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  • Whiz 1950 Phillies <br />
  • Know definitions of DA and TAS <br />
  • Time is always on the inside scale and distance or gallons on the outside scale <br /> Show them the parts of the E6-B <br />
  • Like we said about Celestial navigation, it never fails. <br />
  • 30 Miles in 8.5 Minutes (Note that Seconds matter especially over distances less than 30 miles <br /> To get your groundspeed (your True Airspeed plus the wind effect), go to the 60 index and read above = 210 Knots <br /> Ironically moving the decimal point to the right one place gives you 2100 Knots, the world speed record held by……….an SR-71 crew. They flew almost 3000 miles across the country in less than 90 minutes <br /> By keeping the 60-index at 210 we can read how many miles we will be able to travel. <br /> Finding 4.5 hours or 270 minutes on the bottom scale, we read 93 which when corrected for decimal places means a range of 930 miles (NY-CHI) <br />
  • Time is always on inside scale whether doing TSD or GPH problems <br /> Fuel Status is not good here. When is the only time that the gauges must be accurate? Empty. <br /> Cessna gauges are notorious for being wrong. <br />
  • 10 GPH is a safe estimate for most training aircraft <br /> Put 9.5 over the 60-index and read time below 13 gallons (82 minutes) <br /> Only other useful calculation would be calculating fuel burn after a flight given gallons of fuel and time <br />
  • High Density Altitudes are caused by being high, hot, and humid and hurt airplane performance <br /> Since the air is thinner at altitude the airspeed indicator thinks you aren’t moving as fast as you really are. <br /> At 35000 feet, the ASI may indicate 350 knots but in reality you are traveling over 650 mph through space. <br /> TAS = speed over the ground with no wind <br />
  • So let’s say that you are at 4000 feet at 20 degrees above standard temperature (2 deg C per 1000 feet) = 15+20-8= 27 deg C & you lift off at 60 knots in Archer 11ND… <br /> What is your density altitude and true airspeed? <br /> Same Problem, but think of it as cruise flight with indicated airspeed 115 Knots. (DA=Same; TAS=126) <br />
  • Students Follow along <br /> Put Magnetic Wind (Given in True) beneath the True Index(270). Winds are always from! <br /> Put a dot representing wind speed that many knots up from wherever the gromet hole is.(30) <br /> Rotate the inner disk so that the Magnetic course is under the True Index(240) <br /> The dot has now rotated, so put it on your TAS arc (126 from previous slide) <br /> Read GS under grommet and Wind Correction Angle in degrees. <br /> +7 degrees / -27 knots <br />

E6B Presentation Transcript

  • 1. “Teaching the Science, Inspiring the Art, Producing Aviation Candidates!” Navigating With The E6-BNavigating With The E6-B Whiz Wheels Make Whiz Kids Written for the Notre Dame Pilot Initiative By the Pilots of the University of Notre Dame
  • 2. QuoteQuote “A bird flies According to mAthemAticAl principles.” Leonardo DaVinci 1505
  • 3. Swiss Army KnifeSwiss Army Knife  Cut electrical wires during fire or splicing frayed wires  Cutting the ribbon on a gift plane  Cutting off your seat harness if you need to bail out  Use the magnifying glass to better read sectionals  Use it to bang on an indicator if you have them  Tightening screws  Amputating your leg after a crash  To get a knob unstuck (radios or dipstick)  Cut a parachute line after arriving on the ground  Open the ELT hatch to manually activate the ELT  Unclog static port  Intimidating other pilots while waiting to takeoff  Keep away hijackers, go for the jugular N D P I
  • 4. RoadmapRoadmap Conversions Time, Speed, Distance Problems Fuel Problems Density Altitude & TAS Problems
  • 5. Slide RulesSlide Rules Time is always on the inside scale Distance or Gallons is always on the outside scale  http://www.asa2fly.com/files/support/E6B_Manual.pdf
  • 6. ConversionsConversions Gallons to Pounds ♣1 gallon = 6 pounds ♣38 pounds = 6.4 gallons And vice- versa
  • 7. ConversionsConversions Nautical to Statue Miles ♣1NM = 1.15SM ♣33NM = 38SM And vice- versa
  • 8. ConversionsConversions Celsius to Fahrenheit ♣15C = 59F ♣0C = 32F And vice- versa
  • 9. Time, Speed, & DistanceTime, Speed, & Distance Used with Dead Reckoning Flying Accurate Never fails due to lack of electricity or signal
  • 10. 30 Miles in 8.5 Minutes Going 211 Kts, you can fly how far in 4.5 hours? 211 * 4.5 = 950
  • 11. Fuel ConsumptionFuel Consumption Very similar to Time, Speed, Distance Problems Time is always on inside scale Gallons or Pounds of Fuel
  • 12. Archer 11ND burns 9.5 GPH How long can you fly on 13 gallons? 1:22 Refueled 35 Gallons Fly for 3:40
  • 13. Altitude & AirspeedAltitude & Airspeed AdjustmentsAdjustments You can find Density Altitude & True Airspeed Density Altitude is the pressure altitude corrected for temperature (what the airplane really “feels”) True Airspeed is the airspeed corrected for altitude and temperature (how fast the airplane is moving through the less dense air)
  • 14. 4000 feet 20 degrees above std 15+20-8= 27 degrees C = 80 degrees F Liftoff 60KIAS ? DA ? TAS Set Temp & Alt Read Density Alt DA=6000 TAS=66 DA=6000 TAS=126
  • 15. Wind CalculationsWind Calculations Can find groundspeed and wind correction angle given wind data (Focus in this course) Can find wind data given groundspeed and wind correction angle Can solve two step problems involving finding time to station knowing TAS & Wind TH TAS WD WV TC GS
  • 16. WCA=7° GS=99
  • 17. Mt McKinelyMt McKinely