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Icelandic women in business
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Icelandic women in business


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  • 1. Icelandic Women in Business
    By Analis Barrood
  • 2. HallaBogadóttir– Kraum
  • 3.
    • Started a competition where designers were invited to come up with products in the spirit of one of Iceland‘s most prestigious painters, known simply as Erró
    • 4. Intention was to combine the designs of many artists all under one roof
    • 5. Houses artists for DesignMarch
    Be Happy in the Rain Dear
    • It is very fitting that Icelandic products are being sold in this historical building since it was originally built to promote Icelandic production.
    HallaBogadóttir – Kraum
  • 6. RósaHelgadóttir – Rosa Design
  • 7.
    • Lace armbands
    • 8. Reused pieces to make “Patchwork” clothes from
    • 9. Seeks inspiration in the Icelandic wilderness, the terrain and weather conditions it has
    • 10. Facebook
    • 11. Attempts to add some color
    RósaHelgadóttir – Rosa Design
  • 12. BjörkGudmundsdottir
  • 13.
    • Entertainer and musician
    • 14. Began with three separate bands
    • 15. Profits with principles
    Fund named after herself which aims to invest in sustainable environmental projects and local cultural enterprises
    Set up in collaboration with economist HallaTomasdottir, and banker Kristin Petursdottir
  • 16. SædísBauer Halldorsdottir
  • 17.
    • Studio/boutique is located at the Old Harbour in Reykjavik – refurbished
    • 18. “The nature is where I energize myself and get inspiration surrounded by beauty, peacefulness, fragrance and sound. Green jewelry, fair trade and environmentally friendly practices are important to me.”
    • 19. Workshop and studio are one in the same
    • 20. Etsy and Twitter
    Sædís Bauer Halldorsdottir
  • 21. RunaMagnusdottir and BjarneyLudviksdottir - BRANDit
  • 22.
    • Specializes in teaching established business owners about the tools necessary to run a successful business and maintain a positive and powerful brand
    • 23. Bjarney- “Kvenefli” (“Power of Women”) It connects powerful Icelandic women to support other women who are not able to afford personal coaching to reach their full potential
    • 24. “The attendees will be inspired by Icelandic nature while they are reinvigorating their own branding”
    RunaMagnusdottir and BjarneyLudviksdottir - BRANDit
  • 25. SigrunLiljaGudjonsdottir - EFJ
  • 26.
    • Eyjafjallajökull by Gyðja is the first Icelandic fragrance from Gydja and is made of water and ice from the volcano and glacier Eyjafjallajökull
    • 27. Comes with a piece of lava from the explosion
    • 28. Eau de toilette for men, VJK Vatnajokull
    • 29. “The Icelandic nature has inspired me in all of my work as a designer and entrepreneur. That is why I wanted to make a unique perfume which would enable women around the world to feel the energy that inspires me every day.”
    SigrunLiljaGudjonsdottir - EFJ
  • 30. Conclusion
    • Down-to-earth about their accomplishments
    • 31. Clean up men’s mess after economy crashed
    • 32. Help each other out
    • 33. Follow their passions