The role of the quality group in software development lecture 4


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The role of the quality group in software development lecture 4

  1. 1. The Role of the Quality Group in Software Development By Mr. Fazal Wahab
  2. 2. Purpose of Quality Group  Ranges from testing products to providing information and expertise about the product and development process  Provide knowledge and training:  Product testing  Process creation and management  Toolsets and  Metrics
  3. 3. The Role of Quality Assurance Group 1. The primary activities are to develop and run tests with the primary emphasis on reporting defects  This role gives the most tangible and obvious results  This type of group is doing quality control; acting as a filter for products to ensure that only product with acceptable levels of erros are delivered.
  4. 4. The Role of Quality Assurance Group 2. To measure the quality of products - Emphasis on achievement of specific levels of quality. - Reports on the result of other’s groups’ activities. - Act in more advisory capacity - Focus on measuring the quality through product defects. - Gathering enough data on the product that good quantitative decisions and predictions can be made. - A quality level to be achieved before the produce can be released
  5. 5. The Role of Quality Assurance Group 3. Concentrate more on the organization’s processes, rather than the products. - Assess risks and design process to reduce the risks and increase the quality. 4. Ensuring that the process is properly defined, measured and controlled. 5. Provide guidance, training, and assistance in issues relating to quality throughout the organization.
  6. 6. The Role of Quality Assurance Group  Appropriate selection of SDLC  Development goes smoothly and good quality practices can be more easily applied  When a poor choice is made of the SDLC, the effort by all members of the organization is increased and the quality decreased.  This will force the quality group to act as testers and gate keepers to avoid release of seriously faulty products.
  7. 7. Models for the Quality System  ISO 900 is a framework for a quality system, rather than a process methodology or prescription for the software organization’s charter or function.  The quality system is the set of monitors and controls applied to processes and methodologies to ensure that it is working, rather than testing of the product itself to see if it works.
  8. 8. Models for the Quality System  CMM is not suggesting:  what the right process is?  who should do what?  How things should be done?  The models don’t prescribe specific techniques or methods.  Models describe how the process must be defined, controlled and improved.
  9. 9. Software Quality Group Activities  Promote and facilitate QA (training) and make sure that QA is happening inside each work product for activities involved in design, development enhancement, distribution, support and maintenance of the products.  Make the developers aware that the software they write should be easily installed, maintained, and reliable.  Make sure QA information reaches all members of the project.  Procedures and standards monitoring (adherence to)  Verification and validation (V&V) monitoring and  Testing monitoring
  10. 10. Software Quality Group Activities  Deliveries monitoring: Input and output from each step are conforming to the required quality requirements – Delay, quality criteria, completeness etc.  Configuration management monitoring  Non-conformance reporting and corrective action monitoring  Quality indicators set up and monitoring  Continuous improvement proposals of the QA process  Report on Work Products QA activities