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Published in: Education, Business
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  • Whiz 1950 Phillies
  • Know definitions of DA and TAS
  • Time is always on the inside scale and distance or gallons on the outside scale
    Show them the parts of the E6-B
  • Like we said about Celestial navigation, it never fails.
  • 30 Miles in 8.5 Minutes (Note that Seconds matter especially over distances less than 30 miles
    To get your groundspeed (your True Airspeed plus the wind effect), go to the 60 index and read above = 210 Knots
    Ironically moving the decimal point to the right one place gives you 2100 Knots, the world speed record held by……….an SR-71 crew. They flew almost 3000 miles across the country in less than 90 minutes
    By keeping the 60-index at 210 we can read how many miles we will be able to travel.
    Finding 4.5 hours or 270 minutes on the bottom scale, we read 93 which when corrected for decimal places means a range of 930 miles (NY-CHI)
  • Time is always on inside scale whether doing TSD or GPH problems
    Fuel Status is not good here. When is the only time that the gauges must be accurate? Empty.
    Cessna gauges are notorious for being wrong.
  • 10 GPH is a safe estimate for most training aircraft
    Put 9.5 over the 60-index and read time below 13 gallons (82 minutes)
    Only other useful calculation would be calculating fuel burn after a flight given gallons of fuel and time
  • High Density Altitudes are caused by being high, hot, and humid and hurt airplane performance
    Since the air is thinner at altitude the airspeed indicator thinks you aren’t moving as fast as you really are.
    At 35000 feet, the ASI may indicate 350 knots but in reality you are traveling over 650 mph through space.
    TAS = speed over the ground with no wind
  • So let’s say that you are at 4000 feet at 20 degrees above standard temperature (2 deg C per 1000 feet) = 15+20-8= 27 deg C & you lift off at 60 knots in Archer 11ND…
    What is your density altitude and true airspeed?
    Same Problem, but think of it as cruise flight with indicated airspeed 115 Knots. (DA=Same; TAS=126)
  • Students Follow along
    Put Magnetic Wind (Given in True) beneath the True Index(270). Winds are always from!
    Put a dot representing wind speed that many knots up from wherever the gromet hole is.(30)
    Rotate the inner disk so that the Magnetic course is under the True Index(240)
    The dot has now rotated, so put it on your TAS arc (126 from previous slide)
    Read GS under grommet and Wind Correction Angle in degrees.
    +7 degrees / -27 knots
  • Transcript

    • 1. “Teaching the Science, Inspiring the Art, Producing Aviation Candidates!” Navigating With The E6-BNavigating With The E6-B Whiz Wheels Make Whiz Kids Written for the Notre Dame Pilot Initiative By the Pilots of the University of Notre Dame
    • 2. QuoteQuote “A bird flies According to mAthemAticAl principles.” Leonardo DaVinci 1505
    • 3. Swiss Army KnifeSwiss Army Knife  Cut electrical wires during fire or splicing frayed wires  Cutting the ribbon on a gift plane  Cutting off your seat harness if you need to bail out  Use the magnifying glass to better read sectionals  Use it to bang on an indicator if you have them  Tightening screws  Amputating your leg after a crash  To get a knob unstuck (radios or dipstick)  Cut a parachute line after arriving on the ground  Open the ELT hatch to manually activate the ELT  Unclog static port  Intimidating other pilots while waiting to takeoff  Keep away hijackers, go for the jugular N D P I
    • 4. RoadmapRoadmap Conversions Time, Speed, Distance Problems Fuel Problems Density Altitude & TAS Problems
    • 5. Slide RulesSlide Rules Time is always on the inside scale Distance or Gallons is always on the outside scale 
    • 6. ConversionsConversions Gallons to Pounds ♣1 gallon = 6 pounds ♣38 pounds = 6.4 gallons And vice- versa
    • 7. ConversionsConversions Nautical to Statue Miles ♣1NM = 1.15SM ♣33NM = 38SM And vice- versa
    • 8. ConversionsConversions Celsius to Fahrenheit ♣15C = 59F ♣0C = 32F And vice- versa
    • 9. Time, Speed, & DistanceTime, Speed, & Distance Used with Dead Reckoning Flying Accurate Never fails due to lack of electricity or signal
    • 10. 30 Miles in 8.5 Minutes Going 211 Kts, you can fly how far in 4.5 hours? 211 * 4.5 = 950
    • 11. Fuel ConsumptionFuel Consumption Very similar to Time, Speed, Distance Problems Time is always on inside scale Gallons or Pounds of Fuel
    • 12. Archer 11ND burns 9.5 GPH How long can you fly on 13 gallons? 1:22 Refueled 35 Gallons Fly for 3:40
    • 13. Altitude & AirspeedAltitude & Airspeed AdjustmentsAdjustments You can find Density Altitude & True Airspeed Density Altitude is the pressure altitude corrected for temperature (what the airplane really “feels”) True Airspeed is the airspeed corrected for altitude and temperature (how fast the airplane is moving through the less dense air)
    • 14. 4000 feet 20 degrees above std 15+20-8= 27 degrees C = 80 degrees F Liftoff 60KIAS ? DA ? TAS Set Temp & Alt Read Density Alt DA=6000 TAS=66 DA=6000 TAS=126
    • 15. Wind CalculationsWind Calculations Can find groundspeed and wind correction angle given wind data (Focus in this course) Can find wind data given groundspeed and wind correction angle Can solve two step problems involving finding time to station knowing TAS & Wind TH TAS WD WV TC GS
    • 16. WCA=7° GS=99
    • 17. Mt McKinelyMt McKinely