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  • Worm holes are extremely small (even smaller than a molecule).
  • Time Travel

    1. 1. By Aayush Gala, Siddharth Koyal & Shlok Mehta
    2. 2. Time travel is the concept of moving between differentpoints in time. Time travel could involve movingbackward in time to a moment earlier than the startingpoint, or forward to the future of that point without theneed for the traveller to experience the interveningperiod (at least not at the normal rate).Time travel has been a common plot in science fiction.The theories of special and general relativity allowmethods for forms of one-way travel into the futurevia time dilation, it is currently unknown whetherthe laws of physics would allow time travel into the past.Such backward time travel would have the potential tointroduce paradoxes related to causality.
    3. 3.  The speed of light is constant(ly very fast) If we had very fast spaceships, this would allow us to observe some crazy things  For example: The twin paradox But we don’t need a spaceship  A regular passenger jet will do He also told and proved it that if anyone tries to match up or exceed C anywhere except a Time Tunnel would not exist anymore.
    4. 4.  Going forward in time is (relatively) easy Going back is much harder But Einstein’s theory of general relativity seems to allow it Forward time travel: my time goes slower than yours (like aging slower than everyone else) Backward time travel: my time goes faster than yours (like aging faster than everyone else). If you don’t want to become young or old, you can use the Time Tunnel method which will come in later slides.
    5. 5.  Einstein told that you cannot do time travel by increasing your speed to the speed of light. The only way you can do time travel he believed is to produce a worm hole. Worm holes are extremely small . To make it big enough to fit something, scientist can throw high electricity beams on wormhole . Entering a wormhole is 50 to 60 times more dangerous than a black hole. When extremely huge red/blue giants burst they form black hole. But when a extremely unique, big or powerful star explodes/ or when two red or blue giants explode together very close they form a wormhole. This happens (naturally) once in a billion years(so it has happened 13 times since the Big Bang).It can also be made without a natural phenomenon.
    6. 6.  Flying a spaceship through one would be pretty risky as there are chances you may never come back. In a wormhole, you will be teleported to the ‘Time Tunnel’(something where Doraemon’s time machine goes) in where your craft has to go at the speed of light(C) and every location there indicates a specific time and the moment it goes slower than C it will exit the Tunnel and come out from the wormhole. What’s more, you can even travel faster than C in a wormhole. This what the Time Tunnel looks like The Time Tunnel virtually has no place of existence.
    7. 7.  Time travel is possible, but it does not and cannot change the past  When you time travel, you create a new alternate universe  So you can change things, but not things from the past in our universe  When you time travel, you can affect the past because you already did  You don’t change history… you had already affected it!  An accurate history book would already have a record of you being there!
    8. 8.  If you could go back in time, you could kill your grandparents before your dad was born then there would have been no you to make a time machine and go and kill him! Which means that you can’t have killed him. This is the most famous paradox of time travel.
    9. 9.  Time travel is possible, but you cannot kill your grandfather  When you time travel, you create a new alternate universe  So you kill some old guy… but it’s not your grandfather (not from your past)  But does time travelling to an alternate universe really count?  Is it time travel or inter-universal travel?  For time travel to be meaningful does it have to be to our own past?