Troubles at home and abroad


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Chapter 8 Section 3 Prentice Hall American Nation
Washington's Presidency

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Troubles at home and abroad

  1. 1. Troubles at Home and Abroad Chapter 8 Section 3
  2. 2. Conflicts in the Northwest  The Northwest at this time was not the Northwest that we think of today. Remember that the United States’ western boundary was the MS River.
  3. 3.  British were not leaving forts in the Ohio Valley, and they were also supplying Natives with guns and ammo.  Native Americans were attacking settlers.  U.S. forced Natives to sell lands in KY and TN.  North of the Ohio, Miamis and Shawnees fought U.S. forces.
  4. 4.  “Mad” Anthony Wayne was sent to end Native attacks that had been taking their toll. After the Battle of Fallen Timbers, the defeated Natives signed the Treaty of Greenville.  That cleared the way for settlers to take what is now Ohio.
  5. 5. The French Revolution    Began in 1789 with the Storming of the Bastille on July 14th - At first, Americans supported the Revolution. By 1793, the Revolution was known for its Reign of Terror, when 17,000 people were executed. Even King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, his Queen, were not spared. Jefferson thought the bloody revolution was necessary, but Hamilton thought it was horrible.
  6. 6. France and Britain at War in 1793  Washington wanted the U.S. to remain NEUTRAL.  Washington said it would be in US’ best interests to trade with both sides.  Neither side respected neutrality.  Both sides seized American merchant ships and cargo.  British navy impressed American sailors.
  7. 7. Jay’s Treaty  Washington sent John Jay to negotiate with Britain.  US  had to pay overdue debts. Britain had to pay for seized ships, get completely out of the NW Territory, and stop aiding the Native Americans.  They did NOT promise to stay out of US trade with France, nor to stop impressing sailors.
  8. 8. Washington Retires Washington gave a Farewell Address when he left office.  Two things he warned against:  Political divisions  Permanent alliances with foreign powers   Accomplishments of his administration:  A new Federal Government  Economy improving  Avoiding war with England or France  Secured the NW Territory How well do you think we did with following his advice?
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