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Effective Strategies for Distributed Testing
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Effective Strategies for Distributed Testing


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Thoughts, experiences and case studies on how to convert Testing principles into practices. We focus on the practices of making testing effective on distributed teams by keeping things simple, yet …

Thoughts, experiences and case studies on how to convert Testing principles into practices. We focus on the practices of making testing effective on distributed teams by keeping things simple, yet effective.

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. E f f e c t iv e S t r a t e g ie s f o r D i s t r ib u t e d T e s t i n g Anand Bagmar & Manish Kumar
  • 2. Agenda ThoughtWorks Introduction Presentation Q&A
  • 3. Custom Software Solution Experts
  • 4. Big Enough to Trust, Small Enough to Care
  • 5. Where We Have the Most Impact
  • 6. Our Approach Right toolsRight approach on shore Right place not sure? off shore Right people
  • 7. Why We’re Different Passion for Cause not Delivery track record software a company excellence Adaptive Straight Custom ALM talk solutionsActionable Concept advice Experience to delivery & expertise
  • 8. PresentersAnand BagmarLead Consultant (QA), ThoughtWorksSoftware testing > 11 years, > 14 years in the Software industryAnand.Bagmar@thoughtworks.comManish KumarTesting Practice Lead, ThoughtWorks IndiaSoftware testing > 15
  • 9. What is this session about?
  • 10. Disclaimer
  • 11. Business objective
  • 12. Testing principles recap … Building quality in Involving everyoneBusiness optimize value The principles that matter Fast feedbackClear and consistentview of Testing Tests are an asset Faster delivery into production
  • 13. Why distributed teams exist?
  • 14. Reduced communication bandwidth Cultural issues Increased noise Visibility into progress Trust and rapport Timely decisions Challenges of Testing in the distributed development Teams Working in the same way Shared understanding
  • 15. Practices, Tips and Tricks
  • 16. Mindset Cross pollination, by frequent rotationKeep an open mind Be positive KISS principle Trust your team(s) ONE PRODUCT, ONE TEAM!
  • 17. Communication
  • 18. ATDD - Story Planning Session
  • 19. ATDD - Story Writing
  • 20. ATDD - Automate Acceptance Tests
  • 21. ATDD - Implement Functionality © ThoughtWorks
  • 22. ATDD - First BA / QA Signoff © ThoughtWorks
  • 23. ATDD - Story Testing & Showcase © ThoughtWorks
  • 24. Repeat Do it again and again and again and again … © ThoughtWorks
  • 25. System Testing Start Development BA Tester Iteration Business BA Write Story and Scenarios Story Planning Session Implement Automated Acceptance Tests Dev Tester Start Here Development Development Implement Functionality Iterations Engine Dev Dev Daily BA /QA demo System Dev Tester BA Testing Story Testing BA / QA Signoff on Dev Box Tester Business Showcase Dev Tester BA Business BA End Development Iteration © ThoughtWorks
  • 26. ATDD
  • 27. ATDD – Table scenario driven
  • 28. Test Automation
  • 29. Toolsets Communication Overhead Testing Common & consistent Information islands Flexible Project CI Collaboration
  • 30. Testing ToolDSL CommunicationTagging Overhead Common & consistentVideo, Screenshots Information islandsSupport for CI FlexibleMultiple DriversExploratory testing supportCustomizations
  • 31. CI Source Repository pollCompile BVT Deploy QA Run FULL Deploy to Regression staging
  • 32. Project Collaboration ToolWhat I need to do in relation to what everyone else is doing
  • 33. Environments Automation Performance Lab Production Test 1TestDevelopment Test 2 UAT
  • 34. Distributing work Analysts Developers Testers Infrastructure Functional teams Division by role What is to be tested? From where can that be tested most effectively?
  • 35. Reporting & MetricsShared View of progress
  • 36. Reporting & MetricsIs the application getting any better
  • 37. Reporting & Metrics
  • 38. Reporting & Metrics
  • 39. IPMs, Showcases, Retrospectives
  • 40. Practices, Tips and Tricks Mindset Environments Communication Retrospectives Distributing Work NFRs ToolsetDefect reporting ATDD Reporting & Metrics Test Automation
  • 41. Practices that hinder
  • 42. Anand BagmarLead Consultant (QA), ThoughtWorksAnand.Bagmar@thoughtworks.comManish KumarTesting Practice Lead, ThoughtWorks