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  1. 1. Mail Solutions, Inc. PRICING SCHEDULE EFFECTIVE MAY11,2009 By: Adam Bilbrey O(816)842-8000 Area Sales Executive C(785)317-5201 Mail Solutions, Inc.
  2. 2. Mail Solutions, Inc. Dear Prospective Client, Mail Solutions, Inc. is 'dedicated' to providing a quality service portfolio resulting in a relationship of mutual benefit with our clients It is the desire of Mail Solutions, Inc. that the services we provide exhibit a unique method of presenting all resources of mail services enabling our customers to choose those services which best serve their needs. As a result, Mail Solutions, Inc. can operate at maximum efficiency with a reduced cost of mail center operation. We believe Mail Solutions, Inc. is the premier mail service company in the area offering the only 'complete' full service mail program portfolio with special 'customized' programs that independently or together provide a special service opportunity for our clients. 'Our Commitment' is to serve our clients and our Corporate Community in an "ethical, professional, responsible manner while honoring all company policies, good business practices and all regulations of the United States Postal Service." We will be a valuable member of our Community supporting various civic organizations with projects that benefit our community and most importantly our youth citizens. The entire Mail Solutions, Inc. family looks forward to a mutually beneficial relationship for many years to come. We are confident that once you have reviewed this presentation you will find Mail Solutions, Inc. the ideal partner for our clients. Adam Bilbrey Area Sales Executive Mail Solutions, Inc
  3. 3. Mail Solutions, Inc A Unique Service Provider Mail Solutions, Inc. provides a variety of service programs. Please review the service portfolio we offer our prospects and clients; Automation Service customized to meet the needs of our client. With our ultra modern Olympus II automation machine we CASS/MASS certify your mail, apply barcode and USPS coding, then presort by destination zip code with special preparation for USPS delivery. We further prepare the mail by placing it in sleeved trays, with banding when required. Each tray (or tub) is identified by a specialized barcode as required by USPS. First Class Flat Service provides the opportunity to reduce the cost of flats that are less than 3/4" thick and from 1-13 ounces in weight. MSI will process these flats and provide a discount in postage cost to our Customer. A hidden benefit of this service is the elimination of metering expense because MSI will permit each flat in accordance with instructions from USPS. EconoFlat provides an alternative to First Class Flat service by providing an enhanced Standard rate flat program with expedited delivery. Due to the fact we CASS/MASS certify the address on each flat, barcode and presort each flat then send our EconoFlats in Priority mail bags, arrival at the destination USPS station is quick and efficient. The savings utilizing this program is 15-40% . A summary of the unique service portfolio available from MSI. 1) Automation/presort discount service 2) Optional outsource of the outgoing side of the mail center. 3) Specialized Flat Mail Service 4) Emergency Metering Service when needed 5) Flat Service Program; First Class and Econoflat 6) Courier Service and Customized Delivery 7) Confirmation & Signature Delivery Service 8) Customized Mail Service designed for the special needs of our clients to include but not limited to; letter shop, fulfillment and special processing of mail. Mail Solutions, Inc features the finest in mail center equipment with our exclusive use of PTI automation/presort equipment. Mail Solutions insists on quality service at a fair price, while assisting our clients in a confidential, reliable manner. If you have a special need, don't hesitate to contact us!
  4. 4. References Mail Solutions, Inc. believes our CUSTOMERS tell the best story about our service. Please feel free to contact any or all of these references. Mike Stephens @ 816-395-2930 Kansas City, Missouri School District Lisa Machico @ 816-418-7227 Bernise Garnett @ 913-362-3900 x 1360 Boyd Total Delivery Systems, Inc. Randy Misejka @ 913-677-6700
  5. 5. Mail Solutions, Inc Quotation For: First Class Letter Mail Automation Program = .40 1oz mail Postage Rates .57 2oz mail .74 3oz mail Automation Presort Fee = No Charge Metering Services= No Charge First Class Flat & Parcels Mail Program Guidelines = MSI will provide a 15 cent per flat reduction in USPS cost for all automation qualified pieces. Metering Services= No Charge Program designed to provide our client a reduced cost of postage through automation of mail. A prepaid postage account is required. Not all mail is readable and may result in rejects, . which must be up-charged to full rate, according to USPS requirements. A report detailing all mail activity is provided weekly, with daily detail. Mail Solutions, Inc. will complete all USPS forms required.
  6. 6. Mail Solutions, Inc. First Class Flat Pricing FLATMAIL POSTAGE RATES EFFECTIVE 05/12/09 WEIGHT USPS MAIL SOLUTIONS 1 OZ. $ .88 $ .73 2 OZ. $ 1.05 $ .90 3 OZ. $ 1.22 $ 1.07 4 OZ. $ 1.39 $ 1.24 5 OZ. $ 1.56 $ 1.41 6 OZ. $ 1.73 $ 1.58 7 OZ. $ 1.90 $ 1.75 8 OZ. $ 2.07 $ 1.92 9 OZ. $ 2.24 $ 2.09 10 OZ. $ 2.41 $ 2.26 11 OZ. $ 2.58 $ 2.43 12 OZ. $ 2.75 $ 2.60 13 OZ. $ 2.92 $ 2.77 NO METERING COST NO EQUIPMENT COST PREPAID POSTAGE ACCOUNT REQUIRED
  7. 7. Mail Solutions, Inc Quotation For: Priority Mail Packages Program Guidelines = MSI will provide USPS Priority Mail service to our clients. MSI can provide delivery confirmation for .25 cents. USPS retail rates apply to priority mail. Using MSI for your priority mail will save your organization time and money in labor and transportation costs. If you compare Priority Mail package pricing to UPS Ground there are some significant savings to be realized. Your package mail can be included in your MSI daily mail pickup to give you the ultimate in ease and simplicity for your mail operation .MSI will provide our clients with daily mail pickup at your local operations if we are awarded your business. Complete mail preparation training will be provided for your locations at no charge. We look forward to earning your business.
  8. 8. Mail Solutions, Inc. Fee Schedule Reject Fee = .02 each Pick up Fee = $10.00* (daily mail) Folding = .01 (up to 3 sheets) Folding = .03 (up to 6 sheets) Tabbing = .02 per tab Inserting = .01 per sheet Hand Labeling = .05 each Inkjet Labeling = .03 each Envelopes #9 Non Window = .02 each #9 Window = .03 each #10 Non Window = .02 #10 Window = .03 Customer supplied = .00 Printing B&W = .02 (including paper 20lb bond) Color = .29 (including paper 20lb bond) (Pricing is based on 8.5” X 11” printing. Postcards divide price by 4) * $10 rebate for every $200 in monthly postage use including postage.
  9. 9. Mail Solutions, Inc. 1120 Ellerbrook Rd. North Kansas City, MO 64116 Mail Solutions can offer you and your organization many other services. As a combined mailer MSI can provide you virtually all of the services you would expect from the USPS. Mail Solutions offers a complete letter shop with B&W and color printing capabilities.
  10. 10. Mail Solutions, Inc. Statement fulfillment services Folding Inserting Collating Gathering Don't waste money on bill and statement delivery Sealing Labeling Get more value from your print, postal and electronic ZIP code sorting communications by using your statements and bills to build trust, First Class mail increase revenue, reduce customer service costs, and Presort mailing discounts improve postal efficiencies. Delivery to post office Database management
  11. 11. Folding Inserting Mail Solutions, Inc. Collating Let us print your next project Gathering Sealing Labeling ZIP code sorting First Class mail Standard/bulk mail When your printed project is Delivery to post office finished, we can also manage your mailing services to save you time Database and energy. We offer a full- management service, turn-key mailing solution. Here is a list of some of the Free pick up mailing services we can provide: Free Delivery
  12. 12. Mail Solutions, Inc. Offers complete newsletter fulfillment services Printing Folding Addressing Color or black & white ZIP code sorting Newsletters have become a very popular way for successful Standard/bulk mail businesses to tell their stories. Delivery to post office You can provide us camera-ready artwork, digital files, or pre- Database management printed shells from your home office that need to be Free pick up personalized. We provide many production options for newsletters Free delivery and can offer a solution for every budget and deadline requirement.
  13. 13. Mail Solutions, Inc. Postcards Printing Folding Addressing Color or black & white ZIP code sorting Postcards are one of advertising's best-kept secrets. Often Standard/bulk mail overlooked, postcards are in fact a powerful and inexpensive way to Delivery to post office reach your audience. Postcards are easy and so cost effective. We Database management print all types of postcards in several different sizes and Free pick up formats. Free delivery
  14. 14. Mail Solutions, Inc. 1120 Ellerbrook Rd. North Kansas City, MO 64116 District Sales Manager Mike Deterding Office (816) 842-8000 Cell (816) 517-3069 Director of Sales & Marketing Ron Cline Office (816) 842-8000 Operations Manager Jim Johnson Office (816) 842-8000 Administration Support Donnie Kaeding Office (816) 842-8000 CEO John S. Holton, As a life long resident of Kansas City, John has spent his professional career in corporate America. Starting nearly 30 years ago in the full service Truck leasing industry, he was recognized as one of the most successful of the industry leaders. At the age of 27 he was promoted to Vice President and went on to serve as Executive Vice President and COO. John served in the United States Navy during Vietnam entrusted with a Top Secret Crypto security clearance, while spending 24 months in country duty. Today, John serves as Chairman and CEO of Mail Solutions, Inc. He is an Eagle Scout, Sachem of Mic-O-Say, Master Mason, 32 degree Scottish Rite, Noble of the Shrine, member of the Northland Chamber of Commerce, Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau, North Kansas City Business Council, a Governor of the 102 year old American Royal and Life Member of; Navy League, American Legion, Vietnam Veterans of America and Veterans of Foreign Wars where he serves as Post Commander. Recently, John joined the invitation only Business Executives for National Security. His wife of 35 years is the former Betty Johnson of West Point, Iowa. They are parents of daughter Brandy Honn and son Kevin, Grandchildren Hannah Marier and Brendon Michael Honn.