Low Cost Online Payroll: Anytime ... Anywhere ...


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A new, enhanced accounting service to make managing your business finances a breeze.
Enjoy personalized support, service, and training from our qualified staff.
While the tremendous advantages of Accounting Relief should now be obvious, you may have concerns about migrating from your existing accounting system.

Rest assured that we’ll make upgrading to Accounting Relief far easier than you think. We’ll do it all for you, including setting up the system, customizing it, and migrating your current data.

We’ll then offer personalized training on the system for you and your staff.

While the premise of Accounting Relief is revolutionary, the system works so much like other accounting programs that it should take very little time to learn.

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Low Cost Online Payroll: Anytime ... Anywhere ...

  1. 1. Online Anytime, Anywhere PayrollABA Tax Accounting
  2. 2. We are offering a new Online Payroll Solution for your business. Are you looking to process your own payrolls, with guidance from our accounting firm? Do you want to run your own payrolls! Anytime, anywhere? Do you want a full-service payroll solution thats competitively priced? If you answered "yes" to the above questions, then take a look at our Payroll Solution. Here is a quick presentation about our Payroll Solution that introduces you to our payroll service and shows how you will benefit from it.Call Us Today: 866-936-0430 www.abataxaccounting.com
  3. 3. Are you looking for a flexible payroll solution? Our system can be modified to suit your needs. We can let you do some of the payroll processing, and we can monitor your work to make sure everythings been entered correctly and properly paid. If you want all the responsibility of running your own payroll, we can offer a competitively priced payroll solution. Our payroll solution is accessible 24x7 on the Internet, ready for you to use anytime, anywhere.Call Us Today: 866-936-0430 www.abataxaccounting.com
  4. 4. What does our Payroll Solution offer? Automates payroll processing so completely that you simply enter payroll data over a secure Internet connection. Payroll Relief AC does all the rest. Our payroll solution lets us customize your payroll service to meet the diverse needs of your business, no matter how big or small. Our payroll solution offers highly efficient methods of data entry, including a simple Excel worksheet that lets you imports data right into the payroll application.Call Us Today: 866-936-0430 www.abataxaccounting.com
  5. 5. Here are some key features of our payroll solution... Calculations for the federal and all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico 30 pay types including retroactive, tip income, and reimbursement Multiple payroll schedules Multiple withholding capability and full state unemployment reporting complianceCall Us Today: 866-936-0430 www.abataxaccounting.com
  6. 6. Personalized Payroll, Personal Service As an experienced payroll provider, our commitment has always been to offer our clients the high-quality services they need to manage their business payrolls. With our professional and personalized payroll service, your business will receive all the capabilities and services provided by the national payroll companies, but with the added benefit of prompt, personal service whenever you need it. While many payroll companies offer a take-it-or-leave-it, cookie cutter approach, we tailor our services to meet the needs of each individual client, small or large, in virtually any industry. Whether you’re an established business or just starting out, our flexible customized payroll service can be designed to meet your unique needs. And you can now get this complete, personalized payroll service more cost-effectively than ever before.Call Us Today: 866-936-0430 www.abataxaccounting.com
  7. 7. A Fully Comprehensive Solution Our complete payroll service supports a wide range of pay types and schedules, and includes check printing, direct deposit, tax filings, complete compliance and more. Automatic reminders keep you informed of due dates for tax payments and compliance reports, and you will receive all the payroll reports you need to run your business most efficiently. In addition, you also get personalized professional advice on all payroll matters.Call Us Today: 866-936-0430 www.abataxaccounting.com
  8. 8. Benefits of Personalized Payroll There are many benefits to having your own personalized payroll service. Most importantly, it’s about you. You and your staff can concentrate on growing your business instead of thinking about paychecks and taxes. By letting us manage your payroll processing, you’ll no longer have to worry about:  Continuously changing tax laws  Complex reporting requirements  Using your valuable resources for payroll compliance and reporting, and  The many other burdens that payroll imposes.Call Us Today: 866-936-0430 www.abataxaccounting.com
  9. 9. Customized and Flexible Our completely flexible state-of-the-art system offers remarkable capabilities that enable our firm to work collaboratively with you. Based on our knowledge of your business and consultation with you, we will design a payroll service that is optimal for your needs. You cant find this level of personal, customized service from any service bureau, at any price. Call Us Today: 866-936-0430 www.abataxaccounting.com
  10. 10. Best Value Payroll service bureaus are notorious for their "nickel and dime" charges. They charge you for every single Item—whether it’s generating a simple re-run, to just printing W-2s. Thats not the way we will serve you. We offer a very simple, all-inclusive fee structure for all the services we provide. No extra fees for re-runs, no unexpected extras. Now you will know exactly what your payroll costs will be. While we offer many benefits and a degree of personalized attention that you cant get from any service bureau, our payroll service is also highly competitively priced.Call Us Today: 866-936-0430 www.abataxaccounting.com
  11. 11. Get Started Today Please call ABA Tax Accounting to discuss your payroll requirements. We will analyze your needs and design a fully customized payroll service just for you. Were looking forward to serving all your payroll needs and further strengthening our relationship with you!Get Started Today Thank you for your interest in our payroll solution! Please feel free to contact us so we can review your current payroll solution. We can show you why our New Payroll Solution will benefit you and your bottom line. *Remember: Our Payroll Solution has the freedom and flexibility you need; plus it’s accessible 24x7 anytime, anywhereCall Us Today: 866-936-0430 www.abataxaccounting.com
  12. 12. ABA Tax Says Thank You! Thank you for your time. Please contact us today and get your first payroll free!!! ABA Tax Accounting 10670 Hawthorn Trail St. Paul, MN, 55129 http://www.abataxaccounting.com Toll Free: 866-936-0430 info@abataxaccounting.comCall Us Today: 866-936-0430 www.abataxaccounting.com