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Graphic Design Portfolio Fall 2010
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Graphic Design Portfolio Fall 2010


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Amanda Bankowski's …

Amanda Bankowski's
Graphic Design Portfolio
Fall 2010
Professor Sean Nixon

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  • 1. Amanda Bankowski
    Amanda Bankowski’s Portfolio
    Graphic Design2m Professor Sean Nixon mFall 2010
  • 2. Graphic Design 2 Synopsis
    Students in Graphic Design 2 explore identity campaigns. The semester beings with the exploration of different type of logos. Logos for banks are different than logos for fast food chains which are very different than health food logos. Students ask:
    “What makes up this logo?”
    “How are they created?”
    “Why are they the way they are (color)?”
    The eventual question is:
    “Can the logo be better?”
    “Does the type of logo effect how the logo appears?”
    Eventually students create logos for a client and explore how product labels are designed.
  • 3. Graphic Design 2 Works of Art
    Table of Contents
    Class work
    Logo Exploration
    Effective and Ineffective Logos
    Logo Replication & Improvement
    Client Work
    • Honey Bee Logo
    • 4. "Roosa Bees” Label & Pamphlet
    • 5. Cultural Diversity Poster
    Company Logo Examination
    5. Product Redesign
    6. Style Exploration
    7. Product creation
  • 6. 1. Logo Exploration
    Find logos for education, finance, and health. Explore similarities and differences between the logos as well as themes for certain logos.
    Solution: The logos that were picked had commonalities. Many of bank logos contain red white and blue, while the health and fitness logos usually have an active person portrayed on them.
  • 7. Education
  • 8. Finance/Money
  • 9. Fitness / Health
  • 10. 2. Effective and Ineffective Logos
    Find effective and ineffective logos and answer the question: What makes it effective or ineffective. All within the categories of education, finance, and health.
    The logos were broken into five categories:
    The most ineffective is pictured here. It is in the
    shape of a church steeple but the words that
    make up the steeple are hard to read because
    of its orientation
  • 15. Effective Logos
    Education Finance/Money Health/Fitness
  • 16. Text & Graphic Logos
    Education Finance/Money Health/Fitness
  • 17. Graphic Only Logos
    Education Finance/Money Health/Fitness
  • 18. Text Only Logos
    Education Finance/Money Health/Fitness
  • 19. Ineffective Logos
    Education Finance/Money Health/Fitness
  • 20. 3. Logo Replication & Improvement
    Examine what makes up a logo and replicate it. Then tweak it to make it more effective.
    Solution:I chose a few logos that caught my eye including some beekeeper logos to prepare for our up-coming client. The most successful improvement was for BP. It has several drops (of oil) with a pattern going outward.
  • 21. Logo Replication
  • 22. 4. Company Logo Examination
    Explore a company’s logo through the years. Has it been modified? What was the inspiration for the logo? Any other pertinent information?
    PowerPoint Presentation about Taco Bell
  • 23. 5. Product Redesign
    Create a new product for an existing company that follows the company’s branding.
    I chose to create Ben & Jerry’s coffee using their product design to be recognizable for their customers. (For other flavors of coffee there are other labels)
  • 24. Product Redesign
    Ben & Jerry’s Coffee
  • 25. Additional Coffee Flavors
  • 26. Ben & Jerry’s Coffee Ad
    Using a product created for Graphic Design 2 and photography skills I came up with an advertisement for the new product.
  • 27. 6. Style Exploration
    Create different types of logos using the same title for different companies. Companies include: spa, middle-school health drink, and college health food store. All title “Liquid”.
  • 28. 7. Product Creation
    Utilizing one logo from the previous project (Style Exploration), create the product’s label.
    I chose the middle-school health drink. The logo which was most effective was a text and graphic combination. It was then printed on a clear label and place on a plain silver soda can.
  • 29. Alternative Can Designs
  • 30. Honey Bee Logo
    Create a logo that will properly represent a beekeeper who produces honey (Keith Roosa of Roosa Bees). This is a client-based project which leads to one design chosen by the client which is picked to represent him for a while.
    I chose a few designs to pursue, including honey comb pattern and a bee made of honeycomb.
  • 31. Honeycomb BeeLogo & Label
  • 32. Honeycomb PatternLogo & Label
  • 33. Honeycomb Text TreatmentLogo & Label
  • 34. Accompanying Pamphlet
    There are six panels with a front and back cover. The logo appears on the color and is repeated on the back along with important information. The interior includes information that many consumers ask about as well as a fun recipe.
  • 35. Additional Uses for Product Design
    This was a lifestyle advertisement that incorporated a product that was designed in Graphic Design 2. It would appear in home and family magazines geared toward women and its purpose is to encourage moms to purchase Roosa Honey because they love their families just like this mom.
  • 36. Additional Uses for Product Design
    Create a double-page spread demonstrating photography skills and layout abilities.
    This magazine article is about the client-based project that Graphic Design 2 students participate in. It includes photographs from the client’s final day when he chose his logo.
  • 37. Cultural Diversity Posters
    Create a poster that is eye-catching and intriguing that college-aged students will look at. The poster needs to properly represent the event that is it advertising.
    The first emphasizes each person and questions how they are unique and encourages the viewer to write on it. The second designs is like a picture find with several Mr. Potato heads. There are also a few that do not follow the pattern. It is so busy it intrigues the viewer to figure out what it is about.
  • 38. Secondary Designs (Cultural Diversity Posters)
    This prject was s
  • 39. Final Thoughts
    The class offered a further examination into a graphic design. Projects began with exploration of logos and slowly progressed to product design. The skills I gained this semester were helped by the internship I had in graphic design and I was able to use the knowledge I gained from there to create posters. With the incorporation of how to create photographs from Commercial Photography I was able take great pictures of the assignments as well as incorporate some of the assignments into advertisements. The semester was full of projects and went slow in the beginning but the workload increased very quickly.
    My favorite project was the product redesign where I createdBen & Jerry’s Coffee. The design incorporated ideas from Ben
    & Jerry’s ice cream and coffee to create a product that many
    people have praised. Thanks to a clever student in the class I
    even call the caffeinated coffee “calf-a-nated”.
  • 40. Amanda Bankowski