth Association (AYA) is a local NGO which focused youth activities. AYA has already built by youngsters and trainers with the topic of youth activities at 2001. Individual development of the youngsters, active participation to the local government mechanisms and outdoor activities were the first activities of AYA. International activities were started on 2004 and still continue. Legal status of this informal youth group was realized on 2008 as an NGO. Today, events and activities are realizing with the experience about youth from 9 years before and have a strong effect to local area. AYA is focusing on participation of the youngsters to political and social management process; international cooperation and program development especially on Europe level; individual development of youngsters about culture – art and sport and active youth participation with our members which numbers are up than 90 and matures which numbers are up than 20. We have already realized activities about; Communication, disadvantaged people, nature and environment, sport and outdoor activities, scouting, human rights, handcrafts and EU topics. About these topics we realized around 20 European Commission Youth Program projects (youth exchanges, trainings, seminars, etc.), around 15 international youth camps and hundreds campaigns, meetings, forums and activities. About Çanakkale; The province of Canakkale lies in the northwest of Turkey on both sides of the Dardanelles (the ancient Hellespont), a strait which connects the Sea of Marmara to the Aegean Sea. Its shores touch both Europe and Asia. Canakkale is the name of both the city and the province which includes the legendary citadel of Troy (Troia), the ruins of Assos where the famous Temple of Athena was built, and the battlefields of Gallipoli. Archaeologists say there are up to 200 ancient sites in this region, many still unexcavated, so it is possible you may be wandering among ruins thousands of years old without even knowing it! There are also many Ottoman structures still standing; castles, bridges, mosques, mansions and Turkish baths. In the villages and towns, centuries-old crafts, cooking and styles of dress can still be seen. Although you will occasionally feel as if you have stepped back in history, Canakkale has firmly embraced the first century of the new millennium when it comes to the essentials of living and you will have no difficulty finding an internet cafe, fax facilities, cornflakes, cash points and the rest. According to the statistics, half of all families in the city of Canakkale own a car, about half use a mobile phone and there is one of the lowest crime rates in Turkey. Those of you who are enraptured by history will find plenty to slake your thirst in the area. There are also lots of uncrowned corners where you can paddle along the shore, stretch out on the sand, scuba dive or just park yourself in the shade, sip something exotic and gaze out at the sea hoping for a glimpse of some playful dolphins. In the Gulf of Edremit, the air is claimed to have one of the highest concentrations of oxygen in the world. Around the province there are thermal spas in small towns where a variety of ailments are treated. Geologists may have a field day studying these and other mineral springs where both hot and cold water gush from the ground. Bears are very rare nowadays, but small game and wild boars are plentiful in the countryside. Here, the rich variety of insect life, plants, mosses and lichens would keep a botanist busy for a life time. When night falls, most of the socializing takes place on or near the seafront, where there are cafes, bars, tea gardens and discos to suit everyone's taste. In short, the city and province of Canakkale present a spectrum of pleasures, beliefs, larger-than-life characters, customs and undiscovered history awaiting exploration by the inquisitive mind or advent. Links; http://www.canakkale.gov.tr/English/index.html http://www.canakkale.bel.tr/changelang.asp?lang=5 http://www.assos.org/travel/default.htm http://www.canakkaletravel.com/indexingilizce.htm http://www.thetroyguide.com http://www.uni-tuebingen.de/troia/eng/index.html http://www.uni-tuebingen.de/uni/aft/st/index.html http://vitruvius.arch.metu.edu.tr/gallipoli/gallipoli_english.html 5